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I love that the bid for D-Mat wasn't 51 million, wasn't 51.1 million, but was 51.11 million … It's like The Price is Right game show.


Theo Epstein come on down! You're the next contestant in the Boras Switcheroo Pricing Game.


Theo better have his Wonderjock on as the conventional wisdom says Boras is looking for 3yrs at $20 mil a year. Combine that with the 51.11 bid and that's a lot of yearning for yen.


Reports suggest the Yankees make $20 million a year marketing the Matsui brand in Japan … Of course those reports come from Scott Boras which is about as unbiased as getting reports on Israel from Al Jazeera.




But seriously. Matsuzaka vs Matsui, the gyroball vs juicy Giambi, Red Sox v Yankees, the greatest rivalry in all of sport? The Japanese fans are going to price that action like Kobe beef.


Yeah, and wait until the harajuku girls get a look at Quadzilla.





I put this up in the other thread, just b/c I was right and I want all you boys to know it:

"Zimbalist estimated that the Sox might gain no more than $3 million a year by cashing in on the Japanese icon because they would be required under major league rules to equally distribute the vast majority of their earnings related to the merchandising of Matsuzaka with the 29 other teams."

"The bottom line is, I think there would have to be a lot of creativity involved on our end for the club to reap the financial windfall some have predicted," the Sox official said. "I'd contend this move is much more of a baseball decision than an economic decision."

This is clear a WTF decision, if they sign him. If the FO thinks they need to do this to compete, it could go downhill very quickly. Even if he's Pedro, the team still needs to fill many other holes. I just don't get it.

What does that "prove" other than the Sox are actually interested in winning? Your story is getting quite boring, Mary J. Let's hear your thoughts on the Wonderjock or my old college roommate's massive testicles. :)

BTW, it's time to come up with a nickname for our soon-to-be new pitcher. In honor of his mythical gyroball, I say we name him The Cyclone.

Not only does it reference his pitches' amazing movement, but also the "Cyclone Ranger" from "Turning Japanese."

(Yes, I know the song's about masturbation, but wearing this Wonderjock has me in the mood.)

Love the Japanese fashion tips. The Sex Kitten style will sweep Newbury Street.

Not to go off on a tangent so early in the day (oh ok I will), but after watching a kickass FNL last night, I clicked over to NESN and watched the RS HOF dinner. Other than the fact that Imelda Marcos really looks good in the offseason. Still.......

Holy Fucking Christ on a Pony!!!
George Scott weighs six bills at least. And. Walks with a cane.
I am not making fun of the guy, he was such a sweet player, but honest to goodness, he was gignormous.

File under: Time is Such a Bitch.

ever youthful, and fit,


Have all the Kobe beef you want, I'm in for the Mishima.
(The link is even semi-demi-related to Japanese baseball.)

Ryan, I remember that episode. BTW, Sakai was the best chef of all of them.

It proves it wasn't a business decision - it was a baseball decision. And I think it was a piss poor one at that. The FO is not following their own, Pats-style dictates. Like I said, that's fine if Daddy Henry is using his wallet. It's just a completely different organization now. And one that is always worried about the present than planning a solid furture. The moves of the last season bear this out more so than anything else - trade the young and unproven for the older and proven, spend huge amounts of cash eeven when you don't need to (51 million when the nearest bid was $38 million), extension to Beckett and Crisp even as they hadn't earned them yet.

Hey, all's good if they win. But last year they didn't. And they still have a bunch of holes to fill. But they're going to spend $44 million on JD Drew?

I'll second MJ's bit as becoming boring. We get it already: you don't like the deal. Lot of other folks with some pretty solid baseball bona fides in these matters do.

In any event, the bid has been made. Live with it.

Mothra! Mothra! Mothra!

Or how about King Ghidorah? That guy was a badass.


Or maybe Ultraman?


I just like the outsized Japanese monster thing, especially considering that he's going to fight Godzira, and he's, well, Japanese.

How aout Tetsujin 28?

(What's his number BTW?)

Bob, that was one of the first episodes I saw. The idea of beef and chocolate just mesmerized me. I was totally hooked. I love Sakai, too, but Chen was always my faovrite. (In the Japanese version, I always rooted for the Iron Chefs, whereas with the American version, I usually root for the challenger.)

Wow, just cause you don't agree with me it's getting boring? Because you thought it was a business decision? I'll take Zimblast at his word well before anyone else.

But if everyone wanted to talk about how great DM is going to be, give him nicknames, and just get on your knees for a teabag of Theo's monster sack - that's exciting?

I just expected some levity around here. The Beckett deal I thought was a good one. I've learned my lesson. We'll see if I'm proved wrong. Considering that same money could have been used for Zambrano next year...oh what 51.11 million could have bought. This reaks as Theo's Katrina moment. I guess after last season he figured he had nothing left to lose

I guess Matsuzaka's number is 18. Shouldn't cost him much to pry that from Dustan Mohr.

Hmmm, 18. Quite a number in Red Sox lore.

I tried to watch the HOF dinner last night - got the dreaded "This program is not available in your area" message from DirecTV.

WTF? How the hell is that part of the blackout deal in VA? Does anybody actually understand how the rules work with NESN and DirecTV work? As far as I can tell, the more I want to watch something on NESN, the less likely it'll be allowed.

It's not that we don't agree with some of what you're saying, MJ. In fact, I think paying Drew 44M is somewhat insane.

But let's move on. What's done is done.

Let's talk about how we think Tetsujin 18 will actually perform. Whether his gyroball is real or not. Performance stuff.

Because no matter what YOU think about it, he's gonna be a member of the Red Sox.

Here's a picture of Matsuzaka arriving in Boston, with Scott Boras at his side.



You just keep flogging the dead horse. OK. You're right the deal sucks. Theo's an idiot.

Can we move on now?

You must be new to the comments here, because, for the most part, the comments tend toward the light and the humorous. If you want to get into a pitched argument on the merits or lack thereof of this deal or any other, then go over to a place like SOSH where that is their bread and butter.

If you wan't to talk about nicknames for D-Mat or the merits of the wonderjock or make fun of cuddle parties or express fascination for bonzai car crash art etc, well, then, irasshaimase to Soxaholix :)

Sure, but honest analysis seems required at moments like this. Indeed, when it's a good move, you all trip all over yourselves whipping it out for the bukkake party. The levity has been lost - I guess if you don't mind laying out even more cash at the old park for moves like this. Even when the ultimate product doesn't improve? What about all those folks who paid good money for meaningful baseball in September? So they can cheer Papi breaking the HR record?

Has firetheo.com been registered yet?

Mellett, Keith
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447


That's the thing - no one here said that (characters, commeters, hb): This deal does suck. It is truly a WTF moment. I was just shocked I didn't get agreement on that. I'm done now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Wow, Mary...I'm a Yankee fan, and you're depressing even me. The Red Sox are signing a guy who could become a true ace...scouts to SABR drool over this guy. Let time tell if the product improves or not...and as NV and others pointed out repeatedly yesterday, the money isn't even spent yet. This could prove to be a block move.

I'm still trying to get my gyroballs in my wonderjock :)

Sorry-things were just getting too damn serious around here.

Sure, that's the one saving grace - which I pray rings true - that it is a giant smoke screen. Even still, shouldn't they be focused on other things, like oh finding a SS, RF not named Drew, a few starting pitchers, a closer, and most of a bullpen?

And even if he turns out to be a true #1, which remains to be seen, it's still a terrible move. For the same money they could sign Zambrano next year and have 5 million left over on a yearly basis. Remember, Beckett was supposed to be a #1 that everyone drooled over, me included.

MFY fans should remember the last great American Ace search: from Weaver to Vazquez, to Unit. Those trades didn't work out so well did they? Pitching is iffy - always has been and always will be.

Looks like mary j is "doesn't get the point" guy.

I think one point that is being missed is that the 51.11 million is not a salary number, and, therefore wouldn't count in the luxury tax figure. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Paying D-Mothra 15 mil a year would count against the luxury tax, but the 51.11 wouldn't be amortized over the term of the contract (in contrast to, say, NFL signing bonuses, which are). As I mentioned yesterday, I think the 51.11 is a fully justifiable investment by John Yen-ry to gain an instant share of an enormous market, much in the same way the 20 mil a year they spend in the DR for facilities is justified. And forget Bora$. He did us a favor by pricing JohnNY Demon out of the market. I miss him, but he ain't worth it. He'll be doing the George Scott cane walk by the end of the contract.

As for the nickname, see above: D-MOTHRA

I did put "mothra" and "eighteen" in a web-based nickname generator
[ http://links2love.com/nicknames.htm ], but the result was, let's say, unsatisfying for those of us who can't scratch the cash together for Wonderjock.


Loveheart Hot-Baby Nuts


Count me as one who gives an unqualified "woot!" to this deal... I think it's exciting. It's exciting to finally be on the winning end of one of these big player showdowns. It's exciting to think, as Tara and Circle point out, of the Sox-Yanks rivalry taking over Japan (and thank you, h.b., for the never-gratuitous shout out to Tek's thighs; I pine, I perish). And it's exciting to think we could be watching a young "cool as a cucumber" pitcher with great stuff for the next three years. Any transaction is a gamble, and in the spirit of the Wonderjock, I like Theo's cajones here. Shit, the Sox have the money. To h.b.'s point yesterday, let's spend it (it's not as though my ticket prices go down if we don't)! There is no handicapping in baseball; we don't get bonus points at the end of the season for having the lowest payroll. Bring on the mythical gyroball...

(*MJ: Just as a point of fact, your claim of "oh what 51.11 million could have bought" can't apply to signing anyone next year (or any year). The $51.11 is a one-time, tax-free, non-payroll posting fee.)

I, for one, welcome our new Matsuzak-it-to-me overlords! Not bonsai, BANZAI!

Cripes! LC beat me to it (that's what I get for not hitting that "post your comment" button right away.

Squish like grape!

Hey lou -

Take a moment to read some of the stuff this morning. The market is far from huge. This isn't Yao and CHina. Teams have already mined Japan and almost all revenue is split equally. Zimblast said there's 3 million a year to be made. Even if you call that conservative and bump that up to 5 million, that will take (here I'll do the math for you) 10 years to make that money back. This wasn't a business decision. It was baseball - pure and simple.

The news is reporting that 5 small tsunamis having hit Japan after a 8.1 mag quake.

That's how a big a fucking deal this is. The earth moves!

Gosh, and here I thought fans usually griped about the business decisions and not the baseball decisions??? Damned if you do, etc., I guess.


I thought you were going away and/or going to stop the saying the same thing over and over?

Consider this your warning. Persist in creating more noise than signal here in the comments at your own peril.

But MJ, as pointed out several times here, the %51.11M doesn't count against ANYTHING. It's not going to prevent the Sox from signing anyone else at almost any price. It's sort of John Henry pocket money. It's real money to be sure, but the Sox (and definitely the Skankees) would spend a billion a year if it weren't for luxury taxes, et al. The $51.11M doesn't count against that at all.

The Sox spend more than that every year on Fenway upgrades, Dominican facilities, maintaining minor league facilities, etc. Nobody ever says, "Oh, don't improve Fenway...then we won't be able to sign a top-line outfielder."

This $51.11M is the same sort of "invisible" investment.

and at the risk of prolonging this, I think the real wildcard here, as was pointed out yesterday, is the Sox' ownership stake in NESN. MJ, reread your own quote from the first post: "...to equally distribute the vast majority of their earnings related to the merchandising of Matsuzaka..." Merchandise, yes. NESN is not merchandise- It's money in the bank

Fine - think of what 38 million (+ the 40-50 he'll get in salary) could have bought...

Hmm, maybe the best available pitcher on the market?

Oh, wait. That would be Matsuzaki.

Right buck, except that doesn't include the games. So yeah, the pre-games and post-games must be worth what? If the entire MLB contract is 46 million/year? You tell me...

Oh GOD! STOP! I can't take it anymore...

H.B...please: I vote for death by lethal ejection.

Pavano was once the best FA pitcher available.

If only Mary J and BigBri could find an issue to take opposite sides on. Then they could both go on and on saying the same thing over and over with neither listening to the other's point.

It'd be like matter vs. anti-matter. You could probably power a city the size of Fitchburg on the energy of it all.

This topic is like rubbing your boy/girl-friend's arm over and over and over in the same place with the same motion.

It's a nuisance, not a turn on.

//The market is far from huge. This isn't Yao and CHina. Teams have already mined Japan and almost all revenue is split equally.//

Here’s a comparison of the per capita incomes of the two:


87 People's Republic of China 7,198 (just above Algeria)

16 Japan 30,615


And, not to be too big of a smart ass, but I have been to Japan many times, China less so… the concentration of people in Japan supports a quick play for market share.

mj, you seem earnest enough, but you render me weary. I’m sure the velvet rope crowd at SOSH will eat this shit up.



ps: if someone could email me a link which would explain how I can place a live link in my comments it would be much appreciated

In fairness, I should point out that if I ever got an invite to be one of the velvet rope crowd, I would turn on a dime.

hypocritically (you can't spell it without 2 l's and 2 c's),


Who exactly am I not listening to? The fans that are excited by this move? A part of me is excited - the same part that was exicted by Beckett. But everyone else is wrong. It wasn't a business deicion. Even if great, it won't be worth it. They've changed the whole nature of how they do business. They're becoming what you despise most - the MFY! Now I know what Busgh's cabinet meeting must feel like - everyone too busy with the circle jerk to think or talk rationally. Hey, if it feels good... Woe is me if I feel like the Wonderjock is the perfect symbol for DM - looks great and screams for attention but what's underneath is less than satisfying. Ever wonder why Japanese condoms are the size of quarters?

Lou -- I just emailed you an explanation.

Better, Mary J., better...


You must be new to the comments here, because, for the most part, the comments tend toward the light and the humorous.

... except for every third day when the comments devolve into the mother of all flame wars.

I can already see the Fox sports intros for Sox/Yanks games: A tiny Japanese fishing village being smashed to bits by some 5' 4" red and white rubber 'zilla, hurling 'gyroballs' at a similar, pinstriped, behemoth. They'll call doubleheaders 'Creature Double Features'. Oh the joy.

Doodoododo, dodo, dodo youcanttouchthis!
Doodoododo, dodo, dodo breakitdown!

So anyway, will the first D-Mothra vs. Godzilla matchup fetch the largest worldwide ratings for a baseball game in history?

And just how bad do you think McCarver will mangle the word "gyroball"?

I would like to thank the baseball gods for the troll police.

I love this deal and all the Japanese media craziness that will ensue.

Too bad the Sox don't play in Denver this year.

Yet another excuse to head out to the bar to watch the Sox this spring.

Better yet, how long before the next drunken ex-pitcher "analyst" blurts out some thinly covered ethnic slur about small penis size factoring into pitching dynamics in some way?

H.B., I predict it'll come out as "guy-ro ball."

And I also predict that Fenway will add a new concession booth:


I like Ultraman... then for every strike-out, the fans in Fenway all stand up and strike the open hands crossed at the wrist cross-hairs style Ultraman unleashing a spacium ray pose.

Besides, Godzilla typically beats Mothra.

Howdy y'all. Haven't peeked in for a while what with the Browns on a tear and all...hey, at least they were able to beat the Jets!

Anyway, I love this news. It's done and we won and let's have ourselves a wonderful pitcher. I'm all for it.

What about Rodan?

He's an artist, AND a prehistoric reptile monster.

On another note the Pats picked up Testaverde-LOL

This Japan festival reminds me:

We fight a huge war with that country:

That had a society/culture/religion totally alien to the west, steeped in a suicide/martyrdom dynamic...

That was basically in the dark ages less than 50 years before that war...

...and less than 50 years later they have totally assimilated in to the global fabric of nations.

One can only hope that the middle east in general wakes up and smells the coffee.

Those Gee-roball sandwiches...what do you think they'll price them at, Bob? $8.50 per 5" pita?

Aha! We've suddenly solved the mystery of the $50 million! Gee-ros for everybody!

SNL Farley as a Greek: You like-a da juice?

Borat: High five!

To those who think the Sox are spending way too much money on Matsuzaka, I can only say: they're going for a pitcher. Period. Who would you have them spend that money on instead? Barry Zito?

Yeah, me neither.

Out here in Seattle, the locals seem rather upset that their team didn't make a stronger bid (or any at all?) Considering how aggressive the Mariners are with courting the Japanese market, it is somewhat perplexing. The general consensus is "Ahh, those damn East Coast teams with all their money. How can we compete?" Which would be less humorous if the Mariners weren't owned by Sony.

Kaz, I think $8.50 is being kind to the good folks at Aramark. My guess is $10.00 for a Gyro-ball sandwich. If everybody visiting Fenway buys just one during the course of the season, that'll be approximately $30 mil right there.

//think of what 38 million (+ the 40-50 he'll get in salary) could have bought...//

What would that have bought? Barry Zito, who regularly gets his head pounded in by the Yankees? Pass.

So what's the alternative to Matsuzaka? Ted Lilly? Gil Meche? Jeff Suppan? Puh-lease. Or hey, here's an idea - trade half the farm for some mediocre "proven" veteran. I for one want to start holding on to the kids.

Matsuzaka is the best pitcher on the market. He's going to cost money. The Sox can afford him. I don't see the problem.

Sorry to go back to getting serious... but one thing bothers me about all the WTF $50MM is too much talk. Consider it from Theo's perspective a week ago. Do you bid $32MM?

I don't think anybody would be griping at that price. No, at that price, the Yankees will get him for $40MM. Do you bid $40MM? No, the Yankees could still get him for $41,000,00.

The questions isn't whether you spend $50MM... but do you spend the extra $10,100,00 to make sure that you get him and that the Yankees don't. That's the same $10MM you didn't think Damon was worth. The same $10MM you didn't think Petey was worth. I think Ultraman's worth it, and the Yankees are going to have to trade their Sanchez, Ramirez, and who knows who else to get a fourth and fifth starter on opening day to follow Wang, Musina and Zito.

"The Sox spend more than that every year on Fenway upgrades, Dominican facilities, maintaining minor league facilities, etc. Nobody ever says, "Oh, don't improve Fenway...then we won't be able to sign a top-line outfielder."

And, above the din comes a voice of reason.

Thank you, Bob, for point out something that 1. copmpletely destroys MJ's argument of baseball v. business decisions and 2. makes the decision to post %51 mil sound even more rational.

With all maryj's talk of circle jerks and asian condoms, I get the sneaking suspicion that BigBri might've had a sex change...

FYI: Mary J has been banished to the troll equivalent of Elba, so unless she circumvents the block (which as we know isn't too terribly difficult) you won't hear any more from her for a bit.

BTW, I wouldn't be suprised to find a pair of Wonderjocks on "maryj"...

It's the kind of name a stoner might take if they were acting like a weed...if you know what I mean.

"MaryJ" is no more an actual, living, breathing, three-dimensional space-time occupant than "BigBri" is. They're both characters, alter egos created by the wily puppetmaster H.B. for the purpose of stirring the pot when commenters start agreeing too much.

That's my theory, anyway, and I'm sticking to it. Because the alternative explanation is that "MaryJ" and "BigBri" actually exist, which is too depressing to seriously contemplate.

JUST IN CASE hey hb. ya know how you occasionaly revisit past strips? well please save todays just in case, it could come in real handy around the 25th of july ... oh btw. im on the bandwagon for this guy too, might even try (gasp) sushi

Mornin' team. Wow. I totally missed out on the mj redundant-a-thon. I like how you guys went from (yesterday) "ok, yeah whatever", to " jeez, enough already" to "girl can beat a dead horse" to "enough". and then the law was handed down from HB, and it was good.

I like the fact that we might end up with a tight as a drum pitching rotation in 2k7.
And I love the "Creature Double Feature".
I think the Asian market would be a great place for the Wonderjock. Perhaps a trend for the male equivalent of the Harajuku girlies.

I was happy to hear about this deal. For the first time since about mid-August, I got excited about a Sox news item. What a long, lethargic Fall.

Maybe we can tie him to a Yugioh! dragon...perhaps Berserk Dragon, because "This card can only be Special Summoned by the effects of "A Deal with Dark Ruler".

Oh, and the Berserk Dragon is apparently from the "Dark Crisis" set of cards.

I second that feeling of being excited and rejuvenated again.

And, you know, that's worth something as a return on investment, too.

I tried to be jazzed about the Renteria signing back in the hotstove leading into '05 but I never really felt it.

Beckett? Yeah, that felt good.

But really you have to go back all the way the the Schilling/Theo Thankgiving in Nov 2003 to find a time when I just wanted to open window and shout, "Fuck yeah! Red Sox, baby!" over a deal (or in this case a potential deal.)

The only thing I'd worry about as a Sox fan would be if this limited their flexibility elsewhere with any real significance. But that's it. It's definitely exciting...Ultraman clearly seems to be the cream of the FA pitching crop this year. And as you all (well, mostly all) point out, it's also a bone for all of you...you haven't had a juicy one thrown your way since Ortiz signed his extension.

If nothing else it will be worth it just to see someone light a fire under the rest of the pitching staff.

//"MaryJ" is no more an actual, living, breathing, three-dimensional space-time occupant than "BigBri" is. They're both characters, alter egos created by the wily puppetmaster H.B. for the purpose of stirring the pot when commenters start agreeing too much.//

Nice. Had me laughing out loud over here, Aaron. Conspiracy theories make me chuckle so. SO, whadda ya think? I'll bet hb's posting from the grassy knoll even as we speak.

Oh, and yes, I'm completely on the Mothra bandwagon. (I for one will continue to refer to D-Mat this way. I always liked Mothra better than Goh-zira.)

Dave you bring up a good point. It really IS nice to have something to feel excited about during the hot stove. I'll be getting Mothra-Sox tshirts for a couple people this Christmas season. (Bet they'll be available, ya think?) Is this the way Yankee fans feel every time Steinbrenner goes the distance on a player?

I think for some it is, although the extra-distance hasn't translated into championships for some time now. Moreover, the Yanks have been playing something of a joyless brand of ball for a few years now. In addition to the payroll criticism, you also have this ridiculous pressure every year. The looseness is gone...A-Rod is the very perfect example. He shits diamonds as his asshole clenches with the pressure. His LIPS are blue. They're all playing not to lose, and each new major acquisition has added to the pressure of it all.

So no...I don't feel so good about it anymore. But the Yanks have been doing this for some time now. I liked it back in the late nineties, but honestly after they lost in 2001 I was hoping that they'd take a breather and rebuild. They've done nothing but add fuel to their critics' fire since then, and haven't brought back another championship. It's kind of the worst of both worlds.

Steinbrenner: Come, Dave S., see for yourself. From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Yankees and the end of your insignificant fandom.
[Dave's eyes go to his light saber]
Steinbrenner: You want this, don't you? The hate is swelling in you now. Take your Jedi weapon. Use it. I am unarmed. Strike me down with it. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.
Dave S: No.
Steinbrenner: It is unavoidable. It is your destiny. You, like Red Sox fans to the Red Sox, are now mine.

Ha! As per usual, fine work Kaz.

Another thought. Do the Sox bring back Gabe Kapler so that Ultraman has a Japanese friend on the team?

Mr. Kapler very, very found of his time in Yomiuri.

Himachi very fresh, girls very friendly.

Another positive note on Mr. Matsuzaka--the scouting reports I'm reading online all seem to agree that he tends to use his breaking stuff a lot, and goes to it as an out pitch fairly often, especially his slider. Given our hair-pulling at Beckett's refusal to use anything but his fastball all year long, it seems like a welcome change to have a pitcher where opposing hitters aren't just sitting on his fastball all game long.

Ah so, Bob. Dey ruv you rong, rong time!

Kaz - "Great, kid. Don't get cocky!" lol!

Hamulack - It's Mothra, dammit! :-D

Dave - As usual, cogent thought-provoking perspectives. Thanks. My thought would be some worry that Mothra gets booed if he goes 2-4 with an era of 4+ in his early starts. I hope that the $$$ don't inflate expectations above reason. As a friend of mine pointed out in an email Slappy showed a line of .290, .392 OBP, 113 R, 35 HR, 121 RBI in 06. Only boo-able because of the money.

Of course he also points out that a rotation of Shilling, Beckett, Paplebon, Matsuzaka and Wakefield should take us deep into the postseason provided we find someone to replace Paps in the pen. I don't see the Sox pooping diamonds in the same way you describe their counterparts in the Bronx. Hope it never gets to that point with our boys.

Wa Wa Wee Wa!

Ok, good, so we all agree, yes?

Matsuzaka for make benefit glorious nation of sox of red? Nice?

You pay Boras much money and I gives you sexy time with asian man? Yes?

No? What wrong with that? You don't like asian man? I also have crying American who also claim to be Dominican. He has small testes satchel but large shoulder move, you like?

Dzienkuje! Asian man, it is! You will like, Boras know personally! Give $50 million to team of Lions. No, they no bite you.

Wa wa wee wa! I did not expect you to actually pay that much, Henry, owner of glorious nation!

High Five!

Not Kazah (?) word at all. It's Polish. Not sure where they pulled this one out.
And yay! for splurging on Matsuzaka! Once in a while you just have to buy something good and expenssive to make yourself feel good.

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