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In the stadium of everybody

So the interwebs is all up in ahms ovah this guy's YouTube video saying that's why they hate New England fans but I just dont' get it. The dude's only speaking the truth.


Yeah, mofo's can't handle the truth, so they want to shoot the drunken messengah and shit.


Yeah, but befoah they hatahs can shoot this dude, while they're sweatin' his ass, he's gonna wipe it all ovah their noses and see how that smells for ya, buddy.


Fantastic line. It's crude yet the visual detail it summons is nothing less than cinematic.


"In the stadium of everybody."


"Go fuck yourselves."


So who you pickin' in that Saints Beahs game?


Saints all the way.


Yeah, the Beahs are handicapped by Grossman and the Saints seem to have that destiny thing going.


Totally. And now the pressure is off the Saints to "heal the city of New Orleans" and all.


How's that?


Well, with Brad Pitt and Angelie Jolie annointing New Orleans as their chosen land, they'll make the crooked places straight and the rough places plane, sure as shit.


Yeah, I heard Mayor Ray Nagin is already in line to petition the Great Brangelina for a brain.



I'm rooting as hard for the Bears as I am the Pats. Here's why: Assuming the Pats get past the Colts, do we really want to play a game against the Saints where we have to endure 2 weeks of jackasses on TV spouting, "The Saints HAVE to win to reclaim New Orleans from the wrath of Katrina..."

Keep the football game about football, not some other random tragedy that happened 18 months ago. Empty suits on TV evoking thousands of dead people in an effort to boost ratings makes me puke in my mouth.

...that, and it's just like what happened in the 2001 World Series. And I do NOT need to be reminded of any MFY world championship.

Oh, absolutely. I'm rooting for the Bears as well as are Mike and Doug above.

However, that doesn't me we think the Bears will actually get it done.

But, yeah, let's hope.

//...that, and it's just like what happened in the 2001 World Series. And I do NOT need to be reminded of any MFY world championship.//

Um...the MFY didn't win that one (D'backs)


How about rooting for the Saints on the basis that we haven't won crap in 40 years. I really don't want to wait as long as I did for the Sox to finally win it all.

And I would have to say that people here aren't expecting a Saints' win to heal the city...but hell, it's nice to have something to be excited about besides finally getting twice a week trash pickup again or a full sized fridge after a year of trying to pack food in a dorm fridge.

And if (I hate to say it) the Colts beat the Pats, wouldn't you rather have the Saints with the chance to beat hometown boy Peyton.

On the topic of C. Ray Nagin, I offer this link http://dirtycoast.com/product_view.php?id=29

Have to go with miketc's sentiments - if the Saints get in the SB we will be subjected to the all-time sappiest version of 'God Bless America' at halftime. But I don't see Grossman putting together back-to-back games, so break out your Kate Smith vinyls. As to the video, 'truth wills out', short of the profanities and alcohol-induced stupor, isn't this how we all feel?

Donny Dome-yeah!

If the Pats win Sunday can we rename it the Donny Dome?

When I'm a bit drunk and watching sports, I confess I think I sound a lot like that guy but with perhaps a few more Scrabble/SAT type words nestled in among the f-bombs.

Another knock against the Saints. If they win, we have to watch endless photo montages of 'Aints Fans' wearing paper bags on their heads from the 70s. Plus a Saints-Colts SB would give us the lead-in story of Little Boy Blue trying to vanquish his father's team. Oedipus Rex goes to Miami. Have to hope that the final story written is the Pats cementing their legacy as one of the NFL's premier dynasties.

h.b., nice "A few good men" reference in the second panel...I've been waiting on the off chance a character will make a reference to the caine mutiny, the movie upon which AFGM is based...for example Jose Ferrer throwing the drink in Fred MacMurray's face at the end:

"Here's to the real author of the Caine Mutiny (throws drink), if you want to do something about it I'll be outside..."

Have to hope that the final story written is the Pats cementing their legacy as one of the NFL's premier dynasties.

I'd say that legacy is already secure, regardless of whether or not they win it all this year. Who else has won 3 of 4, besides the mid-90's Cowboys? Anyone? Not even the Steel Curtain of the 70's managed that feat.

I'll admit to a certain bit of ambivalence if the Pats make the SB and lose to N'awlins. I won't like it, of course, but I won't be crushed. Losing to Da Bears would be a bit more annoying, if only because I still want some payback for '86.

The only really unacceptable scenario would be losing to Indy and (to paraphrase KSK, where there's some serious Pats-hating going on this week) their Fetus-Headed Scarlet Prince of Losing. I have relatives in Indy, and will never hear the end of it should (gawd forbid) Peyton pull it out. Nothing's worse than cocky Hoosiers.


Where you been? The Caine Mutiny has already been done here on The Soxaholix.

See "The Fenway Mutiny."

sorry to interrupt the footabll talk, but it looks like Trot is off to the Indians:


I know he was injury-prone the last few years, but Im really gonna miss him, the Red Sox wont de the same w/o him


GB Packers - 1961-62, 1966-67. Five in seven years

Shit, a thousand pardons.

I'm not sure I like that Donny guy. He talks like a Yankee fan.

"Get some owners to spend some money, buy a stadium and buy a f*cking team".

Is this the guy we want representing us?

Great point, Mothra. That's the one line in the video screed that really rubbed me the wrong way.

Also, it just isn't true. The Patriots play "Moneyball" style football transactions and drafting which is why Vinatieri and Branch are playing elsewhere this season.

Quite the opposite of "buying a team."

But dude was shitfaced, so what can you say?

Man, you could fill a book with the craptastic statements I've made when half in the bag.

I'm not sure I like that Donny guy. He talks like a Yankee fan.

"Get some owners to spend some money, buy a stadium and buy a f*cking team".

Is this the guy we want representing us?

Are you kidding? He's talking like a quintessential Yankee hater, suggesting other teams need to spend some money and buy a stadium to compete with the Pats. Par for the course for most haters of New England's sports teams.

All I have to say is, if (gods forbid) the Pats do lose on Sunday, it damn well better not be due to a last-minute Vinatieri field goal.

How much you wanna bet a *large* part of the Pats' offensive game plan involves being up by more than 3 with 5 minutes left to go??

Go Pats.


I foresee:

Indy down by 3 with 3 minutes to go. Manning works the way down the field to give Vinatieri a 40-yarder with 1:09 to go.

Game tied. Booth guys go nuts. Video truck guys load up the "Do you believe this guy Vinatieri?" reel.

Pats get the ball back on the 24 from the kickoff, 1:04 on the clock.

Brady picks apart the prevent defense and moves them into range for a Gostkowski 49-yarder with 0:08 to go.

It's up, it's good. It's Pats 34, Indy 31.

I think what Donny Dome was saying about spending cash is that other teams need to spend cash to bring in good coaching and front office boys to scout the right talent and make the tough decisions like letting go of Vinatieri, etc. He couldn't have meant the team, since the NFL is salary-capped (and the Pats are actually a full player salary under cap right now actually). Or he was just loaded and rolling...I'm not sure which.

Kaz, that's astoundingly specific... yet it makes sense to me. I just don't see the Pats not winning.

Imagine the wankfest building up to the superbowl regarding Manning if he doesn't choke, i'd rather hear about the saints resurrection stuff than be put through that, the Pats must win!

I guess most of you guys are in denial about the Pats. Ya know what? There time is over. They're not the team they were several years ago. Not only are they gonna lose Sunday, it's not even gonna be close. The Colts have whipped your ass the last two times they've met. Both in Foxboro. There'll be no frigid temps, no snow flurries, no slippery field in the RCA Dome. You're gonna get shredded. Prepare for it.

If that's the case, Reg, then we'll live in shreds, unlike, Peyton, who, when he loses, cries about it afterwards and blames his teammates.

Tom Brady could go down 60-0 and throw 10 interceptions and get sacked a dozen times and you'll never, ever see him display that kind whiny cry baby attitude after the game.

And that makes all the difference in the world.

That's like comparing apples and oranges. Because Brady has thus far been successful in the biggest games in his carreer, I don't think you can really say how he would have reacted if he had suffered the failures that Manning has. And even if Brady loses tomorrow, having already won three rings, he could still easily be philosophical and more accepting about losing because of those past successes, as opposed to the frustration of having never got to the top.

As for Manning, while he has perhaps made some remarks pertaining to his offensive line or his defense's less than stellar play, they haven't been blatant and ongoing. And really, who doesn't get frustrated when things don't go your way, especially when the blame gets heaped on Mannings's shoulders, rightfully so or not?

Saturday post no one is likely to read, but...

Manning sucks...there is no QB I'd rather have the Pats going into battle with than TOM BRADY! Go Pats!

I read it.

Go Pats.

Comparing apples and oranges? Naw, more like contrasting the demeanor of a winner with that of a loser.

I just finished watching a redo of the 2003 AFC Championship on the NFL network.

Classic contrast of the two QBs.

If you recall, in that game Brady didn't have a whole lot of success (just as he didn't in last week's game against SD). He could move the ball against the Colts, but couldn't get it into the end zone.

But Brady just hung in there.

Even when Brady threw an interception, his first one at home the entire 2003 season, he didn't make any faces or run screaming and yelling over the refs grabbing his elbow to indicate holding or whatever. No, Brady just took it like the champion he is.

Wish I could say the same for the opposing QB in that game.

There's more than just luck or happenstance at work to account for a history where "Brady has thus far been successful in the biggest games in his career" and where Brady has not "suffered the failures that Manning has."

I think it' fair to argue that Manning has caught some bad breaks etc and gets more blame than he deserves on occasion, but to suggest the Tom Brady has somehow had it easy is to be ignorant (either willfully or by default) of Brady's career going all the way back to high school.

I'm not saying Brady has had it easy, or that his success has been lucky. You've lost focus on the point of contention. You've basically said that Manning is a whiner and Brady isn't. What I'm saying is that if Brady had lost those Super Bowls, or had lost in the playoffs and had never gotten there, and if he was criticized a lot and had a "can't win the big one" moniker hung on him, maybe, just maybe, there may have been a little whining and bitching and frustration coming out of the mouth of Tom Brady. But since he's won 3 rings, and his place in NFL history in secure, no matter what happens from here on out, I guess we'll never fucking know.

FWIW, I actually don't mind Brady, even if he's knocked the Colts out of the playoffs a couple of times. A big part of that was a couple of years ago when Brady was asked what other athlete he admired as a clutch performer in professional sports, or something to that effect, and he answered, "Derek Jeter." Heh.

Having said that, I hope Dwight Freeney knocks him silly tomorrow.

The problem with your argument is the contrast between the two personalities is evident not only during/after "big games" but also after run-of-the-mill regular season games.

Both QBs have had miserable games during the regular season the past few years, but it's only one QB who loses his composure on the field (pointing insinuating fingers at teammates, flailing his arms about, screaming at the refs for an apparent call they missed, etc.).

And as these pros are always telling us they "treat every game the same," I highly doubt acting like a whiner/loser after losing a regular season game will be any different than after losing a "big game."

You are what you are.

But if one day Tom Brady starts to act like a dickhead after a loss, I'll admit I was totally wrong about him.

Until then...

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