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Damned if I can think of a title for one

So this isn't going to do much to quell the preconceptions regarding Nancy Drew … Not even signed yet and there's already something wrong with him?


Well, to be fair, it's only, you know, "some kind of issue."


How is it that the media can uncover top secret government phone tapping programs, but they can't find out what the frig is wrong with a $14 million dollar free agent? I mean, c'mon people, pri-or-i-ties.


Yeah, well, if you want something to cheah yourself up, I suggest watching some dog judo, or what I like to think of as, if Varitek and A-Rod were talking dogs, this is kinda what it would like.



Dog judo. Cruddy weekend now forgotten. Thanks!

Wonder what are the odds that the whole Drew deal gets nixed. I don't know that I'd be too sad about it.

Take out the hand fractures from being hit by a pitch (pretty fluky), and Drew's injury history really isn't all that bad. If he can get out of the way of the ball he looks more like a 145 gamer per year. Add the DH as an option, and you get maybe 150 from him.

I think with a little help from Fenway he's minimum a .900 OPS, plus-defense kind of guy for a couple of years. $70 million worth? Probably not, but he'll make the lineup a lot better when he's in it through, say, 2009 at least.

I actually think this is good news for the Red Sox. They have a little leverage to make the deal better in their favor (much like the Tigers with Ivan Rodriguez). Shorten the guaranteed length of the deal, lower the base, either of those are positives. I think the Sox are better with Drew than without. But with Nixon/Pena as your fallback position, I wouldn't be crushed to see this deal voided. I would be thrilled to see it shortened to 3 years with vesting options for 4 and 5.

Gotta love the FO. They overpay for Drew just to soften up Borat, and now they can (possibly) renegotiate Nancy's numbers if the, um, shoulder doesn't pan out.

Plus, I think B Donnelly is nasty, albeit a little old (35).


Where's the one dog's full protective mask and gear?

Merry Christmas:

Venite adoremus
Venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum

To non-Christians, may the God of your choice bless you.

Dog judo, with Slappy McBlueNose. Priceless.

Guess I'm just feeling a little contentious this morning, but...

Dave - Why would you even want to talk about .280/20 HR Drew as DH, given the current resident of that position?


lc, are you suggesting the FO actually "planned" all this? They may (MAY) have stepped in dog poop and come out smelling like roses, but more likely it would be a case of the old blind sow finding the acorn.

Count me in as one who very much hopes this means either a voiding of the offer, or at least a meaningful re-write of the deal.

Call me grumpy this morning.

Rob...I'm not saying Drew as full (or even part-time) DH, I'm saying spot hitting as DH would enable him to stay fresher in the field and play more games (my number went from 145 to 150 by switching leagues). A huge portion of Drew's value is in his glove, where he's highly regarded by both scouts and stat-heads. You hit him DH on days that Papi rests or those rare instances that he takes the field.

Okay, Dave. Fair enough, I guess. I know Drew's got a well-regarded glove and all, but guess I still haven't wrapped my head around the $$$ and term of the announced contract for him. Haven't thought through to how we could use him in those types of situations. Once again, you're thinking several steps ahead of me.


What's worse?

Losing your medal or getting beat by a girl?

Indian runner fails test and gets stripped of medal

What does Doug do, anyway? He's never in the office.

I am also in the camp of if-Drew-doesn't-sign-this-is-a-blessing. The real gift (and a sign of either the Red Sox doing something right or complete luck, or both) is that this was discovered/disclosed BEFORE the season starts...not like the days of past...

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