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One light goes out, another shines on

Christ that football game yesterday took the piss outta me.


Are you kidding me? I'm fucking toast. What a game.


Unbelievable. The Chahgahs beat the living crap out of the Pats for 4 quartahs yet couldn't take the fight out of 'em.


The tenah of the entiah game can be encapsulated in one play: Troy Brown stripping Marlon McCree of the Brady pick in the 4th.


That's Patriots' football all the way.


Loved it. After a full game of talking crap and giving cheap shots the Chahgahs go for the "class" angle. Beautiful.


I was so waiting for someone to yell, "Hey, D.T., we're on ur logo doing ur dance."


Lights out, Noob.



Loved CHB's total about face in the Globe yesterday.

and how classy was it to restrict ticket sales to So.Cal.addresses only?
Legal maybe,classy,not so much.

Schottenheimer: The Greg Norman of NFL coaches, poor guy.

I was literally shaking for a couple of hours after that game. SHAKING.

Now, maybe it was the DTs, but still.

Loved the sour grapes from LDT.
Enjoy the fucking Pro Bowl, my friend, and stay classy.

and LT apparently doesn't have a problem with Merriman doing his little boogie to show up opponents after a sack- it's 'classy' then. Classic put up or stf up time

i cant believe the win.. the pats had there ass's handed to them all game and still won. and how bout the kid kicking. gatkowsky?? he's the polish hammer..man the kids money!! Adam who? (at least for this week)

gostkowski..got to get that name right

I love the parallel between the Pats last minute fg's and the Sox walk offs.

Went straight from the game to the 2 hour season premier of 24. I got nothing in the tank today. Good thing I have the day off.

Just to expand on Doug's point, the game was a microcosm of this entire team and its six-year run. The Patriots do just enough to win (Troy Brown's strip) and wait for their opponent to implode (Schottenheimer's futile challenge which wasted a timeout), leaving supposedly superior opponents left to wonder where it all went wrong. I forget which free agent it was who came to the team this year and said it sure was nice to be on this side instead of searching for answers after a loss.

A touchdown AND a 2-point conversion AND a field goal AND stripping an interception and recovering it AND a useless red flag AND shutting out the Chargers all in the last 8 minutes?

When they started their drive with, I think, 8:08 left I turned to my wife and said "Plenty of time. Watch this." This team just does not get rattled.

I'm still confused by Schottenheimer's wasting of that timeout with the challenge. It was so obviously not an incomplete pass, not down by contact, I still have no idea what the hell he was actually trying to do with that challenge. Maybe hoping and praying? Whoever was up in the booth and supposed to tell him whether or not to challenge blew that one big time. Thanks.

Yup, that was a fun game.
Plus it gets us a week closer to Truck Day without having to watch NBA,college or NHL games.


I'm still confused by Schottenheimer's wasting of that timeout with the challenge.

The only viable explanation I can think of is "He's Marty Schottenheimer." Dude is 5-13 in playoff games for a reason.

Just win baby.

I figure that the Raiders let the trademark lapse on this one a few years ago, so it is up for grabs.

Old Horseface gets what he has always wanted - an AFC championship game against the Pats at home. Wonder how the Colts will manage to lose this year. Hopefully, the Pats will bring their A game, although their B game seemed to work yesterday.

hey, thanks for the link!

//I forget which free agent it was who came to the team this year and said it sure was nice to be on this side instead of searching for answers after a loss.//

this is exactly why i really don't have it in me to pile on LT. after all, having him up there saying what a mean man belichick is after this game is exactly what we wanted. :-)

re: timeout on challenge -- read somewhere that Rivers saw the replay on the jumbotron and ran over to Schottenheimer to say "throw the flag!"

The CHB unacknowledged about-face was awesome. I really wanted him to quote himself from Sunday: "Much as it hurts, there's no going with the heart over the head this time. And so I must tell you that the San Diego Chargers are going to beat the Patriots at Qualcomm Stadium today."

I remember with 8 minutes left thinking "they can do this." Then I remembered thinking something similar against the Broncos last year right before the interception returned back to the 1. This was definitely the worst I've felt watching the Pats play since watching their first Super Bowl win. Though that was a much drunk-ier affair.

Someone get LT the phone numbers of Marshall Faulk, Peyton Manning, Rich Gannon, and Kurt Warner.

Geez, it's not like the guy doesn't have good company on the "List of MVPs Beaten in the Playoffs by the New England Patriots". We gave him *that* much at the very least.

Sorry. The dancing and taunting from the Pats after the game was pure T.O. The Pats are an unlikable team, and you are unlikeable fans. Go Colts.

"...and you are unlikeable fans..."

Yeah, because, the whole point of being a fan is to, er, be liked?

Screw that. The more I'm hated by the douche bags who route for other teams, the happier I am.

If you want fellowship and good vibes toward your fellow man, spend your Sundays in church.

He will be, h.b. He will be. He's gonna have to pray that the Colts don't pull a Colts.

I do not have the least interest in being likable to the humps in SoCal, Indy or anywhere else.

In the words of Randy Meisner: "Love Me or Leave Me Alone"


ya know im listening to the afternoon jackass on espn radio and he's bitching cause a couple of the pats players were doing the sean meriman shuffle. how dare they taunt the chargers by doing that he complained over and over again you cant taunt a team on there field. you cant rub salt in the wound of a defeated team. meriman does that but so what thats his dance. and all i can think of is that doesnt meriman do that to taunt the guy he just sacked? isnt he just rubbing the salt on the wound of an opposing player when he points to the scoreboard? it is pretty clear to me that that espn geek lost a bundle on the game. all i can say is it sucks to be a chargers fan today. oh that and espn sucks on radio and tv

Why doesn't anyone mention that Merriman is juiced off his tits? Old boy has so many things starting with "andro-" coursing through his veins that rubbing salt in his wounds probably has no effect. I don't think he can feel pain per se.

What is it with sore losers from California? This hullabaloo reminds me of the stupid freakout the A's had about Derek Lowe supposedly flipping them off at the end of Game 5 (which SO never even remotely happened, it blows my mind to this day how anyone could've made anything out of that). I guess SoCal is just as bad as NoCal...

I don't know if any of y'all are responsible for it, but the Wiki on Merriman is pretty funny at the moment. The relevant excerpt:

Playing in his first playoff game, Merriman was a non-factor when the #1 seeded, Pro Bowl player stocked, MVP having Chargers got beat by the Patriots on their home field. The only "Lights Out" dance that was done, was done by the victorious Patriots. Teammate LaDainian Tomlinson from ESPN.com: "I would never react in that way. I was very upset... When you go to the middle of our field and start doing the dance Shawne Merriman is known for, that is disrespectful. They showed no class and maybe that comes from the head coach."

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