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Well alrighty then

Ah, frig, it's now apparent I didn't use Spring Training to properly get myself into a game-ready state …


Not only am I emotionally unprepared to handle an Opening Day thrashing at the hands of the lowly Kansas City Royals, but I also have a hangovah to beat the band.


Are you kidding me? I've got a hangovah so brutal that before beating the band it first humiliates it, degrades it, and then ass rapes it.


Well, at least we got Schilling's blog to delve deep into the innah workings of what went wrong.


You've got that right, because unless I read it from the big guy himself I'd have no way of discerning that "Inconsistent command and horrific execution cost us the game."


Looking at the brightside, this now gives Josh Beckett a chance to step up tomorrow and be the kind of staff stud who stops losing streaks dead in their tracks.


Yeah, well, let's hope Mr. Beckett learned his first year lessons well and now understands the A.L. food chain — A diet consisting only of fastballs creates a predatory feast for the hittahs …


But leaves the guy on the mound looking like an emaciated gazelle on the sub-Saharan plain during the dry season.



At Pete's Pub yesterday (well, it's now slowly turning into "Durty Nellie's," but it'll always be Pete's to me), there were actually two Skankee fans and a Royals fan (?) giving the ten or so Sox fans the business.

Ignoring the Royals fan, as he so richly deserved, I just asked the Skank fans what they thought of their "ace" Carl Pavano, and would they rather have him or Schilling.

Funny, I didn't know the Haymarket had so many crickets...

Maybe if Schill spent a little more time on the leg press machine and a little less time coughing up literary loogies on his blog (not to mention pimping his games and the vino), he might have been a bit more game-ready.

Nancy looked passable, and Pedroia looked short.

He is getting paid for playing baseball, right?


Hah... thanks to a 'get ready for the beach in June' regimen, my usual post game hangover has been replaced with a health shake.

Still I can't shake the sick feeling I get from reading CHB's article today. You can almost hear him cackling over his computer while he takes his shots at Schill. Is it right to have one of your teams own sportswriters actively root against the #1 starter? Its disgusting.

Oh and this start means nothing. Schilling just sucked yesterday. Manny has slumps... Even Santana gets tagged once in a while so I'm not reading into this too much. Bring on the young gun.


You effing kill. I'm a dumb filmmaker transplanted to Chicago. Coming here keeps me in the Nation.


Project C38

The Anti-Runs Movement.

Forget the Internet.
Remember the Pitches.

That team showed me NOTHING yesterday. You would think they just traded their starting strong safety or something...

Heh. Nice one, Scott.

A thought occurs: on his blog, Schilling is basically writing a free scouting report for any hitter who cares to read it. It's a pretty detailed breakdown of his approach, both physically and psychologically.

If yesterday taught us anything, it's that paddy24 will gloat over the losses and probably disappear for the wins...which by his accounting means that we won't have to see him 84 times this year. I'd say it's just north of 100 instead.

Everything else learned about yesterday's game was already learned pre-2004.

Dave: I had the same thought about Schilling's blog. The good news is 95% of the guys he pitches against have probably have no clue that blogs exist.

Unless the devious Mr. Schilling is full of shit on the blog and using to spread disinformation.

Interesting thought Dave, but I don't get the feeling from reading the blog that there's anything particularly earth-shattering about anything he wrote. In fact I found it a bit boring in that it seems little more than a re-hash of ball and strike counts and whether it was a slider or a FB that he left up in the zone. He does get full points from me for not pulling punches and saying he blames himself for the loss. Really though, anyone who heard/watched the game pretty much already knew what he wrote last night, don't you think?

And to reiterate lc's stance, "He who must not be named" really sucked on the airwaves yesterday afternoon. Hmm, I think I'll refer to him as Voldemort from now on. Yeah, that works...

When was the last time the Royals were in first place? I'm not sure of the exact date, but I can tell you that Papi didn't have a ring yet.

Don't mess with Gherig38. He has sucked before and comes back like a boomerang. If there were 5 straight starts like yesterday, there would be a reason for concern. He will dominate his next start against Texas.

louclinton -

This is not the first game where Schill has come out without all 4 cylinders firing. He's gonna come back and win 20 games this year unless he gets hit with a serious injury.

Jason O. -

Schill will probably post a lot about his losses but say little about Sox wins, except to compliment his teammates. Worrying about his blog is like worrying about Jason Johnson's sucrose drip, except Schilling wins games.

Dave S. -

Having a scouting report is not the same as being able to hit the ball. No one is reading anything that hasn't been written a thousand times before by scouts and sportswriters and Curt still wins a lot of games. I read a lot of books about relationships, doesn't mean I know how to keep a girlfriend for more than 6 months.

Bottom line for all you guys who want to crack on Shill: it's a long season. I am bummed about yesterday, but thinking about this the way I think about Manny. He's gonna start slow but become dominant in the summer, same with the Sox.


Dammit, one game into the season and already my 162-0 prediction is out the window. Oh well, the second part of the prediction (Sox victory in a tight, seven game World Series over a team comprised of nine Ditkas and managed by God) is still possible. Right?

I'll agree with Lou - Schilling energies are so dissipated these days that yesterday's performance was hardly surprising. As to those hangovers, oh to be young again and charge out of the gate at the start of the season by tying one on. Age and wisdom prevailed yesterday, it is a 162 game season, and nothing short of a no-hitter on Schilling's part could have offset the pain of a Tuesday morning hangover. Pace yourselves lads, it is a long road.

FYI: Bill's not especially young, he's in his 40s. But he likes the booze. Maybe a bit too much? Time will tell...

GAME 1: hide all the sharp implements in your house.... to be continued

The sharp implements will stay locked up for at least a week...or maybe a few more days.

But it doesn't ease the hangover when Hanley, Trot, Caveman & Renteria play great yesterday. But at least D-Lowe pitched worse than Schill - can we consider that a 'bright' spot.

hey was really happy to hear trot and edgar did well (always thought they gave up on him to quick) but jd drew had a good day and as much as i have a manchrush on mr nixon i think im happier with drew.... stay tuned

You know it's bad when you got Sox fans bragging about shutting up Yankee fans with a Schilling vs. Pavano comparison..

Your "Staff Ace" vs. "opening day starter by default".

Good one.

ouch timmy that hurts

Thank God they get a day off today. They must be so tired. What the hell is up with the day off after opening day. Its such a cock tease.....

Hey there really is a www.38cliches.com - I thought it was just talk! WTG LC.

And chin up everyone - we're only one game behind in the East.

/start mild gloat

I have to admit, I'm a surprised shade of cranberry.

/end mild gloat

That, my friends, is as much smack talk as you'll get from this Kansas Citian.

The Royals were just dialed in yesterday, and Schilling was off. It happens.

Not going tomorrow, barring a wild hair. Thursday's going to be insane enough as it is.

Unlike you, Tim, those Skank fans at Pete's didn't have all day to come up with a rejoinder.

And it DID shut them up, so mission accomplished in any case. (Although the sound of their fake gold chains rustling up against their satin jackets was still annoying.)

I just asked the Skank fans what they thought of their "ace" Carl Pavano, and would they rather have him or Schilling.

Bob's question still stands, timmy. I'll take Schilling any day.

"Wild Thing... You make my heart sing..." (I'm listening to a Jimi Hendrix album right at the moment. Damn, just can't beat him to pick up your afternoon.)

Yes, sdu, there is a 38cliches.com. Please leave a comment so I can pretend people are interested.


Hey, I'll take Mussina over Tavarez. Now that's relevant!

LC, I visit 38cliches every day, but for some reason (other than my first comment, which posted), I can't log on to comment.

Ditto, Lou.

Yeah, but Dave, I cannot stand to look at Mussina. What a freaking wimp. He looks like he's gonna cry before every pitch. At least with Tavarez you're living on the brink of a brawl and what's better to liven things up?

Unfortunately Bob, I was not at Pete's yesterday; so I did not have the entire day to dream this up.

If I were there, you would probably hear crickets as well; because I would simply be overwhelmed by your wit.

It's tough Bob but it can be done. I am now a blog flunkie having blogged in two creepy but lovable spaces.

Here's some more salt for yesterday's wound/hangover:

Our favorite 'belli replacement, Josh Bard, is 2-3, 1 R, 1 RBI.

Yeah it's early (like 1/162 early) but it sucks when our trash is killing it

Bob, Rob...I had screwed up the setting and for few days it was only allowing "registered" users.fk that. It's fixed.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.


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