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What's on your mind?

However, as Soxaholix, we by nature always have the Red Sox on our minds. Does this mean we think about sex less?


Hahdly. The conclusion to draw is that Red Sox fans just have a much lahgah brain capacity than your average person.


For instance, right now I'm concurrently considering Daisuke Matsuzaka as a potential Red Sox tahget and I'm fantasizing about Megan the Vegan from HR.


So regarding Matsuzaka, what's your take?


Personally, I don't think the Red Sox will open the purse strings to sign him.


Regarding Megan, is she in her skivvies in ol' man Scrivener's office?


Wicked pissa.


Boom chicka waa waaa …



It was twenty years ago today...

I still feel sick to my stomach.

Really? For me 2004 put all those demons to rest. I can watch that "little roller" and the rest now over and over and it doesn't bother me the slightest.

Indeed, without the disaster of '86, '04 wouldn't have been nearly as sweet. So in some sense, I'm happy now '86 went the way it did. Just made '04 all the plumper.

Oh, don't get me wrong. '04 definitely put the demons to rest. But it still sickens me to see that play (hell, the entire end of that game). I just remember how heartbroken I was. It's hard to entirely dismiss those long-held feelings.

I'll just keep repeating to myself: "Stabbed by Foulke...Stabbed by Foulke..."

I'm with h.b. on this one (referring to '86)

It's all behind us.

As for MTV (Megan The Vegan), nice knee socks.

And, I would personally like to thank the local NBC affiliate for bouncing FNL last night for a four-way with candidates for Governor, featuring

1. The Dumbo-eared incumbant
2. Obvious pedofile GOP "lay preacher"
3. Convicted Libertarian drunk driver
4. Independant Mary Tyler Moore.

I know we all have our crosses to bear, but up here in Maine (where it has snowed each day this week in various parts of the State), it's an economic shithole.

btw, is there any creepier designation than "lay preacher"?

So, no FNL spoilers for your ol' pal Lou today.

Yours in Christ,


I missed seeing it live, because being sure the Sox had it wrapped up, we decided to leave the frat house and head to the pub. I was never entirely sure if God was punishing me for being overconfident, or protecting me from the agony of seeing it in real time.

However, I will never ever forget the cognitive dissonance of walking into the pub at U of I and seeing the Mets celebrating on the projection TV. I don't remember anything beyond that point from that night.

COD, which "I" would that be in U of I?

Timlin signed for '07? Uh, gee, well, ... OK.

'86 doesn't carry the same weight as it used to, but I still don't dig seeing the replays, or all the shots of Mookie Wilson watching 'Lil Pres during the NLCS. I contributed "Stanley Steamah" to that website yesterday and purposely avoided mentioning that he was on the mound for the Buckner play and probably deserves more blame for letting that game slip away.

Lisa or Megan?

Soxaholix version of Ginger or MaryAnn.

Have to cast my vote with Lisa at this point.

Ike - University of Illinois. I matriculated at Purdue, but we made frequent road trips to the frat house in Champaign to take advantage of the loophole that allowed 19 year olds to drink in Champaign bars.

There's a lewd joke about "teaching Megan how to eat meat for the first time" kicking around in my head, but I won't be that crass here.


Wait, I just did. The red ponytails: nice touch.

So Yaz, would you be equating Lisa with Ginger or Maryann? And with whom might you personally identify, the asexual Professor, Skipper looking for his "Little Buddy", or the wealthy Thurston Howell , III stuck with the ditzy Lovey who (I would imagine) is a bitch to get turned over, but runs like an 8 HP leaf blower once you finally get her started?

Just curious... :-D

Kaz - you're a brave soul. I am still trying to suppress similar comments. But it's like Corey Lidle - we just need one bold person and the flood gates open. HB has given us so much material to work with here and we are just letting it go to waste.

Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Take Zito.

DM will likely be in pinstripes.

And now for something completely different: When did Gammo get back on the air? I know I've been living in a hole wrt Baseball Tonight and all that, but I just flipped on the sportscenter rerun this morning and saw him doing postgame last night. Glad to see him back at the desk.

I hate Zito. And he sucks, too. So I'm hoping he ends up with the Bluelippahs so that I can take my hate up to the higher level.

Heck, I dream of Sex and of the Sox... moreover I dream of Sex with some of the Sox...

When you used to kick the eternal dilemma of the Maryann vs. Ginger question around, a guy whose father was from France always used to offer the European solution: Maryann as wife; Ginger as mistress...damn that puritanical blind-spot we have here in the Commonwealth, never saw that coming.

And not passing any judgement of Chris' gender or preferences, but I tend more to dream/fantasize about drinking, carousing, having them be my wingman and having sex with their cast-offs...but to each his/her own.

Oh, Chris, ditto. Reminds me of one of my favorite Soxaholix strips, when Susan was waxing rhapsodic about Tek's glutes...(Going to my happy place now).

Please please please if there is a god, no Zito.

Reminds me, in all the praise of Megan and Lisa, let's not forget the regulars, Susan/Circle and Tara. Tara looks a bit uptight at work, but at home, she reveals a softer side you rarely get to see ...

Whoa, hb:

zito's career era+ is like 128-ish, he's durable and he eats innings like a Somali refugee at the Capital Grille, thus reducing total innings required from your bullpen by about 60, maybe a bit more...

Maybe we can get Megan and Lisa to wrestle for our affection?

I haven't seen Lisa wrestle, but have you seen her box?

I see that H.B. added "little roller" to the Duffy's Cliff lexicon. Along with a few funny "examples."

BTW, I'm the guy who added Juice-ambi. I know there are various spellings, but it gets the idea across anyway.

Yep, Jason, and A-Rod is 5-tool player with a wicked dropping the shoulder move, but I don't want that asshat on my team either.


Soft-tossing Barry Zito in Fenway? Does anyone remember Tom Bolton? KaBoom!

If Zito is smart, he'll go to the NL....

Regarding Meg the Veg: Do the drapes match the carpet??

Your humble, omniscient narrator is abashed to admit he hasn't gotten that far with Megan's character development.

It's definitely on the radar now, though, rest assured.

doesnt sex and being a redsox fan go hand and hand, we as fans were getting screwed for years

Some years it felt more like getting dry humped by the uncle nobody likes to mention.

Ah yes...as I suspected, "zito sucks" was more along the lines of the "yankees suck" chant.

Misguided, but quaint.

"Misguided, but quaint?"

"Yankees suck"?
Quaint, I might let you have...
But laser guided and spot-on accurate.

The Soxaholix have provided ample evidence over the years. Perry Mason rested his case on that score quite some time ago, and is now sitting back tippling his martini in the company of Lisa's Great Aunt, Della Street, celebrating his victory over injustice in the courts of law and public opinion.

Right, like the "yankees suck" chants I was hearing after the 5 game series...

spot on.

No, seriously. Zito is in decline. He's the next Sidney Ponson, dude. Which means he's just about perfect for the Yankees. He can have a locker next to the skinny white trash dead beat dad guy.

Just to make note, Perry was tippling at Clay's Grill. He was at the next table over from Lisa, Meg the Veg, Natalie, Jen from HI, and (somewhat oddly) "Chris".

Look it up.

I knew that's what Mee-gan would look like. She'd do well to give some of those damn dirty hippy vegans in Boulder some hygine/grooming/hotness tips. Though, I tell ya, a wicked hot girl with dreadlocks is truly a sight to behold...

Indeed, without the disaster of '86, '04 wouldn't have been nearly as sweet.

Amen, brotha.

And as for "Yankees suck" I suspect a certain owner, let's call him George Steinbrenner, feels that way more than any of us do these days.

"Misguided, but quaint."

Indeed JO- at this point the MFY have taken it to a whole new level. Now it's more like "Yankees Choke on the Knobs of the Rest of Baseball", or as given to us by Mel Brooks, "They've Gone from Suck to Blow!"

I guess we are getting a little bit of 'The Passion of the Suppan' during tonight's game. Ugh.

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