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Leave gormandizing

You know, I can't believe the Yankees have been able to lay off signing Barry Bonds. I mean, c'mon, overpriced, steroid juiced, aging superstah with a big bat? How can King George not want to hit that?


Uh-oh, the Yankees have finally read Moneyball?


Ominous, isn't it?


Like an ill wind which blows no man to good.


Author's Notes
Today's title and the speech in the final panel are nods to Shakespeare's The Second Part of King Henry the Fourth


Shakespeare? I thought it was from Christopher Guest.

//I mean, c'mon, overpriced, aging superstah with a big bat?//

Oh, and H.B., don't forget "addled with steroids."

Great point, Bob. I've revised Susan's line.

Ill or no, Susan can blow me any which way she wants to....

Add another coal to the fire to those who think this country is going to hell:


You think Susan's business card reads:

"Susan/Circle - Professional Hoyden"?

I'm more curious about the ... >ahem< ... 'working relationship' between Lisa the Temp and Susan the Hoyden....

I like big bats and I cannot lie...

Da'beads - Ask Lou. He's been with them both. (Lucky bastard...)


WHAT?!? At the same time!?!

Honestly, that's all I want for Kwanziamssukkah....

Yeah, the Yankees are the model of fiscal probity. We all know that Steinbrenner, like the trembling dry drunk who's one bad argument with the wife away from diving headfirst off the wagon, is watching all the big money signings and beginning to twitch.

Expect Bonds to be handed 2 yrs/30 million, Zito 5 yrs/90 million, and Pettite 3 yrs/40 million by the end of the week, followed by a press conference featuring Steinbrenner announcing the deals and Cashman weeping quietly like a schoolgirl in the badkjground.

Waitaminute...am I the only one who has just noticed that the TOP LINK in the 'Top 5 Links' on the left side of this page is to photos of (the admittedly fuckaliscious) Scarlett Johansson??

Is this site entirely populated by a pack of rabid, testosterone filled boys with thick necks, profuse sweating and shrunken balls? Are we Yankees or Sawhx?!?!

(That said, the second picture
is quite possibly the most glorious thing I have ever seen. Ever.)

As for Scarlett being the number one outbound link, well, I'm just happy to here it's not the one from this strip:

"Is that a casaba melon in your pocket or ..."

Wait...wait...I just vomited in my mouth....

Lisa is a size queen....

Susan is a good egg.


Casual Thursday in the office for Mike, huh, h.b.? Any reason for it?

(Not that one should need a reason for wearing a Yankee-hating t-shirt ;)

Um...no, not entirely, if I may speak for myself, Natalie and Tessie, at a minimum. Doncha know, Da'beads, that's why h.b. throws in a "Varitek's ass" panel now and then. Or did I miss the point and Scarlett is a Yankee thing as opposed to other gals who are more Sox chix?

nice T

The thing is, both guys and girls check out the ladies. In my experience, women enjoy looking at other women almost as much as men do. Of course most may be less given to the tendancy toward, uh, gratification that accompanies male ogling, but there's definitely something to it.

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