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Happy (Soggy) Patriots Day

So with the push back to a noon staht, we may get in aftah all.


Christ, I hope so. It's bad enough to have cold and rain, rain and cold day aftah day, but when you don't have baseball neithah? Total suck.


Imagine how Batshit Tavarez feels. He hasn't pitched since game 5 back in Texas.


Well, Tavarez says he's "not mad at all, not at all" and that he's "having fun" and it "doesn't bother" him at all.


Which, of course, translates too: "I'm going batshit crazy and if I don't pitch soon I'm going to go Aztec ritual on the first mofo who looks at me crosswise!"


Heh. Best paht of these rainouts is now it's Schilling, Beckett and Matsuzaka against the Yankees this weeked.


I still feel that having a series with the Yankees in April is like the stores putting out the Christmas stuff in before Halloween is even ovah, but, yeah, if we have to play those guys this early, let it be with the meat of the rotation.


And the Yankees pitching is looking vulnerable, eh? Mussina and Pavano on the DL and Rivera coughing up a save?


Yeah, well, don't get your hopes up. The Yankees have struggled in previous springs … 11 and 17 in May 2003, only 11 and 10 in April '04, and an awful 10 and 14 April in '05, yet each year aftah the 162 they were on top.


And a helluva lot of good that's done 'em. Oh-fer-the-21st-Century.


You know, I nevah tiah of hearing that one.



I watched the MFY yesterday. On one hand, it was great to see the fruitbat give up the long ball. But on the other hand, it is sort of sad to see the great ones stay on well-past their prime.

"Go all Aztec ritual..." Damn, hb, what a great line! May I borrow that for the next time I'm in need of a meaty line to use on someone? Just outstanding.

Cool to see the top of the rotation against the Yanks. I know it's April and all, but I'm still stoked.

Looking at the radar gives some hope, but if it continues in Boston as it has down here in Philly, the game's not going to happen today. Fingers crossed, though, as Schilling-Beckett-Matsuzaka-san for the MFY arouses the fire that's dormant in the innermost recesses of my soul.

Help me,I'm drowning. Earthworm Jim (in front of home plate)

I have a bunch of friends running today. They weren't looking forward to the rain but it was the wind that had them truly frightened. It could be a 30 mph headwind for the entire race. I'd rather face Tavarez.

My last gust was 57.Imagine what Wake could do with that :)

Remember that time the Chokees won the WS in the 3rd millennium? Me neither.

In the wake of all this excitement about Jackie Robinson, are the Red Sox going to do anything to honor Pumpsie Green? Or would that be too awkward to acknowledge -- given that it took the team another 12 years to intergrate after the Dodgers?

ive often wondered why the sox were the last to integrate, was it because t.yawky was a coward or just that the fans couldnt handle it

Mike: Yawkey was a dyspeptic drunk from South Carolina. He hated blacks.


Howard Bryant's Shut Out is a must read on the subject of the Red Sox and race.

You'll never look at the team the same way again. And it'll make you realize how much the new ownership has changed things in a positive way.

This stuff isn't in the way distant past either. The Sox didn't sign a black free agent until 1993!

yes, yazbread. Mariano Rivera is washed up -- well past his prime. Because he left ONE pitch up in the zone.

You sound my sox friend who called Rivera washed up after he blew a few saves against the sox in the first series in 2005. Said Foulke was better than Rivera, hands down.

Rivera only put up a 1.38 ERA that season.

Wily Mo Pena wants out.

I saw we give it to him. The biggest blunder the Sox ever made in Theo history (sorry, paddy, Anibal and Hanley were bad moves...but not on this scale).

The guy has little fielding ability. Low enough that we couldn't trust him to promote off the bench into Trot's shoes, so we went out and got Drew. His hitting is sporadic at best. I want Bronson back (I never wanted him to go). Your fifth or sixth best pitcher (at the time on paper) is still worth more than a bench OF...especially when he's taking a hometown discount.

I just heard a fan on the FSN-West broadcast yell out, "What you talkin' 'bout, Willits?" to Vlady's replacement. That shit is yularious.

Per Johnmeister

"yes, yazbread. Mariano Rivera is washed up -- well past his prime. Because he left ONE pitch up in the zone."

Fishing is slow today. It took over three hours to get a Yankee fan to nibble at the bait.

Da kine,
am also listening to gameday audio...I would bet that guys is some kind of drunk except that some of his heckling is pretty damn good…I especially like listening to him profess his man-love for OC the entire at bat…can't believe the radio guys aren't shooting coffee out the nostrils

That one was over after the first at bat. Wow.

We all have the Blue Jays to look forward to. Rogers Center, or whatever that call that place.

Are the bats going to stay alive?


I was at the game in Oakland yesterday with fantastic heckling seats in the 3 row behind what's lleft of the Yankee bullpen. I was surrounded by MFY fans & in full A's gear running my mouth from Jeter's early error (his SIXTH already!) It was great game in an electric atmosphere. Hard to believe it was only April. The best part was that no one ever thought the A's wouldn't come back. The so called Yankee devoted were freaking out the moment Riveria let someone on base... I was hoping for a tie & a 3rd game in a row with extra innings, but Super Marco's attempt to simply make contact was guided by serendipity! What a great ball day!

Did anyone else notice the hecklers on MLB audio cheering on "Trot" when J.D. was up to bat? Drunk AND stupid, or intoxicatingly eruditei their juxtaposing the fact that Trot also wore #7, played right field, and batted left-handed? Probably the former.

grrr...didn't spell check "erudite IN". Anyway - the best part of the game was the "Pepsi Player of the game (until he gets thrown out)" with the spilled beer trading epithets with the hot dog thrower (this was on the Garrett Anderson attempted catch in the stands). Did anyone else see that?

Hey yazbread, how fine is that line between "fishing" and trolling?

apols if already mentioned but the New Yorker is out with a profile of Manny (http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/04/23/070423fa_fact_mcgrath). Haven't read it yet but the cartoon is priceless...

after further review, it was a slice of pie taken to the shoulder. the fox crew were all over it. they were also dead on with their comments about santana's lack of grit. the sox send 10 the plate in the opening frame, score 6 and not one brush back or tower buzz. on the other hand beckett gives up the solo shot, very next batter leaves the park for precautionary measures...grit

Is there a video somewhere of the pizza throw?

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