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Mucho Muchacho

So when A-Rod strikes out looking, is it because he's so good looking?


I'm just asking is all …


Look, I've come here to praise A-Rod and not bury him. Just because he's 4 for 35 in the playoffs, is 1-for-8 in the series, does not have an RBI in his last 10 postseason games and is 5-for-40 (.125) in his last 11 postseason games is absolutely no reason to get down on the guy.


He is a 5 fucking tool playah after all.


Damn right he is.


And when the Boss says of A-Rod's performance, "I didn't like him that well," he's clearly forgetting that A-Rod is a first ballot Hall o'Famah.


If I'm a Detroit fan right now, I'm totally chewing on the tin foil because the dude is due. Know what I'm sayin'? Don't let those blue lips lull you into a sense of false complacency.


Not just that. I feel A-Rod's ultra top secret weapon coming on …


No, no, please don't even say it. We are not worthy …


Yes, the infamous, the heinous, the bitching scary "Dropping the Shoulder Move®"


When you least expect, expect.



Susan vs. Pam from The Office?

His teams have 3 and 5 in playoff series. He's never played in a World Series.

Gah. There's nothing like seeing the typo AFTER your hit "Post Your Comment."

A droppin' the shouldah reference! I know at least one former co-worker who will be ever so pleased.

I'm thinking the same way. The guy is due and this is the postseason when he finally comes through.

Dave Pinto thought that this version of Susan/Circle looked more like Angela from the Office.

It's a lot more difficult than you'd expect to find a competent artist to create new character poses from the existing clip art.

BTW if any of you know of someone with some mad skillz in this regard, have them drop me a line. I'll pay them if their work is good.

Saw this at Copyranter (one of my fav ad sites):

What every self-respecting Bleacher Creature will be wearing this Fall.

Are you a real Yankees fan? Do you get wood every time you hear Bob Shepherd say "Derek Jeta?" Well then, do I have some jewelry for you, Mickey. For 150 bucks, you can proudly sport a pair of these beauts: Sterling Silver cufflinks with authentic blue painted wood from the seats of Yankee Stadium. Fucking Wow, right? And each pair is INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED on a CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY!!! Think of it, Reggie—you could be wearing some long-ago spilt beer or deeply embedded fart smell on your wrists to your next meeting! See Ya!!!

I haven't seen that much pure spite since Kenneth Branagh's Iago or Ricardo Montalban's Khan...

KS: "I've hurt you...and I intend to go on...hurting you...buried alive..."


No Lost references today.. I don't have to glaze over the strip and comments to avoid spoilers (I'm way behind you guys).

I'm pulling for A-Rod to turn it around this postseason, but I honestly don't think he will.

Regarding one of yesterday's discussions, I'd like to see a film adaptation of Bukowski's Women.

Spite? Wouldn't we have to be jealous of A-Rod to be spiteful?

Nobody's jealous of the numbers A-Rod's putting up...except maybe Mirabelli.

...you gotta know when to hold 'em/ know when to fold 'em/ know when to beat the guy who's shootin' video/ you never walk in the winning run/ of a big time series/ oh wait, I guess you/ when you're really me

Uh oh, Dave. Is that leftover bitterness from a closet Mets fan or simply an attempt to create bad karma when ol' Kenny pitches this evening?

Jeff Weaver pitches a gem?

Are they still playing baseball somehwere?

...no, no Mets fan here. Just a take on the Gambler. I guess I'm not that worried at this point. Anything can happen, of course, and I won't be surprised if the Yanks pack up their lockers after this series. But it's Kenny Rogers, and he's fun to laugh at. And I guess the Yanks are in the postseason. And A-Rod has something (really) like 5 HR in 19 AB versus KR, and I DO remember the Gambler coming in and walking in the winning run of the '99 NLCS for the Mets. I just thought it would be sort of funny. You can start with "you gotta know when to hold 'em/ know when to fold 'em" and really go pretty much anywhere after that.

Nothing makes my day like the classic "Dropping the Shouldah" line.

Never fails to amuse.

Same here. That line totally cracks me up.

I like to use it whenever I can in conversation, too.

How much NY baseball do i have to watch in primetime?

Anybody else think that if A-Fraud ever did actually "drop a shoulder": on someone, he'd shatter into little pieces like a porcelain ballerina in a music box?

Yeah, and if he does drop the shoulder...which tool is it he's using? It can't be 'the kung-fu grip' or his patented 'blue lip slap..'

Gotta love Cranky Steiney Heiney. I like that guy more and more now that he's officially going to pasture. No holds barred, no 'crying at the podium' about kinda firing his GM. Sorry, Steiny is an A-1 a-hole, but he takes no shit from anyone, not the least of which little Slappy. Can you imagine the conversation between those two, post-game...?

Steiney: Where the fuck is A-Rod?
A-Rod: Here Boss! Doing my makeup for the post-game show!
Steiney: Look $25 million dollar screw up, I pay you to hit the ball and catch the ball. You can't do either. Let's be clear: you suck.
A-Rod: Well, it's just the Boss being the Boss, you know...he has his good days and bad days, but I know he doesn't mean it. He's behind me 100% like the rest of my teammates.

Steiny: Hey fucko, I said 'You are an ass-sucking panty waste'. Even Train Tracks Giambi can get through de-hab and look like a ball player. You look like my pet tortoise, Winky: Moves slow, hides his head when anyone gets near, and can't handle a bat. Get with the program otherwise I'm shipping your ass to the point of no return: San Diego.

A-Rod. Well, I'm going through a rough time, but I'm better than that, and I know I'll come around to form soon. Knocking me down to 6th in the batting order just makes me want to come back for more. You see, lots of people like me, and I'm really a good person, so I'll be fine.

Steiney: Forget about San Diego. I'll send you to Boston. Let them finish you off.

Gee Kenny, I guess you really do know when to hold 'em

Guess I'll be the first to say it here ... woo hoo! It was a rough season but the Tigers have just made it a lot better. I said earlier:

"The guy is due and this is the postseason when he finally comes through."

Guess I was wrong. What a fool I was!

You should change the name to Yank-a-holix. Between this and the 2004 "flashback' posts, this here blog is heading downhill fast. You are approaching CHB status in the blog-o-sphere.

So sad...

And you should change your name to Jackass, but you don't see any of us bitchin' about it.

By the way, NO ONE approaches CHB status, h.b. would need to doom our world to hell after the season opener for that one.

Who is BB? HB's evil brother? Look Chief, it's called 'schadenfreude' - the unconfined joy of watching someone else's misery. If we can't take a little solace in watching our arch-nemesis flouder around...well, up yours.

This about sums up this post:

Via AP, in Slappy's own words... "At some point you've got to look in the mirror and say, 'I sucked."

A little late for contrition. See you in Ft. Meyers, Butthead!

The only thing bringing this blog down is Yankee-rooting jackasses who can only console their misery of watcihng a team crap away yet another winning season in the first round of the playoffs to a team that was just above KC, TB, and Seattle only a year ago.

Mystique and Aura just called from the ER...they need a ride after getting diagnosed with a severe case of herpes. I called the early exit this year before the playoffs. The Yankees don't have any extra gear above "good" when it comes down to it. To win in the playoffs, you need to find that extra gear.

BTW, A-Rod said he was gonna throw a party if they won the World Series this year.....over the first baseman's head and into the dugout.

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