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Feeling Inspired

Lisa the Temp:
As a temporary worker, one of the things I like to do for a company as a way of demonstrating what a valuable asset I'd be as a full-time regular employee is design corporate motivational posters during my down time between tasks.


Lisa the Temp:
Well, Lisa likes to keep it reals. I mean, c'mon people, how many crappy pictures of tigers and seagulls and golf courses can a person take?


Lisa the Temp:
Because, really, if you don't have determination, if you don't believe in yourself, then who? who? (not me) is going to believe in you?


Lisa the Temp:
Yeah, that's right. And now that you're feeling so inspired, you know, feeling like a midget packing sequoia wood, I've got a little task for you.


Lisa the Temp:
Hey, you wanna hang with Lisa the Temp, you need to pay the price.


Lisa the Temp:
So hustle your sorry goofing off while at work asses over to Duffy's Cliff and submit at least one term to the Soxicon.


Lisa the Temp:
I know you can do it.



As an HR Manager, the only thing more annoying than the motivational posters that festoon our building are the people who are actually motivated by them....gak!
Now MY office has a few serene landscape photos I took myself, a framed copy of the Globe's front page the day after the '04 series win, my authographed photo of Bill Lee and, oh yes, a framed quote from Dante's: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here".
Lisa: We need to talk.......

I HATE the off season.

Gary, surely you couldn't have missed Lisa's sarcasm? If you did, then I'm going to have stop believing in myself and consider some other way to get rich off the interwebs because certainly that means I'm worthless as a writer.

I added the Soxaholix entry yesterday. It could use an example of a particularly pithy comment by one of the characters though.

BTW, when spell checking this, Firefox Spellbound wanted to change Soxaholix to Workaholic.

I love those demotivational posters.

In the link to the motivating posters, the poster of the guys running labelled "winners" is a really nice photo. Douchebaggy caption, but nice photo.

My desk crap includes a photo of my wife at the Grand Canyon and a newspaper photo of Paul O'Neill clutching his head in whiny agony.

I tweaked the strip a bit after my stats showed that so far not a single person had clicked on the link taking you to the poster that Lisa did (i.e., "See this is the kind of motivation I'm talking about, people.")

The entire humor for the strip rests upon that link and the image therein. If you don't take it, the whole thing falls flat.

Lisa has a sick and twisted mind. I meant to mention that's an unsettling poster. Nice work!

h.b.,indeed I did click on the link...don't know whay it doesn;t get from here to there, but that was the reason for my 1st response....I wonder what the reponse would be if I put that up in the break room here at the staid old bank!!

Gary, OK, I get it now.

One of the other things I was trying to get across in today's strip is why Lisa is a temp. She's way too irreverent, sarcastic, and inimical to fit into most organizations on a regular basis.

Between Nelson yesterday and that irreverent poster today, we've stumbled into quite the midget theme. A metaphor for our feelings since falling short of the playoffs? :)

I think I'd like to have a beer with Lisa (or dry martini, or Jack Daniels, or whatever her drink of choice). Some days you just need to hang with someone well-versed in snark and cynicism.

boy have you ever come to the right place! I'm thinking Lisa to be a tequila girl, though- hold the lime. In a dirty glass

//She's way too irreverent, sarcastic, and inimical to fit into most organizations on a regular basis.//

Ya,but her upper inner thighs would make great ear muffs.


Little late to the party today. All I could think when looking through the links was, "Lisa, you're hired!"

Then I read through the comments, and yet once again, I'm too late. lou already has a position available for her...

buckner, no doubt. Cheap tequila girl, dirty glass. Just my type. :)

"One of the other things I was trying to get across in today's strip is why Lisa is a temp. She's way too irreverent, sarcastic, and inimical to fit into most organizations on a regular basis"

Which is why I try to hire people like Lisa....we need more people who don;t take themself so friggin' seriously'

Is that Nelson de la Rosa laying the pipe in that poster? If so, it gives new meaning to the term dead wood.

buckner and Rob, good call on the tequila. I was struggling to imagine what she might drink, and that's it... I also think after a few she lets down her hair and gets wild- you know, loosens a few buttons, sings sexy karaoke, hikes up the skirt to dirty dance, takes home inappropriate men (or so I hear those things can happen when you drink tequila :).

Random tangent- for all you Friday Night Lights fans: I read that NBC has decided to air FNL next Monday instead of Studio 60, and if it does better in that time slot, 60 could be cancelled--and Lights picked up (the best of both worlds; boy is Studio 60 just atrocious). Make sure to tune in next Mon, y'all!

Nat: Agree re: Studio 60. Saw it last night (hopefully for the last time). It sounds like it was scripted by an automated typist. After Eli (Time Is A Bitch) Wallach mentioned Sid Ceasar, who didn't see the blacklist gag coming? And the D.L. Hughely (sp) character gettin all bootstraps on us po' crackahs?

And who in any universe thinks Amanda Peet has no friends, or cares that script boi's parents gave a shit about him with his bro' in Afghan?


FNL tonight baby.


McCarthy was a drunken cock, and HUAC was a vehicle for many a political career. (first and foremost, Nixon's)

But the Venona transcripts and other declassified KGB docs show a systematic effort to put Soviet propaganda into the American media by people taking orders from the KGB.

So I ask you: Is it a witch hunt if there really are witches?

"I also think after a few she lets down her hair and gets wild- you know, loosens a few buttons, sings sexy karaoke, hikes up the skirt to dirty dance, takes home inappropriate men"

Nat - From your lips to God's ear... :D

FNL ought to benefit from the lead in from "Heroes". Man, are any of you people watching Heroes? I am so completely hooked. Also agree with you and lou about Studio 60. I tried, but just can't watch it. Which is a good thing, because I can easily turn off the toob now and get a decent night's sleep for a change.

hb - any chance Lisa can grow her hair out and lose the bangs? Perky is fine for a temp, but full-timers need that long, sultry Pantene-hair thing working for them.

Oh my god, Rob, am I watching Heroes? Last night's episode was AWESOME. The special effects are amazing, and the plots are just tying together in such an interesting way. LOVE the revelation of who DL is (won't give anything away for hb or any who TiVo it).

lc- AMEN. Studio 60 last night was such pedantic tripe. I won't watch it again. I mean, it was bad enough in the first couple of eps that the sketches were just sound of crickets-level not funny, but to be preached to about the blacklist and racial humor for an hour? No thanks.

hey COD - excellent def of soxaholix. how 'bout a quote like "i got your 1918 right heah" or "it's only arrogance if you're wrong" or the schadenfreude thing...

and, I always thought that CHB was curly haired bastahd... (not boyfriend)

From the duffyscliff description of Soxaholix:
"A daily comic strip cum weblog "

Now I like Soxholix, but perhaps not that much.

ditto on Studio 60. Awful.

I'm like everything about Heroes except the plot, i.e., stop the nuclear destruction of NYC. I guess, considering the times we live in, a nuclear weapon taking out NYC should feel very plausible to me, but it doesn't. Feels contrived.

As for FNL, Go Panthers!

Nat - Totally OT and at the risk of tipping a spoiler, did you consider the implications for little Carlos (the son)?

"Save the Cheerleader, Save the World." It all fits now; Little Carlos needs a babysitter. (okay, maybe that's a stretch...) LOL!

Sorry, everyone. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Soxaholix, already in progress.

COD - I still like "My resplendence has no bitch!" about as well as anything I've ever read on this site. Damn! Does it really get any better than that?

Genius, pure and simple. (You can stop blushing now, hb.)

Slappy McBluelips is in the annals of Duffy's Cliff (and the anals of Derek Jeter...[rimshot]).

h.b., as per Heroes, I think they just opened up some new storyline possibilities down the road with this past episode:

1) Hiro worries about rifts in time/space in the future; does he open one and they have to close it at some timepoint?

2) Clearly there are "bad" mutants too (the wierd apartment, the mind eraser working for Glasses Man, Psyler(sp?)), at any point they could get in the way.

3) The Glasses Man, alone, has an entire sub-plot that isn't seeming to relate to the bomb plot.

While the bomb plot is the over-arching "goal" and motivator for getting the Justice League together, I find it fun to watch each mutant sort of come into their own with their powers...we learn their limitations, strengths, weaknesses, etc. at the exact same time that they do. For example, Psychic Artist just learned that if Mr. Rogue can paint the future without heroin just by stealing his power, then he probably doesn't need to be junked just to use it either. TelepathiCop is going to have to learn how to harness the distance on his ability or he's not going to need Psyler to spoon his brain out of his head...he's gonna do it himself. We know Hiro gets good (and starts carrying a kitana!) but when and how?

I'm finding this to be one of the best shows on TV right now...NBC might just move back into third if FNL, 30 Rock, and Heroes are any indication.

I can't take credit for the definition of Soxaholix. I cut and pasted it from the 'about' page here!

This is probably my favorite motivational poster:


Rob, thanks for putting up the address for the demotivational poster site.One of my faves. And Lisa is the classic temp. Filling space while doing and encouraging non work sanctioned activities (with lc in the copy room?). I'd like to go out for shots with her and Natalie. Now that'd be a motivational poster.

Add one Soxicon?

I added 3 (ladies underwear, dinosaurs, pumpsie green)and I would have done more but it was way to much fun.

Jay Leno joked the other night that as a result of the NBC layoffs and cost cutting measures, Friday Night Lights, will not be allowed to use the lights anymore. And "Deal or No Deal" is from now on just going to be "No Deal."

Truck Day has been duly added. That's a fun site.

And Friday Night Lights (With Kyle Chandler and his Emotive Hair) and Heroes are my new addictions. Which, added to all my old addictions, makes for a full load. so to speak.

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