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Gathering berries in the bog

Your omniscient author in absentia:
No strip day. But enjoy the Patriots big win and the sweet loss the Slant-eyed Hillbilly endured.

BTW, with the approaching Holiday, strips will be intermittent this week, probably just Tues and Weds unless there's some megadeal on Turkey Day.



Enjoy the down time h.b. and happy turkey day :)

now I have to get back out to the bog.

I echo Rich's comments, hb. Thanks for all you do. Have a very relaxing, happy Thanksgiving.

And thanks, too, to Dave S. for his bringing up 'Brave Sir Robin' in last Friday's comments. I read through them this morning about 7:00 or so when I got to the office, and now I've got that silly song stuck in my head. Augh!

Likewise, h.b. Thanks for the motivational poster above the file cabinet.


Thanks for that email you sent me, admitting your respect and admiration for the Yankees organization.

And now, let's play "What's going on in Kaz's head right now?".

Is it:
a) OMG, my thesis isn't done yet!
b) OMG, the Pats might have just retired Favre!
c) OMG, my thesis!
or d) Thesisthesisthesisthesis....mushroom mushroom!

Oh, it's a snake!

Kaz - I guessing "D) All of the above"

Do I win a prize? :D

Badgers,mushrooms,snake-whatever your on Kaz can I have some?

Calling Tony Dungy a slant eyed hillbilly is an affront to all the slant eyed hillbillies out there.

As much as I hate seeing Dallas win, the Tuna is still one of my favorite people in the world. Calls to mind Patton and John Belushi at the same time.


ummm... i thought peyton was he of the slanted eyes:

I guess this is as good a time as any to may the following admission - soxdownunder is a Packers fan!!!

Sad sad sad.

the rings be damned im a pats fan but come on kids theres no comparison. the slant eyed hillibilly is better than brady hands down and is prob the best player in the nfl right now with brady maybe third. not to mention peyton is the face of the nfl.

Okay, Kiddies! Here's some fun for all of you courtesey of Uncle Rob's wasted afternoon waiting on IT -- This site takes any location in the world that you choose and shows you where you would wind up if you actually dug that proverbial "hole to China". If you start in center field at Fenway, you wind up coming out in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of Australia. Kind of a neat little time waster. Of course, if you dig from center field of Yankee stadium you still come out in the bottom of an outhouse with some shit-head telling you about the 26 rings.

uh, helps if I include the url:


hey i ended up in the middle of the indian ocean too. all those lies about going to china are gonna leave deep emotional scars. any scum bag ambulance chasin attorneys out there??

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