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Our flag to April's breeze unfurled

May the ghosts of Coopahstown smite your freckled Irish ass for having the gall to juxtapose those two names in the same sentence.


Heh, yeah, instead of Beseme Mucho Beckett was singing No Hitta Me Mucho.


Christ, Beckett pitched six 1-2-3 innings and retiahed 15 in a row aftah Betancourt's double in the third.


Yeah, I only wish they could have saved some of those runs for today. Wink.


Speaking of today, we are now mere hours away from the most anticipated and important event to hit this area in April since the Redcoats marched on Lexington Green.


Check this Ichiro quote on facing Matsuzaka: "I hope he arouses the fire that's dormant in the innermost recesses of my soul."


Wow, that's so beautiful. Love the way the Japanese playahs elevate the language surrounding the game.


Yeah, well, as for that fiah Ichiro wants stahted, hope he likes the smell of his ass being sweated.


Ah, so much for the eloquent imagery.


Game on, bitches!



Would you like to see Ichiro aroused? Like they said in MASH(the movie)"How'd you like to see that angry?"

I was hoping we could call Marty. Maybe tomorrow.

Yup, yesterday was pretty sweet. Except for all those runs [wink]

Big dilemma tonight: Mothra v. Ichiro or the conclusion (maybe for all time) of FNL. I gotta get me one of them TIVO thingies.

I would not want to be a battah in the deep freeze tonight vs. DM or his counterpart.

I might have to re-think Nancy, too.
Hypobaric chambers all around.

Meanwhile..."Jon Lester threw four scoreless innings and struck out five Tuesday in his second start for low Single-A Greenville."

Yip-eee-kai-ayyyy biotches


Donnelly showed some fiah, too.

Definitely am warming up to Donnelly. Like to see that kind of fire, especially with old teammates. You have to know that half of both benches were like WTF is this all about?

Hey, you guys see the additions they made to Fenway for tonight's game?


And in the meantime, old friend Kevin Millar shakes Baltimore up with his Ray Lewis imitation during player introductions! Kevin better hope Ray does not hunt his tail down!

I knew they had sold some more advertising on the Monster, but wow... think Manny'll notice? btw, I'll be there tonight- although prob not by 5:30. I'll look for you hustling sake near gate B

I'll definitely be getting a sausage with peppers and onions (and Sirachia sauce) outside Gate B. Probably around quarter to 7:00.

from Feeding the Monster today:

“I’d never do anything like that. There are fucking kids in the stands.”

– Brendan Donnelly, when asked if he’d made an obscene gesture at Jose Guillen after striking him out in the eighth.

Do you all know who sang at Fenway before yesterday's game?

"I'm Robert Goulet, bitch!"

Teh. Awesomest. Evar.

Thought experiment: Dustin Pedroia alerts the umpire and Francona about a substance on Pavano's glove. Pavano serves a suspension for a pine tar infraction, then the next time Pavano faces Pedroia he tries to start a fight.

You people would be livid. There's guilt-driven stupidity and then there's competitive fire...you make the call.

americantrotter: I don't want to speak for him, but I would guess that Marty's doing OK today.

If you liked that quote form Ichiro, how about this one from the M's backstop:

If Johjima ever gave teammates a scouting report on Matsuzaka, he said through an interpreter, it would be brief.

“The first thing that I think we all have to keep in mind is pray to God,” Johjima said. “That’s what I do first.”


Jason, in your scenario I'd be livid at Pavano because he's a Yankee (the same way I was when Clemens and Piazza got into it), not because he did something he shouldn't have. We all know how baseball justice works.

Marty's an asshat.

Plus, it presumes Pavano surviving until a second series with the Sox.... I dunno about that

good point buckner, I recommend that the grounds crew at fenway accidentally scatter a few rakes in the infield when Pavano pitches...three stooges hilarity and a trip to the DL might result.

I read an article yesterday that suggested the animosity between Guillen and Donnelly went back before the pine tar incident (and maybe sparked the pine tar incident?) to when they both played for the Los Anaheim Angels of the general SoCal area... some tantrum Guillen had that got him suspended from the team.


Thought experiment:
Donnelly gets into Guillen's head before the game by leaking info that he might plunk him...then Donnelly proceeds to strike Guillen out on three pitches. Guillen proceeds to cry like a little bitch drama queen.

Right, Jason, because it's not like Yankees players have ever assaulted a member of the Red Sox grounds crew or anything...

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!

Why in god's name would we want to deliberately injure Pavano? He does far more damage to the Yankees when he's healthy.

Why I oughtta....


*doink, of course, being the sound effect of Moe's signature opening attack, the index/middle finger double eye poke.

Wasn't it an index/pinky finger eye poke?

This is a vital question, folks.

Guillen started it. He didnt get thrown at, just schooled. I like that Donnelly still gets worked up about an asshat still being an asshat.


At about 24 seconds in, Moe uses the index/middle finger.

Although he may have used the index/pinky variant...

That's a good point. Like any great performer, Moe probably mixed it up every once in a while.

Maybe even the occasional thumb.

Hmmm...my boss just left for the day.

Should I go to Copperfield's now?

Yikes. That's 3 hours of drinking before the game.

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. :)

here's a video of Matsuzaka pitching to Ichiro circa 1999 or so:

I'm going to miss the beginning of the game due to some field work. You guys that get to go are teh r0xorzz.

Robert Goulet: Are you sure this is Fenway Park? I think I should call my manager...
Nelson: Your manager says for you to shut up!
Robert Goulet: Vera said that?

"Shoulda saved some of those runs for today."

My my, how prophetic. :}

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