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I want some Tabi

Christ Shaughnessy's doc must have upped his Zoloft again — I mean here's the third of fourth CHB piece in a row that is only mildly acerbic and, dare I say it, almost pleasant.


Naw. Being a sphinctah is pretty much Shaughnessy's numbah one goal in life.


True. He does put the "pinc" in sphinctah.


Hey, did you see those Tabi socks Matsuzaka is wearing?


I can see this being the new summah fashion trend.


Not for me. Since I was a kid, I can't stand the feeling of having anything wedged between my toes.


Wha? No flip flops?


Nope. Nothing separating my little piggies.


This would explain a lot …


And how's that?


Well, according to Shiatsu theory, wearing Tabi socks benefits one's digestion due to the acupuncture meridians located between the toes and, you know, you and your little "flatulence" problem?



Skelator needs a new pair of shoes...Betch

The guy who made Shoes is Liam Sullivan. Here's the rest of his videos. Some funny stuff in there (rough language if you're at work).

If I can find a place that will sell custom logo tabi socks, I'll let you all know. I think some Soxaholix tabis ("My resplendence has no betch"?) would rock.

Wearing flip-flops is a steep price to pay for other people's convenience.

Funny thing: people in California call flip-flops "thongs.'


If you think Bill has a flatulence problem wait till that flat 30 year old Dharma beer kicks in on Sawyer :)

Myabe the natives, but this transplant still calls 'em flip flops. Thongs are what the hot chicks wear to let guys know they're available...

Schill with a very fine 2 inning performance last night. Would've like to see Tavarez sack up a little better than that but as long as he's keeping Manny happy, who cares how he pitches... right? Looking forward to see what feel-good-story-of-the-spring-Jon Lester's got for the college kids today.

...or as Jason would say "veni vedi flati"

In Hawaii, we call flip-flops "slippahs". Same way you would pronounce "slippers" in Boston.

I mean, come on...I know this is a RS site and all, but: Leaving your man DS out of it for a second, Schilling's post was a classic ad hominem meant to deflect the subject..."The clothes make me look fat?"

At least hire the Angels' uniform guy to tailor your uni like Colon's to like, you know, try to hide it...

Given last year's performance, this NYY fan is stoked that Schill is the same weight he was last year...

The Schilling v CHB thing has been brewing for years, so it's no surprise. Has really very little to do with the specifics of what either said to get things in motion.

Meanwhile, reports suggest Schilling was called on the carpet by the front office for his comments.

Jason O, love yah like the jaudnice and all, but FatBoy Schill's perfomrance didn't mark the demise of Sawhx in o6.

love, lc

//Meanwhile, reports suggest Schilling was called on the carpet by the front office for his comments//

I'd bet a million bucks Schilling was just expressing what everyone in the Sox organization (except Lucchino) thinks of CHB, from the bat boys up to John Henry.

Re: Flip Flops or Thongs - I grew up in Newton, in the 60's, they were always thongs to us. And trust me, there's no Cali culture in my family. And, I have always been with Bill - no like stuff between my toes. What is that smell in here....?

Almost time for corned beef and cabbage

Rich, have the Bushmills 16 year after the meal. Just tried it and holy shit, it's good. Irish malt is underrated.

the last time I lived in california, which would roughly include the last 8 years, people don't call flip flops thongs...

Uh, I lived in Calfornia for six years, and everyone called them thongs.

That said, it was a few years ago. :)

Let's ask the Beach Boys:

Beach Boys - All Summer Long Lyrics

Sittin' in my car outside your house
(Sittin' in my car outside your house)
'Member when you spilled coke all over your blouse

T-shirts, cut-offs, and a pair of thongs
(T-shirts, cut-offs, and a pair of thongs)
We've been having fun all summer long

(All summer long you've been with me)
I can't see enough of you
(All summer long we've both been free)
Won't be long til summer time is through
(Summer time is through)
Not for us now

Have to stick with Jameson - Bushmill being distilled in the 'North' and such. You might as well wear orange while marching in the parade.

Bob, that pair of thongs could be underneath the cutoffs. Don't know that we've got a definitive answer there, but I give you full credit for finding the lyrics.

(Best Jimi Hendrix imitation: "'scuse me, while I kiss this guy") :D

Nice to be back from my extended WY vacation. Yellowstone was magnificent (over a foot of fresh snow for snowmobiling and snowshoeing) and thanks to American Airlines, an extra three days in Jackson Hole when they unceremoniously cancelled my return flight Sunday and told us they didn't have a seat until yesterday to get us home. At least they flew us back first class. In the air carrier algebra, 1st Class > Coach.

Of course, using the same algebra, 3 days in a Suite in Jackson Hole infinitely > 3 days in DFW terminal sleeping on a bench.

Missed some good strips while away. And for teh record, Natalie rules all with her comment last week. Laughed until I cried...

//T-shirts, cut-offs, and a pair of thongs//

Certainly makes for a better image to imagine the v-spot covering undergarment rather than the footwear, though.

And would have made for an interesting lyrically change to Caroline, No

Where did your Brazilian go
Where is the girl I used to know
How could you lose that clean wax glow
Oh, Caroline no

Does anyone say, "I'm wearing a pair of thongs" when they're talking about the undergarment?

It's always just "a thong," right?

All I know is, I spent 6 years basically living on Rendondo Beach, and flip-flops were called thongs.

Could be a local thing I guess.

Or maybe an "I'm getting too frigging old" thing.

Not to rain on the thng parade, but it took the Sox 7 innings to score a run against Toronto (a S.S. loss), and 4 innings to notch one against Northeastern (our other S.S.'s ahead 11-0 now).

Fair point. I like the Jameson 12, have not had the 18 yet.

Strange, but irish malts seem to go well with nicaraguan cigars.

//Does anyone say, "I'm wearing a pair of thongs"...//

I don't know, Bob. Men's briefs are usually referred to as a pair, as in "Bob, put on a pair of underwear. You're in Thailand, for God's sake!" At least that's the way we talked growing up in the Midwest.

Maybe thongs are referred to in the singular, but either way I'd need at least two to make it work were I to personally wear 'em.

H.B.: Fractured "Caroline" - Nice! Let me buy you a Dharma longneck. You too, Bob. Just put on "an underwear" first. :D

Actually, I do have two Jockey shorts duct-taped and stapled together so they'll fit my fat butt, so the whole "pair" thing makes perfect sense.

Bob - HA! You've got me laughing over here. Don't mean to be picking on you, hope you know that. You're a good sport.

And the "I'm getting too frigging old" thing does apply to me, without question.

The lesson, as usual, (as B. Simmons might say) is that I spend too much time talking out of my ass without knowledge aforethought. Have a great one, and take Yazbread's advice - go drink a Jameson's and worry about it another day.

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