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Habla blah blah

So if Fox fired Steve Lyons for "habla'ing" something stupid, will they please also fire Tim McCarver for, you know, being the embodiment of stupid?


Guess they'd had enough of Psycho and were just waiting for him to say something objectionable no matter how much of a stretch.


I'm not even sure exactly what was the so-called offensive part. The "butchering" of Spanish or his suggesting that Piniella took his wallet and since Piniella is Hispanic (who the frig knew?) and that, in the logic of the politically correct universe, implies Lyons was saying all Hispanics are thieves?


And if you're going to fiah Lyons, why not Piniella as well for using the "like finding a wallet" metaphor in the first place?


Meanwhile, how many more postseason series losses by the A's do we have to endure before they finally stop using the adjective "successful" to describe Beane and Oakland?


Yeah, I mean it's great and all that they play Moneyball and make the playoffs every year blah blah blah fishbiscuit, but c'mon, it's time to raise the bah a bit.


They love that crap over in Oakland, though. It's what they've "come to know and love over the past eight years."


I love it when Beane apologists point to the Red Sox demise in '06 as evidence that they've somehow plugged in to the baseball Rosetta Stone as, last time I checked but I could be mistaken, the Red Sox have actually won a pennant in the past 8 years.


Well, you know, winning is way the fuck overrated when compared to "evolution as status quo."


I don't even know what the frig that means.


Me either. All I know is if Nature evolved as slowly as the A's, we'd still be dragging our knuckles when we walk.



When I heard about this firing, first I thought..good, I don't like anything about Fox Sports so the more upheaval the better.

Second, I thought, what the hell is this guy being fired over again? Sounds like Fox just wanted some attention.

Third I thought, how does McCarver still have a job.

Finally, I thought, this would all make for a wicked funny Soxaholix...bravo.

The notion of Fox going the way of the PC brigade is pretty funny.

Wait, the A's are a real baseball team? I thought they were one of the Yankees' farm teams.

This could have turned into real laugh riot.

Did anyone else read the Lyons comment as: "OK, I didn't understand the wallet thing that he said before, and now he's talking Spanish and getting me all confused, and Piniella's fun to pick on, so I'm going to bring all three into one super-funny comment." I didn't see the game, but I don't know that I would have gone right to "He's saying Piniella took his wallet because he's Latino!" So who's more racist? Lyons for saying it or Fox for assuming that's what he meant?

I'm with Kaz ... don't like Fox Sports. McCarver still has a job because he thinks he's smarter than everybody else, not just one race or another. His arrogance is color-blind.

If that "arresting system" didn't work, A-Fraud could have brought the plane to a stop by using his signature "drop a shoulder" move.

Let's return to the world of the quantifiable, shall we?

Yankees/Red Sox combined 2006 payroll: 314 million, give or take a few hundred k.

Oakland: 62 million, better known as 1/5 of NYY + BOS.

Red Sox: Miss playoffs.
Yankees: Lose in ALDS.

Oakland: Lost in ALCS. I'd call that a pretty good return on capital employed. I wouldn't be so quick to hammer Beane.

ESPNRadio said that Oakland papers are reporting Ken Macha is being fired today. I've never understood A's apologists. When's the last time they made it out of the first round? (Of course our Sox weren't even IN the playoffs this year, so who am I to talk?)

And (I can't believe I'm saying this...) I agree with Billy Mahty. The idea of Fox taking the PC high-ground is so obscenely hypocritical that it's funny.

"...since Piniella is Hispanic (who the frig knew?)"

I certainly didn't. I always thought he was this annoying Anglo guy with a short temper who once upon a time screwed over the Red Sox in the Bucky Dent game. Who knew all this time I was a racist for disliking him so?

And where was Jon Miller this whole time. Never once did he pronounce Pinnella's last name with the proper inflection to convey his ethnicity. If he can say Say-an-yez to let us know Rudy Seanez is Latino, couldn't he once have said Pen-EE-yella or something to give America a hint about Lou.

I also think its funny that Fox Sports was so quick to drop the hammer on the nonsensical, possibly racist babblings of Steve Lyons, but FOX News still employs Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly who say far worse nightly.

Fox is miserable to listen to; but why dis a fellow for so little?
I say, Fox is GS brought large. It is not a very comforting thought.

Hey! a Television Without Pity reference! (Blah blah blah fishcakes)
Or has that phrase transcended its origin site and taken over the whole Interweb?
Although, now that I think it over, I would think that blah blah blah fishtacos would fit better from Soxaholix....

Rob in CT: The last time the A's made it out of the first round would be this year.

And I'm actually agreeing with Jason O.

Tim McCarver definitely should be fired. (Joe Morgan, too, but we're talking about Fox.) Firing Lyons for this was sort of lame. If you want to fire the guy, you can't wait two more weeks and then let him go?

Evolution? Is pretty damn slow.

Definitely, "fish tacos" would have been much, much better.

Yeah, the A's are a great return on investment and coming in 3rd best and 4th best every year is about as exciting as watching my 401k.

I think us fans forget that job 1 of team ownership is not to win - it's to make a profit, or at least grow the value of the franchise so it can be sold at a profit. They play lip service to winning, and winning is often correlated with profit, so it matters. However, if the A's can consistently meet their profit goals while losing in the playoffs, then Beane is doing his job, and the people he reports to are happy.

Same goes with Theo and the rest.

If we're piling on can we dump Joe Buck and Phil Simms?

Ryan - uh, yeah, I know. Was referring to previous seasons. And it's not so hard to agree with Jason as long as we're not for the most part talking Sox-Yanks. (Having said that, I will now go take a dive out my office window into the pacysandra. :D )

I agree about Morgan and Joe Buck. Can't stand to hear either of them on the radio. Never have two people had a firmer grasp on the obvious. Simms I have less of a problem with, although I'm getting pretty tired of him talking about tea bags and defending his son's mad football skillz.)

Skip Carey, too.

Good point, COD, and that's the one thing that makes me so jealous of Yankees fans. They have an owner who is committed to winning beyond all else and who will do whatever it takes to help it happen.

don't forgot Costas

If Piniella takes the Cubs job and does not produce and the Cubs still get smacked around, can we call him Piniella the Pinata?

What's the big deal with Lyons, it's not like he dropped his pants on air.

Speaking of Fox......could they find three more annoying in-studio dickheads than Byrnes (with his JBF hair), Pirezczynski (sp) and Kevin Kennedy?

I wonder if Psycho ever took any pee breaks inside the Green Monster? Off topic-has anyone heard anything from our Hawaiian Soxaholic brethren?

HB...I don't believe for a second you're in the least bit jealous of Yankee fans, for any reason.

You know, I appreciate that the A's need to get over the postseason hump to validate the mainstream's appreciation for them...but I'm surprised to hear it here. Beane's done some pretty amazing stuff with the A's, and they've been fluked out of five game sets (see: NY 2000, 2001 and Boston 2003) enough that, those here certainly, should appreciate that your team has to get the luck just as well as the skill to go beyond. No doubt the Tigers tore them apart this year. But it seems a little thick for Red Sox fans to point to the Championship as the true, only, and final measure of a team's quality, especially when history is the reference point. In my lifetime, the A's have been a veritable fount of champions.

Hey! Did anyone else notice the Tigers won the American League Championship?

ESPN was yaking about the A's and Macha this morning. What they said, and I had long thought along the same lines, is that moneyball will get a team into the playoffs consistently, but its weakness (lack of superstars, etc) is highlighted in the post-season.

So I handed him my bottle/
and he drank down my last swallow/
then he bummed a cigarette/
and asked me for a light....

and somewhere in the darkness/
The Gambler he pulled two incredible pitching performances out of his ass...

...congrats to the Tigers. Will the train lose any momentum with a long layoff before the WS?

I would have bet a lot of someone else's money that Sweet Lou was Italian, those theivin' thugs. Oddly enough this guy does too: http://www.johnpirelliosia.org/osia/History/famous_italian-americans.htmSetve

granted it is a Web page of the Sons of Italy in Kettering Ohio, but LP is listed right under Tommy Lasorda. Are we supposed to think that TL is a camel banger now?

Lyons was a good placeholder until something better came along (that something better is Not Farrah Fawcett Burns, btw- thoughts an prayers). McCarver is a pretentitious honk who talks as if nobody watching the game has ever seen or heard of baseball before.

I don't watch the playoffs, but I have learned this through osmotic sensing.


But the championship is the the true test of quality. That's why we play the games.

All those Red Sox teams that didn't get it done, well, they weren't good enough.

Same with the A's

Same with the Yankees in recent memory.

And who do you think will be the first to win another WS the A's or the Yankees?

C'mon, don't lie...

To me, there's a disconnect between pointing to the A's post-season failings and saying it's Beane's fault. For whatever reason, the A's ownership is a bunch of cheap bastards who hate their fans. If you put Manny Ramirez on the A's, don't you think they'd be a lot better? The A's ownership won't pay for Manny. So, Beane does the best he can with what's available to him. (You'd think, eventually, Peter Angelos would do whatever he could to hire the guy or someone like him.)

On the other hand, I don't consider myself an apologist for him. He's made plenty of mistakes, too. Re-signing Hatteberg? Seriously? And having that amazing trio of starters that was in place when he got there helped enormously, too.

I'm just thankful that there's been enough progress so that BA, HR, and RBI aren't the holy trinity they used to be.

As long as none of this proposed upheaval at Fox messes with my Rebecca Gomez/Martha McCollum threesome fantasy.

lol and we almost had the guy!!!

Yeah, but who would you rather have, Beane or Theo and Youk (and a ring in the hand)?

Manny Ramirez is valuable to a team?

Hmm, that's not what I've been reading in the Globe and Herald season after season.


Sorry for the tangent, but a friend just (randomly) sent me this link and I had forgotten how goddamn funny it is. Remember this?


All TV announcers are pitiful. I think to hear good game calling you need to head to the radio, which is funny considering you'd think TV announcers (who don't have to do play-by-play because, DUH, it's on the screen in front of you) would have more insightful things to say. However, I know I always learn interesting things about a player's history, approach, stats, etc when tuned to EEI or a national radio station as opposed to ESPN, Fox, NESN, etc. FWIW.

Go Tigers!

PS illegitimate son of dewey --- That game was sweet. Watching Polanco hurtle around the bases in that weird blue costume and hearing Ordonez hyperventilate during his interview were memorable.

Oakland is a well managed team... if there's anything about their style of management that prevents them from winning the world series, it must not be exclusive to the "moneyball" style of baseball... How many years since the Yankees won a WS? How about the Braves, who managed to turn 14 consecutive playoff appearances into exactly ONE world series win, despite being one of the most "traditional" teams in baseball?

Playoff futility is not something that only happens in Oakland. The fact that Beane haters still harp on this issue is simply evidence of poor analysis or intentional bias on their part.


I'm never going to make it until Spring.

HB...I'd say that the championship meant was you think it does when the winner of AL met the winner of the AL in the World Series. Back in the day, there was ONE postseason series, and it was for everything. Now, you have three layers of postseason plus the wild card plus interleague play plus unbalanced schedules plus a single All-Star game determining home field advantage.

You don't even have to win one of three divisions in a league to get to the postseason, and however you play, there are major differences in terms of quality of opposition for teams during the regular season. I'm not saying I don't enjoy watching it, or think it's good for the game...but the postseason does have a fair amount of crapshoot in it these days. I definitely think that the best team often wins it all. More often than not, I'd say. But I couldn't be honest with myself and tell you that the 2000 Yankees were really a better team than the 2000 A's.

These days, teams play the regular season to get into the casino. The championship is the ultimate baseball tournament, but it's been tilted in favor of revenue generation at the expense of determining the crem de la creme. You want to know who's the best? Have an AL regular season champ meet an NL regular season champ in a best of 9.

I think I should add that I also don't feel any better about the Yanks losing in the current environment than I ever did. The subjective self rules the emotional response in the postseason.

I guess I also think that the current structure means that rare will be the team that wins three in a row, or four of five for that matter.

Ever wonder why we bother?

It is going to be a very long off-season indeed. Discussions of moneyball and the pass-back rule in soccer. When is truck day? We need some more Lidlesque events to keep our sanity. [What an impure thought].

It was some limpid bait indeed. Ho hum. How about Red Sox suck? No? Ah well. Time to hibernate.

"We need some more Lidlesque events to keep our sanity..."

A-Rod almost provided it over the weekend with the private jet incident. Speaking of the shoulder-dropper, I heard this morning that Ken Williams was the first to call Cashman about trading for him to the Pale Hose. They were reportedly talking about Buerhle (sp) and a couple other players as bait. I'd be interested what our resident Yank fans think of trading Slappy.

(I know, I know. Just trying to warm up the stove. Don't worry hb, Pitchers and Catchers start in only about 127 days.)

Off topic for harwich rich: power grid still shaky (at least in my nieghborhood) but otherwise it's business as usual today...'cept it's raining.

We can discuss my thesis instead.

I'm having an unbelievable time motivating myself to write it and I have about a month before I have to turn it over to my committee.

You'd think seeing the results of 6 years of labor would be worth it all to just type it out...but instead I feel more like Brooks Hatlen in the halfway house, so institutionalized I don't remember how to handle the prospect of being "done" here.

Oh well, maybe I'll get some divine inspiration writing here...wait...nope. Wait...nope. Wait...

H.B. How about a countdown on the website. XX days until pitchers and catchers report? Or truck day? Something to help us keep our sanity.

friggin Dave S is gettin on my nerves


I am assuming a dissertation given the '6 years of labor'. If not, then an epic masters thesis. You think it's bad now? The prospect of being 'done' is an illusion and the light at the end of the tunnel is equally illusory. So don't worry about the prospect of being done because your not done. Wait until you begin writing it up for journals or publishers (or whatever else you will do with it), then the invariable rejections or revisions, etc. That little baby is going to be with you for several more years.

Kaz - Maybe you could provide it Soxaholix fashion using clipart, etc. using at least 6-7 diffrent voices. HB could no doubt add a fine editing touch, and, hell, I'll read anything in comic book form (excuse me, "graphic novel" form). It could be like those old "Classic Illustrated" comics I used to get as a kid from my Grandma. Wish I still had those... Wonder whatever happened to them?

"friggin Dave S is gettin on my nerves"

**BFFL** Bucolic, forgiving lou. Whatzza matta, lou? Why so testy? Susan/Circle giving you the runaround? and poor Lisa sitting at home all alone...

Grass always seems greener doesn't it?

Kaz- what's your thesis on? Could it be as exciting as mine (which was only a year's work)- "Doubly blank in a woman's lot: The Divided Self in the Lyrics of Emily Bronte and Christina Rossetti"? Now that was a page-turner...

My advice for the lack of motivation: Diet Coke and Camel Light cigarettes, that's how I got through my last month. Trust me, you're awake for days with the right combination :) Good luck!

Rob in CT...the idea of doing my thesis Soxaholix-style is hilarious. Thanks, that really lightened my mood today. The two good things I have going for me are 1) co-authors (they can do all the revisions and resubmissions they want) and 2) leaving academia for consulting (who needs publishing papers when I don't have to prove myself for salary and not grants!).

yaz, it's a PhD alright. If I were here for a 6 year masters I would have definitely carved the I-beam and kicked the table out long ago.

Natalie, my topic is "Studies on Cytochrome P450: gene expression by microarray analysis and protein structural analysis by computational techniques"...whoa, look out, the barn's about to light up. Diet Coke and Camel Lights? Let's man that up a bit: Whiskey and Marlboros...ok, I don't smoke...so Whiskey and coffee.

Not at the same time, mind you.

Apparently the A's agree with HB - The fired Macha... Must be all his fault they forgot how to hit against Detroit.


I think a couple of post-docs are in order before you really get bitter about the entire process. As to the cigarette bit, you probably couldn't find anyone in your lab that smoked.

Rob in CT - I must be a masochist. I like A-Rod and I think the Yanks should keep him. I think they need to fire his shrink and tell him to start figuring his shit out on the field, not on the couch.

I think that eventually he will turn it around in the postseason, deliver the dropped shoulder and the bitchy slap at the right time, and he'll prove himself. The guy is young and has a lot of good years ahead of him. He'll probably win the mvp again.

ESPN had a story over the weekend suggesting that the Red Sox would be a good trade partner for A-Rod. I don't see that happening.

I love Irish coffee.

i would put A-Rod at short and let manny go where-ever he wants. i dont see A-Rod approving that one, though.he would still be hounded by the fans. if he wants laid back love, the angels are his best bet.

Kaz - Really glad I could lighten the mood. I would love to see someone submit a Soxaholix-inspired dissertation. Would be as well-read a dissert as ever there has been. Good luck my friend. Your title reminds me of my wife's publication back in the day on Somatic T-Cells. I got roped into editing it for grammar and did a bunch of tpying on that bad boy. Still break out in a cold sweat remembering her moods as she went into the home stretch with that.

Billy - I can't conceive of the Sox looking seriously at A-Rod after the trading fiasco back in Feb of '04. Bosoxed is right, the Fenway Faithful would eat him alive.

Hey now, Oakland is successful. They won their first playoff series before folding to the Tigers. Look at it this way....they made it further than the Sawx and saved $75 million.

Don't mind me...I'm still upset that our infield isn't Andy Marte, Hanley Ramirez, Freddie Sanchez, Anibel Sanchez on the mound, and Josh Bard behind the plate.

Dave S. and Jason O. as usual right on the mark. What Beane has done IS remarkable. The A's don't advance because of their low payroll. Give Beane an extra fifty million and he'd be in the World Series every year. Theo is a train wreck. He will never live down the Hanley Ramirez fiasco.

All of my play-off picks have been wrong. It's hard to handicap, though, with the unwatchable brand of baseball this post-season. I can't believe any of the four N.L. teams even had a winning record, based on what I've seen. Tom Glavine, Steve Trachsel, John Maine and Oliver Perez? Not exactly Seaver, Koosman and Matlack.

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