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Facing the music (and feeling it, too)

It's not enough that we have to deal with watching the Yankees in the playoffs while we sit at home tiddling our winks. Oh, no, we also have to read how the Yankees are still feeding their momentum off the carcass of the August 5-game sweep.


Seriously, insult on top of injury. I mean things are so bad I fully expect the Red Sox to somehow get dragged into this Foley scandal.


I can see the IM's now …


Maf54 (7:25:25 PM): u wanna come by laters? ... I got booze.

Xxxxxxxxx (7:25:35 PM): lol prolly

Maf54 (7:31:51 PM): k. wear ur red sox shirt

Xxxxxxxxx (7:32:13 PM): why you wanna be on top again?

Maf54 (7:32:17 PM): who's your daddy?


Speaking of hawt guy on guy action, you check out Shaughnessy's ball wash piece on Jetah?


You know the CHB writes his columns while listening to Yankee's highlight podcasts with one of those OhMiBods plugged into his iPod, right?.


Course he does, but as much as it makes my ovaries calcify to say it, I think in this case Shaughnessy's fawning ovah Jetah is totally legit.


Yeah, Jetah is good.


Later, Hell froze over and Susan's ovaries calcified. …


I know I may have my life-long-fan status revoked, but Jetter is one of 3 CURRENT MFY I'd be okay with on the Sox: Jetter, Bernie & Matsui (because I couldn't tell what he was saying)...the rest can go to whatever circle of Hell they choose. As for past MFY, I would have to consult with my father & grandfather...I suspect DiMaggio, Mantle and Maris might make the cut.

And now later today, Tito, one of your nuts will shrivel. (Happened to me a few minutes after writing this strip. But, fuck, you know, at least I still got the one good nut.)

Follower of Tito -

Consider it revoked. Such thoughts are hard to supress during times like this, but get some professional help if possible.

Actually, with all of that Hentai/Manga/Bukake wacky shit they have in Japan, and Matsui's penchant for porn...I don't want to know what he's got in his DVD collection/hard drive...

OMG, the IM interchange is hysterical! Nice work.

Perhaps due to deadline issues, but the thing that stood out to me about CHB's column was that he wrapped it up prior to game end, noting a few times in parentheses the situation as of a certain inning. He was mostly ripping A-Rod for not producing, but by wrapping it up early, he's lucky A-Rod did not save them from a major Tiger comeback in the late innings (although what are the odds of that?).

Nice strip!

You all are sort of creeping me out.

Here's hoping Susan's trusty Hello Kitty will bring her back

So awesome you remember the Happy Kitty strip!

Caught the humor of the title a little late. Quite funny. I have to admit that I find this strip highly illuminating at times. There appears to be an entire 'other world' out there to whose existence I am clueless.

Follower of Tito, what's ironic about your statement of Jeter, Bernie & Matsui being the only yankees you'd be OK with on the olde towne team is that they're also the three least likely to ever leave that bathroom stall. Remember when they were courting Bernie hardcore after Mo left? Word was he was all set to come here and then said "no, I'm a yankee, I can't leave." If only we had that kind of brand loyalty with our star players.

That said, given the lineup the Yankees have, I'm inclined to say that this season more than ever, they have no excuse for not winning it all.

Best team money can buy, indeed.

//So awesome you remember the Happy Kitty strip!//

It is tatooed on my brain not unlike



FoT, I couldn't agree more with your 3 Yanks (ouch, flesh is burning!). Actually, Matsui just plain scares the crap out of me. I have no stats to put behind it, and I could even be WRONG, but in terms of my gut, when he comes to the plate against the Sox in a key situations, my whole body tenses for the blow. I watch his two outs, two-man on at bats with my fingers over my eyes and inevitability in my soul. By contrast, I smile into my beer when A-Rod comes up in those situations... I also admire how full-out Matsui plays the game (my visual of him is all that hair waving wildly as he dives for some crazy bloop single and loses his hat during the run).

[Wait, is this some weird version of Stockholm Syndrome due to watching the Yanks in the playoffs and listening to McCarver/Joe Buck? If I start wearing a proffered Yanks hat, call in a SWAT team to South Boston post-haste, y'all.]

Final thought: ISDE- I think we would have those kind of brand-loyal star players if our management would make it clear (as Steinbrenner does) that he will overpay them in their twilight years as a compensation for them being Yankee lifers/retirees.... Our mgmt is all too willing to cut ties early, and our star players know it, so they start shopping early in return.

The CHB also incorrectly characterizes Ortiz's remarks, which was a highlight of the collective Boston whitewash of the stupid part of Ortiz's comments:

It was the reference to lineup, i.e., "I'd like to see if Jeter could do it in this lineup" that got him in hot water. His opinions on high HR, high RBI guys and the MVP are shared by many and possibly even valid...but irrelevant.

But thanks, David: The Deuce looks like he's pissed off.

excellent closing observation, and the perception of the Arroyoyoyo 'hometown discount' only solidifies that feeling toward the FO. I still can't shake the sight of Dewey Evans in an Oriole uni. Some stuff just ain't right

Yazbread, I'm not saying I WANT those guys on our team, I'm saying that if a J.D. scenario were to occur I would have a LESS DIFFICULT time accepting one of the 3 players I mentioned than the other mercs on the MFY. I took h.b.'s strip and Jetter comments to be akin to the "giving the Devil his due" sort of statement.

Actually, I'd like Mr. Peabody and Sherman to fire up the way-back machine and get Teddy Ballgame, Young Yaz, Jim Ed, Freddy Lynn, Soup Campbell and others to come join the 2007 squad...but that's like saying I'd like it to stay Autumn out here in Pioneer Valley for the next 4 months...

I'd take Matsui-san in a second. In fact, when his free agency hit last year, I was hoping we'd be able to sign Gojira out from underneath the MFY.

Incidentally, no Lost talk? Shit premieres tonight, right?

i cant believe what im reading... i want all of you to write 100 times on the blackboard..."i hate the yankees"

What about those A's, huh?

Did they ever ship the hello kitty device?:)

I really NEED an iPod now...

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