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The mystery grows

From this morning's Herald: "In Matsuzaka’s Red Sox debut against major leaguers, two Marlins - Jason Stokes and Jeremy Hermida - said they saw a pitch that had movement and action unlike any other pitch they had ever seen before."


"Hermida saw it three times, Stokes once and the UFO broke down and away to the left-handed hitting Hermida and in on the hands of Stokes."


Spring day game
Gyroball goes by
The sound of whiff.


Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell said Matsuzaka’s changeup was really the pitch they actually saw but the Marlin's insist it was the gyroball.


A ball spun clockwise by:
"Look!" the batter said,
But he was alone.


This is a double-header day, so be sure to scroll down to the second strip that follows …

Author's Notes

The first haiku is inspired by one of Basho's frog Haiku:

The old pond
A frog jumps in
The sound of water.

And the second is inspired by a haiku from Taigi, the Japanese haiku master who lived from 1709 to 1771:

A firefly flitted by:
"Look!" I almost said,
But I was alone

Like the firefly, the gyroball seems to be there but not there when you look for it.


ジャイロコンパスの球、それはMulder への飛行受皿のような落下、浸り。真実はそこにある。

Whether or not the gyroball actually exists, hitters thinking it exists has to be a good thing. One more thing for them to worry about at the plate.

I agree, COD. I particularly like Stokes rather casual comment about the pitches Mothra threw him.

"He threw four different pitches to me - a fastball, slider, gyro, and curve."

If a hitter had uttered that sentence a year ago, we'd all be going, "huh?"

I know what a great thing to read: a fastball, slider, gyro, and curve.

Imagine if Mothra develops the knuckleball too?

In other news, The Soxaholix is mentioned (and a strip reprinted) in this month's issue of Boston Sports Review in an article about the Boston sports MSM/blog scene.

I come across like a total n00b in one quote where I mistakenly assume Bill Simmons is in his 20s and not his late mid-30s.

Ah, well...

I thought Bill Simmons was dead and that they were just re-running his columns like they do with Charles Schulz and Peanuts's strips.

I kid because I hate Bill Simmons. Misogyny doesn't do it for me.

"The sound of whiff." Excellent. Makes me thing of spin on a koan: What is the sound of a bat missing a gyro?

COD - Silverman makes the same point you do: "As far as he [Mothra] and the Red Sox are concerned, an imaginary gyroball is just as good as a real one." I was thinking the same thing. All the mystique in the press surrounding the Gyro/UFO ball has got to have batters wondering.

Suppose Aura will be taking Amtrak to Boston as well?

Part of the thought behind signing Dice-K was idea that it opens an entire market to the Sox. Likewise I have to believe that the gyro ball really doesn't exist, but it is just a marketing ploy designed to draw the Greek-American community to Fenway in greater numbers.

Good one, Yazbread. :)

Although, I believe that sort of gyro would be deemed a spitball, due to the tzatziki sauce.

Oh, great, yazbread! Now I've got Dunkin Donuts coffee all over my screen. Good one!

Okay, just got emaled that I "won" the opportunity to purchase a table for 4 on the Right Field Roof Deck for a game this season. Don't know which game or anything yet (purchase on Saturday), but they're still sweat seats (and include $25 per person for food and beverage).

Since I don't need 4 seats, anybody want to send me a check for $220 (face value for 2 seats) and get in on this?

Again, you'd have to commit without knowing which day or opponent. And ou'd have to send me a check ASAP (because I'm a greedy bastard and want me money NOW!).

First to post a "Yes Bob" comment gets the chance for the 2 seats and the right to mail me mney.

Or, you could give it to me in person if a free beer at Pete's Pub tickles your dive fancy.

Yes, Bob! I'm in...

We have a winner!

I'll email you my address, Natalie.

Cool! I'm psyched. I am determined to experience all the different sections at Fenway at least once before I die.

Thanks, h.b, that sent tingles down my spine. What's the only pitch better than the gyroball? The Phantom. How are opposing hitters going to prepare for the mind game against Kaibatsu when they don't even know what his arsenal is?

I'll be in Florida this weekend, but I think I'm going to miss the Dice by one day (I'll see Friday and Saturday away games).

Just wait until Aramark unveils the new "Gyro Ball" value meal in the concession stands.

Comes complete with a moist towelette treated with Shout stain remover because there's no getting Tzatziki out of your shorts.

there's no getting Tzatziki out of your shorts.

Actually, A-Rod's tzatziki comes out of his shorts all the time, esp. during sleepovers.

I'll be at the game on Sunday. I hope Matzusaka pitches so I can see some live gyro action. I'll be wearing my Soxaholix t-shirt.

OK, I'm going to have to really work to purge any memory of Rob's last comment from my mind, as Tzatziki, er, the real Tzatziki, is one of my fave foods/flavors.

HB - As Agent 99 would say, "Sorry about that, Chief."

Making A-Rod comments is like shooting fish in a barrel -- to which Red Skelton always replied, "Holy Mackerel!"

I'll get back under the Cone of Silence now...

Okay - Out from under the Cone of Silence for a minute...

Has anyone else seen this article on the Giant's rookie pitcher Tim Lincecum? Check out the youtube link in the article to this kid's delivery. I've never seen anything quite like it. Throws 100 mph fastballs and he's like 5'10"/150 lbs. Most unorthodox delivery...

Okay, back under the Cone now...

I love the Budweiser roof tables! Still no email for me. I'm bummed. I won that lottery last season and had the best time up there in those tables. Great service (read cute waitress), decent food, good times.

Yeah, from my bleacher seats in sec. 39, I sometimes glance up in lust at those table seats.

Schilling has a blog: 38 Pitches.

"No good will come of this..."

I feel The Force is highly disturbed now that Schilling has a permanent place to blog.


Gyro-ball or no, here's some stats to savor:
Red Sox projected starting 5: 21.1 innings pitched, 2 earned runs allowed, 13 hits allowed and 19 strikeouts.
Yankees projected starting 5: 12.0 innings pitched, 6 earned runs allowed, 11 hits allowed and 4 strikeouts.
Makes me feel good all over.

did she say all the different... never mind


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