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We've had ball slapping, so why not crotch noogies, too?

So if the Sox sign Matsuzaka and the Yankees sign Igawa you know what this will mean right?


Yes, a whole new chapter in the age old rivalry.


Absolutely. We've had Munson and Fisk, A-rod and Tek, now it's time to up the ante Japanese stylee.


Matsuzaka-san, show Igawa-san "the electric message," will you please?


Denki Anma, bitches.



Given a choice between a nut nuggie from Matsuzaka and a 'drop the shoulder move' from A-Fraid, I'll take at the electric massage any day....

So where does Okajima fit in all this massaging?:

Hmmm, link didn't go through when I tried to hyperlink it. Sorry...


What have we gotten ourselves into?


No homo.


homo arigato Mr.Roboto?

So will Igawa be applying the electric massage to Godzilla?

...and Boss Steinbrenner?

You guys know that says "electric mEssage", right? :)

In the meantime, I'm going to do everything I can today to work Denki Anma into my presentation and then find out how many in the room speak Japanese.

Pandora! Great tip! I'm rocking out to it as I type this. Soxaholix + Pandora make Thursdays so much better.

Glad to hear re Pandora.

For me it's one of those "omg how did I manage before Pandora?" apps.

I bought a CD last week because of Pandora. A band I'd never heard up came up, and I clicked through, sampled a few other tunes, and had to own it them. 90 seconds later, Itunes had my money.

The band is Bugs Multiply - an unsigned, punk inspired indie rock band from Charlotte NC.

Matsuzaka looks like the little kid from the Son of Godzilla movies, while Igawa looks like a cast member of the movie "Ichi the Killer," a Yakuza flick which I caught on cable recently:

Incredibly graphic violence, S&M, women who like to be beaten up, it was pretty disturbing.

Just checked out the site,COD,awesome.In the bandpics section one of the guys is wearing a sox hat-what are the odds? :)

Just went into Pandora. Wow, great! Typed in Traffic (what a great band) and suddenly am listening to "Rainmaker" off the Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys album. Hadn't heard it in years. My day is now complete.

Thanks for the link!

For those interested, you can set Pandora up to play through your home stereo if you have a wireless network at home and use something like what's offered by Slim Devices (http://www.slimdevices.com/). It's pretty cool in that you can also access whatever MP3 libraries or playlists you have set up on your PC. Sorry for the commercial.

I'll chime in on the Thanks to h.b. for the Pandora recommendation. It makes me WANT to sit at my desk. COD, Bugsmultiply is very fun; thanks for the tip.

Just saw that the Sox signed left handed relief pitcher Hideki Okajima.

You can play it on your home sys w/o a slim device too.

I set up Pandora on my laptop then run audio out of the headphone jack in my iBook directly into my hifi system and there you go.

It's awesome.

I also have one of those small "road trip" speakers designed for iPods that I use this way as well when I'm travelling. Instead of using the iPod, I just plug the laptop in and start streaming Pandora.

Of course, you may say, if you have the iPod why bother? Well, like many people (perhaps you?), I have these mental blocks often where I just can't decide what music to play.

With Pandora, I can just pick a style/genre and let it do all the decision making after that.

Love the Pandora. Too bad I have to work, some days.

I experimented with various core artists, including Bob Segar, (yup) Traffic. Most happy with what comes out of my Everclear channel.

Pandoraを愛しなさい。 私が働かせるにはなる余りに悪い状態ある日。 私は様々な中心の芸術家で、ボブSegarを含む、(yupの)交通実験した。 最も幸せ出るものがとEverclear私のチャネルから。


I like shuffling the old iPod and hearing songs that I love but wouldn't have picked out. That's good...but Pandora does go that extra step and finds music you don't even know, but that fits your interests. The whole "smart" playlist thing is really magnificient. Of course, streaming media is blocked for me at work. Which, in a way, is awesome. But, in another more accurate way sucks.

lc- after the Pandora rec this morning, I ventured over. Bob Seger was the first name I plugged in, too. Awesome! I'll reiterate, thanks h.b. for the rec. I will have to alternate that with my iTunes and XM Radio online.

That said, anyone else have this particular brain abnormality: there are times I get really into one song on my iTunes and will infinite repeat it for the entire day (we're talking 8-9 hours) as I work... It makes me oddly productive, even as I think it may be a sign of Asperger's. :)

PS lc- another FANTASTIC Babelfish translation. But what exactly is the "experiment of yup"?

yeah, and who is 'hob' Segar?


Funny, I make more sense in reverse translation of my translation than I do in English.

Sorry to be an anti-Jobs luddite, but no Ipod for me. I don't like Apple's DRM scheme. I have a bucketful of SanDisk, Creative and Lexar mp3 players.

I'm gonna plug in the Refreshments in Pandora to get me through the rest of the day.


Yeah, the drm stuff sucks, but I couldn't do most of the creative stuff I do (including this site) w/o Apple.

Yes, I'm in the Cult of Mac.

Point taken, h.b

I'd be a mac person if my office wasn't MSbrainwashed.

list of Apples I've owned

Apple II
Apple Lisa (!!!)
Classic Mac (OS 3 I think)
Mac/MS dual box (610, I think)

shit, I spent a lot of money

The Refreshments channel kicked butt. Too bad they don't exist any more.

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