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Powering the economy

Lisa the Temp:
Sorry, peeps, The Soxaholix are too busy working for the the Man this morning that they've got nothing for you.


Lisa the Temp:
As it is, even I, Lisa the Temp, am inundated with a seemingly never ending stack of documents to file.


Lisa the Temp:
Just doing what we can for the national productivity figures, you know?



Aaaah,sweet Lisa :)

File this.


Lisa, keep working that keyboard, which always remind me of the Marlon Brando's control crystals in Superman I.

..."My son, these crystals contain the accumulated knowledge of our world throughout the centuries..."


...sorry, launched on a Superman kick.

Speaking of Superman like performances...my man-crush on Tom Brady seems to only increase day by day. Not only does he perform in the clutch on Sunday in So-Cal, but during his post-game interview when a reporter asks a repeat question, instead of getting annoyed, he jokes with the guy. Then, when that tool Jerry Callahan on WEEI asks him if the “better team lost” on Sunday, Brady doesn’t get flustered and gives him a smooth response. Finally, I find out that he has likely “upgraded” from Bridget Moynahan to Gisele Bundchen…juxtapose that to the not-quite-so-manly Peyton Manning pleading with Indianapolis fans not to sell tickets to the enemy in advance of Sunday’s AFC Championship matchup with the Patriots, “We need that stadium totally packed in blue, no Patriots,” …’nough said.

Lisa's white blouse is enough to send a man far stronger than I into a fit of testosterone-induced apoplexy....

I wonder if Lisa's jacket has four buttons to match her keyboard.

I wonder if those buttons are easily unfastened.

But what's in those docs, Lisa?


Tom Brady can keep supermodel Gisele Bundchen. We have Lisa.

Wow, now that's a powerful statement, yazbread. I don't even swing that way (well, except for those times during my reign as Miss Teen USA) and I'd take Gisele. She has a smokin' body.

Now Lisa on the other hand... she looks like she's hiding some serious kink (S&M, shoe fetish, furries?)

Philip Rivers called out Hobbs on the field after the game.

LDT called out BB and the dancing Patriots.

Payton "As Seen On TV" Manning is telling Indy fans not to re-sell to Pats fans.

San Diego and Indy both limited Ticketmaster to local sales.

Does anyone else get the feeling that nobody wants us in the post-season?

Fuck'em. Fuck'em all.

This will be an interesting game. I'm shocked to say this, but Indy's defense answered the bell and kicked Baltimore's ass. If they bring the same physical play, it will be a 14-10 type of game.

Indy had 8 men in the box on defense most of the day. Brady will eat that up.

Well, you know how to beat that scheme, right, COD?

First, you cut a hole in the box...

Nice ref, Bob. Very nice.

Justin Timberlake would be proud.

Laughing out loud, Bob. That is one of the funniest SNL shorts ever. The whole Timberlake show was surprisingly good...

Earl Weaver is all his NSFW glory.

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