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Honesty is such a lonely word

OK, I've tried to deny it for a couple days, but I can no longah beah the weight of this terrible secret: After watching Peyton Manning on SNL I found myself kind of liking the guy.


What's next? Should I head on ovah to the Yawkey Way Stoah and get you bitches a couple of pink caps?


So this is what we get for being honest?


I guess Wily Mo Shakes P was right, "Frailty thy name is woman."


Dude, don't make me put on my Slyvia Plath shoes and come ovah there and stomp your ass. If I've killed one man, I've killed two …


And I know what basement you live in.


Heh. So what about Matsuzaka walking five, which is three more than his entire total for the spring?


When the question is sand in a bowl of boiled rice, the answer is a no hits and 6 strikeouts.



One can feel the intensity of OD anticipation building in the souls of the characters. Too bad it's against KC. Why do we always get to open against teams (see e.g. Bawltimore and the Rayz) that only have about a month of meaningful games before they yack up the season? [Oh, right, we live in a shithole that celebrates Mud as the fifth and most compelling season].

I, for one, was positively giddy yesterday when doing my cardio (who saw that coming?) and "Tessie" came on my non-DRM-constricted music player. Damn that was fun in '04. Less so the last two years, but if 38Special wants to wiggle into the HOF some day, and he's not gonna do it with the wins he's got now. Nope, our boi Schill is going to be balls out to win, as they say, the whole magilla.

Yes,I am Glass-Half-Full guy on the eve of the season. Let's play two.


ps: Just don't get me started on the new radio team.

And since Beth found that at my site this is sort of a second degree Soxaholix link to my basement, errr, blog.

Woo Hoo!

Note - the Youtube link at Beth's is dead due to NBC uptightness about 3rd parties proividing free publicity for their media properties.

Direct link to the video on NBC

lc- I'm getting whiplash from your post! Surly, lovable, aaaaand...back to surly. Vintage stuff. :)

I sing (her namesake song) "Tessie" to my lab at least once a week- it keeps the magic of '04 alive (plus, she'll dance along) as it always reminds me of the MLB World Series DVD video montage which I think I watched 432,597 times...

I'm with Circle, slightly chagrined that I thought Peyton did an awesome job on SNL. That United Way commercial spoof had me laughing out loud. And: "Today I carried a slice of ham in my pocket, just so I'd have a secret." Hee.

A good concept and good writing can make anyone "likable."

Jeez, if Updike wrote LC's posts, he'd just be known as lovable.

A good concept and good writing can make anyone "likable."

True, but our own T Brady had the same SNL set up and in a head to head with Manning's appearance it was no contest.

Manning 1 Brady 0

awww cmon ... peyton is cool kinda like the "its hip to be square" joe montana days. i always liked him and did root for him in the superbowl. (patting myself on the back for the huey lewis reference)oh and ill ask again... whats wrong with moms basement??

If you wanna watch the NBC clips without the ads, NBC has jumped with both feet into the YouTube scene with their own official account there:


Peyton's Monologue:


The Peyton United Way ad:


Peyton needs cheering up at halftime (funny, funny, funny):


Peyton as a stupid actor (not a stretch) in the movie 300:


From Manning's monologue: What do Tom Brady and a circus have in common?

A - Two more rings than Manning.

Manning - 1, Brady - 3...Brady takes the lead, hb.

(had to post in 3 parts to avoid the auto-spam killer because of all the links)

We just had the most important cultural development in forever and no one has mentioned it? Bob Dylan is a Cylon -- I always knew he wasn't human. Or maybe he created the Cylons. Or can tap into the Cylon consciousness. Or something. Just 8 or 9 months until we start to find out the answers. What to watch in the mean time? Hmmm. What can fill up the hours starting in April? If only there was *something*.

And you heard about Peyton's response in rehearsal that didn't make the broadcast, "That isn't all Brady has 2 more of," right?

For quick comebacks (unless that was scripted by the writers, Bob?), I have to give that one to Manning as well.

thanks for the link cod ...that was piss your pants funny

//"That isn't all Brady has 2 more of," right?//

I think he was talking about testicles, H.B. :)

Bob 1, Peyton 0

Apparently everyone who works at this office is an English major :P

Apparently everyone who works at this office is an English major

Naw, the characters are just erudite. It is set in Boston, after all. (Well, an idealized version of Boston, at least.)

Oh, worth pointing out as well that your humble author is not an English major either, nor even one of the humanities.

Engineers/science people like to read, too, you know. :)

Engineers/science people like to read, too, you know. :)

Sorry, HB, I don't think StarTrek fan fiction counts.

Q: Do you know the difference between an outgoing engineer and a normal one?

A: The outgoing engineer looks at your shoes instead of his own.

Liberal Arts Majors: 1
Engineers: 0


Oh, please...

Before all you engineering geeks start hammering me, I'm only joking.

Besides you "math-heavy" types are so stoopid. You all keep telling me Pi-r-squared. Everybody knows pie r round...


Good one, Rob.

Though, as it goes, I only ever watch Star Trek. That's true for most of my sci-fi interests. It's all visual for me.

I love TV as much as reading. Never been one of those either/or kind of dudes.

All you math geeks living in mom's basement would rather be Brady than a Dolt. Of course, us liberal arts guys wouldn't mind either.

Just wait, Brady will make Circle his next in a fine line of lovely ladies.

im one of those union construction guys that always stands around doing nothing for to much money an hour, and now the truth can be told... its all the engineers fault :p

Do you work for the Soprano family?

and how lucky are you that the jobsite has wireless net access?

Do you work for the Soprano family?

Posted by: h.b. at Mar 27, 2007 1:41:11 PM

let me answer that with this joke.
Q-why dont italians like jahovah witnesess
A-italians dont like any witnesess

and how lucky are you that the jobsite has wireless net access?

Posted by: buckner was framed at Mar 27, 2007 1:45:46 PM
i choose not to answer that question at this time as it may incriminate me

Is it completely pathetic that I like the hat?

I know I'm in the minority with this, but I don't mind the pink hats that much myself.

Not for myself, though, but on the ladies.

(Yet another example of me filling the characters with points of view I don't myself hold.)

The hats look fine on the ladies. I object to the pink hats for the same reason I object to the St. Paddy Day's green hats: another example of Luscious monetizing something that is in our DNA.

Listened to some of the radio game today. That crew is deadly. Trup where art thou? Maybe we should give them a few days in the regular season, but I predict we will be crying in memory of Trup's "All Farm Implement" lineup sooner rather than later.

For example, when the color guy (I refuse to remember his/her name) says in the 10th broadcast spring training game, something like "As I have said before...", well, bucko, it's gonna be a long season. Maybe we can just blog over to 38cliches.com and get our fix without suffering through 174 games between now and October 26th. You'll thank me for this warning.



lou, I hear you re Luscious and the filthy lucre, though, to be fair, all the teams have a pink version as do all the NFL teams.

The green/shamrock angle, though, is another story.

But people like it.

I'm here today to out my partner as a pink hat wearer. However, in her defence, it has the words '2004 World Series Champions' written on it. So there's that then. And, she says, she got it 'cos I stole her nice old well worn blue one. So there's that as well. And let your hair our Circle.

I was watching an old NFL film of the Ice Bowl ('67 Championship Game) and saw Bart Starr asked about the lack of protection in the first 50 minutes of the game. Bart, contra Petyton (bwahh), said his line did a great job but that the Dallas defence was excellent and he (Starr) just wasn't quick enough and had to 'eat it'. Having said that, Bart doesn't seem very different to the average self indulgent/centred quarterback (exclduing Brett Favre and Brady of course).

I meant Petyon doesn't seem very different ... (it's early).

Everything you ever wanted to know about official MLB caps (including the fact that this year, for the first time EVER, they're not wool):


This is also a wonderful source of uniform related info: Uni Watch Blog

A little surprised no one has mentioned Bill Simmons column yet. If you haven't seen it yet, he talks about CHB's Blog-a-rama column and 38's HREF="http://38pitches.com/2007/03/25/q-a-viii-short-one/">response in which he basically (and literally) calls Shaughnasty a "tool". Heh. This ought to be fun.

One thing though, ol' BS states the following: "By the way, I made up the nickname "CHB" for Shaughnessy in 2001 -- happened right after Carl Everett derisively referred to him as the "Curly Haired Boyfriend." It remains one of my top-20 career achievements."

**In my best Scobby-Doo voice - the one with the upward inflection** "Huh?"

HREF="http://38pitches.com/2007/03/25/q-a-viii-short-one/">Curt's curt response to Shaugh-Nasty

Sorry. Gotta lay of the java juice after 4:00 pm.

Wait, Simmons is taking credit not for the name itself but for abbreviating it?!?!?

Too funny... or should I say LOL ROFL OMFG.

(I heard Simmons made up those abbr's too!)

Oh ferchrissakes! Go find it yourself...


Unbelievable, no?

I still like reading the guy, but Jeebus Christmastrees! WTF?! (Oh, he made that up too...) Hope I don't get a letter from his attorney now.

One of my top 20 career achievments: "Surly but lovable."

Now BS will abbreviate it and take credit.

Oh, wait. LC already abbreviates it.

It belongs to history now.

s b l
l c

but the cardio thing stopped me in my tracks

Huey Lewis references deserve NO pat on the back.

And, not to be a post whore, but 38cliches.com is now up. I feel a lot of vitriol for the new broadcast team, but don't want to hijack h.b.'s creepy site too badly.

And yes, I work out, shocking as that may seem.


Of all the adjectives people have used to describe this site, my all time fave is lc's "creepy."

And how can I forget to say, welcome to the blogosphere with 38cliches.com, lc!

Right on.

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