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Sing on, sing on...

Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Well, if we needed any more evidence that it isn't 2004 anymore, the news of Nelson's passing should do it.


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Nelson de la Rosa. The little guy, smallest actor in history, Pedro's buddy, human good luck charm for the 2004 playoff run


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
Oh, that Nelson. Well, that sucks.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
In the swamp in secluded recesses, a shy and hidden bird is warbling a song.


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
Victorious song, death's outlet song, yet varying ever-altering song, as low and wailing, yet clear the notes, rising and falling, flooding the night, Sadly sinking and fainting, as warning and warning, and yet again bursting with joy …


Author's Notes:
Final two speeches are from Whitman's "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed"


Tough to beat Whitman, hb. Very nicely done. Condolences to the de la Rosa family.

im sad for nelson and family but didnt he become mets property along with pedro??

By the bye, a little bit of creepy factor in teh idea that his agent says he may wind up being exhibited in a museum, no? Yikes, where's the respect?

hey i have a better idea. he's small enough where his whole body could be cryogenicaly frozen and we can put him on a shelf next to ted!!

well, we meaning "they"

Mike, Pedro and Nelson had some sort of falling out after Petey went to the Mets.

The guy was only in his 30s, too. Everybody say a little prayer for him.


Morbid Monday thought: Whom do you think will be the last member of the 2004 team to be left standing?

And, do you think baseball/Red Sox/WS2004 will still have the same importance at that future date such that a big deal will be made of it when the last member of that roster finally gives up the ghost?

Poor Nelson - his time on this earth was short. As to the last member of the team standing, if you mean the entire 2004 roster than it will probably be Abe Alvarez since he is the youngest; the first to croak will probably be Ellis Burks since he was an old man (baseball-wise) at the time. I can see it now - Abe Alvarez wheeled out before the Fenway faithful and the entire crowd chanting 'Who?'.

Whom do you think will be the last member of the 2004 team to be left standing

And how about a twist on that: Which member of the 2004 roster will be the last player to stay on the team?

I'd say Mirabelli. Something about the name.


I'd say Wake. I see him still toiling away, eating innings at age 50...

Surprised not to see a Soxaholix take on the whole Kenny Rogers cheating thing... "Oh Ruby, don't take your love to town..."

RIP, Nelson. You'll live on every time I pop in my NESN and MLB 2004 World Series DVDs...

First to die will be Schilling, killed in a mosh pit accident at a 2040 Republican presidential rally for Jenna Bush.

It'd be ironic if Manny Ramirez were the last member from 2004 to leave the team.

I am surprised that Hall & Oates did not break out in "Say It Isn't So!"

Timlin will be accidentally shot in a hunting accident with VP Cheney.

LC, isn't 'Belli disqualified b/c he already left the team and came back? If that counts, then I'm going with Trot. Can't you just see him coming back for an Ellis Burks-style swan-song with the Sox at the end of his career, gutting it out at age 45 or so?

I don't think we're getting the whole story on this de la Rosa thing. I hope the guys in the booth can trump something up and drag it around on the teleprompter for a while until we're all questioning Pedro about how the Mets didn't make the playoffs AND de la Rosa ended up dead!

In other words, what happened to the color commentator just providing me with a bit of background and things to spice up the game...and didn't act like he was auditioning for CSI:Detroit. Christ, some of those video frames were poured over more than the Zapruder film with Kenny's hand going back-and-to-the-left while they tried to find the hidden wad of pinetar he supposedly had in his hair somewhere. That's it! If he comes out for his next game bald, we'll know where he kept the stick'em!

Geez...run him out a wet wipe for the rest of us next time. Now every Today show host and small town Sherlock-cum-weatherman is puzzling through it...like they gave a damn about the World Series prior to last night. You've got LaRussa talking to the ump about something the clubhouse janitor saw during the inning on his pocket TV. Meanwhile, Rogers' name goes from mud to mud-on-hand and we all get to mumble about knowing the *real* reason the Tigers are going to win it...when the real reason is that Game 1 was a fluke.

It's like our current environs have bred us to be cynical and suspicious of even the most minor event or observance. It always seems to boil down to some news-making (not news-reporting) super-sleuth investigative reporter type...and now they're in our sports booth too.

Well-said, Kaz. I feel the same way.

I don't know who will be the last one to give up the ghost from the 2004 WS Sox, but I know who it won't be:

Lowe: Liver problems a la Mantle

Damon: Shot by a jealous Mrs. Damon

Bronson: quits MLB, goes into music biz, becomes horribly depressed a la Cobain, offs himself become another rock icon

Tito: Finally has the heart attack we all thought he'd have in the dug out

Bellhorn (and or Foulke): Found in a cardboard box some where still with WS ring on finger

Experts say that one of the keys to long life (besides good genetics) is a relaxed and positive attitude...the contenders are Papi, Wake, Mulleur, Millar and...get this...Manny (does he ever seemed stressed to you?).

...but Kapler might take it all given the whole health and "clean living" schtick

Amen, Kaz, amen.

Nelson died because Pedro broke his heart. Pedro should be made to pay for this. Just getting Nelson into a permanent display fixture is going to cost millions.

/me ducks


Not that I need much proof to bolster my argument...but if I did, here it is:

news.google.com has 3,839 listings dealing with Kenny Rogers and game 2 according to their front page count. That's over 2x more than Budapest police using gas grenades to break up protestors, Iraq's deputy PM begging us to stay and die on, Sudan kicking out the UN, IBM suing Amazon.com, and Ford Auto posting a $6 BILLION dollar 3rd quarter loss combined.

But those stories did turn up this gem from the Tiger's closer Todd Jones about the story: “I guess he went seven scoreless after that. If there are any conspiracy theorists out there, I guess they don’t have much of a theory.”

Anyone see Curt has joined two others to start up a computer game company?


He is talking tonight at MIT about it.

in case anyone is interested:


"Casual" MMOG? Ha. Ha ha.

Puzzle Pirates is a casual MMOG and while it boasts "2 million pirates signed up", registration is free and I'm willing to bet consistent users are around 2,000. You can't have an entirely casual game and whip up the subscription frenzy necessary to sustain it..because by nature, it's casual and people won't pay $15 a month to play something rarely. Then again, what do I know..until recently, I never thought I could actually tell someone to pay me $75/hr to fix their technology problems (by plugging the wireless network USB adapter back into the box and changing the TV back to the right input channel for HD).

Kaz -

Try searching for полиции Будапешт instead, about 337,000 regular Google results. Here's a link: http://tinyurl.com/create.php. A lot of people are watching what is going on over there.

Reading through some of the articles, there is a definite anti-protestor attitude even in some of the liberal Russian periodicals. 2 things become very obvious: first, these kinds of crackdowns are par for the course in that part of the world. It appears that getting beaten by the Budapest police is roughly the equivalent of getting a speeding ticket in the West. They are far too hard worked chasing drug dealers and Chechnyans to be wasting their time with these troublemakers, and these Democracy people need to go back to their hovels and stop talking.

Secondly, all these troublemakers are from poor families. The question of what they could possibly have to say aside, who wants to be listening to a pig farmer tell you how to run your country? They will form a government that will take away your cars for tractor parts and should be done away with. They must be insane and you must be insane for agreeing with them. Democracy needs to go away in Budapest, and soemthing historical is going to happen. Tell the police to stop using tear gas and give them bigger guns!

I am giving you a taste of the far, far eastern international attitude here. Not too many people outside the US and 'happy' Europe even recognize this as a revolution. It really doesn't matter what the protestors are doing - as a westerner, getting bent out of shape over this is like someone from the middle east getting all upset about the ample clevage of our female celebrities. We cannot truly appreciate the cultural relevance of the event nor is it highly regarded in its own country. Therefore, people want to ignore it.


My Hungarian friends tell me stories all of the time about the inanity from all sides of their fellow countrymen. I wasn't taking sides but pointing out the state of the media when international sources have more stories about pinetar than protests (no matter how stupid/fringe...when you start firing rubber bullets, water hoses, and tear gas, then something newsworthy is going on).

иЗвините, я не говорю по русски.

In English,

PS - For all of you American pigs, that says "Sorry, but I do not speak Russian". :)

lets not all get our panties in a bunch over the pine tar... i mean the cards best chance at scoring was in the 1st inning he washed his hands before comming out in the second and then pitched 7 shutout innings. not sticking up for him but hate the fact that its all we will hear from now till the series is over

This whole targate nonsense is just that, as mikeya2k1 and Kaz have eloquently pointed out. Seven innings of clean-hands shutout ball. Let the guy have his day in the sun already!

dave s your the only yankee fan not whining about tar-gate hats off to you id surely buy you a frosty (beer not wendys)if i could

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