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Anything But Down

Hey, you know, while this one offahed scant remindahs of their three-game weekend sweep, in light of the come from behind gut checks of the previous 4 games, I'll grant a mulligan.


Careful now. With the Yankees returning to full strength with Matsui and Posada back in the line-up they'll be stomping the tah out of Tampa Bay and gaining serious ground. Oops.


Two moah dingahs from A-Rod, though. He continues to be on supah fiah.


You may have heard he's now on pace to hit 126-homahs, 306-RBI pace and cure cancah.


To be faih, at least A-Rod himself is being circumspect in all of this and is letting his bat alone do all the talking. I can totally respect that.


Seriously, do you know how lucky we are that for the most paht ballplayas, despite saying some stupid things, don't get all holiah than thou on us?


Yeah, the day an A-Rod or a Pujols staht remonstrating me on how much papah to use to wipe my ass is the day I drink the hemlock.



Well, the rest of the ALEast lost last night (save the BJ's and the DRays).

Odd to think that RSN will be transitioning to Camden Yards on Wednesday battling the second place Orioles.

Nice to see Yankee panic in bring up Hughes (sp). They are showing their age.


A-Rod appears to be juicing.

A-Rod appears to be juicing.

I have no idea how I double-posted.


Sheryl Crow has officially lost the thread. Although, to be fair, if I only ate enough food to fuel a small rabbit every third day I might only need one square of TP.

Why oh why can't Hollywood be Republican? Actors and their ilk do more to make the Dem party look like idiots than the Dems themselves do, and that's saying a lot.

Jeez, that whole TP story reminds me of the Seinfeld episode: "Can you spare a square?"


"Why oh why can't Hollywood be Republican? Actors and their ilk do more to make the Dem party look like idiots than the Dems themselves do, and that's saying a lot."

Your dead on, but I believe the correct question is: Why does our society care SO much what celebrities say or do? I think their reality cannot even compare to joe american anyways. When people point to Sheryl Crow or Rosie as examples of "liberal" or democratic political thought I just have to laugh.

Did anyone care when Schilling asked us to vote for Bush in 2004? I hate Bush but it didn't bother me in the least. Schilling is a baseball player, not my congressman. I just wish both sides of the political spectrum could grasp that.

/End political thread highjack

BTW, This was the best weekend I have had in a while... I love watching the boys battle back. Is there anything better right now then the look on Jonathon's face when he is staring down guys in the ninth? Priceless.

A-Rod on the juice? No Yankee would evah do that :)-LOL

I appreciate the strip's temerity: To talk trash about another team on a night when your own squad goes down.

I almost enjoyed Frank Thomas's bomb then I remembered he's from Auburn, thereby arresting all enjoyment of said HR.

jamesfrommaine was either born yesterday or is being intentionally dishonest, because it's a standard tactic for politicans and special interest groups to use like-minded (and in Rosie's and Sheryl's case, not particularly smart) celebs for their purposes. Why? For the same reasons that make Air Jordans (still) Nike's best selling shoe.

Of course Rosie and Crow are examples of liberal political thought, because like dozens of other celebs they parrot liberal CW on a regular basis.

"Climate change" is a PR campaign. In a PR campaign, you don't do this:


Instead, you have a big concert!!!

A-Rod's not juiced. He's on E.

(Eleventh slang term down):

Maybe A-Rod and Jeter have made up. Now that they're back together and the sleep ovahs are happening again, A-Rod is happy and his work performance shows it.

Jason O.,

"Of course Rosie and Crow are examples of liberal political thought, because like dozens of other celebs they parrot liberal CW on a regular basis."

So Sheryl's 1 square of TP environmental movement is now "liberal" conventional wisdom? Talking Heads aside(Do you believe Rush Limbaugh really represents the conservative movement?) I was making the point that the average American should care more about the actual views of his or her candidates, and their elected officials actions, then what some jackass talking head says in the media, on either side.

It's as easy to take shots at pampered hollywood stars as it is to point out the hypocrisy and vitriol of the "right wing" radio pundits. But calling each other by the Liberal and Conservative labels is nothing more then school yard taunts.

Of course I expect nothing less from the resident Yankee Troll. ;)

Sheryl Crow's TP comment has nothing to do with liberal versus conservative partisan politics. It has to do with the fact that she's a friggin' retahd.

Next time I drop the kids at the pool, I'm using two sheets just out of spite.

And I'm making the point that it's either simple-minded or disingenuous to differentiate what celebrities say with the actions of elected officials, because the celebrities are generally the public endorsers of the ideas of aformentioned electied officials.

Far from taking shots, I think it would be great to be a power player in the Dem. party...you have tens (hundreds) of millions in free advertising available from the media/TV/Hollywood.

The sad thing in my mind is that our elected officials more often than not are not any smarter or intellectually curious than the average celebrity.

So you've got Members of Congress making legislative decisions on terrorism and foreign policy who can't even tell you the difference between Sunni and Shia and who can't tell you which brand of Islam Iran follows and which one Al Queda follows.

Or you've got the MC's making policy on the Internet/Technology when they don't have a clue about either.

I could go on and on.

Everytime politics creeps into this blog we end up at each others throats -I'm just sayin'

...I'd rather stick to baseball

"The sad thing in my mind is that our elected officials more often than not are not any smarter or intellectually curious than the average celebrity.

So you've got Members of Congress making legislative decisions on terrorism and foreign policy who can't even tell you the difference between Sunni and Shia and who can't tell you which brand of Islam Iran follows and which one Al Queda follows."

I totally agree with you on this, but I think what I was trying to say is if we let ourselves get distracted by whatever crap the none decision makers are spouting, its a lot easier for the people in charge to make poor decisions and get away with them. There is only apathy from the public or in place of apathy, the partisan shouting of Jason O. and the other cheerleaders. Does Jason. O or Joe Liberal care if their elected leader understands international politics? I think the answer lies in that leaders party affiliation.

How many Americans today are talking about Rosie's ass and not the Gonzales hearings? Which is more important?

NEWAYS sorry for getting off topic.

Hears hoping for Tavarez to pull another one over on Roy.

True, Harwich R. But I guess I opened the can of worms by alluding to Crow.

But I didn't mean that to be political in the Dem vs Republican sense.

Seems to me when somebody says something that dumb, whatever the cause and whether it's a cause more championed by the right or left, that it should be ripe for derision.

And you should know by now that my own personal rant switch gets flipped whenever some asswipe, be it a celebrity an MC or my next door neighbor starts proscribing just how I should live my life.

So if someone wants to tell me how much toilet paper I should use or how hot or cool to keep my house or what lightbulbs I can use, I say they should go fuck themselves.

And if someone wants to tell me what substances, be it hamburgers/transfats or psychotropics or whatever, I can put in my body in the privacy of my own home, I say they should go fuck themselves.

OK, that's enough of my ranting for one day.

Jason has an excellent point about celebrities taking political stands on subjects which they are completely unqualified to discuss. From the page he linked to:

Michael Crichton is a writer and filmmaker, best known as the author of JurassicPark and the creator of "ER."

Hey, it recording bland, middle-aged musical pablum qualifies Sheryl Crow to be an expert on global warming, then writing bad novels and tv shows should qualify Crichton too!

To be fair, the other people on the panels appear (from their biographies, anyway) to be climate scientists who might conceivably have some idea of what they're talking about.

How many Americans today are talking about Rosie's ass and not the Gonzales hearings? Which is more important?

I'd actually equate both those things as unimportant and examples of the same sort of "rah-rah we are all excited but don't have a clue what we are talking about" styles of the celebrity/politician.

Attorney's serve at the President's whim (Dem or Rep or other) and can be fired because POTUS doesn't like the brand of shoes the attorney wears.

There is no scandal there.

That doesn't mean that Gonzales isn't a fucking moron who only got the job because he's a Bush crony.

But importance? Scandal? Naw.

"Crichton graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College, received his MD from Harvard Medical School, and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, researching public policy with Jacob Bronowski. He has taught courses in anthropology at Cambridge University and writing at MIT."

i.e., he's had much more scientific training than several so-called climate change "experts," like, oh, I dunno, say, the front man for this whole circus: Albert Gore, Jr.

Aaron: Don't cede basic logic and rhetorical critiques to someone because they are an expert.

Person A (expert): my climate model indicates certain doom for us all in 74 years.

Person B: But, your climate model's prediction in 2001 re: 2006 was off by some statistically significant amount when compared to recorded data. Why then should I take action based on a prediction your model makes for 5-10 decades from now?

Any chance we could get Bill, Mike and Tara squaring off against Doug, Circle and Steve, with Lisa as moderator? Then we'd be getting some real answers to real issues like why not put JD in center and Hinske in right and spare us the sight of Wily Mo 'tracking' a fly ball?

WMP (not to be confused with WMD) "tracking" a flyball would be so damn hilarious if he wasn't on our team!

Jeez, that guy on his own is cause of a 20pt sustained increase in my blood pressure.

Let's just agree to disagree.


Actually I love WMP in there. The Cerrano jokes NEVER get old. Ever.


Couldn't agree more. Indeed, that's what I like so much about baseball (or sports in general, really), i.e., we may have all sorts of different views in other areas, but when it comes to rooting for our team, at least we are united in that.

Of course, within that rooting we have our arguments etc for instance someone like Paddy thinking Theo's an idiot while some others of us think Theo is pretty smart etc etc.

Weird, though, how outside of sports the whole "agree to disagree" thing seems to have fallen out of fashion.

It feels to me at least that now it's pretty much "agree with me or else I will dismiss you as being too stupid to even understand why my view is the superior and, indeed, only position to have on the topic."

don't get me wrong- I happen to agree with hb's views re: the non-scandal of Gonzales AND with JO's contention that Crichton's scientifically-trained mind has abilities to reach logical conclusions based on facts. However, I feel facts can be manipulated to prove/disprove almost any argument, and I'm not here at the 'holix to discuss global warming. I'm more excited that I have great tix to tonight's game on a beautiful 70-degree day, and I'm bringing my gf who is a Fenway virgin. But that's just me. As an aside, though- If anyone is 'qualified' to tell me how much TP I should use, wouldn't it be someone named Pujols?


Where did I say anything about Al Gore? I was talking about the panel of scientists on the website you linked to. They all seemed to have some background and training in climate science.

Except for Crichton. He's obviously a smart guy, and knows quite a bit about topics like anatomy and anthropology. I don't see where any of that qualifies him to say whether or not human-produced hydrocarbons are trapping heat and raising our atmospheric temperature.

I understand the danger of putting all your faith in "experts." But when the overwhelmingly majority of the people whose backgrounds touch on this subject are sounding the alarm, I'm going to pay attention to them.

As opposed to Crichton and Sheryl Crow, to whom I will pay as much attention as they deserve: precisely zero.

And also: last night's game sucked.

Bob, I clicked on your E link & noticed 'Blue Lips' is a slang for E, or perhaps just Slappy's side-effect proof?

Hold the phone.....this dude chopped his dick off in a pizza place:


Heh. Ironically, he's a Pole.

Not anymore.

I would just like to add that, thanks to today's post, I know have that awful Sheryl Crow song from the Subaru commercial running through my brain on infinite loop.

This constitutes torture under the Geneva Conventions. Expect to hear from my team of high-powered lawyers within the day.

You said "Pole." Huh huh huh huh.

Jason O,
A Yankees fan and an Auburn basher?

It's official. We can't be friends.

Glad to see Jason O. invoked Crichton's credentials. Panic/tear-jerker tv aside, I was under the impression he is well educated. (He IS quite pompous, however...read Travels - it's interesting, especially the cadavers chapter, but I'm pretty sure few people on this thread would want to travel with him.)

To Aaron's point, "experts" are creatures largely constructed by marketing people needing to fill a panel. Trust me.

On the subject of books, I have to say that I revealed my ignorance here some time back by throwing out David Halberstam as a great writer, based on the Teammates book, but admitted I didn't know his standing in the wider journalistic world and was gently but immediately set straight. Rightfully so and a big chunk of ignorance duly addressed. So today I say, RIP David Halberstam, who brought the Teammates to life for me.

For a great summation of Halberstam, listen to the first 10 minutes of the Tony Kornheiser show from the podcast available through WashingtonPost.com (or i-tunes).

BamaSoxFan, I'm right there with you. I was at the Auburn football game when they acknowledged Mark Bellhorn as a World Series Champ. The people in my section thought I was a nut when I screamed out my thanks for his contribution.

And Jason O., Colter Bean went to AU, as well.

Why is Pat Dye an only child?

His parents were afraid to go for 2.

i'm sure if you asked, curt schilling might have an opinion on the toilet paper issue. :-)



Jason O,
An interesting thought for you . . .

I have a six year old nephew. I asked him the other day what it felt like to watch the Yankees win a Series, or watch Alabama win an Iron Bowl. He answered, "I have no idea" to both questions.

Go Sox and War Eagle

I really don't think that one square is going to cut it when Big Papi takes his Big Country every morning...

However, given that Manny is hitting under the Mendoza Line, one square down there might be a suitable and more eco-friendly replacement for his bat, which is obviously occupying that area so far in this young season!

In the meantime, I'm still waiting for the release of Sheryl Crow's instructional DVD!

Toilet humor... you know I love it!



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