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Manny Trade Time. Again. [Yawn]

Well, in case you missed it the umpteen othah times ovah the last half-dozen years, the "trade Manny" media backed faux-meme is back for your viewing pleasure.


Yeah, it comes on suddenly a couple a times a year like a case of the runs.


I love Callahan's tortured logic that because Soriano signed for $17 million now's a good time to dump Manny because othah teams will now view Manny's salary as a bargain …


Guess it hasn't dawned on G.C. that, you know, there's a reason clubs are willing to pay that kind of money for a big bat in the lineup.


Oh, no, Gerry has it all figured out: It's "because major league teams have lost their minds again."


Oh, right, forget economics 101 and all the free mahket crap about use value and exchange value, prices for labah are determined entirely by whethah or not the capitalists in any given sectah have lost their minds or not.


The thing I can't quite seem to get is why media guys like Callahan seem so totally flustered by the fact that Manny disses Boston by saying he wants a trade?


Yeah, you'd think a guy who is insensitive enough compare black school kids to gorillas would have a bit of a thickah skin, you know?


Seriously. I mean toughen up, Ger-Ger. You're not going to impress your fantasy girl Ann Coulter by acting like a total pussy. Skinny right wing bitch likes her men strong, like Rummy.


Absolutely. For me, I don't care if a playah says our clam chowdah tastes like piss or if he says Paul Reveah was a queeah or if he says our chicks got coochies that smell like scrod, if he can hit like Manny, he belongs in Boston regahdless.



Well-trodden ground concerning the idiocy that is the Boston sports media. But I absolutely LOVED the last panel. Says it all. "Just hit the damn ball and run hard to the base." Sox wouldn't be the same without Manny - and that would NOT be a good thing.

I don't have enough brain cells left to give much of damn about MR24. I like him, keep him, etc.


After all,it's just Manny being Manny.

I think we could do it without Manny.

Take first? No way in hell.

But we could play baseball.

I believe that should read "regahdless."

It's a testament to the Boston fans that no matter how many times the media says "we're tired of Manny's giving up on the season antics" the fans refuse to believe it. Check out the Boston.com poll... 91% say the Sox are better off with Manny, 82% say he's worth the headaches and irreplacable.

Meanwhile, we could use Otsuka to anchor the bullpen and to act as a stable-mate to Matsuzaka? Otsuka and Michael Young's and Theo could talk me into it... but because its a good deal, not because we don't want Manny's headaches.

Manny is an enigma within a puzzle within a quandary within a paradox within a flaky pastry crust of hitting goodness.

//...our chicks got coochies that smell like scrod...//

Snicker, snicker. Actually, really fresh Scrod has little to no smell. Much like really fresh, well, you know.

Don't trade Manny. End of story.

BTW, I believe it was Kaz who said he got his 10th Man Season Ticket Plan renewal in the mail the other day. Anybody else get theirs yet?

I just don't trust the Post Office.

Sorry, BigBri. I know you have a part-time job there.

I agree completely SoH. It continually boggles the mind that most of the ink-stained wretches can write something like "we're tired of Manny's giving up on the season antics" and consider it the word of God. Sorry, Ger- you don't speak for me, and from the looks of it, you're just whistling in the dark.

My question is, if you're so fired up to get rid of one of the best RH hitters in the history of baseball who, praytell, to propose we get to replace him. I've said it before, I'll say it again- you get rid of Manny, you all but neutralize Ortiz (unless you count the 50,000 BB he'll get next season as productive ABs)

Yes, Ramirez is Gehrig to Ortiz's Ruth. Lineup protection is key. Although the knee injury shit (when a productive Ramirez might have stopped the bleeding during the collapse) must have been trying for the RS faithful.

Hey, I saw that Lester was among a trio of players activated from the 60-day DL. Does that mean anything regarding his cancer ... remission or whatever? Or does that just sort of happen in the offseason. I am hopeful for his sake that treatment is going that well, whether he can play next year or not.

I'm hopeful on Lester, but given that they also removed Clement from the 60-day DL at the same time, and he might not throw a pitch for us next year...I'm not inclined to read anything into that move.

That last panel was brilliant. Not living in Boston, it's easy to get frustrated with the echo chamber media, and wonder if everyone really has deluded themselves into thinking the Sox would be better off without Manny. In reality, it's just that every self-important jackass blowhard in the Boston media needs to be summarily executed.


If we summarily executed every self-imporant jackass blowhard covering boston sports, then all we'd be left with is box scores in the paper, Remy, and Hazel Mae.

On second thought...

This is your best work in a long time, linking the hysterical sports media with Ann Coulter's shrill nonsense is apt. Well done.

Jon Lester is still undergoing chemo treatments so I don't think his being taken off the dl has anything to do with his current health situation.

I was at the Fens in '05 when the trade deadline came and went..."Manny! Manny! Manny!" My daughters' first game, he comes through with the game winner.

I work with far flaker co-workers who produce far less.

Keep Manny & Ortiz together...end of story.

Congrats to Morneau.

Maybe Ortiz's little mid-season comment sunk in. I think one of the better choices got the trophy this year.

Jeter will just have to console himself with a rod.

Don't trade Manny. He is the most exciting hitter in baseball. Trade Callagan. Trade CHB. But don't trade Manny.

Slow day here so I thought I'd chime in. The off-season 40-man roster is basically how clubs designate who is (or, rather, who isn't) available for picking by other clubs in the Rule 5 draft. Since there's no injured list in the offseason, if they want to protect guys like Lester, they need to "activate" him and get him on the roster. It's just paperwork, so nothing should be inferred from it about the health of players listed there.

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