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Ready to rally (R)

Soxaholix Redux — October 2004

The following is an encore presentation of the strip that was originally published on Oct 1, 2004.

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Going through the formality of the final, meaningless, regular season series the Soxaholix are getting anxious for the playoffs to commence …

So the Red Sox are planning a rally at Fenway on Monday the day before the playoffs start?


Great fucking idea. Gotta do something to motivate Boston fans.


Yeah, it's not like Boston fans are fucking obsessed by the Red Sox or anything.


No shit, not like we lay down and wait like an animal for a pennant or anything.


No, fucking way. But give me a rally with the Dropkick Murphys and I am fucking on board with this baseball playoff shit. Oh, yeah. Fuck I may even buy a Manny Ortez t-shirt.


Coolio. And I'll wear my Nomah shirt to the rally. He's my favorite Red Sox player. How's he fucking doing this year, anyway? Can't wait to see him at the rally. [Laughs]


Speaking of looks like the Cubbies may not make the post season. Chicago is one game behind idle Houston in the National League Wild Card race with three games to play. The Cubs will entertain the Eastern Division champion Atlanta Braves, starting Friday, while the 'Stros will play host to Colorado.


Good. I hope to fuck they lose all three. I hate the fucking Cubs.


No kidding. So many flakes talk about how cool it'd be if the Red Sox and Cubs faced off in the Serious.


Yeah, that's cool in the sense of "wouldn't it be fucking cool if an asteroid hit the earth and millions of sonszabitches caught on fire?" What the fuck?


No shit, nothing like the thought of Nomar hitting a game winning double off the Wall in the 9th inning of the 7th game to put the Cubs ahead to [imitating Bob Costas' voice] make one really appreciate the historicity of competitive sports between the two star crossed, cursed cities.


Yeah and I don't buy into that brotherhood crap between Cubs and Red Sox fans. Fuck 'em I say. I want my precious. Precious belongs to me. Precious, precious, precious!



Yeah, well, Nomah and Grady Little (!!)are preparing for the post-season while our Sox are dusting off their golf clubs. WTF...

So long Trot. We hardly knew ye'.

Ah, yes, a probable adios to Trot. At least he got a hit.

A no-hitter!!! What was that guy's name again ... Laverne Ransack or something? I'm not much of a scholar on the farm system (I know the Ellsburys, Murphys, etc). To those who are, is this guy for real or just a tease? I mean, it was a meaningless game, against the Orioles, at home, but I think those guys were major-league hitters anyway.

In many ways, a rain shortened no hitter that doesn't count as a no hitter is the perfect end to this season.

I think I'm rooting for the Dodgers the rest of the way. I'd like to see Nomar earn the ring the old fashioned way this time.

I'm still drinking Theo's coolaid...Pedro in for an overhaul and possible the end of his career...I can wait a few years between WS, hell, its not like other teams haven't won one this century or anything.

Trot is everything a baseball player should be. I know this site is not huge on BDD's, but Trot is the quintessential Dirt Dog. Am I the only person who feels that the "beer test" is important? If I wouldn't want to drink a beer with a guy, I don't want him on the team- WS or not. That's what was so key in '04.

Nice thought.

Ok, it's passed.

Im a sad to have no baseball in October. I will not see any of the games, so any references thereto will be lost on me.

Here is a manifestation of my psychic dyspepsia: For years (dating back to the Greenwell years), I have made it a habit to listen to the last RS game until the bloody end, when Joe C. reqads the maudlin essay from Paul Gaimatti's father that talks about how we will miss baseball. Ken Coleman, the worst braodacaster known to man, started it many years ago. I have whimpered many times. At the end of the Series in '04, I was stuck in a hotel room in Northern Arizona, and got the end of the wrapup on dialup, just so I could listen to it... I blubbered.

Yesterday, I "just said no". Forget the fact that the game never should have been played, and that they had the Bataan Death March of games, just to squeeze another payday out of the pink shirt mob (thanks, Luscious). I could not take it. (ps whatever happened to games not being allowed to start after 5 p.m. on Sunday).

Monetize RSN, so you can pay for Clement, Renteria, and MR24 while they 1) don't play or 2) play for someone else.

This sucks.


Farmboy- re: Nixon, I concur absolutely. I love how he leaves everything on the field, that his hat is caked with pinetar, that he collides into walls without a second thought. He plays a very un-dirty game getting very dirty. Plus, he just has a perfect baseball name- Trot.

However, I don't know if Nixon passes my personal beer test. I prefer my Miller Lite without scripture, and Trot is part of the God Squad of born-agains on the Sox. Not that there's anything wrong with that... :)

Hmmmm, thought I had posted this comment, no idea where it went....

Farmboy- re: Trot, I concur absolutely. I love how he leaves everything on the field, that his hat is caked with pine tar and he runs into walls with no second thoughts. He plays a very undirty game getting very dirty. Plus, he has a truly great baseball name- Trot. I will miss him if/when he goes.

However, I am not sure he passes my personal beer test. I like my Miller Lite without scripture, and Trot is part of the Sox God Squad of born-agains. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course... just not my stein of brew.

Natalie - Have you made Manny Ortez your personal savior yet?



"Can I give you my testimonial?"

"You can do whatever you want."

Sorry, Rob, you now have me quoting Jimmy and Millie from Bull Durham.

Big Papi is my co-pilot.

Nat: my post didn't show up for quite a while, maybe something is slowing things down today.


Christopher Trotman Nixon plays 10 years in Boston and I manage to avoid learning that he is a member of the God Squad until he packs his bags. OK - I get it. A player leaves Boston and he immediately gets cruxified. Couldn't that little bit of news remained unspoken on this board? I also prefer my beer without scripture and bible thumping. I would have rather learned that he was a convicted axe murderer.

So, about that elephant in the room ...

...for what it's worth (to me, rather more than a bit) I understand that Trot is of the "judgement is Mine" school of Christianity, which is to say, he focuses on loving his fellow man and trusting his God. So he's not of the Dobson school, which is to say, focusing on telling you what you should do, or more significantly, what the law should be, according to his interpretation of scripture.

i know the seasons end sucked but im a glass half full guy today.look at the good stuff.shillings comeback, the new kids lester and paplebon prob the best infield in sox history definetly the best in baseball this year. ortiz going past foxx. there were alot of bright spots .. i can remember seasons ending and there were none.and also a personal thank you to trot nixon. i dont care if your a holy roller or not i want my kid to play just like you. you are the example that i give my son in his little leage career.and id drink a beer with you anyday. thanks trot i hope they can find a way to bring you back. to quote jason varitek "he'd look stupid in any other uniform"

Wow. It seems like just yesterday I got my 10th Man tickets in the mail.

Guess I'll root for the Dodgers, too.

And against the Skankees.

I said this somewhere else on the web (SG, maybe), but Trot is welcome to stay...if he take the Bernie Williams' school of baseball method. Be a nice guy, play when you're asked, not when you want, take a pay cut because you're going to be riding pine to play on the team you love that doesn't see the big-time production any more, and help Wily Mo learn how to patrol the beast they call Right Field (hell, first he's gotta slay the beast they call the Outfield and its friend Fly Ball).

He'd be a good late inning kind of hitter and he can stay and be the hometown hero, but I'd prefer not to see him do the every-day thing any more and certainly not for anything more than he's already making now.

My earlier comments were tongue-in-cheek (just need to clear that up). Our house loves Trot - and I hope he finishes his career in Boston. I'd drink a few beers or read scripture with him (gulp) anyday that he felt like slumming it.

Ryan ... would the elephant be Clemens/Pettitte/Tejada?

Bob - Have you seen Fox's postseason baseball commercials yet? Specifically the one with Tommy Lasorda trying to talk the crying girl with the Boston hat out of the locked bathroom? Typically stupid Fox, but I did have to chuckle a bit about getting her out by telling her to root against the Yankees. Your post had me remembering it...

There's actually a LOT of elephants, I suppose. The one I had in mind is not team-related, however. It's not a huge deal, actually. Just check Friday's post to see what I'm talking about.

Rob, yeah I saw it yesterday. The look on the Skankee fan's face when Lasorda tells the girl in the bathroom to root against the Skanks is priceless.

On the other hand...

How 'bout those Pats!

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