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No you can't take it. No you can't take it ...

So Mariners' GM Bill Bavasi says that in trading Manny the Red Sox "want a lot back in return" … Jeez, you think?


Yeah, I can't imagine why one of the greatest hittahs in baseball would, you know, be worth more than Richie Sexson can you?


What the hell, trading Manny Ramirez for Richie Sexson is like trading Scarlett Johansson for the wonky-eyed, big-footed, cootie-ridden Paris Hilton. Yeah, they're both blonds, but the comparison pretty much ends there.


Meanwhile, I heard a really, really awful trade rumah: A-Rod to the White Sox.


Oh, no, that would be a crushing blow to my Yankees inspired abhorrence.


Are you kidding me? A-Rod is the fuel that powahs my pretty hate machine. I so want him to finish his slap happy careah in the Bronx.


Seriously, summah just wouldn't be summah without seeing him in Pinstripes with clenched blue lips and Blair Witch Project eyes whenevah he comes to bat in Fenway.


Truly, it's a gift from the Gods.



Not to mention that A-Rod's postseason failures wouldn't be as magnified for the ChiSox as it would for the MFYs. As long as A-Rod is on the Yanks they have no shot of winning a World Series. Just look at the improvement each team he leaves goes through once he is gone.

//like trading Scarlett Johansson for the wonky-eyed, big-footed, cootie-ridden Paris Hilton.//

Yah, ok, but with Paris you'd at least get blown. Repeatedly.


Paris also comes with the very real potential for a 3-way involving Brittney.

you'd contract a disease simply approaching within 10 feet of Hilton. Furthermore the experience would be disconcerting...like being blown by a female Klingon.

Alex probably wins the AL MVP next year. I'm thinking about 55 jacks, 150 RBIs, .595 SLG, something in that department.

I think A-Rod is a dick, but if this season was his worst it was still pretty good. So instead of hoping for him to choke through another season I wouldn't mind seeing him go to another team.

I hear ARod wants to drop the shoulder on Sylar. I'd love to see what happens to Sylar after he eats ARod's brain.

//Yah, ok, but with Paris you'd at least get blown. Repeatedly.//

Lou, you could also screw a dead dog but it's just not the right thing to do.

So let me get this straight, Kaz's first post as an enlightened and scholarly post doc refers to screwing dead dogs?



I think you mean his first sober post....

To be fair, H.B., the doc's first post-grad post was a brief treatise on the delights of Sam Adams origins. (By the way, should the good doctor be in need of a lab assistant to further pursue that particular topic in greater depth, please feel free to call me.)

I will admit, his follow up topic was an, er, "interesting" choice. Perhaps it was made at the suggestion of the Review Committee?

Ryan - "Save McBlueLips - Save the World (Series)".

Dr. Kaz must be really hung over because he missed the best parts of the story (emphasis supplied)

"there was a dead dog near the property that had been hit by a car several days (yikes!!!) earlier.

Before officers could arrive, the man showed up and began engaging in sexual acts (is that a plural????) with the dog"

talk about a bad day....


My vacation is over. I didn't win MegaMillions. I am back at work.

BTW, belated congrats, Dr. Kaz.

Good deal here


Actual proof that Kaz's PhD cures cancer!

Per Callahan in todays Herald, re; Manny: "He hates that you’re always there, always yelling and cheering and fawning all over him. He hates your very nature - your devotion, your intensity, your insatiable appetite for all things Red Sox. Hell, you could say he hates you for loving him so much. And you know what’s really kind of pathetic? You just keep loving him anyway."

Ok...Manny hates us, not the acerbic, flip-flopping, finger pointing Boston media. Besides, When did you get your psychology degree, Dr. Callahan? That said, I'm not particularly fond of Manny's personality either. I don't 'love' him, and I doubt that many of us do. I do love his numbers: .314 avg, .411 OBP, 470 dingers...he can hate me all he wants, as long as he gets off his ass and plays for us next season. If not, I'll call for his head right along with everyone else, with the press no doubt leading the charge.

Thanks for the link!

In which field did Kaz achieve his PhD?

Engineering? Physics? Women's Studies?


I can't put my finger on it, but your comments seems much more learned and erudite this morning.

How's that hangover?

Ryan and Rob- I think Yanks fans would rather A-Rod dropped a shoulder on the Haitian who could perhaps make him lose that cloying self-awareness that proves so detrimental to production in clutch situations. Awesome ep last night.

Congrats, Dr. Kaz! (Your name reminding me somewhat of that old HBO series, Dr. Katz Professional Therapist, but I digress...)

Thank you to all sending their congrats, yesterday and today.

I also goofed up the name of the brew, it's Sam Adams Utopias...and it is absolutely amazing.

J.O., I got my degree in Bioinformatics, specifically structure and expression analysis of certain liver enzymes...so you can see how the Utopias was just post-doctoral research and all.

h.b., they told me in my committee that I had a problem with scholarly review (right about the time I wished I could tell them what they could all go do with a dead dog).

IkeG, that is awesome. But I'll leave the world of cancer curing to the MDs.

yaz, the hangover's been manageable with lots of water, New England Soup Factory for lunch, and not a lot of contact with the bosses.

Dr. Kaz, yesterday's was the finest drunken post I've read since Homer's postcard to Marge that read:

"Maybe it's the beer talking, but you got a butt that won't quit. They got these pretzels here that aadshgh lakgcz akgajg....five dollars?!! Getouttahere..."

Anyway, congrats again. Good stuff.

Here's the thing about being a Yankee fan and considering A-Rod: On one hand, if the Yanks trade him, it takes a great deal of pleasure away from RSN. Good, and check. On the other, should A-Rod ever actually deliver during a postseason that the Yanks won the WS, the anger and hatred of RSN would be oh so very, very sweet. So there's the bird in the hand versus two in the bush dynamic going on between the two as rumors fly at the winter meetings. And of course, there remains very real, most likely, and least desirable third option of A-Rod staying put and facing the corner of the ALDS while his team once again gives up the ghost.

A-Fraud will never succeed in the postseason. It would cause a rip in the space/time continuum and destroy the universe.

In regards to Parisite and Britbrit, see today's Page Six:

WHICH recently separated celeb has a new habit to go along with her new friends? The cutie is spending way too much time in the bathroom of the many clubs she visits, hoovering down cocaine that her pals supply her with . . . WHICH hard-partying Hollywood starlet has club cocktail waitresses fueling rumors of rehab by whispering that the actress cuts her coke with strawberry Quik? . . . WHICH new pair of best friends are actually more? When they get back to their hotels or homes, the clothes come off.

If those were any more obvious it would be libelous.

Yah, ok, but with Paris you'd at least get blown. Repeatedly.

Scarlett Johnansson is so busy spreading her body around she has an HIV test twice a year. A bj is the least of your problems there.

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