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Living in a material world [material]

Sometimes your humble author (and by humble I mean, of course, an egotistical twat who truly believes that you, dear readers, really give a shit one way or the other) just needs a day off …

Lisa the Temp:
No Soxaholix today. Where are they? Well, rumor has it they went to Zambia to grab a couple kids.


Lisa the Temp:
Really, everybody's doing it. Adopting an African orphan is this year's Ugh boot.


Lisa the Temp:
And, no, I'm not taking off this jacket.



Sweet, sweet Lisa. Good to see you and your 4-button keyboard my dear.

BTW, my problem with the whole Madonna adoption thing is that the kid she adopted has a father. A father who can't afford to raise him.

If Madonna were really a humanitarian, wouldn't she just give dad enough money so the family could live decently?

C'mon, Bob. The kid's biological father can't be nearly sophisticated enough to raise the child. He needs to be educated in a manner that only a Western civilization can accomplish, and only an upstanding citizen like Madonna can provide.

How'd you like to be the kid being considered by Brit and K-Fed. "Uh, no. That's alright. I'll just stay here and eat termites and dung. But thanks anyway. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. No, really, I mean it. Goodbye now."

By the bye, Lisa, you are looking particularly hot this morning. Is that a new perfume you're wearing? How about lunch? No? Other plans? lou c., huh? Well, let me know if you ever change you mind.


Some dude in Connecticut is hitting on clipart.

When's Truck Day?

No wonder Lisa's so bitter. I would be too if I had to do all of my office work on a System 6 Mac-in-the-box...

i like the way the line goes up the back of the stockings...
i always liked those kinda high heels too...
no, no, no, no baby dont take em off leave em on,leave em on!!

I may be missing an allusion to "The Office", but I'll bite: "C'mon Lisa, those sexual harassment guidelines be damned! Unleash those sweater puppies!"

(homer simpson) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sweater puppies

geez i need to go to work

I could use a Lisa the Temp today. Especially, since I'm three weeks away from having a child the old fashioned way rather than jetsetting off to Africa to find an orphan. Now, that Brit is jumping on that bandwagon, I expect the celeb third world adoptions will cease or slow. She and KFed are the deathknell for any trend. Hopefully, she will be seen in some of those slouchy, ankle boots (http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/16026156.html) that some idiot designer dredged up from the 80's. What's next? Sure fire, ankle blister inducing Bean Boots.

Gravity will never ruin Lisa, unlike the skank space ho from yesterday.

Hey Lisa. Leave the jacket on, but take off your shirt.



Adopting Chinese babies has been in vogue among Protestant Christians for a few years. It seems like most of our church going friends have adopted baby girls in China in recent years. Hollywood is way late to the save a foreign baby game.

However, given all the kids that need help right her in the USA, I find it discouraging that so many people will spend so much money to go overseas. Our friends were anteing up $20K per family for travel and adoption expenses in China, plus the whole process took 1-2 years.

Considering the fact that Pabst Blue Ribbon (ahem, sorry, PBR) has become tres chic, I just want to know how long I have to wait to collect on my investment in trendy bowling shoes.

C'mon, Lisa, loosen up. I just know there's some dominatrix type leather under that TJ Maxx.............

Enjoy the respite, h.b.

I love my UGG'S!

OT, but have any of you seen the commercials for the new "Yaz" birth control pill? I saw one this morning, and felt sorta bad for the only Yaz I know.

On the other hand, there's some easy new ad revenue for Fenway.

"i like the way the line goes up the back of the stockings..."

Seamed stockings - the finest navigational aid known to man...

lou, know do you know she DOESN'T have her skirt on? hmmmm? Too bad Doug wasn't here he could as Lisa if likes her clam shaved or bearded, then he could have to attend some Sexual Harassment Sensitivity workshop all weekend.

more clam references for the thesis?

typo in black background text, h.b.

lc, Ph.D.

thanks on the typo point out. fixed now.

COD, people go overseas to adoPt because it's easier right, less regs?

Seamed stockings,sweater puppies or whatever,she looks a little too close to the first Mrs.Harwich rich for comfort.

It's easier to get a newborn in China, but social services in the US is loaded with school age kids that could use a home.

I'm with you, COD...plenty of kids here that could use a loving (or, hey, who are we kidding - monied) home. Also, please, please, please nobody tell Paris Hilton she can adopt. (Rob, I answered your Q in yesterday's comments)

Kaz, still remember the jingle from when I was a kid:

What'll you have - Pabst Blue Ribbon!
What'll you have - Pabst Blue Ribbon!
What'll you have - Pabst Blue Ribbon!
Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

Fresher, Cleaner, Smoother flavor.
Zest & sparkle millions favor-
Get that fresher, smoother flavor-
Pabst Blue Ribbon beer!

If the beautiful people are driving you from PBR, I recommend Miller High Life, still in the clear glass bottle.

But don't the US adoption folks do some pretty stringent due diligence? For instance, you can't adopt if you're gay, right? And if you have a history of drug use or any other typical "celebrity-type" behavior you'd be nixed, right?

Or am I just imagining that?

Something like over 20 states allow gay/lesbian adoption. Re: drug use and "celebrity-type" behavior...probably only if there is a police record of it. I do have faith that someone would be smart enough not to allow PH to adopt, I mean I think there must be SOME standards to adhere to.
Jason...doesn't Miller own Pabst too?

Such stringent adoption laws, but anyone can get a girl pregnant. Funny how that works, huh? Maybe babies should have some type of surgery that prevents them from having babies, and the surgery is reversible only if they pass certain requirements?

Um, let's check ourselves. The 1930's and 40's are calling--the Third Reich is missing its raison d'etre. Fact is we procreate with little or no responsibility and that's the way it is. It's all part of a Greater Plan.

see "Humanity to evolve 'goblin' underclass"



Clearly, Yankee Fan is the progenitor


Guess I was confusing adoption with getting a security clearance.

im considering adopting a pbr 40

The reason people adopt overseas is usually to get an infant, even though it's incredibly expensive and time-consuming.
Sadly, a lot the kids available in the US have a variety of physical and emotional problems, and are older. It's the unintended consequence of insisting that kids stay with their birth families whenever possible (and until the damage is irreparable).

Who's Yankee Fan?

Seriously though, I was being extreme for a reason. More noting that people who want to adopt and have a child in their life go through such scrutiny and then there are people who have accidental children.

Jen - Thx for your response. Still sounds pretty sweet to me. I lived for a good spell in Colorado back in the 60's - early 70's and I always shied away from Aspen/Vail etc. when I went skiing. Hated the touristy crowds. So I guess I see your point. Maybe even Prime Rib and a Pabst would get old if you had it every day, no?

...and in the "There's nothing I won't do to pimp the MLB" department at the Commissioner's Office, I offer you this:


Two of my favorite things mentioned here in the past two days. PBR & BSG.

And yes I was drinking PBR way before it became popular again.

Miller High Life is great too. Put a lime in it and you can't tell the difference between it and a Corona.

Can you detect a theme here?

oh.my.god. Not only does that casket company have a contract with MLB...but Precious Moments (love is...)??? Rob, where do you find this stuff? I'll tip back a High Life to your link prowess.

lc...totally great story. My favorite line is "monumental genetic hangover".

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