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Whithah Mystique? Withah Aura?

I love this Damon soundbite going into Saddadee's must-win game for the Yankees, "We have to remember who we are and what we are about as a team."


Yep, and did the Yankees evah come out and show exactly what they're are about as a team and have been about for years now: The shiznit choke jobbahs.


Wait, wait, there's more. After being eliminated Damon says, "We still are the best team. The best team doesn't always win"


Ah, the tales told by idiots.


Yeah, sorry, Johnny, the so-called best teams do not go 20 consecutive innings without scoring in the playoffs.


And puh-leeze, puh-leeze, puh-leeze King George, hire Lou Piniella as skippah to replace Torre.


Absolutely. The Yankees are already wound up tightah than Kim Jong Il so, I got it, let's bring in the bat shitiest of all the bat shit managahs to, you know, chill things the fuck out.


Meanwhile, memo to Theo: Just because the Yankees crapped in their pinstripes again doesn't mean you're off the hook for your evah growing oeuvre of managerial brainfahts, mmm-kay?



A tale told by an idiot...and the head of a fox! Oops, a little Firesign Theater creeping in there. Mybad :)

The pyramid is opening!

Which one?

The one with ever-widening hole in it.

The Yankees pitching staff?

So I guess that would make Alex the "poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more," eh?

I got all choked up watching the Tigers players spray champagne on their cheering fans. Was it only 3 years ago or so they lost 119 games? What a feel-good story.

On a non-baseball related tangent, everyone has to go see the Departed. It was phenomenal. Easily two and a half of the best hours of cinematic entertainment I have ever watched. Who knew Marky Mark would practically steal the movie?

Yahoo sports has a fairly harsh article saying Joe must go.

Let '07 begin. All is right.


yes christmas did come early, i was listening to wfan yesterday morning, to an nfl show done by a broadcaster named mike francesa(spelling) from the show mike and the maddog. good sports talk radio even if new york based.anyway, ol' mikey f. is a big yankee fan and he had the line of the week talking bout his beloved yankees he said " there bullys during the season and pansies in the post season." and on a personal note to all the yankee fans out there. we still have the shiny newer rings bitches... i know i posted this on yesterdays but i didnt know it was yesterday musta been a brain faht!!

Thanks for the last panel ... hopefully Epstein and the rest of Mr Kotter's class are letting us do all the crowing and ha-has while they buckle down and try to improve significantly on '06. Needs? Oh, yeah, we got plenty.

I would hope that the latest flameout would make Georgie panic and start dumping talent, but that probably won't happen. They'll be back stronger in '07.

In the meantime, I'm going to soak in as much of this as I can. This past weekend was sweet!

There's a hell of a lot of gloating going on here...shiny new rings from 2004, Mike? For you the objects in the rear view mirror must be larger than they appear to the rest of us. But I suppose if that receding reflected glory keeps you warm from the cold fact that the Sox tumbled from four up in July to third in the division, all as the GM traded away some of the team's best young talent for lemons and bags of beans, then stay as close to that dying fire as you can.

I must confess, seeing the Yankees not just lose but embarrass themselves in losing has led to much personal merriment for me.

Yeah, yeah, Dave. S et al, the Red Sox had a horrible end to 06, but that's way old news to us. We'd already grieved and accepted it and had moved on.

So this Yankees fiasco is just a really, really sweet treat.

And you can bring up all the Red Sox foibles from 2006 all day long if you want, but it won't have any effect.

At the end of the day, the Yankees are the more recent losers. And this most recent collapse just reminds everyone of last year, and the year before that, and the year before that...

It is rather cataclysmic too, how they fell. I mean, Abreau was batting like .350 since joining the Spanks, Jeter was playing great, and then all the sudden...they just faded away...

A fall classic....

Whoa, easy does it Dave. In general, no one does a better job studying past glories in the rear view mirror then Yankee fans. In the 90s, that was an acceptable, but annoying, conceit considering that they made the right moves to keep winning. Now the post season successes are gone, but the conceitedness (see Damon above) remains, so spare us.

Bottom line, the currency of the rivalry is postseason performances and championships. The Sox failed down the stretch, but the problem was that the pitching was way too thin and everybody knew it. The Yanks were better, congrats on winning the division. The Yankees roared into the playoffs and then frankly just choked against Detroit. They had the best lineup money could buy and got wrecked by Kenny Rodgers for crying out loud. If you can't take a little ribbing over that, well, root for the Cubs or something.

I did not expect to feel as happy as I did when I heard the Yankees lost. I had been playing a videogame the day it happened and hadn't even realized there was a game for the Yankees that day. Then I'm watching the Mets finish sweeping the Dodgers and I see "DET 8 NYY 3".


I immediately checked the internet to verify the truth and started whooping and pumping my fist. I expected to feel relief, but not this lovely glow as well.

Hey, sorry Dave, yeah yeah we sucked and so did you, if not nearly as much.

20 straight innings...ouch.

Come on, I know you don't think I deluded myself that I'd actually chastize anyone here, or take a smidge away from your pleasure in watching the Yanks' demise, do you? This season's end must be nothing but pure pleasre for Red Sox Nation, for sure. Who wouldn't be happy with how it all turned out? I'm just happy to provide more fodder for your well-reasoned pile on.

Actually, Jim, to split some hairs with you, I'd suggest that the Yanks choked last year [terrible], and [obviously, the worst, the best for all of you, yadda yadda yadda] the year before that. But this year I'll credit Detroit much more with winning than charge the Yanks with losing this series. I don't know if you watched it in full, but the Detroit pitching was an absolute buzz saw. I'll tip my cap to them more than anything else. They played some truly outstanding baseball. It isn't to say that the Yanks didn't disappear and look mighty, mighty bad doing it, but it's pretty tough to argue that anyone would have beat the Tigers the way they played.

Boil,boil toil and trouble...
What will Cashman do and will Theo stumble?

Yeah, with all due respect Dave, but for ALL of us that - in spite of the great 2004 - still can smell the burning flesh of 2003, 1986, and 1978, simply put: Fuck arrogant A-Fraud, hard head Gary Sheffield, fuck the Yankees and their fucking snot-nosed fans.

They can sit and cry about it all winter long, boo fucking hoo. I'm going to get even more pleasure listening them whine about what 'should have been', and watching their pathetic efforts at rebuilding the 'uber-team'.

The funny thing: That choke job of a team won the division. Where does that leave the third place team?

See, I'll take ten more years of playoff exits like that to not having any post-season games. I got a hell of alot of enjoyment from this year's team. Regardless of what the media and "true" fans say - this was a great, great season. I've seen a Yankee Dynasty and they won't win every year. And not much will change next year - they'll be looking in the rearview mirror at your organization which knows Q-U-I-T all so well.

I'm not sure you are really splitting hairs. It's accurate to say that the Tigers pitching was just silly and good pitching almost always beats out good hitting. So perhaps choke is the wrong word.

The remarkable part is that this wasn't just any lineup that the Tigers humbled. It was arguably one of the best of all time. Fine, maybe the Yankees lose the series because the pitching was fantastic. But the hitters have to take a healthy dose of the blame for having been completely dominated by really young pitchers with no playoff experience. They should have at least had some good at bats and scored a few runs in losing efforts or something.

I don't think there is really any equivalence between the Sox late summer swoon and the Yankees playoff choke. Red Sox Mgmt was pretty clear from early on that this was a rebuilding year in their mind. Theo's refusal to pull the trigger on a deadline deal just reinforces that.

The Yankees built a $190 million dollar payroll for the express purpose of winning it all this year, and failed badly.

One of these things is worse than the other.

...but Ghengis...why, I don't feel respected at all. I like your moxie, though, and the anger thing, honestly.

Personally, I'd love for the Yanks to blow up the team and try [gasp!] actually rebuilding. (I think that's sort of what Theo was hoping to do this year, but got stuck in no-man's land trying to do it and win at the same time...this whole "on eye on the present and one eye on the future" may have screwed both a bit. The parade of talent that left Fenway and the guys they got back in wasn't good this year.) But the Yanks are clearly lost when it comes to meaningful games, as you all know well and true and to your everlasting enjoyment. They're a veritable Frankenteam, and their core of players that was around for their great 4 of 5 run ten years back is thinning badly. They'll never do it, of course, but more than anything the Yanks need a vacation from the ridiculous expectation that they should win it all every year. The money they throw year in and year out is embarrassing, and it's tiring to deal with the predictable but well-founded pot-shots taken fans of everywhere else that the Yanks just buy, buy, buy, etc. It's too much to ask to see some fucking kids play.

Well Jim, it leaves the third place team with a lot of work to do. Nobody here would suggest otherwise. Similarly, who wouldn't rather gag out of the playoffs then miss them entirely. I'm sure the Buffalo Bills are pleased with the fact that they went to all those Superbowls, it means they were a really good team, but all anyone remembers about their playoff results are Scott Norwood and wide right.
If I where you, I'd hope things do change. The Yankees don't have the right mix of people on the team to go deep in the playoffs. Your pitching is only marginally better then the Sox but much older and the clubhouse chemistry appears to be pretty bad with a-rod in the mix.

dave i feel your pain and i hope that the four more games you played this season keeps you just as warm this winter... but hey look on the bright side maybe instead of going with the farm team(do you guys even have players there?)you can always up the payroll hell i read today that since the year 2000 the yankees spent a billion on payroll? not sure i believe that but hey george can always spend more after all there has to be a savior out there somewhere that can be overpaid for.

I dunno. I honestly feel that I prefer the way this season ended with Sox not even making it.

What I'm saying is that even before the infamous 5-game sweep at the hands of the Yankees, it was becoming more obvious that the Sox were on borrowed time and, even if they made the postseason, it was unlikely they'd go far.

Having been through lots of those in and quick outs in the early and then again in the late 90s, I don't, personally, find them any more gratifying than the never even made the playoffs seasons.

This year, for me, it felt great to just relax come October, having already faced the truth about 06 back in August and being already well into the "wait until next year" mindset.

What I'm trying to say is it was just better, this year, to get it over with sooner.

But the Yankees actually believed, right up until Saturday, that they were going to win the World Series. And their fans thought so too. Look no futher than the trollign we endured the past few weeks for just how over confident many in the fan base were.

So, with that said, I'd be willing to bet a paycheck that the Yankees most recent failures sting their fans far, far worse than what we feel with the Sox being also rans and finishing in 3rd.

And that, my friends, makes me smile ear to ear.

Wow, HB. That's the best justification for being a loser I've ever heard from a non-Cubs fan: it stings less to suck worse. Go on with your bad self, Cheshire Cat!

http://www.usatoday.com/sports/columnist/saraceno/2006-10-08-saraceno-yankees_x.htm?csp=34 this is the article i read about yankee payroll

While it was nice, as a Red Sox fan, to see the Yankees lose, I thought the more enjoyable part of the series was watching the Tigers win and then celebrate. Game 2 was a toss-up, but in games 3 and 4 the Tigers were clearly on a roll and they just steamrolled over the Yankees. Series like these are what make the playoffs enjoyable. Personally, I thought the Yankees were the favorite for the World Series this year. Reading the NY papers and a few Yankee blogs, it is downright discouraging to see Torre thrown under the bus. Maybe he does have his faults, but four series wins in five years? Talk about what have you done for me lately. With an aging roster, no pitching, and a lack of clubhouse chemistry, the team had some glaring weaknesses that cannot be traced to a manager. If a Sox manager ever duplicated Torres WS record (highly unlikely in MHO), he would be voted into the Senate.

10 early exits from the playoffs versus not getting in? Are you a Braves fan or something?

the tigers clearly steamrolled yaz but on a roll?? they had a losing record since the allstar break and got swept by royals and lost the division to end the season.but ill agree with the rest of your points

Well, I've long since stopped identifying myself with the Red Sox, so the "loser" thing doesn't carry a lot of weight with me.

Sox could finish dead last for the next 25 years and it isn't going to have any effect on the total ass kicking I give 24/7 in my personal life.

That's where all the "don't root for the Cubs or you'll turn into a loser" is such bullshit.

People are losers because they are, er, losers, and it has nothing to do with what team you follow.

Of course, this is lost on so many Yankees fans who become Yankees fans in some misguided attempt to glom themselves onto something victorious (well, in the past at least). But it doesn't work.

Uh, no, I feel no sting. 2001, a little bit. 2003, a bit more. And 2004, a bit more than that. The last two years - eh. That's baseball. I've seen them win four rings in my 30 years on this earth. I was mighty pleased by those. But not for one second did I think the Yanks had anything in the bag, no matter what the maedia and Yankee 'fans' said, especially since last year they lost because of their starting pitching and this year's rotation was identical. Fact is, I was much more pleased by the division win this year, after losing 70 HR's and 250 RBI's from the lineup, the emergence of Melky and the continued emergence of Cano and Wang. The Yanks farm is sprouting roses again,and the last time that happened, they ran off 4 rings in five years. Be afraid - be very afraid.

And who said the Yanks rotation is older than the Sux? Facts show: Unit and Schilling cancel each other out as do Wake and Moose and Clement and Pavano. After that, I'd rather Wang than Beckett. Hughes and Paps will have some nice battles in the years to come. And the vaunted Sux rooks showed nothing to indicate they're any better than Karstens or Rasner or Clippard. Yanks have a lot less work to do with the lineup and the bullpen. I'll be feeling fine all winter so long as no dumb trades are made. Sure, they'll spend a boatload of cash. Better that than buying a NASCAR team.

i dont know if any of you get wfan am 660 and im certaily not promoting them. but im laughing here listening to yankee fans moan and cry. and am happy i dont get boston sports talk altho today might be fun listening to them.

Right, there's been no bandwagon in New England for the last three years. Lots of Bahstan fans came out of the woodwork and it's not because they're the sparkling epitomy of humanity.

And you h.b. feel so good about yourself that you can't handle negative comments in this space - banning posters and deleting comments. Is it the small dick or the giant ego?

Yeah, we can't be satisfied with just making the playoffs. '05 was an example. It was nice to make it but getting swept out by the other Sox was, ultimately, about as unsatisfying as this year. Difference was that in '05 the "suffering" was more limited in duration. This year it lasted 2 months longer than last year.

'05 probably lulled us into false sense of security --- "Hey, we lost a bunch to free agency and still made the playoffs! The formula works!" Hopefully '06 is the kick in the pants that the FO needs. I'll take another '06 or two if it leads to a legit WS contender in the near future.

A two-day roll? I meant to imply that they built up some impressive momentum rather quickly after game two. I agree they were flat coming into the series and after the game 1 loss, it looked to be a very quick series. The Oakland-Detroit series should be interesting (not sure if anyone on the East coast will watch it). But the A's seem to have operated under the radar all season long and seem to be in a good position to advance. Anyone think that Campy and Lerrin LaGrow will throw out the first pitches?

To the trollishly inclined:

My small penis has nothing to do with the Red Sox. And, hate to break it to you, but it wouldn't grow an inch even if I became a Yankees fan. (Have you had any luck yourself with that?)

As for deleting comments and banning idiots, well, that's within my purview.

This isn't city hall. It's my blog. You can ban me from your blog anytime you want... oh, but wait a second, I don't go to your blog and post comments, do I?

I've never understood how some people seem to equate bloggers not wanting someone (and by someone I mean trolls and other lame brains who pollute the signal to noise ratio) to comment on their blog with the death knell of free speech.

Truth is in "real" life I don't like to hang around with people I don't like. Believe it or not, I actually like to hang out with people I like and share common interests with. (I'm strange that way, I guess.)

You can call that an "echo chamber" or "ball washing" or whatever, I like to call it having fun with friends.

I wouldn't want you around me at a cocktail party or a pool party or, heaven forbid, sitting near me in the stands at Fenway, so why, pray tell, would I want you here?

This site is for me first, for the community of Red Sox fans second, and that's about it. Yankees fans are tolerated on an at will basis.

If you don't like it, click off, man. There's like umpteen billion blogs out there.

ill be watchin the alcs. GO TIGERS!!

red sox fans with small penis's unite!!

Ding Dong the Witch is DEAD!

I had everyone over Sat. night to toast the Yankees loss. Good Times.

Yes, Detroit played their asses off and dominated the Spankees batters. Less of a choke job than getting beat by a better team.

Torre finally had some competition at manager. Leyland did an excellent job.

But I can't believe how he is being thrown under the bus right now. The guy wins it all 4/11 times and will be let go? Talk about a knee-jerk reaction.

Till next year Spankees fans. Please go crawl under your rocks till April.

HB...you gotta take me a little less seriously. I'm playing the pinata here today.

So let me clarify: That's the best justification for rooting for a loser I've ever heard from a non-Cubs fan: it stings less for your team to suck worse.


I hear ya. And, yeah, pinata day for you. BTW hats off for dealing with it without resorting to boorishness as others sometimes do.

Guess that leaves Nat and Tessie out. Just kidding ladies :)

Or Logan...

What if you're a pre-op transexual and you still have a penis but you don't like it and the hormones have shrunk it up so it's actually, believe it or not, smaller than mine. Are you in or out?

Speaking of which,I wonder how the little guy is doing? Tessie?

Are we in "angry inch" territory ?

I think that even if it gets folded into a post-op "Thai vagina" it's still medically more akin to a penis, so I say pre-op Shemale's got a green light, moobs or no.

I wonder if Jason O. had Columbus Day off...he's conspicuously absent today to take his drubbing too. If Dave S. has anyone to blaim for leaving him here with "jim", it's J.O. and his Latin band.

I was surprised at how happy I was to see Detroit win. I had thought going into the playoffs that I knew they were going to win over the Yankees and I contributed it to the "mystique and aura" that the 2001 - 2006 Yankees don't have when it comes to finding that "extra gear" for the playoffs.

They sucked on the sweet season's teat and got fat and lazy, while teams like Detroit bared down for all but the last week or so. Then the Tigers look up and see Goliathball and just mow right throw it in 3 games because that's how they've had to play all season. I had hoped the Twins would face NY and the Tigers played the A's because then the A's (better than the Tigers in my book) and Twins (better than the Yankees but aren't going to get to show it) could play in the ALCS. Oh well.

Time to take my small penis and go apple picking. Ah, I love New England Indian Summer days with the Yankees sitting at home wondering "wtf just happened" yet again. Welcome to the off-season, fellas...we kept your seat warm for you.

If the Sox had the mFy lineup I would be angry if they didn't win the whole thing. So with our 06 lineup I wasnt expecting to win it all. Hopeful, but realistic.
The mFy should be embarrased by their "performance" vs the Tigers.

I was wondering about Jason O. as well. I couldn't imagine that he was put in the kill file. MFY fans posting here are like Marty's phone calls to Callaghan. The phone calls and postings are expected when RSN is feeling poorly. They add a lot to the rivalry and, like the Soviet Union, we would miss them if they were gone.

yeah..... where is the Mart ster today?? callaghan should be calling collect!!

Idea for tomorrows strip h.b.?

Idea for tomorrows strip h.b.?

sorry-gotta be quicker

It was a disappointing end for this Yanks fan, but fortunately for me I wasn't able to watch the games so I didn't agonize through it.

I don't think Torre should go, but I have a lot of Monday morning manager questions about his moves for the last four weeks. I also don't think A-Rod should go, because he would probably kick ass on the Angels.

The Yankees need exactly what they've needed the past two seasons. A few more big expensive bats. Just kidding.. they need starting pitching. Until they've got it, they're going to have a tough time in any best of five or best of seven series.

...I'd be willing to bet a paycheck that the Yankees most recent failures sting their fans far, far worse than what we feel with the Sox being also rans and finishing in 3rd.
And that, my friends, makes me smile ear to ear.


I wonder how Sheff's going to look wearing red socks.

shef and or mussina....gasp!!!

What's more scary ... Sheff batting against the Sox or Sheff in the Red Sox dugout?

"And this is the street corner where Hugh Grant..."
"...filmed a scene from 'Nine Months'"

I'll take Moose, but I could never cheer Shitfield.

In my opinion, the best part of the (most recent) MFY playoff collapse has been watching all of the fans scrambling for any and every excuse that could possibly be imagined. My simple answer to their cries: I guess $1 billion dosen't buy what it used to. Unfortunately (depending on your viewpoint), the sole bastion of class and respect will have to be big stein's sacrifical lamb. I can't wait to see how coddled superstars react going from the grace-under-fire of Joe to the rip-off-your-head-and-piss-down-your-neck madness that is sweet lou.


Just signed on, on the west coast, and loved your response to "jim". My 1" is turning into a "creeper" just thinking about the Spankees losing to the Tigers. How appropos (sp?) is Wall of Voodoo's "Lost Weekend" running through my head as I think of disillusioned Skankee fans everywhere?

jason o ... come out,come out, wherevah ya are.

hb, technically if you're writing in dialect, there should be an "r" at the end of "Aura".

technically if you're writing in dialect, there should be an "r" at the end of "Aura".

You might be right, though, in my own experience, the so-called "intrusive r" is only added when the word following begins with a vowel. In this case of the title, "aura" becomes a full stop as no word follows.


But your mileage, or rather, accent may vary :)

the happiest guy in the yankee dugout when georgie hit the meaningless homer in the 9th...you guessed it..slappy blue lips.

GREAT Yank-a-holix post! One of your best yet, H.B. Or should it the name be change to H.S. (Hart Stolen)?

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