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It is no night to drown in

Rainouts often leave one feeling moody and introspective …

Bill (thinking to himself):
Whither the "suffocative nature" of Red Sox fandom?



Like an earthworm in front of home plate :)

I thought there'd be some kind of Vonnegut shout-out today...

It's an intimate sport, played in a very intimate pahk, in a somewhat intimate city that serves as the hub for a rather diverse region that is united to no small extent by the Sox.

It comes with the territory.

Was it officially a "rain-out," or was it more the temperature? I've been to games they've played where it rained more than it did yesterday. But with that wind, it was damn brisk.

the rain out lets us look at other things... damn the farm is looking real good!!

Like an earthworm in front of home plate

Rich, nice one.

Here's my problem with yesterday's game...MLB decides whether to play the final game of a series instead of the clubhouse. This means they have no direct responsibility to the fans (witness the TV dealings of this past off-season). It was 4:10 before they made any official comment on a postponement. I didn't know whether I should go to the ballpark or not and hesitated only when I finally heard live radio feeds describing that no players had taken the field and the tarp was still on. That's just assinine. I'm coming from 3 miles away and didn't know if I should go to the game or not. There are people in "Red Sox Nation" who come to these games from VT, CT, NH, and ME. They wasted hours of people's time because nobody saw fit to believe the weather predictions of rain, heavy at times, until 10 PM. If they even thought they'd have a chance of playing this game yesterday, they would have delayed it instead of instantly postponing it at 4:10..so they had no serious intent of playing it which just means they wasted people's time, for no good reason too.

Alright, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Ok, fine, I got another one in me. Don Imus got screwed. Twice. Nappy-headed ho. Nappy-headed ho. Nappy-headed ho. Someone call the PC Police, I just offended blacks and women...and I was just making a point not making a joke.

I saw some commentators stating that this was just shy of using the "N word". Are you kidding me? The Rutgers players had a prime opportunity to come out and say "Sure, if we cared what Don Imus had to say, then we'd be hurt and offended. But really? Do we care what Imus says? Gimme a break, I gotta get to class." Instead they rolled on about how this was so debilitating to their personal image and accomplishments (like they were hinging on validation by the comedians and shock jocks of the world before they could move on with their lives). I'm sure if they wanted to go on Howard Stern's show he'd tell them they were all beautiful...and then ask them to get undressed and dance around with a drunken midget for money.

This is the most overblown bullshit I've ever seen the PC brigade rise up upon and I'm wondering where all the sane voices have gone. The ones that speak out and mock the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and bring society back to an even keel. I hope Imus gets a new show soon and I'm not even a fan really. I just don't think he was treated fairly in all of this over a stupid joke.

Well-said, Kaz, for both rants.

Poor, poor Imus. I feel so sorry for him. O the injustice! O the humanity!

Cry me an effin' river.

Rick V - thought you were going for the Lost analogy there for a moment: Diverse group on an intimate beach all haunted by their past.

Tivo allows an off day to be Lostaholix day. Not a bad episode this week - some answers but I think the point of the epi was Juliette has breasts and is trying to out sexy Kate.

At least that's what I got from it.

There will never be an end to this issue as long as there are two standards. If you are Imus (White) there is one set of rules, if you are Snoop Dog (Black)-who admits to actually HAVING a stable of "Ho's"-there is another. Snoop sells phones and cars, Imus gets fired.

I think Imus is a dope, actually, and I don't care one way or the other about his life, but I can't stand the double standard.

yep, it's back to Hymietown for Imus...

It reminds me of that Seinfld episode when Jerry is mad because he suspects Banya became Jewish so he'd have access to the jokes.

I think Imus getting fired had more to do with his sagging ratings and CBS/MSNBC looking for excuses to get rid of him. Or more appropriately, once he got himself in this shitstorm, there was no real motivation for his employers to try and keep him around. (If Howard Stern slips up like this, he doesn't get fired -- either from his old job or from his new one on satellite.)

My only objection to the whole thing? All my sports radio talk shows are spending every waking hour talking about Imus. It's important to them -- but not to me. Not just the Big Show and Dennis & Callahan on EEI, but also Felger and Mike & Mike over on ESPN radio. Gahhh! I'd rather listen to Celtics draft strategy talk than this! If I want news, I'll go to WBZ1030 or NPR!

its very typical of the liberal establishment to say you have thr right to free speach as long as you say what we want you to say..god forbid you have a thought of your own or else you are a member of the right wing conspirecy. not that there much better.. but maybe just a bit more palitable. i loved listening to imus.. thought he was funny. and i think he got screwed by two men who are less than perfect

That wasn't Banya, Vermonter, it was Jerry's dentist (who went on to play the father in "Malcolm In The Middle.")

"Give me a schtickel of flouride."


The episodes tend to run together in my mental Seinfeld file, I guess.

"schtickle of flouride"...makes me giggle.

First, I cannot feel sorry for you, Kaz and your gameday/rain day dilemmas. Some of us don't have tickets to the game.

Second, the rants about Imus getting screwed are way off base. The first ammendment protects free speech, not hate speech. Calling the Rutgers women "Nappy headed hos" was tantamount to hate speech. And, if you really want to illustrate the double standard, let's remember that Kanye West was immediately taken off the air during the Hurricane Katrina benefit for saying "George Bush doesn't care about black people" while Don Imus was allowed to stay on the air and go on other programs to apologize/defend his comments. Kanye West speaks the truth and is pulled from the airwaves. Don Imus slanders the Rutgers women and gets more press than he ever did.

And third, could we please stick to baseball??

Ditto all way around people.

So this is where the "sane" people go to get us back to an even keel??!!

HB - you've created the one sane site on the entire world wide friggin web.

BTW - Billy Packer got lucky to avoid the pc wrath for his 'fagged' comment - I think Imus threw himself under the bus to save Packer. Or maybe the gay community needs a Rev. Sharpton. Barney Frank doesn't rhyme well enough.

I personally don't care much for any people, black or white, pink or blue, whatever.

Most people are some form of pimp, ho, asshat, cunt, dickhead, whore monger and combinations thereof.

Guess I should be kicked off the blogosphere for saying that.

Actually, my goal for this site is to one day have someone say one of the characters "scarred them for life" for something said in a speech bubble.

Lisa the Temp scarred me for life, h.b. She tore my heart out and stomped on it when she chose old surly but lovable over me...

I hear lc was scarred when Lisa said 'No'

damn, Rob- beat me to it


No, bos1, Michael Richards used hate speech when he flipped out on a couple of black people who were interrupting his set at the Laugh Factory. "Nappy headed hoes" could have just as easily been "ogrish, ugly thugs". Race has become a pink herring (not totally red as there is some racial commentary in his choice of words, but hardly the point of his statements).

Meanwhile, Michael Richards disappeared as soon as he apologized on Letterman...and he's even been hired to do an animated voice for Cat Tale, a movie coming out in 2008. But Imus is getting pounded on over "nappy headed hoes"? What about half of the crap that Sharpton or Jackson have done? Tawana Brawley? Hymietown? Apologies over their defenses of false accusations in the Duke Lacrosse case?

Finally, this whole "our daughters" crap is further disgusting. We've moved from it being about race (because it hardly was and most people can't carry that torch any further) to "think of the children!". Suddenly, the question has shifted to "what if it was your kid he dissed on national tv and radio?". As I saw someone else put it: we've gone from "sticks and stones will break my bones" to "you have dissed me, pay up".

Again, I wish these players had come forward and said "Don Imus is a tool and I don't care what he said". That would have ended it and made all involved look foolish.

We used to bump into each other and keep going on our ways with a little "excuse me" (if that much acknowledgement). Now it takes an apology to every group the person identifies with and personal guidance in your quest to walk straighter and a national discussion on bumping shoulders on the sidewalk.

Okay, completely off any of the seven topics currently being discussed, but you guys renmember the late, great Tim's Tavern? Home of Boston's best burger? (And don't even TRY to say RF O'Sullivan's or Bartley's even approaches Tim's level, 'cause I'll beat you down with a 9 iron).

Anyway, that guy (who's name is Frank, not Tim), is now the kitchen manager/chef at The Cantab in Central Square.

(In George Costanza voice):

Boston's best burgers are back, baby! And I'm gonna ensconce myself in them.

ya know rob.. i dunno about this surly one you speak of but im pretty sure i saw lisa in provincetown last summer on the arm of a particularly tough lookin woman, butch i think her name was... oh shit i hope i didnt offend any diesel dykes out there

Thanks, Bob. I will have to try this Frank's burgers at the Cantab. I hadn't heard of Tim's Tavern but if they truly are better than Mr. B's ... then that's really saying something. I love B's burgers and frappes (although not looking forward to what would come on a Don Imus Burger or a Nappy-headed Ho Burger at Bartley's).

Mikey - No shit! Really? Damn, I hope 'Butch' had nappy hair. I'd put down $49.95 on Pay per View to catch that action... :D

Kaz is a tool and I don't care what he says.

Actually Kaz, I agree that people need to be a little thicker skinned overall. However, my point is that people who comment in a federally regulated forum need to adhere to standards.
Your argument involving Michael Richards (and in NO WAY am I defending him) is irrelevant in this discourse as he was performing in a club where one has to be 18 or 21 to enter, and not on a nationally syndicated morning show.

Now, let's hope that Wake gets some much deserved run support tonight.

rob she did but i cant confirm nor deny if she was a ho

wow i mention p town and all the sudden people are talkin about kaz's tool... weird

One final rant from me today:

NBC has frozen The Black Donnellys. I'm watching the most recent episode online in 6 parts (between unskippable commercials of course).

The show was good and it looks like they will probably terminate it. Damn.

How's the weather over there? [We're supposed to have the Halo's game live of TV here this morning (Sat.)] Weather Underground says 30% chance of precipitation.

And quaere whether there be a pub in New England that Bob does not know intimately, or remember?

Valentinos in middletown ct. maybe??.. oh rhetorical..right... lol

Is Valentino's a yankee pub?

strip club so i cant tell

Downunder, they'll be playing tonight. There might be intermittent sprinkles, but they'll get it in.

BTW, not only do I know and remember every pub that's ever existed in New England, I've downed a few pints in a bar in a metal hut in Kalgoorlie. In between whoring of course.

It's sunny but chilly today, downunder, so expect the game.

Good on ya, Bob! Kalgoorlie rocks - or at least sways slowly.

Just followed up on the Imus story! Jesus wept - it was a joke. Not a very funny joke but a bit funny. Reminds me of Kurtz in Apocalypse Now saying something like 'they teach boys to drop fire on people and then fire them because they write "fuck" on their 'planes' (not a direct quote by any means).

Hope the knuckler dances tonight.

Are the locals in Kalgoorlie nappy?
and Kaz- amen. thrice.

BWF, Dunno about nappy - they're hard as teeth, most of 'em.


bitch at Imus all you want.
But, the thought police are coming for You, next.

I am angry and disgusted.


oh ya, and Keith Olberman is both a phony and a sanctimonious t#@t.

kill geffner

Pierce is a snarky bastard. Hard to believe, but even CHB's take was better than this...


how 'bout dem Athletics!

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