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Do they have basements in Japan?

Well, you know things must be going well for the Sox when the media pushes the meme that "the most entertaining moment" of yestahday's game was Drew's beeah splattering foul ball.


What the frig, though. Dude throws a pizza slice at a guy who was "giving him shit." Aren't Red Sox fans supposed to be toughah than that?


Worse, the dude does while the othah guy is already preoccupied with the foul ball and ensuing beeah spill. You know all sneaky fraidy cat like.


I assume, of course, that everyone involved is now scarred for life™.


You know, one nation easily trod, divisible, with sniffling and cowardice for all.


So did you read this bit about the difference between baseballs heeah and Japan and how that may be effecting Matsuzake?


Yeah, but even more surprising than the sand vs. mud pregame ball rub prep was that the Globe actually credited and linked the blog Matsuzaka Watch as a source.


Now word yet, though, on whetheah Mike Plugh, the bloggah, lives in his mom's basement or not.


Heh, if you listen really closely, you can hear Dan Shaughnessy's world collapsing.



Love the Scarred For Life™ reference. What a bunch of hypocritical pussies.


If CHB's world collapses, but nobody's reading, does it make a sound?

In an admirable show of restraint, Gordon Edes completed an entire story on Matsuzaka today without once using the nickname I shall mention no more.

Surviving Grady seems to have ceased using it as well.

The river may be swift, but I'm still rooting for the ball...

The river may be swift, but I'm still rooting for the ball...

That made me smile. Maybe there is hope yet.

Link to the NPR piece in last frame not working?

My Mothra t-shirt arrived today. I'll wear it to Saturday's game, even though Mothra won't be pitching that day (damn rainouts).

So how about Lugo so far?

Is there any video anywhere showing the foul ball and the pizza action?

BTW, this is off-topic, but it's an abomination:


How dare they try to restage that classic battle?

Never mind. God bless YouTube. Pretty good throw on that pizza - hit him cheese-side down, too.

RonF, just go to YouTube and type in "pizza fenway." Several vids of the scene.

Oops. Link fixed now. It's a good listen. The CHB is called out toward the end.

I fear the Blue Jay. When was the last time the Sox had a winning record against that team north of the border? I think they have played the Sox tougher every year for the last 3 seasons. Time to turn it around.

With the pitching situation in NY, the Blue Jay is the biggest obstacle right now.

Duh! My laptop has been unbelievably slow lately.

My laptop has been unbelievably slow lately.

Probably pulled a hammy, Bob. There's been a lot of that going around lately. Must have been working out with the Yank's strength and conditioning coach.

Had the pleasure of seeing the game on TV yesterday (f-ing client wasn't ready for me *again*, and wound up sending me home for the day. I didn't complain all that much.) I know the Angels didn't help their cause with the errors, but I was really happy with the home team's performance. Beckett looked really strong. 25-3 in runs scored over the 3 games? Nice.

Remy had a lot of fun with the pizza tosser (salad tosser?) yesterday. Had me laughing out loud right along with 'em. Suppose the guy was Scarred For Life™ because he got tossed out of the game?

I agree with RemDiesel. Why waste a perfectly good slice of 'za?

I have tickets for Sunday. :D

Anybody going Saturday? If so, the usual: downstairs at Copperfield's.
I'll be in my spanking new Mothra shirt. To watch Beckett pitch. (It makes sense to me.)

There was a moment in the first Angels game that says everything about why I love baseball. It was a moment in time. It was the subtlest look. As always, Fenway had given Orlando Cabrera a generous hand when he came up to hit for the first time. Then Timmy threw him a curve ball that fell in the dirt about a foot and half outside. Orlando just looked out at Wake and smiled. He may never have seen him throw a hook before that moment.

I recall another such look in the 1999 ALDS game 5 when Manny was on first base (still then with the Indians) while Pedro spun his gem in relief. Some rookie came up to hit. Just as Pedro started to stare in at the tyro Manny bent down, undid a shoe lace and called time while he did it up again. Pedro looked over to first with a fiery look and then just threw his head back and laughed.

And another time when Jimmy Williams was managing the Sox and Seattle was in town. Varitek got thrown out for saying fuck or some such and Jimmy went off, finally throwing his cap and also got tossed out of the game (I remember the Seattle TV call like it was yesterday – “Now he’s gone, Jimmy is gone, after throwing his hat – he gives it a big kick.”). And the camera panned to Lou Piniella (the master of the histrionic ejection) and Lou just gave the slightest hint of a smile out of the side of his face (‘Lou gets a kick out of it himself’).

All of these moments make me smile years later. You can just bring them back. It’s a rare and beautiful thing. One of the best descriptions of it that I’ve seen was an article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Joan Ryan: Galarraga steals base, stops time. Here’s a link, enjoy:

Sorry to go on about it but Cabrera’s subtle smile out to Wakefield just brought all this stuff flooding back.

Dissing Mike Plugh, well it just doesn't get any lower than that. Did you guys enjoy getting pwned tonight?

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