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We are all on notice: Give Wakefield more love

The knuckleball was unbelievable last night!


Dude, I'm so friggin' pissed.


That's just it. The guy is effin-A awesome, but  think about it: when is the last time you recall Tim Wakefield's name coming up around here?


Ah …


See, what I'm sayin'? It's all Matsuzaka this and Beckett that and Schilling this with ne'er a word about our crafty and reliable Knuckleman.


Christ, we've talked about Batshit Tavarez more than Wakefield!


Dude, it's even worse than that … we've talked about the talent-starved, hula hipped Idol contestant Sanjaya more than we have Wake.


If there's an exile island for Red Sox Nation, we should be sent there to do penance.


Yeah, well, what's really sad is we wouldn't be alone. I mean look around. We've got beautifully designed, inspirational t-shirts paying homage to Varitek and Papi and even long since retiahed Jim Rice gets some swell ink on cotton.


But 13 friggin' seasons with the Red Sox and God knows how manny innings in every mound role imaginable and Tim Wakefield doesn't even get a t-shirt?!?!?


I hate myself right now.


As Red Sox fans, we should hang our collective heads in shame.



"We're not worthy!"

Props to the Wakeman

Wake dazzled.

Early start today. Bat Shit v. Halladay should be mildly entertaining.

Another day, another entry in the Scarred For Life™ file. I should start drinking, so that these visions I am having will have some explanation. Let me get this straight: NBC, the same sanctimonious fucks that kicked that crank Imus to the curb last week, get hold of Sum Yung Gui’s “manifesto” and put it on a continuous loop, creating the first bona fide action hero of 2007, thus assuring that the VT community, not to mention the parents of the victims, will have nightmares for the rest of their lives. I might be wrong, but glorifying this abhorrent individual strikes me as being beneath contempt.

Not to state the obvious, but this is the same media that will not show some drunk running on the field at Fenway in his undies for fear that it will inspire copycats.

Surely, I am missing something.

At least I got to hear Glenn Geffner’s riveting reportage of the game last night, including his glorious home run call. Did you hear it?

Here goes: “Goodbye”

Let’s just put him in the HOF now, so that Luscious won’t have to bribe the writers in 30 years to get him in.

And, finally, and way off topic… In Re: Lost:
Am I the only person who thought it was cool that when they revealed the person inside the jumpsuit hanging from a tree that had soared in from the sky on a creepy beacon of red that Desmond had seen in his dreams right after he got drunk and got kicked out of the monastery and after he got over the fact that Celtic had won the Cup, that the person was Sanjiya? How did they pull that off?


'Wake up and smell the coffee' might have been an apropos title of the strip this morning. Also a bit of a nod to Mirabelli for providing Wake with some offense (which has been lacking, teamwise, over the last two years or so of Wake's starts).

Hmm, Wake t-shirt slogans. Let's open this up for discussion.

"You want a knuckle sandwich?"

"Wake up and smell the strikeouts."

"Wakefield of dreams."

"Never knuckle under."

"You'll never crack his knuckles."

On a more serious note, saw this on Schilling's blog today:

//Also wanted to send thoughts and prayers to Alex Gonzalez and his family. I have heard that his youngest child is very ill and wanted to make sure he knew that the guys in Boston were thinking of him and his family.//

"Wake and Shake" with a batter holding a bong with baseball bubbles as his bat, and looking totally stoned.

And if anyone makes that t-shirt, I claim copyright.

lc is on fiah of late.

That "Sanjaya as the parachuter" bit was simply superb.

With lines like that, I realy wish lc was one of the characters in the strip.

Wake will get his due when he becomes the Sox all time wins leader.

Great strip, h.b. Well said.

Wakelove, is there any way to get Manny in that scene, too? He could be packing the bowl, or something.

This is where Red Sox management is way ahead of us. They knew how valuable Wake was - to the point that they gave up Cla Meredith and Josh Bard to get his Dougie back. If Doug can keep up the A-Rod-esque production, that won't look like such a one-sided deal, but the bottom line is the the Sox management knows just how valuable Wakey is to the team.

LC's blog led me to this pretty funny CHB-parody blog:


Timmy is my FAVORITE! And do you know that at the souvenir store across from Fenway, his player shirt isn't even on the wall? You have to ask specifically for it.

He is tearing it up as the third starter on my fantasy team. Knuckleheads laughed when I took him in the final rounds of the draft, but I knew what I was getting.

No shame here - me & my posse been Wake fanbois 4eva. Nice to have some company, at long last.

Feel the luuurrve.

And come Satiddy, we get to watch the Spanks hobble in on national TV led by a kid making his 2nd major league start who's never seen Fenway before. As if it could get any better.

Just being real here dawg, but kids making their 2nd MLB start are exactly the kinds of pitchers that seem to throw 8 innings of shutout ball against the Red Sox. Maybe somebody wants to look it up, but it just seems like no-name pitchers have a habit of pulling a gem out of their ass when they face the Sox.

"Our Wake... Your Funeral"

Not to be all "I was ahead of the curve" but I have had Tima as my screensaver for years.

Here's my tee: "You can look, but you cannot touch" with a picture of Wake in the background with a ball coming at you, not spining. Okay, I know it sounds a bit creepy

Finally, hard to concentrate today, score tickets for tomorrow's game vs. Stinkees for my dad's 70th. Very fired up. 3rd base GS. Yeah, baby!

"Catch me if you can."

"No spin zone."

Can we put Dougie on the Tee as well? You can't have one without the other.

our wake - your funeral
catch me if you can
no spin zone

guys, that stuff is gold! did all of you just pull these gems out of your ass or have you heard these phrases before?

Each one would make a fantastic tee.

Out of my ass, of course.

Aaaa-Uuurgh. There. Just pumped out a headline for a magazine ad.

The Toronto radio guys gave a nice shout-out to Wake last night. An interesting tidbit I learned from them: Wake came up with Pittsburgh as an infielder, but a scout told him he'd never make it to the bigs. Thus the birth of the knuckle.

And to agree with Harwich Rich, Wake and Belli are peas and carrots!

Just wanted to point out that while I do think The Soxaholix has/have been especially light on Wakefield the past few months, it's not like he's not been given his due...

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You are right on with your analysis of the VT coverage. I am digustsed myself with NBC. Doesn't this give hope to all the other crazies out there to do the same exact thing since they will get the attention they crave.

This country makes me sick sometimes.

Is Tavarez part Ferengi? Just wonderin'


if the sox had thought wake was so valuable they wouldn't have got rid of dougie in the first place.

and wake doesn't have a shirt because he's just a nice quiet guy and you don't hear nothing bout wake being wake.

and he is pretty cute for a white boy

lc, if you go to drudge you'll see a preview of a 60 mins. interview with popular rapper Cam'ron, wherein he says under no circumstances would he ever communicate with police, even if a serial killer was living next door, due to negative impacts on his street cred and sales.

The piece goes on to note how this ethos has filtered into urban communities where statistics show a giant decrease in any cooperation with police for any reason.

(Boston residents probably recall the "stop snitching" controversy)

The criminal justice expert interviewed said that in certain areas, the rule of law is on the verge of being lost.

Don't you see now that Don Imus is the fucking problem?

Just because it's one of those days at work and I feel like being pedantic as a result...

f the sox had thought wake was so valuable they wouldn't have got rid of dougie in the first place.

I think the issue here is more one of no one (not even maybe Wakefield) understanding how specialized Belli had become in the role. I think they (along with myself I'll confess) figured catching a knuckler is something any MLB level catcher could get the hang of.

and wake doesn't have a shirt because he's just a nice quiet guy and you don't hear nothing bout wake being wake.

Manny is a pretty quiet guy; indeed, it's his refusal to talk that generates much of the "manny is insane!" memes from the media.

Also, Matsuzaka is quiet and he's got shirts.

Yeah. Even quiet people wear shirts.

BTW, hear this breaking news yet?

As a result of the Don Imus fiasco, there will only be 49 contestants in the 2007 Miss Black America Contest ...

No one wants to wear the sash that says Idaho.

Bob- nice reworking of the old ebonics joke :-) your ass is working OT today

I've actually been working on one or two Wake designs, but they are hard as hell to pull off. One was "Fear the Knuckler", with a hand holding the ball in the classic Timmy grip. The other was "Much Love For Timmy": an MLB logo parody with a ball dancing all over the place. I haven't been able to make the graphics work. Also in the dustbin: Youk Mitzvah, which came out kinda racist looking, and a few aborted Manny-inspired designs.

crap, Jason agrees with me again. I gotta retire the act...

Nice stroke by Manny tying up the game. A. Cora showed his worth.

I want a "Fluttahball" T-shirt.


Woo! And also, hoo!

Good to know I'm on the, er, ball. I gave a shout out to Wake on my radio show this AM. And then I played "More Than A Feeling".

You guys want to feel even more embarassed and depressed?

Tim has a website with a pretty sweet intro. The official Tim Wakefield forum only has 23 registered users and only 2 posts since August of 2006 (from the same user).

I hope he doesn't even check his own site. :(

Let's register en masse.

Here's some more love for Shaky Wakey over at Lawrence's finest - which will soon turn into the Herald's finest:


Could we do a 3-D t-shirt and force everyone to wear those cardboard glasses. Wake throwing the ball coming off the shirt at you - swirling around...

Sorry - that bong shirt sent me away for awhile.

See you tomorrow, kids!!

Please Please Please, Curt, Josh & Daisuke: Try to throw the fastball by him...I'm begging you...

Lou, something like this?

Fluttahball design concept

Or is that too girly?

mr april just hit another walk off.

Hopefully, all three will hit him in the kisser. Then he'll be Slappy McBlackAndBlue Lips.

Here, Bob.

Here's your No Spin Zone concept design.

Unfortunately, I have to reinstall Photoshop, so both of my pics are done in MS Paint (masking is atrocious, I know).

Love the design Kaz, and the concept Bob but worry about Wake being associated with the O'Reilly Factor. If Timmy is a right wing zealot, please don't tell me about it.

Wakefield makes all 40 years of me feel great. Having him and Schilling in the rotation doing their magic at their age is pure inspiration and delight. Even more so as they will all have a chance to fan a few Yanks soon!!

just signed on to wakes site and saw i wasn't the only one ..way to show the love soxaholixs fans!!

hey i dont know about a tshirt but if we started a wake fan club we could be called "knuckle children"

Along the path of giving props:

Buckner's wager-settling package arrived today. I was pleasantly surprised to find not one bottle of wine -- the opening day bet -- but two.

I know he didn't do it so I'd praise his generosity here, but I'm doing it anyway.

(OK, so he also enclosed the Globe sports section from Matsuzaka's debut and his utter domination of the Royals. Fair's fair.)

I'm looking forward to tasting both bottles, and each uncorking will be an occasion to toast the Red Sox and their Nation.

There has been an approximately 30% increase in the number of members of Timmy's web-site since this morning's shaming. WTG 'holix.

And I thank ye, h.b., for the proper shaming of all, and for returning us to our Soxaholism. Acknowledging the problem is the first step.

All is now Right in the World.

Idea for Honorable Wakefield t-shirt:

On the front: 'Irish Wake' with a picture of the Bosstones puking on a casket with the Yankees symbol and the number '13' on the top.

Then on the back: "Non coronabitur nisi legitime certaverit"

"Our Wake - Your Funeral"

Good one, but it's already taken, I'm afraid.

MIT Crew has this on their shirts.

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