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Warm, touchin warm

Who'd have seen this coming: Batshit Tavarez has to face the Yankees in order to get his first win of the 07 season.


How do you think The Boss is feeling right now? Aftah decades of micromanaging the Yankees he finally relinquishes total control to his minions and this is the thanks he gets?


Right up the Bronx poopah. 6½ back, dead last in the AL East.


Of course, one must issue the standard disclaimah … Information relates to April only and should not be relied upon as the sole source of information related to the 162 game regulah season. It's early yet and additional circumstances may arise that altah current perceptions. No warranty, eithah expressed or implied, is made with respect to the final outcome of the AL East.


Now that we got that out of the way can I just say that the only othah seasons in which the Red Sox led the league or division by three games after the first month of playing were 1904, 1918 and 2004.


Hmmm … 1918? 2004? Those dates sound familiah somehow … like they have some sort of significance that I just can't seem to place right now …


So good, so good, so good.



Unleash the trolls!

We would have won it all in '04 (as in 1904) too, but the National League (or whatever it was called then) was too chicken-shit to play us.

Uhhhhh, Randy Moss for a 4th-rounder? What's up with that, Pats fans?

Nice, nice weekend. If only they could have solved the Igawan mystery.

For the first time this weekend, I really appreciated how much 2004 changed one particular dynamic: Sox fans cheering in Yankee Stadium. At one point on Friday night it seemed like the entire place was screaming "let's go Red Sox!" 5, 10, 15 years ago, that never would have happpened in the House that Ruth Built. I like us fans with more confidence, even if we really are becoming indistinguishable from Yanks fans :) (That last is a joke, y'all).

Oh and the announcing was a pure joy this weekend as well. One of the guys, referring to Manny's slump: "When the weather warms up, so does Manny. He typically has great Julys, Augusts and Septembers. Oh and May too. He has great Mays." That's pretty much the entire season, but whatever. Remy and Orsillo spent about 15 minutes of airtime talking about their hotel room and Nautilus machines, so it's all pretty bleak these days.

I'd like to give another shout-out to the last place New York Yankees!!!

I don't want to start another pink hat debate, but the references to Sweet Caroline gave me the douche chills.

h.b., with all due respect, I think your disclaimer was incomplete:

In the rare event of priapism (an erection lasting more than four hours), seek immediate medical help to avoid long-term injury. In rare instances, men following the Red Sox reported a sudden decrease or loss of vision. It's not possible to determine if these events are related directly to the RS or to the devolution of the MFY. If you have a sudden decrease or loss of vision, stop thinking about Lisa and call your doctor right away.


sweet april..... good times never seem so good

Damn, l.c. Funny.

You've been on fire the past couple weeks...


too f*ing funny. What happened to the radio 'team' on Friday night? I caught the 8th inning and first part of the 9th on my way home from work, and it sounded like Joe was going solo. Has 38cliches worked it's magic- please, oh please, oh please?


sorry, I dropped the ball on FNight. Mr. Obie was on the mike during the couple of innings when I was listening. But, family duties prevailed. I missed the rest. There is a new post over there this morning based on Sunday's game.


bah,bah,bahh, good times never seemed so good!!! I was willing to give the yanks the benefit of doubt with the AAAA pitching that went last weekend but dropping 2 outta three at home losing 7 outta 8 has got to freak some MFY fans out. I mean when not one but 2 of your relievers are tied for most appearances this can't be a good sign for them. My Yankee fan friends ( and yes I do have some, its a great source of entertainment in my life) are saying "Wait til the All Star Break and see what happens" But this year they have got to pull some pitchers out of their butt to be even _in_ the race come July. Go Sox!!

I was just curious, because there was more dead air than usual when I was listening. Joe was really earning his $$ that night. OB is not so bad, though- he and Joe seem to be establishing some rapport, at least. The conversations are more relaxed and not as forced when he is on

Should we start on pool on what will be Torre's last day managing the Yankees?

For the record, I like Joe Torre. He's a class act and absolutely does not deserve to take the fall. But King George will need to do something soon, and that something will be to fire the manager. Given that the players like Torre, and Jeter has already spoken up, I wonder how the team will react?

I think Torre's longevity is not a safe bet at this point...I imagine the team would have to do something dramatic to save him. Cameras keep cutting to Mattingly in the dugout.

Even more fun, the AP article that covers Steinbrenner's silence says Wang pitched with a broken fingernail. Gosh, that's rough.

Last year when the Red Sox had all those injuries, the hue and cry was "Theo Epstein should have built a better ballclub for $XXX million!!"

Shouldn't it be CASHMAN, not Torre, who should be under the gun here? Sure, the Yankees have injuries, but where's the depth that 200 mil should buy?

Whatever happens to the Yanks, I love this turmoil in Gotham! I dance with a heart full of sunny glee at the arrogant Stanks as they seem to be harking back to the days of The Bronx Zoo. I like Torre, too, but business is business.

By the way, has anyone else heard the rumor that Steinbrenner has Alzheimers?

It's only April and all, but...

fuck yeah.

That was a great week and a half of baseball.

For once, I agree with Shaughnessey. Not as pertains to any opinion he has regarding the Sox, of course, but about the Pats. With the trade for Moss (aka Human Cancer Cell) and the drafting of Brandon Merriweather (last seen stomping on a Florida International player's face last fall) the Pats have thrown their supposed "character guy" advantage into the toilet and micturated upon it.

As for the Sox: Aw HELLLLLL yeah. Let's not get complacent now, though. Keep the foot on the gas until the MFYs have disappeared in the rear view mirror, because we all know they won't stay where they are for long. (My personal nightmare scenario involves Carlos Zambrano in pinstripes by the trading deadline, once the Cubbies realize he's about to walk for nothing.)

I've moved back off the ledge. The Sox are dominating the Schmanks and my Browns had a nice little draft for themselves. All is goodish.

I have four words for you... 14 1/2. The date, I believe, would be 1978. As Arturo said wisely and prophetically in four additional words, "Beware the reverse sweep."

hey tessie - we'll be looking for at LEAST a 13 game streak when the little man's birthday rolls around.

I agree about Cashman - he should be the one to take the fall, but I would be surprised if it goes down that way. I love survivinggrady's photo of him with the earwarmer...

Hey pinstripe thunder, you may notice the caution inherent in our celebration. Thanks for telling us again, though. I know I need constant reminding about the Yankees propensity for coming back and the fact that it's April...like I wasn't reminded of it, say, 2 effing years ago.

I'm afraid no one here has learned from last year. Pretending this team doesn't have major deficiencies up and down the starting lineup won't make the problems disappear. Here's a definition of the word "feeble" from Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: "feeble": lacking in force, strength, or effectiveness". Let's check out the Red Sox starters up the middle: Coco Crisp - .274 on base percentage, .338 slugging percentage, .235 batting average. Julio Lugo - .346/.344/.256. Dustin Pedroia - .308/.236/.182. Jason Varitek - .325/.358/.239. None of these FOUR starters are within a mile of even a .400 slugging percentage. Good luck when Manny or Papi goes down.

I'm disappointed in the belief of some that Torre's job is in danger, as we are normally a bunch o' media-skeptical people. Does anyone truly believe that Torre's job is in any more danger now than it was after spring training? The NY Post is a tabloid, and one unnamed source said that Steinbrenner is thinking of firing him, allowing all the other sports pages to quote the NY Post and go crazy with speculation. It is exactly what Schilldizzle was saying about the media run amok.

Incidentally, I hope they fire Torre, because Mattingly is ritzahded and Joe Girardi might get another job before next year, keeping the Spankees weak that much longer.

yeah! paddy's back... maybe someone should talk to him about pitching. It's been a month, and our bullpen has yet to record a loss. Now that must be some sort of record, especially for a bullpen theo put together.

My daughter has only known one Sox loss to the MFY in her lifetime, and her hat isn't pink either. That feels so good to type.

What do you mean "..when Manny goes down..", paddy!? Have you been watching the same team I have?? He's just barely hitting 0.200!!

What about our backup outfielder!? Even if we have to replace Coco's dismal 0.274 OBP...Mr. No-hit-da-curveball Pena is gonna kill us!!

Lowell has more errors than homeruns!

J.D. Drew is 2 for 23 over the past week!!

You'd never know we had the 6th greatest runs scored in baseball right now!

....Dude, wait...what? The 6th best runs scored? Really? Wow. Who's higher in the AL? Only TB and NYY? Really? #4 and #5 in our division (respectively, hehe)? Wow, so I guess our 84 runs against (2nd only to the Mets in all of baseball right now) has something to do with it too?

6th best runs scored. 2nd best runs against. Performing exactly where our Pythagorean predicts us.

Really, paddy, go sound the alarm in Manhattan...they actually do need your brand of fandom there right now.

I cannot deal with this. It's hard to supress the antisocial behavior when the fabric of society changes. Years of suppressed aggression are coming to the fore.

It's just too happy, it's just too friggin' happy.

Wiping my ass with a Yankees jersey right now, getting it all brown and stanky. Gonna dress up like one and go scare the shit out of people on the streets tonight. Bought big fake teeth, bug eyes and a rainbow afro so I can really capture that frightening assclown look they have going at this point.

Society and it's discontents my ass, sometimes it's nice when the good guys take over.


//the Pats have thrown their supposed "character guy" advantage into the toilet and micturated upon it.//

What "'character guy' advantage"?

Remember that guy Corey Dillon? How about Rodney Harrison, the most fined "cheap shot artist" in the NFL? Ted Washington? Bryan Cox? Tully Banta-Cain (fell in the draft due to "character issues")? Willie McGinest (accused of rape in college)?

Moss steps out of line, he's out on his behind, and the Pats lose nothing. Picking him up was a brilliant move.

Hey NolaSox, I was thinking of you as I read your comment...and only then did I read the signature and see it *was* by you. Nice.

Hey NolaSox, I was thinking of you as I read your comment...and only then did I read the signature and see it *was* by you. Nice.

"Straight Cash Homey!"

Fianlly real receivers for Tom. When was the last time the Pats had this much talent at WR.


The Red Sox are 16-8 overall, 11-7 without the Yankees "help."

Current combined record of teams the Red Sox faced in April = 76-92 (.452)

Red Sox's current record against .500 or better teams = 6-4 (10-4 against sub-.500 teams).

Current combined record of teams the Red Sox are expected to face in May = 88-83 (.515)

Draw your own conclusions.

Conclusion drawn: You play (and beat) whoever's on the schedule, and let anal statheads geek out over minutia.

You are well served by your caution, birth, and I am pleased to provide you with frequent reminders of its legacy. Thunder takes no pleasure in the endless and inevitable repetition of dashed hopes, ruined expectations and shattered dreams. The point to remember, I'm afraid, is that your ceremony of innocence will soon be drowned. The Thunder has spoken.

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