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Pats win, both NY teams lose, not a bad start to the week

See, now this is what I love about Red Sox fans …


Someone starts a thread on SoSH regaHding an interview with Schilling about his new gaming business, but because the interviewer is a Yankees fan and makes the offhand comment saying 2001 was the "best World Series of the modern era" the ensuing posts focus almost entirely on a refutation of the alleged greatness of the 2001 Series rather than anything Schilling says about GMG.


Gotta love us.


Yeah, and gotta love Tom Brady, Belichick, the Pats, the hurry-up offense, and the resultant take down of the Jets.


Are you kidding me, my head is still spinning from the pace of that bitch.



It WAS a pretty frantic pace, but I've seen them do it before.

Funny (well, I think so) story: I was with my friend Sully at the game, and we took a bathroom break. Afterwards, he said, "wait by this post and I'll get us some beers."

10, 15, 20 minutes pass, and still no Sully with those $7.50 Sams. But being the overly-superstitious person I am, and given that the Pats were driving the ball and playing well, I just couldn't leave that post.

I spent the whole frigging game there.

Afterwards, Sully goes, "where were you?"

When I reminded him of his "post" request, he just said, Oh. Yeah. I forgot."

A great win although it looked like we were giving up too much on defense in the first half (yet, they never seemed to score...LT will take advantage if we try that crap next week).

Everything is lining up as I had hoped so far. I know the Patriots are capable of beating San Diego. I know the Ravens are capable of beating Indy. I know that if the Ravens play the Pats for the AFC championship, I'm assured that my current hometown team or my original hometown team will win, er, play in the Super Bowl. Win-win.

If GMG can come out with an MMORPG in the next year, I might be looking to jump ship from my current one...so this might be something worth keeping an eye on.

Kaz, even in their Super Bowl years (all of two years ago), the Pats were always more of a "bend-don't-break defense than a shut-them-down all over the field '85 Bears unit.

All that matters is points scored to Coach Bill, and it's worked out pretty well.

Come on, Bob, I'm as optimistic as the next guy that the Pats have a magic formula that makes them play like Supermen when it's playoff time (no home lose since the 70's, 11-1 under Brady, etc etc)...

But you can't let a man go 70 yards without a tackle and then expect to stop Lex Luthor himself next week with the same slippery hands. Yesterday they bent too far and broke once or twice but the offense more than made up for it (and then the defense played its part in the second half). A few NYJ drives just seemed to move way too smoothly down the field and they don't even have a great RB.

If anything though, I'd like to see that steroid-popping rookie (can't remember his name and don't want to) blow out his knee so that he won't make the Pro Bowl. A little karmic justice would ice the cake next week and then on to Baltimore.

I'm not cool enough for SOSH, so I don't get it.


I think it was more a case of blown coverage than slippery hands. But you rpoint is well-taken.

Do I think this Pats team is as good as '03-'04? No. Can it get to and win the Super Bowl? Maybe, maybe not.

That's why they play the games.

But let's just say that I never count Brady or Bill out of anything. Seen touch much magic from them around this time of year.

Ah yes, the sweet aroma of both NY football teams going up in smoke. Matter of fact, the stench is permeating Manhattan still this morning. The poor Mayor of NYC even has to address the stench issue in a news conference.

When Chad Girlington got torched by Asante, it smelled like bratwurst at Gillette.

Evidently, he's made mainly of pork.

Kaz - I believe you're thinking of SD's Shawn Merriman. Good player - but while I never hope for any knee damage to anyone, I'd sure like to see someone knock the wind out of him for the balance of three quarters or so...

sco - pretty funny. Apparently the stench went all the way to Austin, TX. Or was that Romo's brain fart that killed all those birds and closed down a 10 block radius in downtown?

Maybe it just wafted up from Crawford...

Couldn't agree more with the title of today's post. While no team can approach the Yankees on the "Pure Evil" scale, all New York teams are, by definition, evil. Therefore, it is a glorious day when both of their football teams go down in flames at once.

Shame that Indy won, or it would've been an absolutely perfect weekend. Just the Colts' luck to run into the one coach in the NFL worse at in-game adjustments than Tony Dungy. Hey Herm, they're stacking nine guys on the line every single play to stop LJ! How about a deep ball or two? Hey Herm, Peyton is shredding your Cover 2! Maybe you want to go man-to-man and run a few blitzes? No? Okay then, buh-bye and thanks for playing.

My coworkers here in Rainland are convinced that, after receiving the bounty of Romo's brainfart, the Seahawks are Superbowl bound. I tried to laugh at them, but then I remembered the level of "competition" in the NFC. Hell, it's possible.

Pats beat Bolts, 30-27. Gostkowski gets the first of many playoff game-winning field goals. You're welcome in advance.

Could this:


be the smell of loss and failure?

Take heart, lc, you reign on this site!

And as for the birds here in Austin, it's the most exciting thing to happen in years. Well, since the garbage truck overturned onto the jogging trail and missed our "W"onderful governor by inches.

heres a funny twist on things. listening to the jets fans say to the pats fans "wait till next year"!! is nothing sacred?? i even heard a comercial where the guy says hes a member of white sox nation.... as doctor smith would say " oh the pain, the pain"

Heh. Mikeya, good one.

*** waving arms madly back and forth *** -
"Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!"

//heres a funny twist on things. listening to the jets fans say to the pats fans "wait till next year"!!//

Yeah, also heard that last year from Dolphins fans.

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