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Sharks, blood, water

Somewhere deep in the bowels of Gotham, a bravado mounts …

Unknown Yankees fan:
So I guess the Red Sux should have saved a bit of the cash they showered on Matsuzaka to buy themselves some hits. Bwahahahaa.


What's not to love. The supposed second coming of Cy Young suffers his second straight loss due to an anemic offense, while our double-A guy Chase Wright is shaky but gets the win due to the glory that is our Yankees offense.


Unknown Yankees fan:
Of course. It's the Yankees way.


You know who I really feel badly for in all of this? The people of Japan.


As each day the sun rises on the 162 game season they'll gradually discern the horror of their national pitching hero having the inordinate misfortune to sign with Beantown Bozos.


Unknown Yankees fan:
Yes, despite the Dunkin' Donuts ads in Japanese and the sushi at Fenway, what somehow got lost in translation is the story of how the Red Sox have for generations defined pronounced suckitude in sports.


At least the Japanese fans have Matsui to remind them rooting for a major league baseball team doesn't always have to be a one-way kamikaze mission into oblivion.



Damn- that Chacin may look like a big bald beetle but he's lights out against the Sox :( I'm just sayin'

... I'm ignoring Marty

Remember a few years ago when Arroyo was getting no run support? This is like that, but worse, because DiceK is sub-3.00 with a 24-to-5 strikeouts/walks ratio. The fact that he's 1-2 is insulting.

Marty? I didn't notice Marty saying anything.

Although the offense was anemic, don't lose sight of the fact that DM did himself in. He pitched well enough to dish a shut-out, except for his getting rattled in the inning that they scored.

A few other thoughts...Didn't there used to be a Hard Rock Cafe in center field at the Rogers Center?...Glenn Geffner is an embarassment. He talked about domed stadia in Japan in the early innings.. I turned it on 1.5 hours later, and he was still talking about domed stadia in Japan. From the Scarred For Life™ file...the drama queens at Rutgers look a little foolish in contrast to the kids of Blacksburg, now don't they. Those of you who were not born in the Truman Administration (look it up) may find this surprising, but the whole NHH imbroglio demonstrates how far we have come in this country: We now have black females with a such a sense of entitlement (not to mention their D-1 scholarships) that they are able to mobilize white guilt in a way which subverts free expression. Meanwhile, the same media whores who were piling on poor old Imus last week suddenly materialized in Blacksburg to stir the remains of the victims there. I have been to Blacksburg,in fact drove through there last Thursday. Believe me when I tell you that there is no more remote place in the country with an interstate running by it. Yet, somehow, Jerry Rivers, Nancy Grace, Matt Lauer, Shep Smith, and god knows how many others immediately descended with their media freak show to show us That They Care. It is perverted and pathetic. Count me out.


Lack of run productuon VERY dishonorable.

I lift my glass in a virtual toast to LC for his most excellent rant.

"Hear, hear!"

Keep talking Marty... we play you this week. We'll see how your scrubs perform then.


Well, it might have been a 1-0 victory had Lugo not done his impression of a matador in the 4th. I thought the scorer was generous in giving Overbay a hit. Even Renteria might have turned a double play there.

Fa la la la la la.....I'm not listen to you Marty!

Hey Mahty:

Sox team ERA: 2.55 (#2 in MLB)
Yanks team ERA: 3.70 (#12 in MLB)

Sox team OBP: .337 (#8 in MLB)
Yanks team OBP: .350 (#4 in MLB)

Lets see....oh yeah
“Nobody likes to hear it, because it's dull, but the reason you win or lose is darn near always the same - pitching.” ~Earl Weaver

Sox are outscoring the competition 5 runs to 2.6 allowed. Everything is fine.

BTW, not to be too sour-grapesy, but did anybody else think the home plate ump sucked ass last night?

Great strip today. Can't wait for this weekend. Hopefully it's more competitive than the last Yanks-Sox series.

BatShit vs. Halladay on Thursday?? Yikes!

As I mentioned the Blow Jays are the biggest threat in this division.

Anyone remember Dave Kingman?

Wily Mo is the second coming of the ex-Met. Multiple strike-out streaks interupted by the occassional space-shot. The homer Wily hit last night was unreal!

Marty's an asshat.

"Marty's an asshat."

Amen brother, Amen.

Do you think we could get the roof open up in that Toronto dungeon - seems we hit a bit better when it's 38 and raining.

I'm w/ you LC - the anguish porn is way over board. But Roanoke has a fine airport for all the Katie Couric's of the world.

And for remoteness...I think Orono has Blacksburg beat in that category.

Sox have scored 1 run or less in 4 of 12 games, and 7 runs or more in 5 games. They just don't seem to be able to manufacture runs when the big boppers aren't bopping. Isn't the Crisp, Pedroia and Lugo trioka supposed to get that done? Maybe it's time to go another way, with Drew in center field and Hinske in right for a bit, especially in Toronto.

Fucking Marty.

Amen, lc. Nancy Grace and Rita Crosby make me sick to my stomach, and I've only seen their clippings. I get all my news from teh intartubes now.

"Hiiii, I'm Nancy Graaaace, and I'm just heaaaartbroken over the events at Virginia Tech. But we've got breaking news from Boulder, Colorado. Poor little bitty JonBenet has risen from the dead, and fingered ME as her killer! Let's go to our legal eagle Britt Pympernell-Smyth in Boulder for the details. Britt?"

I have Matsuzaka on my fantasy team.

I will take the L every time, if it comes attached to a 2.25 ERA, 10 Ks, and around a 3 K/BB ratio.

All of those things equal up to a man who is going to win more games than lose in the long run.

Matsuzaka (our # THREE pitcher) has gone up against Hernandez (272 Ks in 292 innings lifetime with a WHIP of 1.19, should be the #1 starter in SEA) and Chacin (dude is 5-0 for 7 starts in the past three seasons against the Sox!).

Who is the Yankees' #3? Kei "3 HR in 10.1 IP" Igawa? Mr. 7.84 ERA?

No thanks. Domo arigato, Mr. Matsuzaka.

As for the Yankees, their bullpen has as many wins as their starters (and as many losses). They have only one starter with an ERA less than 4.5. Rivera looks pretty vulnerable as well.

Hitting? The Yankees' team OPS is only 0.047 points higher than the Sox (0.767 vs 0.720).

Manny is underperforming right now, but that sounds eerily familiar (and by the end of that season he was neck-and-neck with Ortiz for RBIs). He's never finished under 30 HR and 100 RBIs since coming to Boston and that's even with any downtime each year.

At the same time, Mr. April has arrived for another season! A-Rod is hardly going to keep up an 8 HR per 12 game pace (108 HR projection...suuure). He also has nearly as many Ks as he does hits (which doesn't bode well for later in the season when he's no longer smashing HRs...but Ks are still Ks).

"JonBenet has risen from the dead, and fingered ME"

that was weird

Vermonter, I have high hopes that Wily Mo will mature into a Dominican Rob Deer and we will have a new entrant into the tribe of the 3 true outcomes.

In case you've never heard of the cult of the 3 true outcomes:


There's really nothing more quaint and juvenile than talking shit in April.

louclinton's missive is well received. The only postscript to it is a news item today that C. Vivian Stringer has signed a book deal. A development as predictable as it is venal.

//C. Vivian Stringer has signed a book deal.//

Maybe she can go on Imus' show when he inevitably comes back to hump the book.

If Jason O agrees with me, am I doomed to fry in hell?


//that was weird//

(In best Jeremy Irons voice);

You have no idea...

C. Viv has a lot to talk about, none of which is related to what Imus said. She's dealt with a lot in her life and is a great coach. I would hope that the timing of the book is completely unrelated.

Most remote spot with an interstate? Elko, Nevada. It's scary empty.

I'm ignoring both grief porn and Marty.

Did any of you catch the professor at the VA TECH convocation with the orange crew cut - you know - the one who was rapping about "Appalachian babies in their cribs being run over by loosened boulders" (forgive my paraphrasing of this, but it was far too convoluted for me to memorize it precisely)? I guess the faculty forgot to tell her that the convocation was meant to be a memorial for the victims of a tragedy, not an opportunity to shine the spotlight on herself by winning a poetry slam competition. LC, right on the mark - each of these kids at VA TECH whom I've seen interviewed, and victims who have been profiled seem to be absolutely incredible people - far better than the administration who allowed this loser to stalk and intimidate students and have his own little class to himself to write his bullshit plays without throwing him out of school. - Paddy24.

Late to the party today. A couple thoughts:

Marty is an asshat and is on ignore.
Media whores are asshats and are all on ignore.
lc f-ing rules the day.
Nice win tonight. Wish we'd used one or two of those pops to help Mothra-san.
I'm almost sure I read in Revelations that Jason in agreement with lc was one of the signs of the Apocalypse. Hopefully we can delay the other three signs until after the postseason.

When the shit hit the fan last August and our heroes fell, everyone was whining about Manny and 'Tek. Again, I respectfully submit that Wake's contributions - stability, six - seven relatively strong innings every outing, and a decent fella to boot - are as important as any. And he is proving it again today.

Hat's off to a real Red Sox. May he pitch longer and better than all the Neikro's combined...if he hasn't done so already...and please don't hurt your back again boinking your attractive wifey on the beach in Nantucket in July...

This one's for you, Mahts:


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