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Not a Soxaholix was stirring...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Happy Holiday's from The Soxaholix!

(We'll see you back here on January 3, 2007.)

[Christmas tree in snow]



Merry Christmas to h.b. and everyone. May all our trees be blessed with rockets.

Merry Christmas to all, even the Yankee fans.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to HB and all the regulars here at the Soxaholix. HB, you fill our stockings with delight all year round. Thanks for all you do.

Looking forward to the promise of a great 2007. Happy gyroballs to all, and to all a good night.


Happy Festivus, everyone!

Thanks for keeping my monitor splattered w/ coffee, h.b.

i finally get on here early (day off & couldnt sleep)and no strip. Oh well. Happy Birthday Jesus to HB and all us Soxaholix.

Everyone make merry and be safe! Best to your families and friends.

Thanks, HB.

Good luck during the Feats of Strength, Mike.

'Twas the day after solstice
And all through Sox Nation
Not a surfer was chuckling
'Cause h.b.'s on vacation.

Enjoy your well-earned winter break, h.b., and thanks for the creative backdrop to our lives. And happy holidays to all Soxaholix, the tall and the small.

This ones too deep, I really needed an explanation of the text from today's strip to understand it. Is the snow supposed to represent the Boston media, or perhaps the crush of the free agent market? How about the tree, is that symbolic of determined New England patriotism or just some pointy thing intended to go up Steinbrenner's s$$? How about the sky, how do you get that much snow without it being dark? The absence of weather suggests a relationship between the tree and the snow that is crippling. I feel lonlier as an individual than I ever have before for reading this strip and don't think I can continue being the same person I was before. This strip slays my bleeding heart.


Renting a car tomorrow and driving to the family home in Maryland. Have a good week, Soxaholix. May you all have an Manny Christmas and a Papi New Year.

Seeing all the frequent commenters chime in, this feels like the old days of TV when all the stars from a network would tape public service announcements saying "from all of us on 'Diff'rent Strokes', Happy Holidays from our family to yours".

Have a safe and pleasant holiday, guys and gals. Thanks for making this a fun place to visit each day.

Merry Christmas to all.

Thanks HB for another fun filled year. You did a great job even though the Sox did not give you much with which to work. Or maybe they did, given their off year.

Let's hope Santa brings the MFYs an overpriced, soon-to-be disabled, free agent pitcher.

...and I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight.Merry Christmas to all,to Yankee fans a great slight :o) Just Kidding-holiday truce and don't forget to pass around the fruit cake. Rich

"Let's hope Santa brings the MFYs an overpriced, soon-to-be disabled, free agent pitcher."

Yaz - I thought Zito was talking to the Mets, not the Yankees...

Oh well, Happy Holidays again, everyone.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all. Especially H.B., who brought a little joy into the everyday work lives of Red Sox fans by showing strips of Red Sox fans during their everyday work lives.

And somehow, it works perfectly.

Have a great one, everybody.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Red Sox fans. Here's hoping for a nice recovery for Jon Lester and may the best team win next year, which everyone knows it'll be the New York Yankees.

A big thanks to h.b. for helping make nonproductive time at work so enjoyable.

For the rest, whatever it is you celebrate (or not), enjoy with my best wishes for happy, healthy and safe.

h.b. thanks for a great year... I come back day after day for this goodness...

Here is to wishing you and all of RSN a happy and safe holiday season!!!

cya in the new year!!

Merry Christmas everyone- thank you all for your thought provoking comments and witty discourse. Just wondering though- is the ritualistic airing of grievances redundant somehow for the Soxaholix? Or have we all been in extended Spring Training preparing for the start of the season? Safe travels to all, and a healthy new year

I will add my wishes for a joyous (insert whichever holiday you celebrate here) and a Happy New Year. Rest up h.b. and the rest of the gang, because I sense a pretty interesting hot-stove season starting after the holidays. Let's just hope the Pats give us something to talk about in January.

Good God, this is turning in to a giant circle jerk, a veritable Bing Crosby singing with David Bowie Christmas special.

So in the spirit of keeping everyone honest, let me predict that the Sox have a definite chance in 2007. For second place.

God Bless us all every one.

Merry Christmas, h.b. and my fellow acolytes of this creepy strip.

Thanks for some great fun and insights during the year.


Have a surly but lovable Christmas, LC.

Happy Christmas from Australia to all Soxaholics (incl. the nice yanks)- may your stockings be full and your turkey not overcooked. thanks for all this fun and joy you give us through the year, HB. And of course - Go 'Sox for '07.

merry christmas to hb and all my fellow posters and lurkers my hope is that its the best one ever for us all

Since I'm more lurker than poster--nowhere near the wit and wisdom of Mahty, LC, Natalie, Bob, Soxdownunder, Mickeya, etc. and of course the incomparable HB--I'll just say thanks to each and every one of you for brightening many a dull day.

You're all incomparable, or in the words of the ether-addled doc of Firehouse Rules, "Merry Christmas all you princes of Boston, you kings of Sox Nation!"

My best friend Robert and his wife had their first child on Christmas Eve.

Everybody, it's my honor to introduce Graeme Robert Curran, the true Prince of New England.

And the newest member of Red Sox Nation.

Congratulations to Bob (they couldn't have done it without you), Robert, Robert's wife and Graeme Robert. Well done, all of you. Now hunker down.

Merry Christmas (belatedly), Soxaholix and regular commenters! After a week of snorkeling for sea turtles in Watermelon Cay and lazing in the sun of Cinnamon Bay, I have returned stateside to toil and drudgery. As usual, this was my first stop. Thanks, hb, for the awesome work this year. I don't know what I did for insightful and funny Sox commentary before finding this site.

A very happy New Year to everyone! Here's to another WS victory in 2007...

Six more days and HB shall rise again. Rejoice and exalt.

Has anybody tried to pay their season ticket or 10th Man Plan online?

It's akin to to Chinese water torture.

It doesn't work, it sends you to odd, unrelated sites when you try to contact them...it's a nightmare.

Then I went to the official red Sox site and logged onto my account and found that I can't pay for my tix there; I have to go to the other, unmanageable site I'd just left.

Then I call the Sox ticket office and there's nobody there.

I just want to give you money, you idiots! Take my money!

Hey Bob...just send it to me. I'll take care of everything.

Uh, I think I'll keep trying the website dave S.

Hey, Happy New Year Soxahlix (and even Skankaholics other than BigLie).

Here's to a healthy, happy, prosperous 2007. Which, as we all know, really begins in April.

You should try getting tickets when your zip code only has four digits! Apart from the outlandish prices, do we know whether 'Go tickets', 'tickets40' and 'liquidator' and 'Best Show' are legitimate - ie if I pay will I get tickets and will they get me into the ballpark?

... and how on earth do they get all the tickets. It's a bit like stealing isn't it?

Everybody survive last night? Good. See you all back here Wednesday.

My only hope for the new year is that h.b. was not Gerald R. Ford, James Brown, or Saddam Hussein.

Whew, what a rough week for high-publicity deaths.

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