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Warts and all

They may want to considah slapping an "M" for Mature Audiences rating on Red Sox games if those guys continue to muff it up like that.


Really. I mean think of the poor kids fercrissakes.


Seriously. Even the ones who are rude, thoughtless little pigs don't deserve being subjected to a team committing four errors and getting swept by Toronto.


It's bad enough for the adults. Seeing Wily Mo dropp Adam Lind's line drive with two outs in the 6th very well may have scarred me for life™.


You know, even though Wily Mo P plays outfield like a crash test dummy and couldn't lay off a pitch if the fate of the free world depended on it, I can't help but really like and root for the guy.


Absolutely. Because we project upon Wily Mo our own aspirations and childhood dreams of being contendahs before the reality of our own flaws and weaknesses grounded us.


Hmmm … You don't say? And here I thought it was just because I liked seeing his colossal homerun shots.


Same thing, bro, same thing.



A shout out to the Last Place New York Yankees!!!

Jon Lester, come on down...

Thanks for the Scarred For Life™ reset, h.b., things were going too well this week to think that we wouldn't add another entry to the SFL™ file.

And finally, I wanted to share an entry on the other blog about the Great Glenn Geffner. Here was his entire contribution to the "color commentary" in the bottom of the second last night:

1. Where else would you celebrate a wedding anniversary but at the ball park?

2. Marriage is all about compromise (explaining why you wouldn't always spend your anniversary at the ball park).



Test crash dummies? Should that be crash test dummies?

Wily Mo Cerrano looked completely lost during last nite's game.
Is that glove made of concrete?

Yikes. Wily Mo was truly in Dromio form last night. And Lowell bordered on the Antipholian.

Test crash dummies? Should that be crash test dummies?

Yep. Weird word order transposition on my part.

And for that, you shall be B.H. for the day.

Three outs dear Dromio...

I hate the Blue Jays. Even their unis vex me.

"Blame Canada. We need to form a full assault. It's Canada's fault!"

It's a good thing 30 Rock is doing well. I have a feeling Ireland Baldwin is going to need years of therapy.

I'm hear ya. Both the Jays and the DRays get on my last nerve, right down to the way the look and their ridiculous stadiums. Such spoilers...it must be those thoughtless, rude little pig latin names they have...

I just about died on WMP's drop, but he is still so loveable...you just know he's going to develop into a smashing success.

They have quietly built a team that owns the Sox up there. 8 of the last 10 I believe. Not good

Scott, I guess in some ways that's true. But on a one-game basis, did anyone favor Batshit over Doc Holliday?

So, ummmmm..... the Sox players do know that the season didn't end on Sunday night, right? Because if not, someone should probably tell them.

Recall my words on Wily Mo (before Coco went down even). The Arroyo-Mo trade was a Theo blunder without doubt. Cincinnati rushed WMP to the bigs and we're reaping the results. The best thing for everyone involved is to put WMP in AAA and field Hinske in right with JD in center until Coco is better. Let Pena learn the ropes and get 300-400 ABs this year and bring him back up next year or trade him away for something useful. It's not even the drops that kill me about Wily's defense. It's the ones he doesn't even get to that drop in for hits. He should barely be allowed in left field with the Monster helping him (like Manny), but center??

He may be the projected imagination and childhood that you all never had, but he is killing us softly from center field.

... projected imagination and childhood that you all never had...

Just to quibble: Mike isn't referring to a missing childhood. He's instead referring to the naive childlike state where everything is possible.

Child: "When I grow up I'm going to be rich and have my own airplane and fly around the world."

Adult: "Fuck, even the Southwest fares out of Manchester are too much money for me right now."

BTW, h.b., you're new blogad from "The Red Sake Show"...not funny. Just nothing humorous about a middle-aged white guy squinting at the camera and substituting l's and r's in broken english talking about bringing "chi" to every pitch.

It's borderline racist claptrap. You might want to find a replacement.


I appreciate your feedback.

But when I launched the site one of my manifestos was to pretty much accept any ad.

I rarely do any more than just hit the "accept" button.

I sold out long ago. :)

Now, having said that, watch me get a bunch of really offensive ones just to make me have to reconsider.

Point taken, Kaz re WMP. And you're most likely right. But I still see potential, so for now I will be happy, smily and Pro-Wily Mo. (I am probably the last person left to give up on Tavarez as a starter, too. But reality is dawning...)

Alright, then, h.b., how much would I have to donate to knock the ad off its roost?

It's about money, right? So, how much covers your lost expenses for removing that ad?


I'm checking with BlogAds now to see about removal.

Stay tuned.

The people have spoken!

Seriously. I do not take your (or anyone else's) loyal readership over the years for granted. And despite my flippancy in the previous comment, I do value the readership more than the money.

Truthfully, I think I was feeling guilty for not looking into things more before accepting.

The problem is we can't send WMP back to AAA, he was given a major-league contract so long ago now that he'd have to clear waivers - meaning any team would have a shot a taking him with the Sox getting nothing in return. It's either play him or trade him, can't do much else.

Opening Day Vid

Awww, c'mon we're just trying to be funny, give it some time.

can anyone give advice re: listening to gameday audio on a macbook? It works fine on my work pc but I'm going on vacation and my macbook doesn't like the format (or whatever)at all.

sorry to clutter up the comments. Did you guys know that actually reading the FAQ is helpful? I mean Frequently Asked Questions? Who knew?

sorry to clutter up the comments. Did you guys know that actually reading the FAQ is helpful? I mean Frequently Asked Questions? Who knew?

Does that mean you got it working, jen?

I have a macbook pro and it works fine for me. Quicktime plays the audio file outside of the browser for me (so I can even close their mini-window if I choose, but I have to open it up again if I accidently close Quicktime or need to reload the stream for any reason).

I'd be glad to try and help you debug it if you're still having trouble.

Also, to the Red Sake Show: I can appreciate not squashing early comedy, but I don't see the comedy. What's funny about you doing your best/worst Asian impressions? Where's the gag? There's no punchline, nor satire of anything resembling reality. If you're going to work "blue", then you need to better establish which side of the fine line between simply offensive and derisively humorous you're on. I just don't see it, sorry.

I also don't want you to lose your money on the ad, I just think h.b.'s site has regularly provided a much higher-brow humor and I would hate to see anyone think that what you've provided is just as acceptable in its current state.

Ultimately it's h.b.'s site to choose what he wants to associate with and I wanted to provide my opinion on it since he's a pretty open-minded guy. I don't like what you've got and I don't see it going anywhere good. Good luck in improving your craft.

Kaz, the Red Sox have become an institution and their players are demigods. World domination is in their sight. The Red Sake Show is going to try and poke fun and hopefully let a little air out of how serious (and expensive!) this is all getting. Compared to today's foul mouthed culture, and what is said on sports radio every day, our impressions and satire are almost quaint. We hope there's a little edge to what we're doing, but I think it's just that this kind of humour hasn't been done through video yet. But building something is always more than than tearing something down, so we're off to finish the pilot for our show which premieres Friday!

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