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You are on the way to destruction

Well, Josh Beckett threw more balls than strikes and was a bit out of tune at times, but still he managed to get the job done.


And that's all the mattahs, a win is a win regahdless of how you got it.


Yeah, just ask Sangina. Dude wasn't even in the bottom 3 this week.


How is it we live in a world where Sangina is in the top 8 on AI but Jim Rice, Jim freakin Rice, isn't in the Hall of Fame?


Don't go all negamatory on me … Don't you know what today is?


It's Gyroday!


Royals, make your time.



It's !


To hell with that. It's !!, and maybe even !!!

Oh no! ... http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20070404/sc_livescience/mathematicianyankeeswilldominatebaseballthisyear

Say it ain't so, Charlie Epps!

Yeah, it's Colin Powell's birthday.

Perfect time for Mothra to go all Shock and Awe on the Royals.

Beckett might have had trouble with the strike zone, but how bout all those curves, and then he was hitting 97 on the gun? I like his willingness to mix it up(Or maybe hes just listening to Tek this year).

I'm channelling Ernie Roberts today, so here goes: All in all a pretty good day. A snow day, in fact... I live in a place where 14 inches of snow can fall in 10 hours on April 5...What a losah I am...Beckett looked in command, but not commanding, if that makes any sense...Does anyone find it amusing that 38's blog has gone all Marcel Marceau since he shit the bed on OD?...Lost hit a solid single last night, you can't yak one over the waterfall in center every day...Kate's real name is Kate (who saw that coming?)...Kate looks good in mud...Sun looks good anytime...Hugo gets over on Sawyer...Dave O'Brien will be good...The 8,9 and 1 spots in the batting order bother me.Mothra goes today. Love you, love the show.


You have no chance to survive make your time.

Kind of cool Mothra-Nike commercial running in Japan today.


My subconscious mind must want me to watch Lost later in the week as this is now the 3rd week in a row I completely forgot it was on. Weird.

Last night when I should have been watching Lost I caught a documentary on DiscHD about the nuclear testing of the 50s and 60s. Nothing I hadn't seen before but this was narrated by Bill Shatner, so I got hooked in.

I'd forgotten, too, just how many tests there were.

Speaking of Mothra, I'm currently making up some strikeout cards to hang in the bleachers at Fenway next Wednesday. The cool thing is, they're the images of a die (like one of a pair of dice). With each strikeout, the "number" (black dots) on the die increases.

Like? Hate? Too "pink hatty"?

Bob - thanks for the link. I'd wanted to see that commercial. Damn fine... Can't wait for 2:00 pm!

Listening to the game last night was the only thing that made the storm tolerable. Very surreal.

FNL rocked last night

See the bottom row on this pic for the idea (copyright 2007, Bob Shiffrar).

When he exceeds 6 strikeouts, I could show two die (pair of dice) on each card.


FNL did rock.

Bob, put me down in the "too pink hatty" column. I'm sort of anti K-signs anyway.



Seriously considering playing hookey this afternoon. Not coming back from lunch, heading to the bah and watching the game.

Never used them before myself, SBL LC. And this is probably a 1-time deal. But what the hell. At least these look kind of cool. And who doesn't love the spector of gambling in a MLB park?

Why the blazing hell do games start at 2:10 on a fricken week day during the OPENING WEEK of baseball? Can anyone explain this? Its maddening. Yeah yeah...Tivo and all that, but who can honestly sit at work and not refresh after every other pitch or so? I've actually made the decision to have explosive diarrhea at 1:30 or so. Bad sushi or something...

Oh, apoligies for the "it's..." typo. Should have been "It's Gyroday!"

Must have accidentally deleted it. Fixed now.

Haven't had time to proof these much lately. Actually, have said each day that I'm going to skip the day's strip as I've been getting pressed at work. I've been in the office working by 630am every day this week, which really cuts into my creating a strip time.

Speaking of... I'm going out of town for Easter Weekend this evening, so there's a good chance there'll be nothing tomorrow. Hoping to do one, but I won't be in my normal space/routine which messes with my mojo.

Travel safely, hb. With DM going today, we will just load our pitiable postings on to this day's creepy installment.


Thanks, lc.

If I don't post, I'll at least leave you a creepy empty post/notice where you can leave new comments.

So would it be considered bad form to lead my 2-4pm client kickoff meeting with an earbud in one ear broadcasting the game? Hmmmm, considering I usually involuntarily talk (scream) aloud to the announcers and players, this may not be my best idea...

Happy Easter, hb and everyone. I am off to my Paris/Prague adventure on Monday (have to fly out of Newark, exactly why can you never find decent flights out of Boston???), back just in time for the Sox/Yanks debut series. I'll drink a Pilsner Urquel for each of you! (And yazbread, thanks again for the info/links).

In re FNL: that show is outrageously good. I got depressed thinking next week is the season finale and it has yet to be picked up for next season. If next week is it, I am launching a MySpace hunger strike. Hey, if that anti-Sanjaya chick can do it... :)

Giddy for the gyroball!


You're not raining on my parade, LC. I just hope it doesn't rain on the game. Forecast for next Wednesday calls for "a few showers."

Speaking of football-I see Asante Samuels is getting full of himself :(

Chilly here at Kauffman, wind blowing left to right.

Three hours to the first pitch.

No bets today -- aside from finishing my pitching pool and putting in my three bucks.

Travel safely, h.b.

Off topic, but Maine and BC are both in the Frozen Four and playing today. If everything goes well, we could have an all-New England national championship game on Saturday. (Having said that, I've probably jinxed it.)

Go Black Bears.

MLB and INDemand hammered out a final deal yesterday. I get my Sox after all! Praise the Lord and all the bloggers that arose in anger.

On a more somber note, I heard on the radio driving in this morning that Darryl Stingley died at the age of 55 in Chicago.

is true yazbread darryl is dead... confirmed on necn and espn rip mr stingly

I know, yazbread! Baseball is finally really back (the way I got to indulge in it last year).

Hopefully this weekend I'll get to hunker down and watch the Sox in HD on NESN!! Gave the cable peoples a call late last night. The lady who got me said she was really glad they had worked out the deal (I can't imagine the yelling she's had to endure), but it might take a day or two (told me to call again late tomorrow which is now today) to make it available to customers. So I'll try again this evening (and each evening thereafter as necessary). Surely by Saturday, everything will be cool again.

FYI- For those of you who were salivating over Sanjaya's sister yesterday, today TMZ.com links to her MySpace profile. Enjoy! :)


I think I love you. even more than before

Of my-space and the frozen four:

HB - When are Circle, Tara & Lisa getting their own sites...just dreaming. I could defintely see Lisa w/ one, Circle maybe, Tara not likely.

And LC - why is this site so creepy...seems to fit in perfectly w/ my Maine upbringing. Glad I missed the storm 76 and sunny here in Cali!

Go Black Bears!!

I have a plan to give some of the characters MySpace pages, starting with Doug, but never do seem to find the time.

"LC - why is this site so creepy"

Fair question to ponder as I take a break from shovelling over a foot of snow...on April gd 5th.

I think it's because the characters seem like real people to me/us, even though they are static, fixed and unmoving.

Or, maybe I'm just creepy.


I can't wait to see Daisuke pitch today (I refuse to use "Dice-K" since I don't write "Pap-L-Bahn" either).

If Alex Gordon thought the bigs were unkind to him facing Schilling and Beckett...he's gonna get a whole new appreciation for how much worse it can become.

On a completely unrelated side-note: My brother has MS (dunno if that ever came up before) and will be doing his local MS Walk in Maryland soon. If any of you guys would like to donate towards MS research, then it would be appreciated. You can find his personal donation page here.

It's probably in poor form to use the comments here for this, but I hope you'll forgive the transgression this once as he's quite a distance from his goal and most of my friends are broke graduate students like me.

Back on topic, the Seibu Lions can't keep Daisuke jerseys in stock on their website...they should really get on the ball over there because they could be raking in the cash.


When H.B. gets rich off of this, he'll be investing in molded doll figures of the characters. With movable appendages. And anatomically correct. (Marty gets prison-raped? Lisa spends the night with the LC doll? The possibilities are endless. And quite exciting.)

Hey, Surly But Lovable...

No Larry's Guy again today. O'Brien is in the radio booth. Is it too much to hope that Voldemort...?

Nah, it's too much to hope.

My wife is an avid baseball fan - but she is not into the hot stove league and so she only shows interest once the season began. Watching the opener, she just walked into the house when Okajima's first pitch was sent deep. Her comment was 'they paid $100M for that?'. Hopefully, today is the start of a very profitable return on that investment. Go Mothra!

Go Mothra!

I like that nickname. Let's nip all this "Dice-K" nonsense in the bud, before it sticks in perpetuity. I don't want the nickname of our supahstah $100 mil pitcher to forever remind me of an obnoxious shock comic.

Holy web design Batman. Sanjaya's sister has achieved the impossible, a decent looking Myspace page.

I didn't get to see it live (still at work here on the Left Coast) but Mothra's line looks pretty good: 7 innings, 6 hits, one run, one walk, 10 strikeouts. High pitch count though.

For those of you who watched it: how did he look?

"the characters...are static, fixed and unmoving."

sounds like my high school class - I guess they were real. Must be those April snow storms that turns Mainers that way.

Bob: I like the doll idea. But how 'bout a Marty boxing bag.

Caught the first few innings on EEI until they switched to Fox Sports...never heard so much dead air from two on-air guys. Joe C must be lonely.

i didn't see this pic of Sanjaya's sister on her page but thought you guys might enjoy.
(naked with guitar) totally sfw.

Well that was quite encouraging.


watching dice k today i noticed how he smiled throughout the game..reminded me of the little leagers i coached... keep having fun matzusaka san

It's !!
それは! ある!

Sake for breakfast
Sake for tea
Gyro ball day
Is the right day for me.

K = 10 W = 1
= happiness

mightiest monstah in all creation - thanks for that link Bob.

Matsuzaka-san is teh shizznit. I love the idea of dice for Dice's Ks. It isn't pink-hatty at all.

FNL was pissah. I have a weird crush on Mrs. Coach Taylor.

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