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The extralinguistic denotatum is arbitrary

You fill out your NOTY bracket yet?


Are you kidding me? This tourney is Vanilla Dong's to lose.


I dunno, I think Gertrude Nipple could surprise a lot of people.


Yeah, and in that same regional, I think Lady Comfort seeded numbah 15 could be the first upset over Ayo Yayo, but seriously, in the end, nobody gets past Vanilla Dong.


Does seem a lock. I mean that name just works on so many levels.


I'm going to make a bannah that reads "Vanilla Dong Hits 4 Jesus!"


Anyway, once your NOTY bracket is in, you need to head over to the Community Forecast site for the Red Sox … You know, the whole "Wisdom of the Crowd" thing.


Wait a second, I thought the Wisdom of the Crowds deal was heavily dependent on diversity of opinion and can fail entirely if the crowd is too homogenous?


Wouldn't that pretty much preclude Red Sox Nation as a so-called "wise" crowd?


That, of course, isn't going to stop me from going with my Bayesian feeling an putting a 3.04 ERA next to Josh Beckett's name.


Heh. Which will be offset completely by someone like our favorite pessimist "Paddy" predicting a 7.50 ERA for Beckett.


Ah, right, Paddy. L'enfer, c'est les autres.


I know, talk about your Princess Nocandy. But, seriously, maybe with the half-fulls and the half-empties combined the aggregate wisdom of Red Sox Nation will be a good predictah in the end?



Ug. The "wisdom of the crowd." I have to deal with that BS on a regular basis in advertising. It's called a focus group.

Or, as I've termed it, the "Family Feud" method of research.

The most popular answer does not make it the corect answer, you ad-killing, number-crunching morons.

Of course, as every focus group moderator will tell you, research proves that research works.

How could Anita Fiel be a 14 seed? Damn Billy Packer.

Had Billy named his child "Fudge", he could have been a contender in the bracket.

I spent 6 weeks in Belize when I was 17 with a girl named Anita Ream. Now THAT is a tough name.

Get this...

I worked at a company in RI back in the late 80's and a Vietnamese woman who worked on the assemly line was named...

Sum Fok. I'll never forget that one!

First job I had there was a guy there named Gaylord Semen.

vanilla dong hits for jesus!!! i just shot hot coffee thru my nose ...that was classic....

I've got Gertrude falling to Anita in the semi's. Vanilla Dong wins the title with a 3 at the buzzer. The upsets and buzzer beaters in the NOTY sure are better than the NCAA's this year.

When I was in college, there was a kid on my floor from China named Hu Nu. Engineering student. Hey, who new?

I'm surprised there's nobody named Olive Dix out there. That's gotta be a 10 seed at worst. And no Harry Wiener? There are thousands of those guys running around. Which reminds me, we had two French teachers in our high school: Dick Cox and Francis Bush. Not bad. Adolescents in my wife's hometown used to prank call someone named Chuin Yerwang all the time. Something along the lines of "Are you Chuin Yerwang? So how does it taste!!?" She never did that herself. Of course not.

But how can Vanilla Dong lose this? I'm with the characters on this one.

I went to college with a girl named Randi Weiner. She swore she had an Aunt Named Ima. She hailed from Long Island, so it was actually "Weena".

Ahhh...memories. I'll stop here so as not to embarass and defile her.

Then again, there's also THIS classic. Best of all, she was a real person. Ahh, Haight-Ashbury...

Lets not forget Mr.Haywood Djablome :D

Oh, Haywood, we hardly knew ye. Ima Weiner...Ha! Wow, that's really good. It'd be really fun introducing those two: "Ima Weiner, Haywood Djablome. Haywood Djablome, Ima Weiner".

From Simpson's lore, Amanda Hugginkiss is great. I also like Mike Ockisard, or Mike Hunt. Jackson Herbach is kind of funny. It really just goes on and on.

True story: I went to high school with a guy named Richard Head. He called himself "Rick." Needless to say, that's not what other people called him when he wasn't around...

Wasn't there a Congressman from New Hampshire a few years ago named Dick Swett?

stw from NOTY here. (and a regular Soxaholix lurker and Friend of Hart, who could out me as a fan of the Empire.) just had to tell Rob in CT: Magnolia Thunderpussy was a raging NOTY controversy c. 1990. we'll post about her one day. meantime, keep those ballots coming. enjoy the site.

stw - Would look forward to your post on Magnolia. That name still kicks ass. Looking forward to the NOTY Best of the Century special on ESPN2.

Congrats on your website. First Bill Simmons (from whom I originally surfed to your site) and now The Soxaholix! You've hit the big time, my friend. As all Sox fans now know, good things come to those who wait.

"Ima Weiner, Haywood Djablome. Haywood Djablome, Ima Weiner".

OMG...that's great!

I saw a lot of great names among clients at my last job in Boston. Included among them:

Ida Mann
Ralph Gakenheimer
Harry Johnson & Katherine Fischoeder

That was truly a great job.

Friend of mine went to high school with a girl whose last name was Beaver. Her father was Harry Beaver, and I absolutely swear to God that I am not making this up...he was a gynecologist.

Google him- he is almost famous because of his name.

Dave, there's an attorney named Mike Hunt at a local firm here.

My first dentist was Tom Collins. My mother found another one fairly quickly. I think he may be the one who I threw up on.

Reminds me, when I was thinking of pseudonyms to use for Soxaholix, "Mike Hunt" was on the short list along with "Ben Dover."

I knew a guy in high school who insisted on going by Richard.

His last name was Smoker.

From the Ottowa Valley News, these aptronyms (people's names that match their occupations):

The 2001-2 Membership and Referral Directory of the American Urological Association includes 9 Dr. Peters, 11 Dr. Wang, 4 Dr. Wiener, 4 Dr. Cox, 1 Dr. Dick, 3 Dr. Philpott, 1 Dr. Urich, 1 Dr. John Thomas and 1 Dr. Insoft.

Dr. Philpott. Heh...

I know a girl named Amanda Palm.She's marrying a guy who's last name is Wright. I couldn't make this shit up :)

Here in Austin, there is a very famous urologist named Richard Chopp. He goes by Dick, naturally. http://www.urologyteam.com/our-doctors/dr-richard-chopp.htm

With this post by stw, yet another person who may have a clue as to the real identity of hb....

I'm thinking of finding the French guy from "Munich" who was feeding targets for $200k each to The Hulk, James Bond and Julius Caesar.

The going rate on hb's identity might be more that $200k, I fear.

As a long-time lurker, I intrude only to contribute the name of an Asian student in my class about 6, 7 years ago.

First name: Fuk
Second name: Yoo
Last name: Does it really matter? (Actually, it was "Chow".)

He was very quick to choose an Anglicized first name, but for some reason, I can't remember what it was...

Anyway, I was very careful to use the long "U" sound whenever I had to call on him by name...

William Gerard is a cool name.

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