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Nothing to add. You saw it. It's in the books.

I'm speechless, people. I am without speech.




Even so, it's only April, and we won't be playing the Wilkes-Barre Yankees for the rest of the 16 games this season.

Even so, tra-la.


I have had a perpetual sox-rection since the third inning last night....

I saw a really good game Saturday. And somehow, it was the least dramatic/enetertaining of the 3. Amazing.

BTW, I need some opinions here. The couple (who I've never seen at a game before) sitting in front of me and my buddy, kept turning around and telling us to "keep it down." Seriously. We weren't cursing at all (several kids in the area), just rooting loudly for the Sox.

Were we out of line somehow? We, and the rest of the people around us, were absolutely astonished. My buddy asked a security guy about it, and was told that if anybody complained about loudness to them twice, we would be thrown out.

Is that really the policy at Fenway now? Remember, this is the bleacher section. During a Yankees game. We uttered no profanities of any kind.

Opinions? My friend thinks I should write a letter to the Sox asking for clarification.

not to rub salt in it or anything, but did it occur to you that the 3rd inning would have been Trup's to call? Holy crap- he would have had a massive coronary SA-WING and A DRIVE!!! I never really liked the guy, but even I miss that call for prosperity's sake


I think that's a bit ridiculous. I go to a lot of games, and when the Yanks are in town it is always loud. The only thing that is annoying is if the people behind you are really loud at down times during the game when the rest of the crowd is set on medium. Then it is like someone yelling in your ear for no reason. But, as long as, like you say, they are not cursing or being crude, then I usually just smile and shake my head and be glad they are really into it. But, I never saw anyone actually complain to the ushers about it. They were probably either new to the bleachers, or new to a Sox-Yanks game and thought everyone would be more mellow - how foolish of them.

Wow, now THAT was fun! Too bad we had to listen to Joe Morgan last night. Is it just me or is he horrific as well? If I heard him blather on one more time about a changeup pitcher overusing the change I was going to come through the TV and throttle him. But he was better than the radio duo from RKO on Friday night. Poor Joe basically does not say a word, no back and forth banter. It's like a series of really bad monologues....

I enjoyed the results of the series. It was awesome the way the sox hung in there. But is anyone else worried that the sox put up their best three and the yanks put up.. well an old man and 2 AAAA pitchers and that the games were still close. I mean we went into the series with one of the best ERA's for starters and we got hit. I don't think that we can stand toe to toe this season and match stroke for stroke with them up and down the lineup. What did we go 1-13 with guys in scoring position? and we left 12 on base. I want to believe. But rationality keeps creeping in. Anyways go Sox!!!

I've been told to quiet down too. (No profanity either, though I am partial to it sometimes) There is a new breed of fan at the games these days. They suck.

Question: why are we only playing 18 against the Yanks this season and not 19? Have they slightly balanced the schedule again, so that we play fewer against division rivals? I don't remember reading anything about this... anyone have insight?

Agree with you totally h.b. - All is right with the world......

Now, these are the mornings that I would love to hear from Marty...

How many times last night did Morgan say something only to have the facts prove him wrong about 30 secs later? Early on he said something about Mothra not having his breaking ball only to have him throw a beauty on the next pitch. His analysis of several of the home runs was shown by reply to be flat our wrong. For having played the game professionally, he is remarkably clueless.

My son wanted to know if we would get through a single inning without a discussion of Arod's record breaking start. Sadly the answer was no.

Marty is strangling himself with the phone cord, that's why he's not in the strip, right?

I think it has something to do with the fact that the AL East has an odd number of teams (vs the West, say, or the NL Central). Therefore each year we play one of the divisional opponents 18 instead of 19 on a rotating basis to get to the alloted number of divisional games (which must be 75 if my math is correct). Kinda like leap year in reverse. But then that would mean that the teams in the AL West play each other 25 (!) times, which seems ridiculous. I must be full of shit

Any of the games could have gone the other way and I will agree with vasoxfan. Given the pitching matchups, it would have been nice if the wins were more convincing. I can't shake the feeling that come September, the MFY will find a way to be in the mix.

For all those who haven't been there, this blog achieves brilliance in its hatred of Joe Morgan:


The annotated ESPN Insider chats with Joe are by far the best part.

I'm the last person who would ever defend Morgan, because he's an idiot. But at least the game wasn't on Fox, so we didn't have to suffer through another night of low moans emanating from McCarver's mic every time Jeter or Slappy stepped to the plate.

I'm not concerned. I'm a little glad that Mo has been getting rocked. The man is going to be seriously pissed.

So much for Dice-K, huh? 6 earned runs?

did anyone else follow the first link off of firejoemorgan and wind up on Alyssa Milano's blog.... One word- Oh. My. God.

So Joe Morgan said that lefties have a slower delivery to the plate than righties...??...???

I am not a professional baseball player/coach/authority by any means... But I don't buy it. Is this true? Is there a website supporting this? Anything?

So much for Dice-K, huh? 6 earned runs?

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm certainly not going to throw the guy under the bus after four major league starts, especially since this was his first poor outing. Besides, the Yankee lineup has been known to get a few hits from time to time.

ditto, Jeff. And didn't he also say that most base stealers prefer to steal off of lefties? wtf? I thought it was generally acknowledged to be more difficult since the pitcher is looking right at you the whole time?
btw- I'm curious as to how much 'Jon Miller loves the Red Sox and hates the Yankees' crap is gonna result from his letting it slip that he used to call the Sox games back in the 80s

So much for DiceK?

Well, 6 ER sure, but his peripheral numbers are unreal (7K last night in 7.1, 31 in 27.0 IP against 6BB for a cool 5:1 ratio, WHIP of 1.15, and those 6 raised the ERA all the way up to a below-league-average 4.00) . . . I'm still cool w/ the guy.

Also, there's a reason why the games were still close: the Yankees have the best lineup in baseball, and it's really not close. They are going to score 5-6 runs/game.

I'll take comfort in the fact that the Sox put up 7 in each - that's what it will take many nights. Doing it against Wang is different, sure - but I'll take wins.

Nobody puts baby in a corner, Bob. That's my philosophy. If you're not standing up shouting down at someone like you're about to whip their ass, then yell on, brother man.

I mean nobody wants to hear you tell A-Rod for the 500th time that he's gay, but if you're just cheering on the Sox and throwing in the occasional dispersion against the Yankees, more power to you. If you don't leave a Sox/Yanks game hoarse in the throat, then what did you come for? The $4.00 popcorn and $7.75 Guinness in plastic cups?

I went to Sunday Night Live (it felt like it started about 11:35 anyways). I will never forget watching all 4 of those shots sail into the distance (well, 3, JD's landed 2 sections over from me in the triangle).

It was kismet to see A-Rod come up against a *real* closer with the game on the line and the chance to do his "walk off magic" ... and hits it right to Lowell.

There were so many great things about yesterday's game:

The desperation of bringing Pettitte in...
Abreau looking like a lost little boy at the plate...
Pedroia's solid hits and amazing spear dive...
The pegging of A-Rod (heh, heh, crowd went BONKERS)...
Proctor getting lit up, finally (0.0 IP? Huh, I coulda swore he gave up the lead)...

A very exciting game to watch and a part of Red Sox legendry now.

By the way, here are the pseudo-automatic "Game Notes" for the homerun series that get created by Yahoo:

Game Notes



I just like the way it kept adding a new name each time...something about seeing all 3 notes like that makes me a little giddy.

Good lord, only a Red Sox fan could look back at such an incredible series (quadruple-back jacks, Papelbon in prime form, the bullpen - especially Okajima - totally outclassing NY's, great defensive plays, aggressive small ball, etc. etc.) and find something to complain about. Enjoy, folks, enjoy! These are great times!

As for Dice-K not being on top of his game - heck, he pitched terrific in two losses; it's karmic that he didn't pitch so great this time but got the win.

//I mean nobody wants to hear you tell A-Rod for the 500th time that he's gay...//

Nothing like that at all. Again, kids nearby and I'm actually a nice guy. I'm talking about regular cheering; "let's go Red Sox, clap-clap, clap-clap-clap..." and being told to "keep it down."

It was unreal.

I did indeed leave the game with a hoarse throat. Actually, can still barely talk. This couple just struck me as the type that wants to experience everything on their terms, and their terms alone.

"Decibel level should never exceed 83, my plastic cup of wine should be at precisely 55 degrees, and if not, I'm going to start a class-action law suit. Because I'm the most important person in the world. Me."

Looking at yesterday's stats for Daisuke and claiming it was something to be concerned about is Yankee optimism (or Red Sox pessimism). Also, if that's his worst outing all year...against the best lineup in baseball...I'll take it hands-down.

Look at his numbers so far. He's given us 27 IP over 4 games (6.2 avg per game, only 13 pitchers have done better so far). 31 Ks in 4 games (only Cole Hamels and Johan Santana are better than that)! His 1.15 WHIP is among the top 30 starters and while his ERA is a bit bloated by this last game (from 2.70 to 4.00 in 1 game), it is still in league with other top teams' #3 starters (Baltimore: 3.72, Atlanta: 4.22, Dodgers: 3.38).

I have no worries about Daisuke and anyone who casts doubt because of this one game (did you SEE Abreau yesterday, because I don't think he saw Daisuke at all??) is either trying to deflect attention from their own team getting swept or one of the paddy24-like self-hating types.

Oh, I just have to add that if anyone can figure out how to buy (or replicate) a Matsuzaka Seibu Lions jersey, I'd be very interested in finding out how. My Japanese is horrible so I have no idea how to navigate the Seibu website and a few links I have found have mentioned that the Lions no longer sell replica jerseys at all (wtf? who does their marketing over there? mr. magoo?).

My fave Joe Morgan absurdity was when he said, "Dice-K throws differently from the stretch than the wind-up". His buddy there said, "...um, don't all pitchers do that?" Morgan agreed. This is supposed to pass as analysis?

Just have Matsuzaka added to the back, and there you go, Kaz.


Mondays are certainly easier this way.

Thanks, Bob, but seeing as how I live in my Mom's basement and only ever sit in the dark and wuv on Curt Schilling at his blog...I dunno if Youth Large will fit me.


It certainly would fit me. Well, maybe as a finger puppoet costume.

Email the seller. Bet he/she can get any size you want. Just remember that a Japanese large is more like an American small.

At least in condoms.

(I'm here all week. Try the veal.)

I'd be phonier than Mrs. Clinton addressing an all-black audience if I did not give credit to the Red Sox.

I placed the TV on "mute" after Jon Miller called Josh Phelps a rookie...Josh Phelps has over 1,000 ABs with TOR & CLE.

WouldN'T fit me.

I'm just proud to have one X in front of my L, instead of 3 or four.

Back to back to back to back...and that's a fact, Jack.

If you can tolerate Joe Morgan and Jon Miller (ok, Jon's not too bad), then this is the real-time footage for posterity.

//I did indeed leave the game with a hoarse throat. Actually, can still barely talk. This couple just struck me as the type that wants to experience everything on their terms, and their terms alone.//

I sat four rows behind home plate last year for a Sox/Yanks game. I too am a pretty good person, no swearing at Fenway, especially if there are kids around. And a guy kept shushing me and the folks around me who were doing nothing more than yelling things like "let's go Red Sox" and "it's all right Matty!!" (matt clement was sucking the life out of the pitcher's mound that night).

He got so annoying that people in the area who weren't originally cheering all that loudly started to do it in his direction. He actually threatened to call security on some of the fans. Which, of course, he didn't do.

I think the high profile games bring out the jerks who can afford the tickets and only care about themselves. It's like the people who used to yell at us for talking back to the movie at The Rocky Horror Picture Show because they couldn't 'hear what the actors were saying'. WTH?

//I think the high profile games bring out the jerks who can afford the tickets and only care about themselves.//

I think you nailed it there, Cyn. In fact, they made a point of saying "we spent hundreds for these tickets, we shuld be able to enjoy the game in peace."

Peace, yes. Quiet, no.

how about jon millers home run call on lowells 2nd. someone got excited.

how about jon millers home run call on lowells 2nd. someone got excited.

I think I remember seeing something in the Globe a couple of weeks ago about the Japanese media buying a bunch of stuff while they were here covering Daisuke's first start. Anyway, they said they found a bunch of Seibu stuff at the Pru Center- I want to say at Olympia Sports maybe? could be worth a call

I did a search on Boston.com- I think the article was "The away team" from 4/16. I can't access it from work, but you can check it out to see if my memory is right

Thanks, buckner. I found the article (that was the name alright) and it indeed mentions Olympia Sports. I called one up and they have Seibu Lions t-shirts (no idea what's on them or how well they're made yet). $15. I'll probably stop by and check them out. It's not quite the jersey I was hoping for, but it may just have to do.

Decent article too, if anyone hasn't read it yet.

Oka-jima san
As petals in summah wilt
Two for three aint bad.

Jason O. re: Phelps misinformation - Colter Bean didn't go to Ole Miss, either

(1) I have one word for anyone who goes to a Sox game and thinks it's too noisy: TELEVISION.

(2) Okajima is a very satifying word to say, over and over again, with varying quasi-Japanese inflections.

Is there a bigger Yankee ball washer than Joe Morgan?

Is Willy Mo Pena the real life portrayal of Cerrano? "Bats are afraid of curve ball"

Great series. It's April.

Well, that was a fun weekend. Dice K. did just fine. His first start against the Yankees in Fenway, his 4th ever in the major league, and he's already been pimped twice in 3 games by what is supposed to be one of the biggest hitting lineups in the majors? Talk about what he did all you want; he won.

Aggregate score of 21 to 17 is a 3-0 sweep? How many times did they come from behind in these games? What will be interesting to see is how the Yankee pitching turns out. People say "Oh, the big pitchers will be coming back." Well, folks, out here in Chicago people have been saying that about Mark Prior and Kerry Woods for a long time. Besides, we've got some one coming back too. Every game you win in April is a game you don't have to win in September.

Re: Joe Morgan -

I haven't listened to him much before last night. Since when is a ball between your knee and the strike zone an "outside" pitch? He did it more than once. He's BAD.

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