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The Best Is Yet To Come

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
I flipping hate it when there's no Soxaholix …


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
"Technical difficulties"? Yeah, right. My guess is Brachen's holed up somewhere listening to his David Hasselhoff record collection.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
But, really, who can blame him, since The Hoff is truly an underappreciated living legend and a national treasure.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Sure, we talk of the 'greatness' of David Ortiz, but, seriously, even Papi pales in the shadow of the Hoff who, as it goes, has changed the life of a variety of people around the world: old and young, men and women, cancer survivors and junkies, italian monks and Iraqi insurgents, even the unforgettable gay peruvian.



The same could be said for Richard Simmmons, I suppose.


My money's on John Tesh records, Hart's always had this obsession with entertainment that goes beyond the pale. I don't think he would be too into someone who's screen time has been spent driving cool cars and hanging at the beach with hot women, he's more of a fanboy who wants to know who's-who.


Did you know The Hoff is playing "the director" in the Las Vegas production of "The Producers"?

The NAZI director?

How strangely appropriate.

Who are these strange new clip-art people?

The brunette on the left intrigues me :)

Since HB brought it up...I give you the greatest music video evah - starring the Hoff himself. Enjoy.

Bring back Lisa the temp!!

Thanks COD,my morning was going pretty good up to the point I played that video.

Hilarious, COD. I'd counter with...


Is that Frau Blucher from Young Frankenstein on the right? She looks a little......ummmm.....uptight

Glasses Boy in the back is working awfully hard to be inconspicuous while he tries to look down the front of the woman on the left...

You do have to admire his willingness to laugh at himself. Granted he is being paid rather well for it...

He's positively Shatner-esque... :)

Aey, anybody see that Coco's house is up for sale?


Isn't that Tara on the left? And what's with the interesting, er, pleats on the dude in the white shirt? He's as excited as Slappy during a 6-5 forceout

He's thinking about that unforgettable gay Peruvian :)

Here's the deal on today: My furnace crapped out last night and I consumed my usual creative time trying to resolve the situation. At home now waiting for the service guy to show "between 10 and 5."

Now here's hoping the furnace guy is named "Hoff."

The "unforgettable gay Peruvian" is an absolutely priceless line.

anyone else having trouble with that link? I cant get there. "URL not found on server" message

Yes, second link not working for me either.

Natalie, that video was, um, priceless? When the girls said:
"I know your game"
I thought at first they were saying:
"I know you're gay"
My way's funnier.

HB - Just hope the service guy's name isn't "Ditka".



Rice robbed AGAIN!! I really don't get it.

On a totally different note, (and I know this is totally self-absorbed) is it possible these new clip-characters are...


The office guy in the green pants sure is sportin' wood.

God I love Japanese entertainment. I bet Dice-K learned to Poop this way. You HAVE to watch all the way to the end, where it becomes live.


I flipping hate it when there's no Soxaholix.

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