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Ecce Homo

So how many Red Sox $10 Instant Tickets do you think Pete Rose is good for?


Hah. Betting on baseball equals heinous blight on all of mankind. Encouraging people to gamble with MLB branded scratch tickets, er, not so much.


Well, we should be used to contradictions in baseball by now.


Right. Aftah all it's the "National" pastime, provided, of course, that you define national as subscribing to a sole vendor and installing proprietary equipment in your home in ordah to watch out of mahket games.


Well, you know what they say. Those who can do. And those who can't create blogs criticizing the can do people for doing what it is they do.


Yeah, and those that can't do and can't blog, well, they become blog comment trolls.


The lowest of the low.


You know Nietzsche's greatest fear was that people who became disabused by religion and by politics and by all the other social norms out there would become nihilists and believe in nothing.


Absolutely. And the result would be that they'd lead very small lives in which they'd only think about pleasure and they'd only think about their own advantage.


Can't think of a better description for what makes a troll a troll.


Thus blogged Zarathustra.



Good pith, h.b.
Welcome back.


and ... tina got yelled at by hazel, then they started a cat fight. clothes being torn scratching , biting kissing, groping.....damn wheres that tissue box

Good to have you back hb -hope you caught some killer bands

oh and ..ive learned to embrace my inner troll.

Oh, thank God you're back, H.B. I actually had withdrawal symptoms. You know, the typical stuff: shaking, trembling, going to my Soxaholix bookmark over and over again, calling Big Bri's mother for her "basement meatloaf" recipe.

Wait a second...Nietzsche did not fear the journey to nihilism, he actively encouraged it.

The use of Pilate's reference to Christ for a book title is a particularly stupid and offensive touch.

I like looking at the lives of men like FN and Bertrand Russell...absolute wrecks.

It's a particularly enjoyable that the Nazis co-opted him...unfair as it may be, it's delicously ironic that Nietzche got that historical footnote.

h.b., do you know if your panel was recorded for online or not?

Welcome back, and Happy St. Patty's Day to everyone!

I'm buying 4 Right Field Roof Standing Room tickets today ($30 each...whew). It's almost baseball time!

I ran into Pete Rose signing things at a store in Vegas two weeks ago. After digesting the irony of it all, I couldn't help but to buy a photo and have him sign it. I still love the guy.

Nietzsche did not fear the journey to nihilism, he actively encouraged it.

Nietzsche's philosophy does not so much "encourage" nihilism, as it recognizes the overcoming of nihilism as the only true foundation upon which culture can thrive.

Next big thing: Tina Cervasio and Hazel Mae scratch-off blogs available only over the Direct TV premium sponge plan. The trolls on those blogs would be legendary, and many would speak of their deeds.


Hi. My name is Rob, and I've been a blog troll for more than two years now...

**Hi, Rob**

Welcome back, hb. Hope your trip was a good one. I'd look forward to a recap of your moderated SXSW session if the muse strikes you.

Re: the Tina C. thing, I have to admit that I'm beginning to warm up to her. Re-reading the "Jersey Yankee" post, I had some less than kind things to say, but she seems to be finding her stride, and as long as you don't take the whole in-game look-ins too seriously, she doesn't do much to distract from the games, although there's no great revelations coming from her either.

Anyway, welcome back! You were sorely missed.

JO - Goodness, aren't we the literary and historical posting ubermensch...

awesome mike!! tina and hazel scratch offs ... i can see it now those to babes scantily clad and you get to scratch off bikini tops and bottoms to reaveal your prze and even if you lose you win... more tissue!!

I am hoping that DirectTV goes bankrupt in the near future. My household has been in denial but we are soon to face the reality of no Sox games.

two... got to stop typing one handed

Are these the Nazis, Walter?

No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there's nothing to be afraid of.

I'm registered for Gameday Audio (for when I'm not near the TV)...if people were to e-mail me (this posts' name links to e-mail) and my information were to be leaked, it'd be a small way of sticking it to the man...

Just sayin'.

mikeya2k1 - Gotta set down the Scotch glass when typing pithy comments. Even James Bond does, unless he's using one of Q's that Bluetooths to his Blackberry.


Don't get all Bobby Seale on us. It's not all that much money.


Ack! what happened? Let's try again...

mikeya2k1 - Gotta set down the Scotch glass when typing pithy comments. Even James Bond does, unless he's using one of Q's mind control devices that Bluetooths commands to his Blackberry.

Traditional norms/religion spurs nihilism which spurs the effort to overcome nihilism, leading to utopia.

What are the chances of society recovering from this necessary stage of wholesale nihilism? Answer: Somewhere between "squat" and "dick."

Rob-You're just thinking about helping that new neighbor on the ladder :-D

It's a loss of faith in religion that leads to the nihilism which then must be overcome.

What are the chances of society recovering from this necessary stage of wholesale nihilism? Answer: Somewhere between "squat" and "dick."

Yes, and the chances of trying to make an educated 21st Century culture believe "Jesus is Magic!" is about as good.

You can't force people to have a belief system that isn't believable, or, rather, doesn't inspire faith.

And in the unlikely event that Western Civ abandons humanism and reverts back to being dominated by monotheism, the betting money is on Allah getting the top billing rather than the dude from Nazareth.

Answer: Somewhere between "squat" and "dick."

Question: Pregnant? Pregnant?!!?! How in the hell did that happen?!

(Count on me to reach for the Lowest Common Denominator...)

Harwich - (in best Homer Sompson voice) Ladder... Mmmm, laaaddddder...

The strict humanism you champion is not infused with a morality derived from religious principles? I would contend that it is, even without explicitly requiring individual adherence to Judeo/Christian tenets.

Hey Kaz, I was sorry to see Donny go, Donny who loved bowling ...

I mean, say what you like about the tenets of national socialism, as least it's an ethos.

Well, if HB isn't going to share any SXSW pics, this anonymous cutie will:


That's Uli. He's a nihilist.
He doesn't believe in anyting.

Wow, it must be exhausting.


I'm calmer than you are, Dude. I'm calmer than you.

I just hope hb isn't that fat chick in red shorts.


I am not sure that fat chick is the 'preferred nomenclature' (still with the Lebowski) but I wondered the same thing!

The Sox should not be giving away tickets as prizes for promotional purposes when it's hard enough to get a ticket in the place. Sometimes it's easier to win a ticket in a contest then it is to actually buy one.

This is just another example of the rumors that the Sox have always artificially raising the demand.

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