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And he knows how to play the game

As I predicted, natch.


Yeah, the NOTY was Dong's before Dong was the NOTY's.


Absolutely, just like with Papelbon being anothah gift outright: The closah role was his before he was the closah.


The Papelbon we were withholding made us weak …


But not anymore. As Schilling writes, "Papelbon was incredible last night. It’s not what he did as much as it is how he did it and who he did it against."


One out and men on first and third in a one-run game against the Rangahs' best hittah Michael Young.


94-mile-per-hour fastball for a swing-and-miss. A 96-m.p.h. fastball for a swing-and-miss. Oh, and then a 97-m.p.h. fastball taken for a strike and leaving Young motionless.


Combine that with Schilling's improvement over Opening Day and Papi's two homah's and last night was just about perfect.


Well, except for having to endure Joe Morgan, of course.


Christ, and with the new radio broadcast team leaving much to be desiahed, muting the TV and going with the radio feed isn't as good of an option.


Yeah, when the Sox are on the national broadcast only, we are totally stuck between Scylla and Charybdis.



You nailed it h.b.

[tnx for the link]

If you want ubercreepy see the Easter Egg entry on the other blog.

Looking forward to Tuesday, Game Day.


I think you meant to link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scylla_and_Charybdis instead of just Charybdis, h.b., but otherwise completely on point.

I tried giving the radio guys a chance the other night and just couldn't do it. The new guy has NO character and completely kills any good feelings I used to feel from Castiglione. Trupiano was evidently what made the duo. Now it's like trying to read Nightwing and longing for Batman...

Oh, and here's a name you might here a few times over the next few days: Zach Johnson. Tiger was totally off his game on Sunday...mighta had something to do with the fact that it was 40 degrees and they were playing golf. I'm doing my part, I let my 17 year old car run in the driveway for 3 hours yesterday. Global warming can't come soon enough this summer.

How many more times do we have to hear Joe Morgan call Alex Cora by his brother's name: Joey Cora?

We still need someone beside Paps in the bullpen.The rest of those guys are stiffs -IMHO

//How many more times do we have to hear Joe Morgan call Alex Cora by his brother's name: Joey Cora?//


don't forget the wisdom that is Joe Morgan: "He does the winning plays because he plays to win". I think my head just exploded

517, which is still 312 fewer L's than Jon Miller adds to Padilla every time he mentions the pitcher

and my personal Morgan moment from last night was when he was questioning the shift the Sox put on Texeira with a runner on first. He was saying it didn't make sense 'cuz you were telling the batter you were going to pitch him inside with mostly offspeed stuff so he couldn't go the other way. Then, of course, when they did the K zone review, EVERY pitch was on the outer half of the plate, 80% were FB, including strike 3, which Joe said "was supposed to be outside. Oh- I guess it WAS outside".

Jon Miller is worse than Morgan in my opinion. Every one of his sentences ends with shocked surprise. Not to mention, Miller and Morgan just babble incoherently through the entire game, often missing plays, player names etc. I'd rather watch the game in dead silence, broken only by the occasional emphatic dogfart from my mutt, than listen to those two morons.

Yikes. Healthcliff Pineiro nearly killed me on Easter. But then Paps brought me back to life.

Now, for my blasphemy, I will have to eat the carton of Peeps in the kicthen.

hey ...did eveyone miss the best easter gift of all... andy pettit making a relief appearance omg i was so tickled.. the yankees staff is a mess not one starter out of the fourth yet this season.. i know its early and cold and all that shit but hell batshit could be a #2 in there rotation HA HA HA!!!

I was very upset to see Trupiano go. I listen to approximately 90% of the games on the radio. While I was initially hostile to Geffner and O'Brien, I have to say I am getting somewhat used to O'Brien. Geffner is terrible though. Hopefully the O'Brien/Castiglione repartee will improve. Heard a lot of dead air space last night in the game. I couldn't tell if the mic at the plate wasn't working or if those were the spaces Trup used to fill.

how does one start a petition to get trup back... he was great with castiglione

Since Trup has left I have noticed something very funny going on at WEEI. Every time some calls in to complain, whether it is on the morning show or the afternoon show, all the alleged "opinioned" and "free-thinking" hosts say things like, "well, you'll get used to them" or "they just have a different style." or some other apologist crap to toe the company line. I, as others, would prefer Trup back..."Swing and a drive…way back…way back...”

The day Trupe said Manny Ramirez should emulate Ken Caminiti is the day he lost me for good. Thank God he's gone.

all yall wanna know what terrible radio broadcasters REALLY are just tune in your XM radio to the astros broadcasts.

i don't know why but a lot of really good older radio guys are being replaced with drive-time morning DJ type guys and complaining gets you nowheres.

and compared to just about any other broadcast team i can think of, jon and joe are about as close to perfect as it gets.

Hi everyone... h.b. gave me his blessing to do a moment of fundraising this afternoon.

On April 16th, I will be running in the 2007 Boston Marathon. In addition to running in the race, I am raising money for the American Liver Foundation as a member of their Run for Research team. To that end, I am auctioning off a pair of 2007 Red Sox grandstand tickets , and 100% of the proceeds will go to ALF. This will be done via a "silent e-mail auction"

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1. E-mail your bid to me at [email protected]

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3. Tuesday morning, April 10, I will notify the top 5 bidders of the current top bid. Using "Reply to all" they will have 24 hours to bid against each other.

4. Wednesday morning, April 11, at the end of all bidding, I will notify the holder of the winning bid. That person will have 24 hours to post the winning bid to my ALF fundraising account After 24 hours, I will notify the second-highest bidder, etc.

5. I have a letter, on Red Sox letterhead, that I will mail to you USPS next day, with instructions on how to contact the Red Sox and arrange for the tickets. It will be sent within one business day of the donation being posted to my active.com account.

Bid early, Bid often, Bid high… Good luck...

And THANK YOU for your support.


Pining away for the Trupe? HELP ME RANDA! What an insufferable blowhard.

im pining for the fjords

It's great that they won and all...but am I crazy thinking that Schill should have started the 8th? And this is not 2nd guessing, I was yelling about it last night as it happened. He gets 3 outs in 8 pitches in the 7th. there is no way that Pinero is going to do as well. Two walks, etc., and we barely hang on to win. Yeah, yeah, save Schilling's arm...what about Papelbon's arm. Now he has to get 5 outs instead of 3. I repeat, all's well that ends well, I know, but it makes me nuts game after game after game. I feel like Tito and the "book" almost gave it away.
I wish he was a bit more old-school around this issue.

vermonter i dunno if i would have felt any better if shilling gave up that run in the 8th.. not say it would happen certainly cant say it wouldnt have..

You're right, Mike, we can't know what might have been. Schill may have lost it, but I do know that Pinero stunk up the place after Schill pitched great. I say get them ready and pull Schilling after one walk or hit. Very short leash. I think he only makes the change because he's "supposed" to.

BTW, Papelbon pitching 5 outs is exactly what they said they'd do with him.

What tires his arm more is to pitch 3 outs 10 days in a row. Unlike last year (where they used him as a more conventional closer), this year they said they'd be using him for longer stints in the closer role and less often (not a committee, but not always Papelbon in close situations if he's pitched recently). I was not surprised to see him in the 8th and won't be next time either. It wasn't that they were bailing out Piniero so much as it was the way they planned on using Papelbon according to their talk when they reassigned him to closer from starter in spring training.

If you could get from Schilling having a great game to Paps, why mess around with Pinero? Save him for one of the nights that Papelbon needs rest.

Just sayin'...

/how does one start a petition to get trup back.../
try 38cliches.com - a space dedicated to this very sound endeavour and linked to the second last frame of today's strip. Sure the guy's surly, pithy and degenerate but rumour has it he's also quite lovable.
As for the title of today's strip - I thought HB had finally succumbed to the charm of the Collingwood Football Club -
'Good old Collingwood forever
We know how to play the game ...'
(and that's not the silliest line in the song): http://bigpondguide.com/84a_1_5_Stream+the+Collingwood+FC+club+song

Papelbon was truly magnificent yesterday. And that was the first game we got down here on TV live so I can forgive Jo & Jon a lot (but they are a couple of dunces).

Good luck on your race, Miketc. I'm more than a little jealous you have a marathon time good enough to qualify. I probably can't afford a winning bid, but I'll give it a shot!

Vermonter - my husband was saying same about Schill in the 8th and it sounds about right - why can't they keep going in some situations...

While Miller and Morgan spout stupid crap with no hope of redemption, at least we are lucky to have the brilliance of Peter Gammons...his CD is released today. PG is an Ace.

//It's great that they won and all...but am I crazy thinking that Schill should have started the 8th? And this is not 2nd guessing, I was yelling about it last night as it happened.//

For an answer, why not go directly to the source?

From Schilling's blog:

I’m at 94 pitches heading into the 7th, which means I need to not only get three outs and not give up any runs, but I need to be efficient. Sammy starts the inning off by getting jammed with a two seam fastball and flying out to left. Pitching to contact is a beautiful thing when it works. Blalock takes a first pitch slider for a ball, then hits a hard ground ball on a 1-0 split for out number two. Wilkerson takes a strike, then two balls, all fastballs, then fouls off the 2-1 pitch that caught a whole lot more plate than it was supposed to. After another foul ball I pretty much empty the tank on the last pitch getting him swinging at a middle down fastball to end the inning.

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