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Lostaholix (Further Instructions episode)

So who and the frig are the new dude and new chick on Lostaway Beach?


Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get my head around an implosion that 1) caused the hatch to blow upward and outward 2) sent Mr. Eko to clan of the cave bear and 3) blew off all of Desmond's clothes.


And why would the ground be all cauterized like that? Unless, of course, it wasn't caused by Desmond pushing the so-called "fail safe" button but by a Daisy Cutter dropped by the ultra-secret shadow military.


Yeah, and isn't it curious that there just happened to be no Jews in the hatch when it was "disappeared"?


The Zionists were totally tipped off by Mossad.


The whole thing is part a massive disinformation campaign by Haliburton.


Absolutely. I mean look at the polar bear. Everyone is wondering "How did a polar bear get to the tropics?" But wake up, Sheeple. That's what the Rumsfeld/Cheney oil hegemony cabal want you to think.


Seriously, instead the Sheeple should be seeking out the inconvenient truth and asking "How did the tropics get to the polar bear?"


Two words, Sheeple: arctic drilling.



awesome h.b.

In re: Lost

OK, there is officially no point to the story—at all. The reason to watch, and it is a good reason, is the series of cute mind plays that appear sporadically every week. But, there is no essence to the story, and there is no coming back.

Memo to continuity producer on Lost: sober up.

A few random queries generated from last night’s viewing, um, experience:

1. Boone? Thanks for finding the guy some work. Maybe they can bring back the black woman with the doughy husband for a cameo.
2. If you DVR’d the episode, please tell me that the rosy-cheeked police undercover guy with Locke was in the truck when he got out at the “camp”. He was in the truck when they came through the main gate, but not when Locke pulled up to the compound. Yes, I was sober.
3. Oh ya, and Locke has a box-store full of firearms in his truck and the Deputy Dawg who stopped him is satisfied because he has a Middle School binder in the bag?
4. Where was that camp? In Humboldt County Ca.? Nice. I was thinking Kansas until I Googled® it. Who knew they grew peaches there? (they do, as it turns out).
5. Mr. Eko bleeds bright red blood for hours at a time.
6. So Locke could walk in Humboldt Cty. And had a bad wig. So that was a few years ago, then, before he worked sales at the cardboard factory going all Ironsides. Oddly, the “camp” had a circa 2004 computer system.
7. And, not to be rude, but WHO THE FUCK ARE PAOLO AND NIKKI?



Lou, I agree about the lack of story and the watching just for the sake of the "cute mind plays" as you put it.

At some point last season I abandoned the idea of trying to make sense out of the storyline on Lost and instead I just tune in each week for the ride.

anwr.org, brought to by, among others:

Resource Development Council
Alaska Trucking Association
Alaska Oil & Gas Association
Anchorage Chamber of Commerce
Alaska Miner's Association

Heh. At least I only had to drill one layer to find that info. (Yes, pun intended.)

I don't want to give in to the notion that Lost has turned into the later seasons of X-Files where the mythology was IMPOSSIBLE to follow and perhaps made no sense. At least not yet. I'm going to issue a pass on "imploded" since the characters perhaps don't actually know what happened.

On the other hand, hiring showkiller Kiele Sanchez is a bad idea. What's up? Paula Marshall wasn't available?

And everyone knew what was in the greenhouse, right?

Al Gore was in the greenhouse, right?

Well, sure. He was the actor playing the bearded guy.

Too funny. I so wanted one of the pot farmers to be one of the Others. Or maybe the narc.

Don't rule it out, h.b.

There's still season 4.

Many sharks yet to jump (hoping for a polar bear/shark imbroglio)

lc aka Paolo

I dunno. I'm thinking maybe the writers pulled this episode together while in Locke's sweat hut liking up that nasty looking ganja paste.

Who knew that I was so far ahead of the curve when I used to eat paste in Kindergarten...

Uh, licking...

Can Desmond see the future, or is he maybe living in the past? If there is a difference...

Hurley's Hulk reference to Desmond was actually not far off, apparently.


The airport scene was sort of hilarious. But I'm curious about what other people think with regards to what Boone was saying about other people's situations. Was that all from Locke's own head or do you think it came from somewhere else? (I can't remember if Locke knew about Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, and then about Sayid, Jin, and Sun.)


On #2 - I noticed the same thing.

And how funny was it that Wagner almost blew the game for the Mets?

My ideas (aka tons of spoilers):

The Others have profiles on all of these people (how they know names, attitudes, etc). It's pretty clear that Desmond is an Other and he already has the same paperwork that the cop-boy did...he's a hunter susceptible to coercion. The "failsafe" was a staged event in case something went wrong with the social experiment to the point that the lab-rat stopped pushing the button. It didn't blow anything up; it just knocked them out...they replace the hatch with a hole and sent the people out to setup Locke's need to save Eko. They knew he'd talk about it when he saw everyone (but they didn't realize that he wasn't talking when he got back to camp). So Desmond is supposed to chat it up with Hurley...but he's early because Locke wasn't quite on the predicted schedule yet.

What I want to know is was Locke seeing/reliving what he *really* saw from the airport (re: Gale as security guard) or some mind-game hallucination that just allowed Gale to be present. Considering all of the outside world/deus ex machina string-pulling possibilities that the writers are bestowing upon The Others at this point, it's not totally outside the realm of possibility that this group of people was chosen (ala the summertime 30-part video discussion of virus testing on specific genetic types) even before or because they got on this plane. Those released (or presumed dead) have been screened and are negative...those remaining still are good study candidates. This also plays into the preview for next week between Sawyer and the hottie sundress chick...if they both have good genetics for this medical testing The Others are a part of, then maybe it's time to wait 9 months and see what the progeny's genetic makeup looks like... but she's never gonna shit or get off the pot regarding Sawyer (because of Jack) unless she's faced with almost losing him and Jack is sent away. Badaboom badabing...Sawyer becomes a daddy and they can test the kid (Michael and his son were their first candidate for this, but their genetic makeup wasn't quite right...so they shipped them home).

Well...that's my foresight, anyways...

Kaz - My head just imploded like a deserted hatch trying to wrap itself around your exposition. How you you come up with this stuff?

h.b.: In the words of The Dread Pirate Roberts, "Clearly, you have a dizzying intellect."
I admit that I am lost when it comes to "Lost", but anything that takes a shot at Al Gore is fine w/me.

COD: Thank Cxrist you noticed it too.

As for Kaz' hypotheses- Why the hell not? I'm not sure I understood what he said, let alone what I saw on the show last night.

Also, who the fuck are Paolo and Nikki?


If Desmond is an Other and we also believe that he's very much in love with his girlfriend(wife?) who has gone to great lengths to try and track him down after he vanished on his sailing excursion (remember the arctic listening station in the very last scene of season 2), then why wouldn't Desmond contact her or at least know she is safe and sound?

Desmond: not an Other.

I'm leaning to the Dr. Strangelove theory. A little wiki browsing talks about the Hanso foundation (funded DHARMA) and it's foreshadowing of the end of the world. The "Others" are the Strangelove equivalent of the people living in the caves waiting 150 years for the nuclear fallout to settle. The parallel is that you need the best genes possible to continue propigating so we won't see the end of the human race. Explains why the Others are so interested in the children -- they have the longest lives to live.

Another point of note: The Others haven't killed anyone yet.

But what I really want to know is where Michael & Walt end up... new island/same theory? Mind erased and shipped home? Dead?

If Desmond *is* an Other, then everything you know about his past was what he told that other guy in the hatch ... who was just part of a story Desmond was telling Locke in the first place...

Gee, we thought the boy-cop was just an abused hitchhiker with a dead mom heading to Eureka before they turned the undercover cop card over on us. It's not like Locke hasn't been lied to and manipulated before or anything...why would you buy into Desmond's backstory any more than you would ask which actor is gonna play the boy-cop's drunken dad in the next episode?

Or maybe Desmond didn't *start* as an other, but really did wipe out on the island and by running into one of the first test subjects, The Others figured out a need for him and brought him inside on their operation willingly...except he's not as skilled at them for manipulating people which is why he let slip the goods before it happened according to plan.

Bumbling Other is slightly more believable than future-telling naked implosion guy...especially since he was taken for a ride by one of the first Others (aka the yellow-suit hatch guy who lied to him about all of this).

Lost is so foreign to me than when I NetFlix'ed the 1st season, I already knew too much from this site that I couldn't figure anything out.

But lastnight's game was interesting... Anyone else think sidewinder Chad Bradford is yummy?

Desmond being an Other just doesn't work for me.

And I don't agree at all that "Bumbling Other is slightly more believable than future-telling naked implosion guy" considering some of the stuff Lost dishes up.

We *know* there is strange shit going on there, people walking who were cripple, people preggers who were infertile, polar bears, black smoke that talks, etc etc. Having a bumbling Other would be kind of lame.

Also, do we have confirmation that anyone besides Hurley actually saw Desmond? Maybe Desmond is only a figment of Hurley's mind?

I don't think that's the case, but it is something to consider.

I think Desmond has a crucial role to play still.

Definitely agree with the 'surviving the end of the world' bit. The summer webisodes pointed to that in the explanation of what the numbers mean.

I'm more and more toying with the notion suggested by the Others themselves that they are "the good guys."

One other thing to remember about Desmond. The first time we saw him...

When (during season 1 I think) Jack was running stairs at the stadium ( I forget what crisis he was handling -- drunk Doctor Dad, saving parpalegic from death so he could hammer her later), he came accross Demond in an empty stadium.

I can't scan that one through anyone's theories, yet.


l.c.: it was crisis #2 -- there's a lot of pent-up horniness in that guy.

The Others definitely believe in the rightousness of their actions. I believe they REALLY believe they are the good guys... but I can't get my head around a situation that would allow them to condone slavery, kidnapping, etc. Two theorys here: They are going to try to "convert" Kate/Jack/Sawyer... and maybe sent them back (this would be the Desmond theory.)

But the better theory is "Pimpin' Others:" They see 1) a love triangle, and 2) Kate can make babies.

Also remember that the characters don't control what we see in their flashbacks, the writers do. And even then the flashbacks aren't always from the character's p.o.v., i.e., it isn't just "the way they remember it" but instead is exactly what the writers want us to see.

From flashbasks we know Desmond is in love with Penny. We know her dad fucked him over. We know he bought a boat from Libby. We know he was sailing around the world. We know how he got marooned on the island. We know he was about to kill himself when he was interrupted by Locke pounding on the hatch. We know he stopped pushing the button the same time the Oceanic 815 crashed. We know Penny is looking for him.

Also, do we have confirmation that anyone besides Hurley actually saw Desmond? Maybe Desmond is only a figment of Hurley's mind

Locke saw Desmond running past when he woke up at the begining of the episode.

Ok, I don't watch "LOST!!!OMG!1!WTF?!!!" but I do enjoy reading about it.
However, my comment is more along the sox lines re: winter baseball. I'm like a week late on this story but it seems that some Red Sox prospects happen to be on one of the local Winter League teams, the Cane Fires.Looks like I should be getting myself some baseball tix. Anyone else want to check it out?

jen in HI, my wife and I had tickets to see my beloved Honu battle the Cane Fires last weekend. The Sat'dy game got rained out, so we had to ride our bikes back up a hill in the rain. The Sunday game didn't happen because...oh, yeah, the friggin' earthquake! We're going to keep trying to go, but I refuse to go to Murakami Stadium, as it is too close to Waikiki. (Look here if you are wondering what we're talking about.)

da kine, I live walking distance from the Murakami stadium (good greasy garlic fries) but have been meaning to check out hans l'orange. Might be worth the like 20 minute drive. Maybe me and my other sox-fan friend can join you guys for a Honu v. Cane Fires game. feel free to click on my name and send me an e-mail.

Ok, potential Lost theory here. Anyone else catch Locke calling some hottie that passed him and the cop-boy in the "pot commune" the name "Lizzy"? I'm pretty sure that he said "Hi Lizzy" and then cop-boy mentions that she likes Locke, or whatever. Well, I thought she looked like Kate from behind. If he didn't say "Lizzy" then I got nothing. But if so, what name did Kate go by in Oz when she was on the lam hanging out with the one-armed farmer dude? Did Kate and Locke cross paths before?
Yeah, I'm standing on a windy corner here, waiting to get taken out by a passing bus just by mentioning this. Right or wrong I don't care, just want a second opinion.

Benjamin Lyons=Polar Bear

True Fact. Ben the Bear. Looks like one too.

Ok, I'm "wrong" about the Kate theory, I think. She called herself "Annie" while in Australia. Plus "Lizzie" had a bigger butt than Kate, but Eddie did mention that Lizzy had some "daddy issues".

Why didn't Locke and said hitchiker get bagged and tagged by the highway cop? A little bit of brotherly (ahem) recognition between the two lawmen, I would suppose.

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