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Why do they hate us?

You know, the company should totally look into signing Lisa the Temp a long term contract.


That chick who nevah takes her jacket off? Get out.


Listen she's like the Trot Nixon of temps, you know, not afraid to get her hands dirty with some hahd work.


For instance, yestahday I left her a ream of documents to file and today there's not a trace, everything in its propah place.


Think she'll take a hometown discount? Heh.


Yeah, but who knew fans across the country are in a quandary over who they hate more: The slant-eyed Hillbilly Womanning or us kindly folks from New England?


I love being hated.


Absolutely. Hate has total pwnage ovah the othah emotions. I mean love comes and goes, but, hate, well hate fucking lasts.


And, seriously, if I lived in some hell hole backwatah, I'd hate us too.


Yeah, as I've said befoah, Our doctahss kick ass. Our universities kick ass. Our football team kicks ass. Our fried clams kick ass. Our gay Members of Congress kick ass. So on and so forth.


Listen up neerdowells: Our New England resplendence is real, is nevah silent and has no bitch.



Resplendance never fuckin disappoints, does it?

Bottom line: Archie's kid wins Sunday, and the Pats still have 3 more SB victories than the P(h)onies.

I have spent a lot of time in Indy. here's all you need to know: At one time, it was one of the largest municipal units (in square miles) in the US. Reason? They annexed vast stretches of suburbia to dilute the effect of the black population in the center city.

Oh, and Sean Merry-man might want to put away the sack dance.

I'm feelin' it for this weekend.


Hard to figure out where the hate comes from. When the Steelers and 49'ers were in their glory days, I enjoyed their success. The Pats have won 3 SBs and sometimes it is even difficult to see them as a dynasty since all the games were very close. Folks that hate the Pats have to be unfamilar with all the lean years that this team had over the last 40 years. The SB victories are our reward for hanging with this team (low point for me: Chuck Fairbanks and the 1978 playoffs). Would everyone hate the Cubs if they managed to win a couple of WS?

i wonder if the hatred started with the victor kiam(sp?) era. i know it was long ago but that patriots missles line never gets old

You just have to know that if it comes down to Pats vs.Saints the whole rest of the country will be rooting for N.O.

Understandably(I guess)

yazbread, the south side of Chicago already hates the Cubs. Never understood that ... it's like hating a puppy or bunnies or Arnold Drummond or something.

Excuse me for being totally off-subject, but I feel the need for a gratuitous Ditka reference. There was an article in my semi-local (and pathetic) paper yesterday about the man.


I did actually like one line from the story:

"The name alone -- Ditka -- sounds like football". That it does.

If people root for NO during the postseason because they're underdogs and have never achieved much in the past, I'm cool with that.

But as for the "healing the city" crap, I say, blow me.

h.b., precisely what I say to Lisa.


Surly But Blowable, LC?

OK, I was raised in MA and like the Pats, but if it comes to down to Saints/Pats in the Superbowl, I have to go with the Saints. Unfortunately, that will create some seriously sappy media coverage from ESPN, et al. And the Pats and their fans will be the Big, Bad Wolves to our post traumatic stress disorder suffering population. But truly, New Orleans could use the boost. Please let us beat the overrated Bears this weekend.

But if we do lose, at least we have Brad and Angelina moving here to help rebuild. Maybe my son will be sent to the principal for beating up Maddox some day.

Oh God, we really ARE Yankees fans now. That "I love to be hated" line is giving me PTSD flashbacks to Jeter's MLB commercials...

But the Pats hate is kind of a mystery to me. A group that manages to win despite being the underdog a lot of the time - that seems like a recipe for nationwide success. Maybe the region has just been a little bit saturated with sports championship coverage lately. :)

Or it could just be that Belichick comes off as a total ass most of the time.

Speaking of Jeter, I am currently in possession of a sample of his new fragrance, Driven (don't ask, its for work). Wow, smells EXACTLY how I imagine Chris Kattan's character from Night at the Roxbury to smell.

What's been up with Belichick this season? He's been displaying FAR more emotion than he has in the past. He was practically levitating with glee on Sunday (as was I ;)

Jeter,Driven? I thought he was the one driving A-Rod

With all the comments about the Pats taunting Shawn Merriman, no one seems to have mentioned the worst Pats taunt of all time. Patrick Sullivan dissing Howie Long and Matt Millen after the playoff victory in 1985, only to get clocked in the face by Matt Millen. Anyone know whatever happened to Billy Sullivan's kids?

Exactly, h.b. The media's glorification of the Saints' run is (somewhat) analogous to the "giving New York something to root for" Yankees in the 2001 World Series.

It's great that (as with the breathtaking Tino & Brosius WS HRs in '01) the Saints' run might be giving certain people marginal comfort, but real events are orders of magnitude more important than sports and this media-driven "you have to pull for the Saints because of Katrina" effort is dumb.

As George Will said on ABC before the '01 series: It's perfectly fine to root for the Diamondbacks.

BTW: There are two positions that have the most impact on the outcome of a football game: The first, obviously, is QB.

The second, and not very well known, is a dominant defensive lineman. Controlling the point of attack is EVERYTHING in football. Therefore, I will be watching the two potentially dominant DLs for both teams. If Seymour outplays McFarland, the Pats likely win.

If Lisa is hired full-time, are you going to get her a new word processor? The one she's now using is from the 1970's.

And do reminder he she can take off that jacket at any time...

Now how did that r wander from 'her' to 'remind'. I guess at a subconscious level I was thinking 'behinder.'

Lisa does that to me.

i am just kind of curious here

why does everyone think manning is, um, feminine?

Careful, Lou.

Bottom line: Archie's kid wins Sunday, and the Pats still have 3 more SB victories than the P(h)onies.

That's dangerously close to MFY fandimonium.

If Payton thinks his defense is gonna stop the Pats, he's got another devastated sourface coming. If the Pats lose, then I won't sit back and think about the other SBs we've won. I'm going to wonder what went wrong and hope they're hungry enough next year. No sitting back on our haunches looking at past glory. That's the Yankee way. You lose the hunger if you rest on your laurels. Ever forward...this next game will be great.

JO has said something going when he says: "There are two positions that have the most impact on the outcome of a football game: The first, obviously, is QB"

Would the Belichick Pats be as successful without the remarkable Tom Brady. There have been so many close games, like Sunday's. So many games that could have gone one way or another but for a single play. But when you look back at Sunday, outside of the big plays by Brown and Caldwell, the game was won by Brady's composure - heads up play to run the 2 minute offense to end the second half - coming off interceptions, tight coverage and sacks to get the ball right down the field again.

Where would the Pats be with Manning or Rivers or Brees or McNabb? Watching their quarterback choking or pouting or puking (figuratively or literally) his way to a loss in the fourth quarter.

Last year Manning threw his O-line under the bus. Hopefully, the D-line gets its turn this Sunday. I would have such a nice symmetry.

Relax Kaz and smoke a nice British blend in your Dunhill.

A clever person could turn that argument around and say that RSN rested on their non-laurels: What with the "curse" and all created a mutual victimization society that identified as much with past non-glory as you accuse Yankees fans of identifying with past glory...

What a retahded counter-point.

You can't rest on non-laurels...there'd be nothing to rest on. You also can't continually be devestated by close loss after close loss if you're resting on anything. RSN never sat back on its heels and figured they'd always lose. They kept striving for that one time they'd finally win and then were slapped back down by chance, bad luck, bad plays, and bad coaching.

They didn't identify with past non-glory...they strove to shirk that monkey from their backs every single year.

Plus, the idea of the curse was something CHB created and the media perpetuated in order to sell books and engineer storylines for ESPN telecasts. I don't know of a single true Sox fan who believed in or talked about the curse except in a derogatory, "oh please, give me a break" fashion.

Kaz, you are absolutely right about creeping MFYism on my part. Point taken.


I dunno. I think Jason 0 is hitting pretty close to home.

I certainly felt a palpable camaraderie with other fans focused around the pain of not just losing but losing in cosmic beyond belief fashion.

And while I agree that the curse stuff was silly in the way CHB styled it, truth is a lot of us, myself included, thought something was pretty jacked up about the Red Sox, call it a curse, call it coincidence, call it a compendium of bad decisions begun in 1920.

And until Foulke tossed it over to Minkalphabet for the final out in the WS, I wasn't entirely convinced it (i.e., curse/coincidence/luck/?) could ever be overcome.

While there is a whole lot of revisionist thinking going on since the 2004 ALCS, the truth is, when the team went down 0-3 it felt absolutely normal and absolutely hopeless despite how many folks now want to convince themselves that they believed all along the Sox would come back.

[hand in the air]

I gave up on them. I don't think I've ever told this story.

2004 Game 4 ALCS, 6th or 7th inning. I can't take it any more. I go to bed. Some time later, a mirror crashes to the floor in my bedroom. I awake. Hm, better check to see how they lost. At precisely the moment the radio comes on, DOrtiz cranks the game winner.

The above is true. I was reeled back in again. Sort of like the dude raising me up from the stage with a cape as was done to Mr. Brown all those years.


lou, I hear yah...while I didn't give up per se... before game 4, I did say to co-workers I just wanted them to win a few to make it respectable. But the worm turned, and after game 5 I was all in. See, I think that is the odd mix of emotions that is RSN: pessimism, skeptism, doubt, optimism and faith...man, when you look at it that way, we (RSN) might be a bit screwed up sometimes...but just like with your relatives, it doesn't seem so bad when everyone else in the family is that way.

Or like Manrico calling the soldiers to arms in Il Trovatore...recommend Franco Corelli, he was about as loud as the 3 Tenors-- when they all sang together!

sorry, opera tangent. But Corelli kicks ass.

LC-Surly but levitatable

Well, I certainly wasn't very optimistic, that's for sure. I was actually at Game 4, with a badly broken arm (that a week later would be put back together with 2 plates and 16 screws). It was pretty damn cold that night, and the combination of that and the back-slapping that went on after Papi's homer nearly killed me.

After that game though, I had a smidge of hope.

After being an eye witness to Game 3 (does anyone even admit being there), my brother-in-law (not a true Sox fan) pointed to my sister's WS tickets on the counter and said I should take one, since she wouldn't be needing them. To which, we both replied - no way! she might need them. I had to check on the score of Game 4 from the various airports I went through on the way back home.

The reason Lisa never takes off her jacket is that she's a little self conscious about her unusually large natural breasts.

I guess I can confess too -- after Game 3, I totally gave up. I didn't even watch Game 4 -- went to a Camper Van Beethoven show at Toad's Place instead.

When I got home, I turned on the TV to see what the final carnage was, and saw Papi hit his homer.

I didn't miss a pitch of the rest of the '04 postseason.

After watching games 1-3 wire to wire, especially game 3, I couldn't bear to watch DLowe start game 4. I watched the clock and tuned in when I thought Joe Buck would be reading the Sox Eulogy to catch Millar's walk.

After Ortiz' home run I went outside my house in Inman Sq. and could hear the cheering from 2 1/2 miles away. That was pretty great.

I'm guessing innings 1-8 were among the least watched innings of the season.

'Ur on a roll now! Don't let up on the resplendence.

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