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The Garden of One Single Beaten Down, Barren, Well-Trodden Path

Ah, you know, anothah day, anothah Globe staffah caught in a plagiarism scandal


I've always found it suitably ironic that Borges the sportswritah shares the same surname with Borges the South American literary mastah.


Same last name and both are writers, but the comparison pretty much ends stops cold right there.


Maybe the Ron version can use his two month suspension to focus on writing a work worthy of the Borges name.


Hah, can't you just picture the Ron Borges trying to birth a masterpiece like The Garden of Forking Paths?


Yeah, but instead of a story that describes a world where all possible outcomes of an event occur simultaneously, each one itself leading to further proliferations of possibilities …


The Ron version would describe a world with only one possible outcome for every event: Bledsoe is awesome, Tom Brady is way overrated, and Bill Belichick is a stoopid n00b with bad mannahs. And, oh yeah, the Patriots are teh suck!



One of Victor Borge's (playing fast and lose with the name here, I know)most famous quotes was, "I only know two pieces, one is 'Claire de Lune', the other one isn't."

He could be describing Ron Borges' columns about the Patriots.

Well, at least I noticed your bonus strip, H.B.

I like the bonus strip so much more than the other strip today, but, truthfully, I know it's a day late in timing.

I need to betch slap my muse. Shetbag.

I noticed too - hard not to with the big black sign post. I thought US Grant said "I only know two tunes - one is 'Dixie' [or was it 'yankee doodle'?] and the other isn't'? Perhaps both Borgeses are borrowers (plagiarist is such an ugly word). It seems really sad that a bloke with 24 years in the business can't bring himself just to attribute the quote - it's not like he stumbled upon A Portrait of a Lady or Ullyses or the script to Fargo or something worth stealing.

'the script to Fargo....'
just wondering, SDU, what's the Aussie equivalent to "you betcha"?

Could be - 'bloody oath'or 'fair dinkum' but in this context even an Aussie might borrow from the mid-western lex. and say "'You're darn tootin'"

Bjorn Borges was a better tennis player.

Typical Globe whitewash. Suspending a football writer in March and April is like telling SMBL he can't play in the Series. No time lost.


surly, lovable and ... funny!

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