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Until they think warm days will never cease

Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
"The Best Team Money Can Buy™"? Heh, wait until next year, bitches.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
The 0-fer-21st drought continues



What a beautiful day it is. The sun is shining,the birds are singing,and the spankees have self destructed.Thanks for the Sunday strip hb. To BB and Jim the troll-you're silence is deafening.

I'd like to add my thanks to h.b. for a Sunday strip. Let this be a cautionary tale for all GM's, while offense is important, and may help you get to the post-season, Detriot's and Oakland's success have shown that the old adage of pitching, pitching, pitching, defense and a dash of timely hitting to win in the post-season (at least in the AL...Mets seem to be proving otherwise in NL). W.O.S. is that Torre is on his way out...I wonder about A-Fraud?

Smell that? You smell that?


Schadenfreude, son. Nothing in the world smells like that.

Series on the line and Sheffield at first? Guess the Yankees could have used a role player on the bench. I loved that by the end of the game, Jeter taking the ball to the bag for the third out rather than risk a throw to first. Christmas came early this year!

FoT: the NY Times says "Joe Torre expected to be fired"...only they credit the Daily News with the story and the DN cites no sources. But maybe, just maybe, dreams do come true.

derek and a-rod, sad, sad, sad

Fox Tv Exec #1: Holy Fuck, we are guranteed either Detroit or Oakland in the World Series!

Fox TV Exec #2: FuckaDuck... two of the smallest TV markets in the country. Do you really think we can build a storyline around Marco Scutaro or Curtis Granderson? Or maybe how everyone thought Justin Verlander's name began with a B until about 35 minnutes ago?

Fox TV Exec #1: Good Luck, Bro.

Fox TV Exec #2: Wait! Huzzah! I've got it!!!

Fox Tv Exec #1: wtf?

Fox TV Exec #2: Nobody will be watching anyway, so....

[VO] On an all new episode of Hooouusse.... Smacky McBlue Lips is treated for a KFC Big Bucket of chicken bones caught in his throat. GeorgeS strokes out...Wednesday on an all new Hooouuusse. [end VO]

Fox News Exec #1: Fuckin brilliant.


I like your thinking lc, v funny indeed

Now that the MFY lost I can enjoy the rest of the offseason. Thanks "greatest lineup in the history of organized sporting events" for coming through for the Nation.

As I've been reminded by every TV analyst since Thursday, you can't count the Yankees out just yet. They have the lineup that will come back to haunt you.

I'm imagining a game in the near future where the Yankees players are all wearing the skin of the A's players and Detroit doesn't seem to notice as the Yankees win the game.

Then they drop the A's players' skins and all have a good laugh.

"That's not the Kenny I remember," said Alex Rodriguez, who went 0-for-2 and was hit by a pitch. "The Kenny I remember wore a pink dress and lipstick and...oops...uh..."

Long cold winter in Siberia! Hope Torre enjoys the train ride to Vladivostok!

My best friend Robert called me in the late innings of that game. When I answered the phone, all I heard was laughter. We just laughed for a couple minutes and then hung up.

Nothing more needed to be said.

yes christmas did come early, i was listening to wfan yesterday morning, to an nfl show done by a broadcaster named mike francesa(spelling) from the show mike and the maddog. good sports talk radio even if new york based.anyway, ol' mikey f. is a big yankee fan and he had the line of the week talking bout his beloved yankees he said " there bullys during the season and pansies in the post season." and on a personal note to all the yankee fans out there. we still have the shiny newer rings bitches!!!

Ummmmm. Pop Quiz:

Q: When did the '80's begin?

A: 1980

Q: When did the '90's begin?

A: 1990

Q: Who won the world series in 2000?

A: The NY Yankees. The greatest franchise in sports history.

'nuff said. I think we've put the whole "Oh fer the century" bullshit to rest.

Carry on...

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