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Where's J.D.?

Beats me. Maybe we signed him and we forgot already, you know, like when Gerald Ford died and I was like, dang, I thought dude croaked like 10 years ago.


Seriously. Same thing happened to me with Dick Clark.


But guy, Dick Clark isn't dead.


No shit, huh?


So iPhone?


Are you kidding me? I want the iPhone the way the Red Sox wanted Matsuka.


Yeah, that $499 price tag makes me think Scott Boras was involved.


Think about it. You can be in the middle of East Bumfuck, Iowa, and with the iPhone's built in WiFi all you need is a hotspot to boot up MLB.com and stream a Red Sox game.


Right, because, yeah, you find yourself in East Bumfuck, Iowa so often.


It's called being prepared, guy. Being prepared.



Isn't J.D. on I.R.?

(I'm only partially kidding.)

(SFX): Tumbleweeds blowing down dusty street in Arizona cow-town.

I'm not into that iPhone stuff. Does one truly need entertainment 24/7? I saw a kid at a restaurant with his parents yesterday, listening to an iPod whilst playing a PS2. It made me want to yell at him and smack his parents about the head. I don't know why, but the iPhone represents that kid t ome.

Sign me up... I am SOOO all over that phone.

Think about the possibilities, everyone... Sitting in East Bumfuck, nothing to do, bored out of your skull... but wait! Just find that hot spot, and, "Hello, Lisa the Temp!"

Slow day comment-wise. Is everyone actually trying to be productive at work today?

I'm crazy swamped in work right now. That combined with the slow January news cycle is practically killing me as far as The Soxahalix goes.

I love the iPhone. I listen to an iPod. I use a cellphone. Why not combine the two, and have immediate MapQuest to boot? That said, I'm definitely with you, da Kine, that the plugging in going on in the world today is outrageous and depressing. I mean, how much stimulation do we really need? Are we like George Castanza that we need to eat and watch tv while we fuck? And yet, there is basic function and simplicity in the iPhone. The key is to avoid becoming a servant of the technology, which, as in so many things, it appears that Americans are unable to do. Moderation is not our country's strong point.

I mean, take me and drinking, for example.

...or Jason O. and hallucinogen-enhanced anal stimulation...

...or poor Bob and his endless succession of tranny Thai whores...

For me the iPhone isn't so much about entertainment as information.

Scenario 1:
I'm about to fly out of an airport but there's a thunderstorm approaching. How bad is it? What are the cloud top temps? Will it effect my flight?

Well, let's boot up the weather radar widget on the iPhone and take a look.

Scenario 2:
I'm in a new city and I want a good place to eat. Fire up the restaurant widget and list places based on my location via GPS. Oh, and then use Google Earth on my iPhone to show me exactly where it is as I'm walking.

Scenario 3:
I'm having an argument with a Yankees dickwad about Papelbons stats while waiting in line at at McDonald's with wifi. I whip out my iPhone, look up the stats, and, there, in your face Skankee!

I could go on...

info info info info....

All right! East BFI gets a shout out

Shhhhh! Ixnay on the Ew-dray alk-tay! Maybe if everyv=body stays very, very quiet, Theo will just sort of... you know... forget that he dangled that mindbendingly ridiculous contract in front of a player so clearly not worth the money.

Typing in Pig Latin is clearly not conducive to one's grammatical skills. Oy vey.

imagine ...redsox games in east bumfuck... hell i cant even get dsl in central bumfuck

Everything you just described on your iPhone, h.b., I've been doing for about 3 years now on my Treo.

Not quite as stylish, but functionality isn't new to someone with a PDA/phone in their pocket.

Yes, it even plays MP3s...and the price tag was only about $300 when I got it.


The iPhone is to the Treo what Pedro Martinez is to John Wasdin.

I am currently in a rest area in East BF, SC (for real). Although I am opposed to Apple's DRM megalomania, it sure would be nice to be punching this out while driving (heh) rather than pull over.

Unfortunately, I have two desk drawers full of electronic geegaws that gave me wood for about a month, so, I'll wait abit.



I hear rest stops in East BF are good places to go when you've got non-stop wood.

I can't believe just how gullible Apple geeks are.

It's a phone. Get over it. They couldn't even think of an original name for it.


Only at Apple can they recycle $h!t that's already been made by someone else & everyone thinks that its the world's greatest invention.

iPod = Walkman.
Mac Mini = Low-cost comupter.
iPhone = Cell Phone.

What's next? iFood? I can just see the presentation now...

"What we envision is that people are going to want to eat food in the future. Not just any food, though, but food that tastes great..."

It's a phone. Stop it.

If you don't understand why Apple products are a better user experience, then there's nothing I can do to convince you.

Certain people are just more in tune to design and aesthetics than others.

No biggie.

//...or poor Bob and his endless succession of tranny Thai whores...//

I am DONE with that scene. My last tranny Thai ho slipped me a roofie with his/her tongue, then stole a kidney, one eyeball, and a tin of Altoids.


No joke, I was once had my pockets picked by a Mexican tranny while dancing to Abba in a bordertown disco. (The song was Dancing Queen. A most awesome evening.)

Fuck Apple, I just "had to" buy my 2nd Ipod, cuz my first went balls up. I think they put nicotine in em cuz im addicted to it.

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