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Spring morning marvel

Six hits, 10 K's and held the Royals hitless in three at-bats with runners in scoring position … Believe, brother, believe.


The performance was so strong even the CHB gushes, "in his first game Matsuzaka delivered on all the expectations that accompanied his celebrated journey to America's major leagues"


As David Pinto wrote after the Matsuzaka's fourth inning, "My advice to the AL after watching that inning: Be afraid, be very afraid."


Red Sox set them up the bomb!



all your base belongs to us
doo dah
doo dah
all your base belongs to us
oh doo dah day!

Mothra's start was, to quote a sage pundit 'quite encouraging': http://www.soxaholix.com/tp/2007/04/you_are_on_the_.htm

I thought Eckersley was going to mess himself during the postgame!

I have a nice, warm feeling about this season.

And the bars stayed open in the old country:

Here's something for you bean-eaters to put in your pipe and smoke after your big win against the Royals

Time Magazine, July 21, 1997:
"Irabu had been the subject of speculation, resentment, ridicule and gigahype since declaring his intention of pitching for the Yankees, and the Yankees only, last February. After antagonizing baseball officials and teams on both sides of the Pacific--'Headache-y,' he was called--Irabu signed a four-year, $12.8 million contract with the world champs this spring. Last week he paid immediate dividends by attracting a near sellout crowd of 51,901 and turning them all into Irabu-sters as he struck out nine Tigers and allowed five hits and two runs in 6 2/3 innings in a remarkably poised major league debut. When Torre took him out of the game in the seventh, Irabu was given a standing ovation and then was called out of the dugout for an encore. Through interpreter Kota Ishijima, the beefy 26-year-old said later, 'I would not sell what I felt tonight for anything.' "

Yeah, carlos, but irabu was a bum whereas Mothra is, well, a giant moth who ravishes for love:
(thanks again bob)

Mothra rules! But I read a comment elsewhere that said pitching against the Royals does not exactly qualify as an MLB debut.

Royals or not, it was cold as all hell and it was his first MLB game. Regardless of the team, I think that went pretty flawlessly. Although it could have gone awry if the out call on the SO/TO DP had been different. Instead of two outs none on, 1 out man on second. Not saying he was safe, just that Dice was lucky. And there's nothing wrong with luck.

Hey, Carlos, here's something to contemplate after your big loss to the Devil Rays:


(Note the winner of the auction.)

Spring morning? Coulda fooled me. I am freezing! But Matsuzaka (I can't do Mothra because she's female, and Dice K is simply abhorrent, is there no good nickname?) warms the heart... Hopefully there's a Sox bar in Prague for his next start. :)

I still like Mothra as the nickname, despite obvious problems (the female thing, and the fact that Batshit Tavares might eat him).

It just sounds and feels right.

Hideki Irabu - Pacific League stats (9 seasons)
59 W
59 L
3.67 ERA
1.26 WHIP
504 BB
1111 SO

Daisuke Matsuzaka - Pacific League stats (8 seasons)
108 W
60 L
2.95 ERA
1.17 WHIP
502 BB
1355 SO

Could Daisuke turn out to be a bust? Sure. But I wouldn't bet on it.

Boy Carlos, someone's grumpy today! What about all the feel-good vibes with Pettitte's return to the Bronx? I'm surprised he didn't get a curtain call for his four innings of stellar work against the vaunted D-Rays. Yankee fans can be so heartless sometimes.

Hmmm, but after reading the highly accurate ~ Wiki description of Gamera ("Gamer" anyone?), maybe we should debate. Even if it means I have to spend $15 on another crappy eBay t-shirt.

"Gamera fed on fire and was attracted by other heat sources. He could breathe intensely hot streams of flames or fireballs from his mouth when caught in a more serious situation. The Heisei version, could blast off mighty plasma fireballs from his mouth, usually very quickly, and with varying accuracy. They were highly explosive. The Heisei version could also absorb a great deal of "mana", or the living essence and energy of life on earth, and release an extremely powerful stream of pure plasma and fire from an opened, organic "cannon" in his chest. In the final film of the Heisei series, Gamera demonstrated that he could temporarily gain a spectral plasma fist if he lost his hand and the stump was struck by fire. He could possibly do the same to other body parts as well. This, along with his apparent death and rebirth from a huge explosion in the first film of the Heisei series, showed his affinity to and manipulation of fire."

Also, Matsuzaka-san is not a Fat Toad.

As an added bonus, Bob, Gamera contains the word "gamer" which is totally what Matsuzaka is.

Boy Carlos, someone's grumpy today! What about all the feel-good vibes with Pettitte's return to the Bronx? I'm surprised he didn't get a curtain call for his four innings of stellar work against the vaunted D-Rays. Yankee fans can be so heartless sometimes.

Sure sure, it's one game and all, but Pettite has a 2.25 WHIP and .450 OBA from that one game. Against the mighty D-Rays. That doesn't bode well.

Oh, Bob, I am a moron, I missed your parenthetical. Ignore me. I need more Diet Coke. :)

Bob... w/ all due respects to h.b. (& everyone else) that line about Batshit Tavares was the funniest one of the week.

Which brings up a question... I'm sure hardly anyone else remember this, but 2-3 years ago, the sox faced some team's reliever, and LIT HIM UP. He got pulled, and was on camera, in the dugout, EATING HIS SHIRT. (made for good commentary by Remy.) I've always remembered this as being done by Batshit, himself... but I really can't be sure.

Does anyone else remember this?

Who was that??

god bless the random bean eaters and michaelmc gets the "i shot hot coffee thru my nose" award. sometimes the simplest replys are the best. i posted it yesterday and ill say it again .. dice k pitched like a pro but smiled like a little leager out there.. i think i almost had as much fun as he did

Thanks for the bonus post hb.

As for Carlos, thanks for coming.

As for Gamera (I am partial to Mothra), I am in with that name.

Watching the guy pitch yesterday was like listening to six-part harmony. You're never sure what you are going to get, but you have the feeling it's gonna be good. That change-up, followed by a table-leaf-dropping splitter, followed by nasty rising heat would perplex me if I was standing in the batter's box.

Can't wait for tonight (It's only April 6!). I hope stat-gopher Geffner is not on mike. One of these days I will do a live blog on the other site while he is blathering. Probably a few cricket sounds will be in order.


And one other thing Carlos, J. Henry will never refer to DM is a "fat pussy toad".

I say we stick with Mothra. It's been established here. And while Gamera has a certain appeal, I don't want to spend another $15. Really. (My Interpublic stock is tanking.)

Coincidentally, Inside Track has a pic of Tavares and Mothra at dinner last night after the game:


the"i shot hot coffee from my nose" runner up is bob with last nights dinner pic

Pitch after pitch he was just slammin'. And the hustle to field and the level confidence...all so perfect. I feel real good about this. Just hope Wakey starts hot today and that the 80% chance of rain tomorrow doesn't screw up my little trip to Arlington. I'll take notes on Tavarez' start for y'all.

Speaking of "chance of rain," weather.com says next Wednesday and Thursday are going to be wash-outs.

Which sucks because I have tix to Wednesday's Mothra home debut.

Of course, I have faith in the inherent incompetence of weathermen.

oh , hey and it should be said... the kid from KC. deserves mega props ..he pitched one heck of a game too... papi 0 fer all ks... wonder if they'll trade him straight up for bat shit an hansen??

Speaking of Japanese ballplayers:

How would Ichiro look in center field in Fenway next season? Seattle still hasn't offered him a new deal.

Ichiro in center would be nice but I'd rather see Coco get a legit year under his belt.

LC - over at 38cliches you said JoeC and O'Brien were good. I only caught the first 4 innings on EEI before they cut to Fox sports but it felt like two guys forced into a double date by their respective ladies and had nothing to talk about...talking past each other mostly. Torture really.

Glad Herr Selig caved and we can get the games out here on cable.

Dice-K looked good ... what I saw of him, that is. I had to leave the game early, and not by choice.

I was surprised more people didn't bail work to come to the game. Of course, it was cold out, but not cold cold.

I'm still wondering how we didn't tag this guy with Ultraman when we were trying for new nicknames...

If I had any video editing skills, I'd splice together an Ultraman episode where he leaves a fight early to a flying scene to him landing in a grassy field/ballpark...morph him into Daisuke and then splice that into the Asahi commercial.

Man, that would be the talk of the internet for a few days...

When guys like Carlos show up to bestow their pearls of wisdom on us, it reminds me of a good comedian taking on a heckler. You guys are good, no Michael Richards tantrums.

As for Dice, we got a really good call when they called the guy stealing 2nd out. He was sooooo safe. I guess we're gonna have to have 2-3 calls go against us for karmas sake.

Wake and the pen give up 3 hits and lose.

That's a long way to go for a roast beef sandwich.

I wonder how much Texas had to pay to negotiate w/Robinson Tejeda?


And they got a mail-in rebate.

Pretty good deal.

Poor Timmy, I think he dazzles our line-up as well as the oppositions. They sit in the dugout saying WTF. He seems to get the kind of run support Pedro used to get against that team from NY.

the sox never score runs for wake... he never bitches justs eats innings a real profesional for sure...ill haveto look on the brightside with this game he and the bullpen... just great


It's great to know we've got Tavarez for 34 more starts instead of our best pitcher Pabelbon. Gotta love the whole one inning Pabelbon's eaten up so far this year! Why would we want an 18 - 7 won/loss record out of a starter when we can have an 8 - 13 won/loss record? Sure makes sense to get 35 starts from a loser instead of 35 starts from an ace. - Paddy24

Yes, the fact that it was 38 degrees at gametime (in Texas!?) had nothing to do with it.

The Sox lost in the game in the 6th when the bullpen, particularly Romero, couldn't get an out (was it five batters up, five hits?) BatShit-T had one bad inning and on the basis of that he deserved to take the loss. But he wasn't that bad and the Sox were one run behind when he left the game. Tito's problem is that, but for Papelbon, he has no closer. At some stage we may actually go into the 8th or 9th with a small lead and, right now, Paps is the man for the job.

And Nancy is working hard for our forgiveness.

Lick 'em tomorrow.

//It's great to know we've got Tavarez for 34 more starts instead of our best pitcher Pabelbon.//

Do you seriously believe Tavarez is going to get 34 more starts?

Devern Hansack's Pawtucket debut:

5.2 IP
4 H
1 ER
1 BB

David Pauley's Pawtucket debut:

6 IP
3 H
0 ER
1 BB
5 K

And there's some guy named Jon Lester who's on a rehab assignment. You might remember him.

//How would Ichiro look in center field in Fenway next season?//

Forget it. I love Ichiro, but if it's not Coco, it'll be Jacoby Ellsbury.

Just like that! I feel like Angry Bill calling Nixon's dinger in that funny film (but without the nosebleed). Mind you, I don't think I can survive 162 games with this bull pen - yikes!! Talk about creepy.

I'm pretty sure the guy that ate his shirt against the Sox was Jeff Tam. Whoever did it was playing for the Blue Jays, and Tavarez was never with them. Tam was with them in 2003.

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