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So did you hear what Jetah is getting A-Rod for Christmas?


Ah, no, what?


Flying lessons.


Dude, you're so going to hell.



It had to be said...glad it wasn't me. Best left to sick fucks like Doug(there's one or two in every work place).

Ah, HB, the relief of having an outlet like Doug for those pesky and inappropriate voices inside your head. Would I had a Doug: I could say that Lidle's last pitch was his best sinker. From whence these evil thoughts? I burn! I burn!

Thanks for getting it. That's exactly the guy Doug is supposed to be.

And that previous comment is appropriate to both Tito's and Dave's.

Ok, a little gallows humor often helps get through tragedy...

I heard Lidle always had trouble high and inside...

The Dugout finds lightness in the situation as well:


Oh, man! I just got that joke in an email from a friend. I just couldn't muster the courage to share with the assembled faithful.

I'm with Dave. Oh, for a Dougie voice through which to pass along such thoughts unscathed!

I'll probably be smoking turds in Pergatory for all eternity for even chortling at such as this.

BFFL... Best Friends Fantasy League?

Hell, HB...you have to deal with Marty Silverstein, who, as much as you may hate it, often makes rational and concise points as he prattles on the dictaphone in your skull. It just means you DO have a little Yankee fan in you, after all.

That's so interesting that you (Rob in CT) came across that joke elsewhere. This sort of gives credence to that idea of the universal unconsciousness. What I mean is I thought of that joke myself laying in bed around 330am this morning.* Seems others had the same idea.

*[I was unable to sleep, of course, because of BigBri's insults which had me so unnerved that all I could do was rub my small penis and stare out the windows of my glass house while I obsessed about the Yankees.]

If it had been A-Rod, he would have missed the building.

Not mine originally, but felt I had to share.

Glad to see somewhere isn't being completely maudlin about it. I'm sorry for the dude's family (I choked up a little reading The Dugout just because it approached the subject so touchingly and rationally and I know a little something about death), but you've gotta live when someone dies. And they're right, all this "brings perspective" crap from the sportswriters is just that...crap.

You were looking at this picture, weren't you? WEREn't you?


What a great pic!

It reflects the two personalities perfectly. Jeter is loose, having fun, laughing and there's A-Rod trying way too hard to be one of the guys and fit in.

Oh, I like that "A-Rod would have missed one..."

How about this one. "If it had been Peyton Manning he'd have left a note blaming his flight instructor."

I concur. Most humor arises from a common shared source of collective recognition or understanding of the subject.

BBFL (brusque but funloving lou)

I've seen that pic before! Absolutely sums it up! My step-son sent me this Brokeback parady...I think this is the link: http://www.kickina.com/chokeback/

A-Rod would have missed, flown back to the airport then talked to the guys in the hanger about how next time he'll drop his killer move on that 52-story building.

I feel bad for lidle and for his family, but despite all the sentimental hokum on SportsCenter, I can't say I'm grieving. Terrible things happen to people every day, rich people, poor people, people who don't deserve it, and most of them never get such treatment.
What's really heartless is to dwell all this emotion on dead celebrity while not batting an eye over 650,000 dead Iraqis.

Lastly, when I was leaving work last night, one of the Doug's I work with said "careful driving. Make sure no Yankees drop on you."

Cory Lidle is dead -- that's SO funny!!
Cutting edge today, man.
Keep up the good work "Hart."

Funny, as a pitcher, Lidle mostly aimed for ground outs....

I work in a newsroom and when the news came over the wire that it was Cory Lidle who had hit the building, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Cory Lidle??? Jeez I'da thought if any Yankee would fly himself into a building it'd be A-Rod.

Whiny Office Yankee Fan Sports Writer: Leave it to a Red Sox fan to make fun of someone's death.

Me: STFU, we Red Sox fans have a pitcher with cancer. And I was making fun of A-Rod in light of someone's death. Not making fun of someone's death. Go back to reviewing girls high school volleyball.

Editor who thinks baseball is a waste of time: A-Rod would've missed the building.

Everyone except the whiny Yankee fan: W00t!

grunherz - Classic!

Would the joke work as well if Lidle was still with the Phillies? Or if it had been some poor no-name schmuck? Probably.

Would MFY's be all up in arms? Prolly not.

Dickheads. We're not making fun of someone's dying. We're making fun of the Skanks. Gotta go light up one of those turds now...

It's nothing personal grunherz, but I have little love for the media. The way I see it, if anyone should be joking about Lidle's death, it's the newsroom, whose ghoulish peddling of just this kind of story is its daily bread and butter. Pretending that one is high and mighty and above a joke while showing sugary newsreels of the guy's career, or endless loops of a burning building...that's the insult. Good on you all for putting that jackass in his place.

You bring up an interesting point, though...if Lidle IS fair game (and I think he is; I don't feel that joking about and respecting something are mutually exclusive), where does that put Lester? I wonder if someone busted out a joke on that front how it would go over...

30 minutes after the story broke, my brother called me with:

"What did Jeter say to Lidle? If you're tired, you can crash at my place."

I immediately came back with:

"Cory Lidle arrives at the Pearly Gate. St. Peter says, 'You shoulda let A-Rod pilot the aircraft.' Lidle asks why. St. Peter says, 'He never hits anything in October.'"

Those are both out there now, but we sure as hell didn't tell anyone else on account of seeming ghoulish. Universality.

For the first time in years, the Yankee salary is under $200 million. Steinbrenner was seen buying planes for Ron Villone and Jared Wright.

(not mine, stolen from fark.com comments)

It's comforting that I'm not the only one whose mind veered into the macabre. (On the other hand, maybe I should be scared I'm not the only one.)

Dave S...let's try it out by rerunning an oldie:

Lester and Lidle were actually good friends. They were sitting around one day a few months ago having beers and Lidle said "I wonder if they have baseball in Heaven."

Lester agreed, "The first one of us there should let the other one know any way they can."

Lidle just called Lester today and told him, "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that there's baseball in heaven."

Lester asked, "What's the bad news?"

Lidle replied, "You're starting on the mound tomorrow."

...that's a great variation, Kaz. Here's the one I had heard: Lester is a medical first in that he actually contracted his cancer - from Manny.

"It's nothing personal grunherz, but I have little love for the media."

Not taken personal. I'm a graphic artist. You're right newsfolk are utterly desensitized, as am I for working around them.

You should see the excitement when something bad happens. It's like fucking Christmas.

I just heard a news story that the FAA and NYPD are investigating Lidle's plane crash.

Randy Johnson and Jared Wright are the prime suspects. Had the Yankees still been in the playoffs right now, yesterday never would have happened.

(told to me by a NYY fan in the office)

Hey, who knew Lidle belonged to al-Qaida?

Oh, come on. You knew you were thinking it, too.

"I feel bad for lidle and for his family, but despite all the sentimental hokum on SportsCenter, I can't say I'm grieving. Terrible things happen to people every day, rich people, poor people, people who don't deserve it, and most of them never get such treatment.
What's really heartless is to dwell all this emotion on dead celebrity while not batting an eye over 650,000 dead Iraqis."

I've been arguing this with people all damn day, thank you for saying it so eloquently.

Besides, I already knew I was going to hell (what with all my idolizing of false gods and premarital fornication), joking around about someone's death is really just icing on the cake.

Rob in CT - Yeah, I thought of that too.

It's such a weird story because of the confluence of events, and because a plane crashing into a building in New York will always remind us of a terrible day.

I think it's kind of cool that he pitched in the last game, even though it wasn't a great appearance.

Nice comments from Soxaholix readers yesterday. It's sad, but yeah, it doesn't "put things in perspective" for me. For some of the players I'm sure it does though. Damon and Giambi played with the guy in Oakland and New York, and G even played with him in high school.

good to know that there will be a camp full of soxaholixs in hell see ya all ther. ill bring the guiness

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Hmm, what's that in the window?

I can't believe we never saw this in Bill's window before!! It really puts the whole thing in perspective, doesn't it?

I feel bad for Lidle, but the guy I really feel sorry for was the instructor with him. Every story out there has been eulogizing Lidle and they just sort of casually mention that "there was another guy" with him. You gotta be a ball player to get your name in the news when you crash into a building?

Not only have I heard the joke applied to the Lidle tragedy, but I heard it as far back at the Thurman Munson tragedy. It's an old one.

Missed this page yesterday. A day of somber silence then the gallows humor shows up.

My meager contribution: Lidle had control problems right to the end of his career.

To Another Bob: Jim Bouton had a story in Ball Four about what would happen if the Yankees plane crashed. The headline would have read something along the lines of 'Mantle, 53 others die in plane crash'.

The joke was used, as mentioned, at the time of the Munson tragedy and aimed at Reggie Jackson, who used to attract as much venom as ARod.

But it might have been that universal unconsciousness thing too...

Reminds me, I have absolutely zero recollection of the Munson crash. The first I heard of it was when they mentioned it by way of the Lidle crash.

I guess coming of age in the late 70s has led to a detriment of my memory. Ah, well, as the Cars were advising us in those halcyon days, "Let the good times roll. (Let 'em roll.)"

Crap. I was in meetings all day yesterday and missed this great thread. Well, macabre-great at least.

Like to think I could have added something, but you guys seem to have covered it very well.

I heard this creep-factor fact in EEI yesterday. Write down the date Lidle crashed his plane (10-11-06), turn it upside down, and see what the date reads.

How many Yankees can you get in a VW?

Five - four in the seats and Munson in the ash tray.

A typical joke that surfaced after Munson died. Sox fans were quite brutal from what I remember, given there was no love lost between Fisk and Munson. I can recall jokes about the official FAA report.

On the serious side, from what I remember, Munson's widow had a successful lawsuit against the firm that sold him the plane. Something along the lines of selling him a plane (a small jet) that was far beyond his capabilities.

Someone dies and we get a twofer! I love it... the one thing I've been wondering about all the coverage about Lidle is the incessant Yankeeness of it. Dude was on the team for two months and a free agent after the season. If we're going to honor Curt Flood's contribution to the game, shouldn't the headlines read "Unsigned Journeyman Pitcher Lidle and Instructor Dead in Crash?" What would have happend if the crash was Nov 1?

Son of Ham...I think the Yanks just lost the game of hot potato is all. Plus, the whole misery pile on. And the irony. Won't you please see the irony?

Another Bob...FWIW...today the Times ran a front page piece with a lot more focus on Stanger, Lidle's instructor.

"I heard this creep-factor fact in EEI yesterday. Write down the date Lidle crashed his plane (10-11-06), turn it upside down, and see what the date reads."

ok, so what happened on 90-11-01?
Is that when the Enterprise first encountered the Borg? Ohh, in light of the Lidle crash,that is creepy.

Guess it didn't need that zero. :)

BTW, you're not even close on your Borg encounter date.

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