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Curt the Blogger

Ah, the much anticipated Curt Schilling blog has at last gone online.


With Schilling joining that other Olympian of bloviation, Mark Cuban, I fear the rest of us on the blogosphere will suffocate from pixel asphyxiation.


Are you kidding me? If Cuban and Schilling ever post a blog entry at precisely the same moment, the entire interwebs will collapse under the weight of the collective conceit and self-aggrandizing.


Gotta give Schilling credit, though, for opening up the comments just as Cuban did.


Yeah, but you've gotta wonder how long that'll last.


Seriously, somewhere right now in Chillicothe, Missouri is a a guy huddled over a computer and eating sliced bread as he furiously types in all caps something about how THE SAWX SUX! and that Schilling is TEH BIGGEST WOOS!


Author's Notes:

I'll leave it to the Soxaholix veterans to bring any rookies up to speed on the significance of the very inside joke concerning Chillicothe, Missouri.

NOTE: I'll be in Austin for SXSW most of next week, so strips will be erratic or non-existant on any given day.


What was that URL again? 38bitches.com?

Loved the BB slam :) This just in: a Brazilian web site is reporting Giselle is pregnant.Guess Tom should've wrapped that tzatziki.

Can't stay long...gotta head over to Curt's blog.

(Yeah, right. Like we'd ever abandon H.B. Or more important, Lisa.)

Oh God, just noticed the "sliced bread" link.

You can bet it isn't 12-grain. And that BigLie is slathering an entire jar of mayo on a single slice as we speak. Part of a complete breakfast in mother's basement, don't ya know.

I'll read Curt's blog if he sticks to bloviating about baseball. His insider perspective, no matter how Schill-centric, is interesting to me. If he takes the opportunity of an online bully pulpit to share with us his opinions on Bush or the situation in Darfur or Britney Spears, etc., I'll be tuning out...

Sorry to be a post hog, but when you're in Austin, H.B., look up Wiley Wiggins. Cool cat. He's 30 now you know. That makes me feel oh-so-ancient.

h.b.- just noticed the note about SXSW, very cool! What acts are you most interested in catching?

Getting past the puffery of C.S.'s blow-g, I actually found myself interested in what he was saying both about the rest of the rotation and what goes through his head on the mound.

And I can't escape my love for the guy after what he did in 2004. Far as I am concerned, he can blog away all he wants. I may pop in to read through on occassion, but 38pitches won't take the place of the Soxaholix and tzatziki sauce in my heart.

By the way, Hart, are you going to SXSW as an attendee, award recipient, or in a marketing/sales capacity?

Have a good time however it works. Austin is kind of a hip town, given that we're talking Texas and all. Just like like incest and tzatziki, it's a relative thing.

(Okay, okay. Back under the Cone of Silence now...)

OOooh, SXSW! Enjoy!

The Schilling blog. Interesting. It's sort of oddly written. There's a couple places where he seems to lose the thread of what's he talking about. I took the section praising the Yankees as part of his contract negotiations.

The dude can have all the conceit in the world, he earned it and free beer for life in 2004. OMG, that bloody ankle - I still get the willies thinking about the Frankenstein surgery needed to get him ready to pitch in that game.

For that matter, big dumb jerk Foulke gets the same. Without him, 2004 never happens. The fact that it did happen gets him a free pass from me for life.


Great strip today, h.b. If CHB started blogging, then the interwebs collapse WOULD be imminent. Good thing he hates typing...

Did you miss Lost last night? Very good episode... I might actualy watch it again before next week.


HB, my question is: will you be behind a curtain during this panel to protect your anonymity?

In re: Lost - I have been missing Sayid (Naveen Andrews is on my List, along with Tek and Clive Owen) And now he can cook, too. swooning

Wow...I'm amazed by the fact that it took humanity until 1928 to figure out how to supply sliced bread to the masses. We had cars first fer chrissake. Schil has a (bloated, grandstanding) blog? mehhh...I'll stick to Soxaholix for my daily bread.

I second on the comments regarding having an enormous love/respect for Schilling for what he did in 04 and I, too, can't wait for more of his "inside baseball musings."

Will be at SXSW for the Interactive and Film portion. The music event kicks up after that.

I'll be wearing a gorilla suit, of course, at the Deadspin/Sports blog panel.

I've been here since day one, and I have no idear what the inside joke with Chillicothe, Missouri is. Of course, I do have brain damage.

da kine,

I wonder if the whole Chillicothe thing occurred when you were you were out of action after the accident in Kuwait?

The comments from this strip of Aug 17, 2005 will give you some background.

Hello, Hart - I've been a long-time lurker, with only maybe a comment or two posted in the glorious run of this strip. If you see a Kintee-wearing "Viva El Papi" fool while you're down here in Austin next week, that would be me! (I'll be looking for the gorilla suit)! Austin IS a hip city surrounded by that place we call Texas, enjoy your stay! I receive extra joy rubbing it into to my Worcester, MA family and friends how nice the 70 and sunny feels right now - trees blooming...Mexican bats returning to roost in the Congress Ave bridge...grackles crapping all over my truck...
oh, da Kine - Chillicothe, Missouri is where one "BigBri" lives in his mother's basement. Surely you've read his erudite posts either here or over on Surviving Grady. I believe the sliced white bread and mayonnaise connoisseur may still have a blog. Word has it few people may have read it, somewhere in the low hundreds at the last count.

I'll be right here,twisting paper clips into beautiful folk art. Enjoy Austin, h.b.


as for 38yawns.com, now THAT will be a fanboy site. I love the Curt, but shameless self-promotion is probably not his best feature.

By the time ST ends, Mothra will actually HAVE 38 different pitches, or at least the Marlins will imagine them.

I'm gonna register 38daysonthedl.com for Nancy.

Aww, h.b., I'll be getting into town mere hours *after* your panel. :/ (I'm going down for the Music part ... the label I work for is hosting a party, and the artist I tour manage is doing a couple other showcasey-type things as well.)

I'm sure you already know this, but Stubb's is a must-dine...

Along with B.B.'s all-caps eloquence in referring to the Olde Towne Team as the "SAWX," don't forget his oh-so charming insistence on using the attempted phonetic spelling "BAAAHSTAN," completely disregarding the fact that nobody from Boston (or anywhere else in New England, for that matter) has ever pronounced the city's name that way in the history of the world.

I maintain my longstanding theory that B.B. is too much of a caricature to be an actual living, breathing person, but is really a creation of H.B., used to stir the pot when things get too boring around here.

Oh, but Aaron, BigLie is indeed a living, breathing creature (I agree that he couldn't possibly be an actual human being).

Just check out the Soxaholix Frappr site and you'll find him in all his glory. And, admittedly, a pretty funny t-shirt.


Click on MO on the map, and you'll see him. You may want to slip on a pair or Hazmat goggles first, though.

hb, mahalo for pointing me in the right direction. Now that I see the reference, I remember reading that.

Aaron, I also have a distinct loathing for folks who, upon finding out my hometown, start screeching, "Bahstin? Baaahstin? Bahhhstin?" That is something Edith Bunker would say. Someone from Rhode Island might say "Bwastin", but nobody from inside the 495 beltway would make a sound even close to that.

You know who it the absolute most annoying with that "Bahstin" crap? Chris Berman.

He does that and other words in his version of the accent the entire telecast.

Maybe Berman is BigBri?

Didn't Berman go to Brown?

Not that that makes any difference, but you'd think he'd have some idea of the region's dialect.

Awesome frappr link, Bob.

Granted, I cringe every time a new movie set in Boston (or anything based on a Stephen King book) comes out, because of the certain knowledge that the actors, unless they are originally from the region, will butcher the New England accent. But that still doesn't explain the existence of "BAAAAHSTAN." After all, South Boston and Downeast and Lil' Rhody accents may all be slightly different, but one thing they all have in common is replacing the letter R with an "aaah" sound.

There is no R in the word "Boston," you stupid flatlanders!

Um, that BigBri frapper pin HAS to be a joke, posted by another commenter or h.b. Either that or BB hilariously does not understand what the word "literally" means...

Uh, Natalie?

No comment. :)))

I know, I know... I am slow. :)

Somehow, the same day H.B. linked to the frappr site (some time ago), BigBri decided to post his pic.

I swear, I no nothing, I see noooothing...

Good God, "I 'no' nothing"?

That's straight out of BigLie's basement home schooling courses.

That said, even a poor Srt. Schultz reference is better than none at all.


I quit for the day.

Time for a slice of bread. Mom?

Is BB still banned from this site hb ?
Just curious

I can't remember if he was banned the last time he showed up.

But, in any event, he's like Lernaean Hydra. You ban one of his heads and and then two more pop up to take its place.

H.B., when you're at SXSW, this looks like it could be, uh, fun:


Wish I could take a trip to SXSW, but I'll have to settle for wishing you a ton of fun, h.b.

I thought Schilling's first two entries yesterday were good. I could read through a few "life" commentaries so long as the baseball keeps coming. I'm also interested in what 38 Studios is making for an MMORPG, so it'll be interesting to see what marketing creep he lets in on his blog.

Not only does he allow comments, but he also responds to a few as well. Loving the interaction with someone so high-profile. Now I'm just imagining a Papi blog...or a Manny blog...lol.

BTW, Curt's blog is currently setup to show his time offset as +5 instead of -5 (so a post at 5PM EST would show as 3AM instead)....


Hehe. :)

Thanks for the link to Schill's new blog. I'm not one to judge, I just enjoy it all & i seriously can't wait to see how it all pans out. Especially if he stays faithful through the playoffs!

I wonder if BigBaby hasn't shown up lately cause his Momma quit paying for the interwebs access for him?

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