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No place like home

At last, the 2007 Home Openah is upon us.


Peanuts? Check. Red Sox Media Guide? Check. Red Sox cap? Check. Mittens, Parka, and Electronically heated pants? Check. Check. And Check.


OK, Mr. Beckett let's win one for the Saugus Dinosaur.


The sacrilegious sonzabitches.



Herald link not working for me.

Home indeed.

Thank Jesu and all the others in the holy firmament that we don't have to play the opener in, um, Milwaukee.

That's rough.

Tuning in at 2....


Herald link not working for me.

damn double post. Roll on Beckett.

Somewhere, the Fontaine's chicken is rooting for the Saugus dino.

Hey, anybody going to tomorrow's game? I'm meeting my buddy at the downstairs bar at Copperfield's around 5:30.

americantrotter, hb forgot the "h" at the very beginning of the link.


So that's where Saugus is. I could place the dino but not the town. Learn something new every day. Route 1 is a kitchy collection of strip clubs, tattoo parlors, and fortune tellers from Maine to Florida. Sort of difficult to specifically identify any of the towns along the way.

Copy/paste error. The link is fixed.

As for Route 1, there are some tacky parts, sure, but there are other stretches of it that make it one of the most beautiful roads I've ever been on.

Follow-up: And yazbread, I'm certainly hoping that you really can identify the differences between, Rt 1, in the Florida Keys and Rt 1 in Down East, Maine.

//I'm certainly hoping that you really can identify the differences between, Rt 1, in the Florida Keys and Rt 1 in Down East, Maine.//

For starters, The Keys have sand and beautiful men and women. Downeast Maine has snaggle-toothed Allen's Coffee Brandy drinkers and snow until June.


ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. welcome to fenway park.
f..k the orange dinosaur, f..k the blue jelbab

Those hooligans better not mess with the Hilltop cactus...

I just realized that if the Fontaine's chicken were still around, it'd make a great third base coach:


Maybe not the cactus but what about those cows?


Mr. Peanut

The Golden Banana,not to be confused with..

Karl's Sausage Kitchen

The Kowloon

That creepy Chinese place up on the Hill

The Diplomat

The most dangerous ingress/egress MacDonald's in the Lower 48.

67 Dunkin Donuts


lc's golden banana-surly but loveable :D

I heard it's curly but lovable.

Good to see baseball at Fenway for another year.

Fenway is in a small group of things that seem to defy transition. This group becomes smaller every year.

To a lesser extent being in Fenway is like standing on the Appian Way in Rome...it's very difficult not to feel the history.

Baseball is a socially normative experience, i.e., it cuts across class and ethnicity. Fenway is a generationally normative location...it feels like it cuts across time.

Woody Allen said "tradition is the illusion of permanence." How sad to be that cynical.

May you always have Fenway Park.

lc - let's not forget Kelly's! Yes, it may not the original one on the beach, but it's my first choice for Roast Beef in February.

lc- what is the giant Chinese palace on the hill? I'm so curious, but I try to stay away from Saugus as much as possible. I don't want to catch anything from Square One.

I believe that's the East Manor Restaurant, right LC?

(AKA Weylu's.)

c'mon people - don't deny the Cabaret's place among the finest on Rt 1. An important part of any bachelor party/Sox game/trip to pick up Grandma at Logan.

It used to be Weylu's before they metaphorically shit the bed.


I spent seven years living a few blocks off Route 1 around College Park, MD so perhaps I have a jaded view. But I have always thought that Rt. 1 would be a great subject for a photo-essay. lc - don't sell Maine short. The Maine Diner in Wells is located right on Rt. 1. I would kill for a plate of fried clams today.

Just don't go for lobster-you'd have to mortgage the house :(

Used to love that fantastical Weylu's on the hill... one time a buddy an I got so shitfaced there neither of us could see and/or drive. Literally blind drunk.

We ended up having to crash at that roach motel at the bottom of the hill called Chisholms to sleep it off.

Good times, good times...

yazbread - the Maine Diner can't hold a fryolator to Moody's Diner up in Nobleboro. Worth the trip. And don't forget Flo dogs at the southern end...

the Maine Diner can't hold a fryolator to Moody's Diner up in Nobleboro

Thank you for that, Sonoma.

:wipes single tear from cheek, wishes I was back home:

Those vandals better not mess with Kowloon or Howie Cahh will call a jihad on them.

Thanks for the comments on my genitalia.

Sox up 1-0.

Why do I start salivating when Jeff Weaver is on the mound at Fenway?



He truly is a Dream Weaver.

...at least he isn't kicking the ground crew

5-0 ,looks like everybody but the ground crew is kicking him :)

would anybody recommend gameday audio for listening to games at work?

Jen: listening to it right now. I recommend it. Listened to WSGame 04 in the mountains on dial up and it was fine.


What's the over/under on when Mr. Obie or Joe C. says "They should save some of these runs for later in the season?"

lc: thanks! I signed up. It sounds a lot better than mentioned in the reviews I've read. We are rocking the pants off Seattle. Word.

So after scoring 19 runs in the first six games combined, we've got 13 in the first five innings today, and all without a single RBI from Papi. Even Varitek's bat is showing signs of life! Nothing like facing the Mariners to fix what ails ya.

My coworkers are not liking me very much today, as I have already updated them on the score several times. My "Ichiro's gonna look great in a Sox uniform next year" comments are not going over especially well either.

Stop talking about Flo Dogs, dammit! You're making me homesick.

Man, I wish we'd save some of these runs for tomorrow.

13-1: home sweet home!!


I wish we'd save some of these runs for tomorrow.

(In my off-hours, I freelance beating horses into the ground. For Elmer's.)

I also mix metaphors at Pete'e Pub.

LOL Bob. I also wish we could save some of these runs. Especially since they're talking snow.

I wish we could have saved some of those runs for Wake on Thursday.

GAAAHHHH!!!! Football score. Bring it on, Patriots, you juiced up knuckledraggers!


OK-Just so we're all on the same page: I wish we could have saved some of these runs for tomorrow(or thursday)

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