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And gravity lashes us to the earth

Guess we didn't see this Haiku coming …


Giddy crowd gathahs
Awaiting Dice-K's parade,
Hernandez pours down.


Yeah, well …

Wind blown spring blossom
Tenuously clings the gnarled branch:
Ripe summah cherry.


Absolutely. It's a long growing season.


So keep your tabi Sox on.



I'm not so much underwhelmed by Matsuzaka's performance as I am astounded by Hernandez. Seventeen scoreless innings in '07... Hontouni kandoushita!

Yeah, Dice-K actually pitched a solid game, and on most nights, the Sox will win behind that kind of pitching performance. It's just that King Felix was lights out, and sometimes you run into that. It's baseball, it happens.

Agree, FarmBoy.

That is the gist of the first Haiku. The parade got rained on. Doesn't mean the parade wasn't a good one, just sometimes it's going to rain and nothing you can do but get wet.

Nice Haiku HB...

Dice-K pitched a fine game I thought... the two run inning started on some lucky bloopers, its not like he got shelled. Romero didn't look to bad closing out either no?

Pitching looked good last night, really no problems there. Other than, of course, Piniero, who will make me crap my pants everytime he comes to the mound.
Our hitting hasn't come around yet, that's all it is. Sure, we pounded them with the 14 run game, but our hitting really hasn't come together yet.

Original thought: Wish we had saved some runs for yesterday

What's a Sox bullpen without at least one guy that makes you shudder every time he comes in?

I was almost rooting for the no-hitter. Felix was quite good!

I was at the game, and could barely contain my joy. Even if we lost handily, King Felix is unbelievable.

(anyone want 2 tickets for today's game, face?)

Our young pitching star
Deserves our full respect, folks:
Please type out "Daisuke"

Please type out "Daisuke"

What is the meaning of "A ball tossed into swift-flowing water"?

My point exactly.

(I think.)

Not to get all Bill James, but last night's game is a perfect example of why wins is the most useless stat in baseball...

Goosebumps for Dice-K
end up routing for no-no
at least beer was good

My head hurts. A lot. All because of those 22 oz. Sapporos I guzzled at Copperfield's. Oh, and the Jameson. Oh, and starting at 3:30.

Anyway, Mothra pitched pretty well. If that's his "average game," he'll do very well. Felix was dominant, although he did have several sterling defensive plays behind him.

I was most definitely NOT rooting for a no-hitter. In fact, I led my section in the gooch-jinx chant of "no-hitter" in the bottom of the eight.

Guess it worked.

Except some meathead behind me thought I WAS rooting for a no-no. Had to explain the jinx. The guy was 40-something for God's sake, you'd think he'd know.

we really didnt expect him to win every game did we?? wake up today i hope the boys remeber how to hit

All hail King Felix. It was a great game to watch. Mothra (and the team) happened to run into a man on fire. I love that Dunkin Donuts in Japanese. I think Dice-K (opps, Daisuke) is going to quickly capture the hearts and imagination of the faithful.

The "swift-flowing water" is the media onslaught of use of the "Dice-K" nickname along with the Red Sox themselves sanctioning and promoting the use of same.

The "ball" tossed in the swift-flowing water is anyone who attempts, however justly and nobly, to fight the Dice-K nickname surge.

In the end, the ball follows the path of the water and not the other way around.

The nickname "Dice-K" is here to stay. Get used to it

Not sure what provided more angst & torture: watching our bats flailing around or Orel's oral vomit.

Felix was nasty so the bats get a pass. But the 3 dunces for ESPN were horrible. Why can't anyone hire and keep a decent announcer.

LC - I'm all aboard the 38cliche wagon!

Not a good game at all. Should had seen this one coming though.

Is anyone else worried that the Japanese catcher who has many AB's v Dice-K had 2 doubles yesterday. That seems to indicate that once ML batters see this guy a few times he may be in trouble.

Just thought I would rain on your parade today...

>But the 3 dunces for ESPN were >horrible. Why can't anyone hire and >keep a decent announcer.

At one point, when discussing Mothra's first appearance against Ichiro in Japan, the comment was made to the effect that he viewed it as the
'precipice' of his career. My wife and I re-hashed the phrase and could not figure out what they were trying to say, even after substituting 'pinnacle' for 'precipice'. At least Joe Morgan wasn't doing the game.

geeze i was watching the game with don and jerry.. hey scott let me use the yankees excuse "cold weather" i dont really think they suck as bad as they have shown altho i still belive batshit could be there #2 starter

That precipice line was brilliant - it's great when they over excite themselves and babble nonsense. Kind of like my 5 month old when my wife whips her boob out...wait that's me.

Cold weather? Sleeping bats? Give me a break. Hernandez was absolutely FILTHY. The kid hasn't given up a run in two starts, and he struck out 12 in seven innings in his prior outing. Nobody's done that since a guy named Bob Gibson.

Due credit. Let's hope Hernandez stays healthy, not just for Seattle's sake, but for baseball's. He's a rare talent.

Scott, Johjima's average against Matsuzaka is like .262 in 100+ ABs. He's good against him, but he doesn't have his number.

I hate "Dice-K" as well, but whatever.

I'm just glad Drew broke up the no-no. Thank you, Nancy!

The King was really, REALLY impressive. He had a 90+ curveball at one point that seemed like it went from the shoulders to the ankles. Ridiculous to go with that great fastball and good changeup. Only 7 people in his last two starts have hit the ball out of the infield. The guy's a beast.

Not sure how it looked on TV, but the fairly sedate crowd woke up somewhat after singing Sweet Caroline. It continued through the brief rally.

It's bittersweet: last night was a let down for a Sox fan hoping to win, yet a great game as a fan of baseball.

In a side note: I'm not a diversity zealot or anything, but it's neat to see the changing face of Fenway. Perhaps h.b. has a Japanese character lurking in the clipart ...

Speaking of Drew, anyone else starting to come around on this guy a little? I am pissed that he's wearing #7 though. Out with the old, in with the new. How quickly we forget.

No Japanese characters so far, but we do have Steve Xiang as a semi-regular here.

where the hell is steve anyway?

Haiku to Hernandez:

Vaunted BoSox bats
rendered impotent against
young Venezuelan

Tonight it's Wakefield
Flutter pretty knuckleball
Score some Fuckin' runs

rain out.

I heard that Steve Xiang's family is from Nanking and he has an all-consuming hatred of all things related to the land of the rising sun. I just heard that, I'm not saying it's true.

some guy said it best on the radio "no earthworms left alive in front of fenways home plate" the sink on felixs fastball filthy! i must say though, how about J.D. channeling carl evrett with a not in our house.

some guy said it best on the radio "no earthworms left alive in front of fenways home plate" the sink on felixs fastball filthy! i must say though, how about J.D. channeling carl evrett with a not in our house.

some guy said it best on the radio "no earthworms left alive in front of fenways home plate" the sink on felixs fastball filthy! i must say though, how about J.D. channeling carl evrett with a not in our house.

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